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Beware of, when you really need your car Beware of, when you really need your car. We booked with them a car first time and had to book a replacement car with another company. I booked a car online at to pick up for a car rental station in Berlin / Germany. Unfortunately, our Easyjet flight from Manchester had 1.45 hrs delay and landed in Berlin after midnight. The car rental station closed at 11.30pm. We contacted by phone the car rental company in before from Manchester, as soon as we noticed that the flight may be delayed. We told them about the problem, and provided our flight number. They advised us on the phone, that we can pickup the car the next morning, and that they will send a fax to the car rental station, to let them know. We had to book a hotel for the night, to be able to do this so. Next morning I called the car rental station at the airport to inform them, that we will come over to pickup the car, but they just informed us, that the car is gone, as they just keep it for an hour, which was before midnight the day before, and that they don't have any other car available, nor will refund the money., where we booked the car online, is not willing to refund the money, even there was no clear notice, that the car can only be picked up within just one hour after the reservation, which they told us at the car rental station first about. They don't care that we got promised from the car rental company to be able to pickup the car the next day, nor react to the fact, ...
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