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Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses 07/11/2014

The Best Heavy Rock Album Of All Time?

Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction was the first full-length studio album to be released by the iconic eighties and nineties rockers, Guns n' Roses. Released on Geffen Records in 1987 and produced by Mike Clink, the Appetite For Destruction album has become known by many rock fans as the best rock album to ever be released and the album still hits the top 40 UK rock and metal album charts most weeks, even today. In fact, the album is so good that it's the reason I started learning how to play the guitar all those twenty years ago - I learnt how to play the entire album from start to end, including all the lead guitar. It's also so good and I haven't heard it for so long that I couldn't help loading up Spotify and listening to it on shuffle whilst writing this review. Featuring some of the band's most well-known and successful songs, Appetite For Destruction is the heaviest and sleaziest album that Guns n' Roses have ever released, whilst singles Paradise City and Sweet Child O' Mine scored the band longstanding major mainstream media attention. It wasn't long before Guns n' Roses became a household name. It has also been noted that, since the release of Appetite For Destruction, no band or producer has ever been able to attain that raw and sleazy production sound again, not even Mike Clink himself. The band's original gritty raw magic was truly captured on Appetite For Destruction for the only time in rock history. The 'Appetite...' album comes with a very cool rock 'n' roll front ...
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