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Music - Madonna 16/11/2000

The Queen of Pop returns with classy new album

Music - Madonna Two and a half years after the multi-million selling album "Ray Of Light", pop queen Madonna returns with her stunning new opus "Music". The album kicks off with the amazing new single, the electronica-influenced title-track which by the time most of you read this will probably have rocketed to the number one slot. "Music" then takes you on a journey through some of the most sublime tracks Madonna has recorded in her 18-year musical career, tracks such as "What It Feels Like For A Girl" - surely a future single - which features a gorgeous spoken intro by Serge Gainsbourg's daughter Charlotte, and "Nobody's Perfect" - the vocoder-drenched highlight which is also calling out for a single release. The album also features Madonna's collaboration with French artist/producer Mirwais, the amazingly bizarre but oh-so-gorgeous "Paradise (Not For Me)". The track originally appeared on Mirwais' own album "Production" and Madonna loved it so much that she included it here. Coincidentally, Mirwais also co-wrote/produced 5 other tracks on this album - the title track, "I Deserve It", "Impressive Instant", "Don't Tell Me" and the previously-mentioned "Nobody's Perfect". "Ray Of Light" producer William Orbit is once again present, making his mark on "Runaway Lover" & "Amazing" - and his trademark sound is instantly recognisable on these tracks. The album draws to a close with the ballad "Gone", a soulful track which is perfect for bringing this album to its unfortunate end - or at ...

Jackson C. Frank - Jackson C. Frank 11/11/2000

What a Buzz

Jackson C. Frank - Jackson C. Frank Oh my god, where to begin...? Steps' 3rd album "Buzz" kicks off in true Steps style with their cover of Kylie Minogue's classic "Better The Devil You Know" which although not a patch on the original, it sets the album off to a great start. Next up we have "Stomp", the Chic-inspired #1 hit from earlier this year which has had us all up and dancing like loonies (whether you like to admit it or not!). After "Summer Of Love" brightens up our lives just by its very existance, the album begins to get, well, sophisticated... and trust me, you WON'T be disappointed. The forthcoming single "It's The Way You Make Me Feel" is without question one of the strongest tracks on this album, and is also one of the best songs Steps have ever recorded. Whilst not being a truly uptempo number, you can hardly call it a ballad. Were it not for Westlife releasing their Christmas single the week after, Steps could almost certainly have had a Christmas #1 on their hands with this one. "You'll Be Sorry" is a typical Steps number, very upbeat and quite camp. It's followed however by the album's one let-down. "Learn To Love Again" is the first song on the album to have been written by a member of the group - in this case, H. The track gets off to a fairly promising start but is let down by a weak chorus which has little-to-no impact. However, this is only a temporary hitch... Lisa's solo number "Never Get Over You" (which she also wrote) is a hit just waiting to happen. Fans who went to ...
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