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Dr Pepper 13/09/2017

My favourite soda drink

Dr Pepper I personally am not a big fan of sodas. I usually drink water, tea or coffee. However I have a bit of a weak spot for this particular drink. Dr. Pepper, in my opinion, is something like a better version of coke. It has a subtle cherry flavour (which is even more enhanced in the "cherry" version of the drink), it is pretty sweet and not sour at all, which I appreciate. It is also possible to use in cooking various cakes - there are lots of recipes on youtube. I believe that even people who do not enjoy coke or other classical sodas will enjoy this one because it has a unique taste with subtle undertones which will make you want to drink more to figure out what are the things you can taste. =)

Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles 13/09/2017

Great chocolate with great design

Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles It is very soft and very creamy. I have bought this chocolate because of its unique design and because I was curious about it. It has creamy filling and as I brought it home it was eaten in an instance!! Once you start you just want to have more and more. =) I personally think that Cadbury has the tastiest chocolates in the world. This one is not an exception. It is really sweet and also cheap and for these qualities (not only thanks to its unique looks) a great thing that really makes your evening better. ;) I believe it would make a great gift too although inside it is NOT JUST "THE PUDDLES" which surprised me a bit. There are few individual pairs of puddle circles on a plain chocolate bar. I still loved it. It is amazing how Cadbury makes just normal things in such a lovely way that you just cannot not love it. =)

Red Bull Can Energy Drink 13/09/2017

Nothing special

Red Bull Can Energy Drink I am not a big fan of RedBull for a few reasons. Firstly, when you are interested in the effect energy drinks have, they all have essentially the same amount of all the key ingredients like taurine of caffein. Moreover the amount is typically identical not per a drink but per 100ml so if you buy any cheap one which is bigger you get more effect mor much better price. Secondly, it is the taste. I know this one is pretty subjective but for me it is both - too sweet and too sour. I do not really know how that is possible. Also MY TEETH HURT AFTER DRINKING IT. Last thing I am not a fan of is the price. I think it is probably the most expensive energy drink and in my opinion it is not worth the money. What I like though is the company. RedBull has great marketing. They support many events and I personally see that as a possible reason for supporting this brand by buying the products even though it is might not be the best one.

Cadbury Creme Eggs 13/09/2017

One of my favourite sweets

Cadbury Creme Eggs ONE OF THE BEST SWEETS EVER!! =) Awesome Cadbury chocolate with lots of sweet cream inside. I love the way it looks when you cut it in half. I have never seen any other similar candy, which would look like an egg. I always cut them in half before eating which is also a great thing to do when you want to share. =) It is pretty filling since it is completely full of the sugary filling, I love it is not hollow but when I want something small or want to watch my calories I wish there was a smaller version. It still was the best present I got for Easter this year. I got the whole box of them. Yummy!! The box looked nice however the individual packages are a bit boring - don't get discouraged, they are amazing.
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