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First Blood (DVD) 02/08/2009

My own review of the film "First Blood".

First Blood (DVD) This is the first installment movie of the very famous Rambo series. John Rambo(Sylvester Stallone) is an ex-vietnam operative, and a green beret soldier, trained and expert in guerilla fighting. In a city, he gets into a misunderstanding with the local cops. When they try to convict him, he injures them and escapes from the police station. After a long cop chase, he finally manages to escape into the forest. The cops, as usual, decide to capture him. They send a team of cops and sniffer dogs to track him down. But as the saying goes: " Don't try to mess with a tiger (Rambo here) in the forest". Cops, who till now have no idea of what Rambo is capable of in a forest, try to capture Rambo; they get themselves seriously injured instead, are forced to return, and decide to employ special forces to track him down. Finally, Rambo gets arrested, but before that, he really makes one hell of a mess. Just watch the movie and see the rest.

Rambo (Blu-ray) 02/08/2009

Review of the film "Rambo".

Rambo (Blu-ray) This film, in my opinion, should be the last addition in the so famous Rambo series, since This film, in my opinion, is most probably be the last addition in the so famous Rambo series. But saying that, I must say one thing.....atleast its not the least !!! The background of this movie is Burma, which is currently under the dictatorship of a very suppressive and heartless general. he torchures the fellow villagers ruthlessly and mercilessly, to continue his reign of terror. John Rambo has retired from all sorts of warfare, and now lives in a buddhist monastery.....doing all sorts of jobs for them, and the villagers. One day,a team of medical representatives come to Burma, and want Rambo to just get them to other side of the river, where they will serve the poor villagers. They get there, and as a result of an unexpected attack from the soldiers of the General, get arrested............... .. This is where Rambo gets involved. Just watch the movie, if you haven't yet, to see all the stunning action of Rambo in this awesome movie.

Rambo - First Blood Part 2 (DVD) 02/08/2009

My review of First Blood Part II---amazing!!!

Rambo - First Blood Part 2 (DVD) This movie is the second installment from the widely popular series "Rambo". Ex-vietnam soldier and green beret John G. Rambo (Sylvester Stallone), is captivated because of assaulting a Police officer (1st part), and is now serving the penalties, when he is asked for help by General Cauffmann (Richard Crenna), in serving a secret operation. Rambo agrees. From here, the movie shows the usual style of Rambo in his operation. He has been sent just to take some photographs of enemy camp covertly, and not alerting the enemies. But reaching there, he finds out some captives, and decides to free them. From here on the thrill of the movie starts, and holds till the end.The story and the commencement of the movie are just perfect, just like a war movie should be. The action sequences, the Rambo kills.......just WOW!!! In my opinion, this is the best action movie I have ever seen in my life.
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