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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Xbox One) 09/11/2017

Infinite Warfare (Xbox One) Review

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Xbox One) Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Xbox One) Review Campaign The new game takes place in a whole new setting, outer space, allowing players to complete different missions on multiple planets. For those who aren’t familiar with the franchise, Call of Duty is a first-person shooter which follows Captain Nick Reyes on his Special Ops missions. As for new editions to the campaign, players can select which missions they wish to do first and choose from a large selection of side missions which mainly feature the Jackal. The Jackal, in itself, is a new way of fighting in the spacecraft which allows you to fight off other fighter jets without any real limitations. I personally really enjoyed using the Jackal at first but felt like it became a bit overused. I also felt like the campaign didn’t have much story to it and relied too much on technology throughout the whole game. Multiplayer The multiplayer mode features the basic game modes with some new guns, new perks, new gadgets but not much else. The game modes get slightly repetitive but are great for those who enjoy ranking up quickly and getting to Prestige Master. I also really enjoyed the supply drops and my favourite game mode was definitely Domination or the other classics like Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Hardpoint. Overall, I did like being able to master the game modes because as I played each map more I definitely did improve in my knowledge of the game all together. I think they have possibly made it easier to rank ...

American Horror Story: Hotel (DVD) 18/07/2017

American Horror Story Season 5 Review

American Horror Story: Hotel (DVD) AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL REVIEW Director: Ryan Murphy Episodes: 12 Age Certificate: 18 Genre: Horror Story Alike all other seasons of American Horror Story, Hotel has a particular setting. This setting happens to be the Hotel Cortez and follows its owner, the Countess as she attempts to protect herself and her children from an ex lover. It also revolves around John Lowe, a detective whose cases of murders lead him in the direction of the hotel. Cast Sarah Paulson- Sally Lady Gaga- the Countess Matt Bomer- Donovan Evan Peters- Mr March Wes Bentley- John Lowe Denis O'Hare- Liz Taylor Kathy Bates- Iris Chloe Sevigny- Alex Lowe Cheyanne Jackson- Will Drake Angela Bassett- Ramona Royale Episodes # Checking In # Chutes and Ladders # Mommy # Devil's Night # Room Service # Room 33 # Flicker # The Ten Commandments Killer # She Wants Revenge # She Gets Revenge # Battle Royale # Be Our Guest Suitable? I would say it's suitable for anyone over the age of 16 for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are very graphic sex scenes which include demons, homosexuality and all sex scenes are very detailed. There is also a lot of sexual innuendos throughout. Secondly, it is quite gory, its level of gore kind of depends on how tolerant you are of blood and such. If you watch a lot of horrors then it probably won't phase you. For example, it has a lot of throat slitting and blood drinking, purely because it kind of revolves around vampires. Drug and alcohol use is also shown a lot in the ...

We're The Millers (DVD) 18/07/2017

We're the Millers Review

We're The Millers (DVD) WE'RE THE MILLERS REVIEW Star: Jennifer Aniston Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber Age Certificate: 15 Run time: 110 minutes Genre: Comedy Year of Release: 2013 Story Drug dealer, David, tries to help some teens and in the process, loses all his cash and stash. Consequently, he ends up being in massive debt with his supplier and must go to Mexico to pick up his latest shipment in attempt to make up for his mistake. He comes up with a genius plan to create a fake family and travel to Mexico in an RV where many hilarious incidents await them. Cast Jason Sudeikis is our drug dealer and main character, David Clark. I had seen him in other movies like Horrible Bosses and the Bounty Hunter and thought he was quite funny so I was looking forward to seeing his performance in this movie in particular, especially after finding out he was going to be one of the leading roles. He definitely didn't disappoint and done a great job leading the movie. His character was hilarious and had some excellent jokes which really impressed me. He is definitely one of my favourite actors and I strongly suggest you watch some of his other movies. Jennifer Aniston is Rose O'Reilly, a stripper who is dragged along as the fake mother of David's fake family in return for $30,000. It was very funny to see the truly unbelievable couple on their quest and I thought she was great in the movie. You may have seen Jennifer Aniston in other movies like Horrible Bosses also and Just Go With It and of course ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 (DVD) 17/07/2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Review

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 (DVD) PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: SEASON 2 REVIEW Story After their friends death, four girls in Rosewood begin receiving texts from a suspicious A threatening them with their own secrets. We join the girls on their quest to find the person who has been causing all this chaos in Rosewood as they try to put an end to it all and leave their pasts behind them. Cast Lucy Hale- Aria Troian Bellisario- Spencer Ashley Benson- Hanna Shay Mitchell- Emily Sasha Pitierse- Alison Episodes 1. It's Alive 2. The Goodbye Look 3. My Name Is Trouble 4. Blind Dates 5. The Devil You Know 6. Never Letting Go 7. Surface Tension 8. Save the Date 9. Picture This 10. Touched by an A-ngel 11. I Must Confess 12. Over My Dead Body 13. The First Secret 14. Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares 15. A Hot Piece of A 16. Let the Water Hold Me Down 17. Blond Leading the Blind 18. A Kiss Before Lying 19. The Naked Truth 20. CTRL:A 21. Breaking the Code 22.Father Knows Best 23. Eye of the Beholder 24. If These Dolls Could Talk 25. UnmAsked My Opinion I really enjoyed this season, so much in fact that it led to me continuing to watch the series until its ending. Its basically following the same plot line but with some more answers. The story itself begins to unwind a bit more and goes into a bit more depth which was good because I think all fans were expecting some answers. The cast do an amazing job every season and done just as great this season. They always portray the characters the way they should be played ...

The Forest (DVD) 17/07/2017

The Forest Review

The Forest (DVD) THE FOREST REVIEW Star: Natalie Dormer Director: Jason Zada Certificate: 15 Run time: 1 hr 35 minutes Genre: Horror Year of Release: 2016 Story When her twin sister goes missing in Japan, Sara is determined to find out what happened to her. Her quest leads her to the legendary Aokigahara Forest, also known as the suicide forest, in Japan at Mount Fuji. She decides to journey through the forest with her guide Aiden and many ghosts haunting the forest await her. Cast Natalie Dormer- Sara/Jess Taylor Kinney- Aiden Eoin Macken- Rob Stephanie Vogt- Valerie Ratings IMDb: 4.8/10 The Guardian: 2/5 Rotten Tomatoes: 10% Trailer: My Opinion I personally didn't enjoy this movie that much. I was very interested to see their ideas especially because the suicide forest is a real place but then I thought it was quite insensitive. It showed the people who committed suicide in the forest and portrayed them as horrible demons and monsters when in fact that most definitely is not the case at all. I may be thinking too far into things but I just thought they could have made it scary without portraying the victims as monsters. I thought the concept was quite smart though. The characters were good, some made the iconic stupid decisions that many characters ...

The Purge (DVD) 17/07/2017

The Purge Review

The Purge (DVD) THE PURGE REVIEW Stars: Lena Headey and Ethan Hawke Director: James DeMonaco Certificate: 15 Run Time: 1 hr 25 minutes Genre: Horror Release Year: 2013 Story In this setting, the USA, on March 21st, all crime is legal for 12 hours - including murder. A family on lockdown must try to survive the night after they allow a target of purgers into their home and consequently have been broken into and are now fighting for their lives during a brutal home invasion. Cast Ethan Hawke- James Sandin Lena Headey- Mary Sandin Edwin Hodge- Dwayne Bisop Max Burkholder- Charlie Sandin Adelaide Kane =- Zoey Sandin Rhys Wakefield- Polite Stranger Ratings Rotten Tomatoes: 38% IMDb: 5.7/10 Metacritic: 41% Trailer: My Opinion Despite this movies ratings, I watched this movie with no expectations and open minded and I really enjoyed it. I thought the concept was very good and interesting and it was very gripping. It wasn't the best movie I had ever seen but definitely a good horror for beginners who aren't necessarily fond of horrors. I thought the cast was good as I had seen them previously in Game of Thrones and Sinister so I was looking forward to see how they would bring this concept to life. They performed well in my opinion, especially the purgers who were so convincing in their roles. The special effects were good. There were some jump scares and very eery moments. The masks are something I enjoy most about the purge movies and they ...

American Horror Story Season 1 (DVD) 17/07/2017

American Horror Story Season 1 Review

American Horror Story Season 1 (DVD) AMERICAN HORROR STORY - SEASON 1: MURDER HOUSE REVIEW Cast Vivian- Connie Britton Ben- Dylan McDermott Violet- Taissa Farmigo Tate- Evan Peters Constance- Jessica Lange Haydn- Kate Mara Larry- Dennis O'Hare Billy the psychic medium- Sarah Paulson Story Vivian and Ben Harmon move to Los Angeles with their daughter Violet after Vivian has a miscarriage and Ben has an affair in hopes of a fresh start. They move into a mansion completely unaware that the mansion is haunted by the ghosts of the former residents. Episodes 1. Pilot 2. Home Invasion 3. Murder House 4. Halloween (Part 1) 5. Halloween (Part 2) 6. Piggy Piggy 7. Open House 8. Rubber Man 9. Spooky Little Girl 10. Smoldering Children 11. Birth 12. Afterbirth My Opinion I really enjoyed this season and it led me to continue watching the entire series. It was so captivating, I watched it in days. It's mysterious and there are a lot of plot twists which keeps it exciting. I thought Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott did an amazing job as well as Taissa Farmigo. The whole cast were spooky, especially Evan Peters who fit his role perfectly as Tate Langdon. It deals with a lot of sensitive topics such as rape, self harm and suicide which may not be suitable for some people and there are bits where there's some blood but nothing too gory. The soundtrack was spooky and set the perfect tone and the special effects were used effectively for jump scares etc. The cheapest price you can buy this for is £4.99 (Blu-Ray) on ...

Don't Breathe (Blu-ray) 16/07/2017

Don't Breathe Review

Don't Breathe (Blu-ray) DON'T BREATHE REVIEW Star: Jane Levy Director: Fede Alvarez Genre: Horror Run time: 86 minutes Certificate: 15 Story Rocky, Alex and Money are teenagers who enjoy robbing houses. Wanting to leave the area and move on their own, the three teens decide to rob a blind army veteran who inherited hundreds of thousands of dollars after the death of his daughter thinking he'll be an easy target as he lives in a secluded area. They end up trapped in his home and fighting for their lives in this thriller. Cast Rocky- Jane Levy Alex- Dylan Minette Money- Daniel Zovatto The Blind Man- Stephen Lang Ratings IMDb- 7.2/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 87% Metacritic- 71% Trailer: My Opinion Personally, I thought the story was good and it was very well executed. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. There was a good plot twist which I won't reveal due to spoilers but I found it very fascinating. The characters did a great job especially Stephen Lang as I thought he had the most difficult role in the entire movie. There are some good jumpscares and a lot of the film is shot in night vision which makes it more thrilling and also UV light so I thought they used the special effects well and effectively. I can't remember any of the songs from the soundtrack making it unmemorable for me so I wouldn't rate it at all. I'd say it was worth about £7 but you could definitely get it cheaper. Great movie in my opinion. Thank you for reading. If ...

The Purge: Election Year (DVD) 16/07/2017

The Purge: Election Year Review

The Purge: Election Year (DVD) THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Stars: Elizabeth Mitchell and Frank Grillo Director: James DeMonaco Genre: Horror/Action Run Time: 109 minutes Certificate: 15 Budget: 10 million Story Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) is a survivor of the purge and was forced to watch her family being killed on the traditional night where all crime is legal. Inspired by her past, Roan decides to run for president 18 years later to follow her aim to end the purge once and for all. The story begins when Roan's security is betrayed as members of the opposing party attempt to break in and kill her, forcing her to leave home and be hunted on the streets on the night of the purge with the one bodyguard she can trust, Leo (Frank Grillo) who almost done something he regretted on purge night and believes in her aim to end the purge. Cast Leo/Sergeant - Frank Grillo Charlie Roan/Senator - Elizabeth Mitchell Joe Dixon - Mykelti Williamson Marcos - Joseph Julian Soria Laney Rucker - Betty Gabriel Suitable? I would say this movie is suitable for anyone over the age of 14. There is some gore which sounds worse than it actually is. There is a head cut off by a gilotine which doesn't really show anything because it's from afar. A man has to dig out a bullet from his shoulder which is in my opinion the goriest part. There is also loads of violence on the other hand which is encouraged by the government which is the premise of all of the movies in the Purge franchise. There are the use of guns, blades, ...

Watch Dogs (Xbox One) 15/07/2017

Watch Dogs (Xbox one) Review

Watch Dogs (Xbox One) WATCH DOGS (XBOX ONE) REVIEW Story Aiden Pearce is a hacker working for DeadSec and is trying to get answers about the car crash that killed his niece. Throughout his quest his younger sister also gets kidnapped by Aiden's former ally and his journey revolves around finding her and protected her son. Campaign The campaign is very long lasting and has loads of side missions you need to do before getting 100% completion which I was pleased with because it is a really fun game. I thought the story was very interesting and I couldn't stop playing. There was also a very good balance between fighting and hacking, which is what the game revolves around. I really enjoyed the fact that there are some parts which are puzzling and each mission you have an option to be stealthy when getting past guards or if you want to fight. I really enjoyed the campaign because I thought it was different from other games and it was very captivating but frustrating sometimes. The gameplay is quite easy as there are only basic controls. It can be difficult trying to figure out some of the features and working out the puzzles but it just makes the game more captivating in my opinion. Graphics I was very impressed with the graphics especially because this game came out a while ago. I thought it looked very good when neutrilising vehicles and the car chase effects looked amazing as you are able to hack traffic lights and cause crashes to escape your enemies and can use the town's features such as ...

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (DVD) 14/07/2017

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (Review)

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (DVD) MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES **DISCLAIMER- I am only reviewing the film itself, not the DVD so will not be discussing any of the DVD features** CAST In my opinion, this movie had an amazing cast which I will list below. I thought each character was hilarious and the actors were brilliant. Zac Efron - Dave Adam Devine - Mike Anna Kendrick - Alice Aubrey Plaza - Tatiana STORY Mike and Dave are brothers who have a habit of ruining all family occassions and are set a challenge to find two dates to their sister's wedding. They host auditions online to find their dates and are seen on TV by Tatiana and Alice who are only interested on a free trip to Hawaii for the wedding. SUITABLE? I definitely don't think this movie is suitable for anyone under the age of 16 for 4 reasons. Firstly, there was a lot of sexual content which is portrayed comedically but is very graphic, there are also many innuendos throughout the movie. There is also loads of nudity including full frontal nudity. The use of drugs and alcohol are shown but is not exactly condoning substance use. Characters smoke marijuana and take ecstasy which leads to 2 females stripping naked while under its influence, there is also a lot of drinking between the characters. Finally, there is a lot of strong language but not as bad as some other movies. MY OPINION I really enjoyed this movie. The characters was portrayed well, and it had a funny plot line. There were some really good laugh out loud moments but ...

Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) 11/07/2017

Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) Review

Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) GEARS OF WAR 4 REVIEW (XBOX ONE) Campaign/Story I thought the campaign was outstanding. The story follows JD and his COG colleagues Kait and Del on their quest to save their villagers and family from the swarm. I enjoyed playing against the new enemies and defeating the boss at the end of each act. I enjoyed the new enemies and the concept that the swarm aren't locust. There are also appearances from characters in the previous GOW instalments including Marcus Phoenix (JD's father) and Baird although there are some glimpses of other characters. The only criticism I had was that the story was too short. Other than that I felt like it was very well paced and wasn't bombarded with fight scenes which I feel is a problem in many games. Multiplayer I didn't really enjoy the multiplayer, I thought there was a lot of glitches and the ranking system is inaccurate. The maps I felt were quite boring and the only gun that people seem to use is the Gnasher shotgun which isn't so good for anyone who doesn't enjoy close range battles. It's also difficult to find a game with a good connection. Other Features I enjoy the new pack opening feature which allows you to get special characters and weapon skins. The Horde gameplay option hasn't changed much and still has pretty much the same concept apart from a few more guns. Overall I enjoyed the game but the multiplayer wasn't for me but there are some great new editions to the game. I hope my review was somewhat helpful, if you could ...

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 (DVD) 06/07/2017

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Review

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 (DVD) Pretty Little Liars Review Personally, I loved this. It stars Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell and they all portray their roles incredibly. I didn't expect anything the series threw at me, I binge watched until season five in like two weeks and I don't regret a second of it! Every second I was looking for clues and making my own theories of who could be A and I actually felt like I was in the show! There are some positive role models because I feel like the girls are strong and independent but also pretty stupid for not telling anyone they were recieving these texts in the first place! I think it sends out positive messages because Emily thinks she's gay and comes out to her mother and her mother finally accepts her. However, there are some negative messages because all the girls' lies spiral out of control when someone finds out about all their secrets. The theme song is pretty creepy and sets the tone for the upcoming episode. Value for money isn't applicable because I watch it on netflix and didn't buy it so sorry if that's what you wanted to find out. I think it's pretty different to some other mystery series I've watched but I haven't senn anything else by Marlene King.

1989 - Taylor Swift 12/02/2017

Taylor Swift 1989 Review

1989 - Taylor Swift Taylor Swift 1989 Review Background The album was released in 2014, it is inspired by songs from the 80's, when Taylor was born. It includes songs like Shake It Off, Blank Space, and my personal favourite Wildest Dreams. Originality I had never heard anything like this album before so I definitely thought it was original. Very unique lyrics and very catchy songs. Consistency of Tracks I enjoyed most of the songs there was only a few I thought were just average, like I said before I thought they were very original and the lyrics were very good. Cover Design I thought the cover was quite smart because it has links with her relationship with Harry Styles and the polaroid theme is also mentioned in one of her songs. Value for Money I think the fact that you can get this album for £2 now is brilliant because when I first bought it on my phone as it was £5 then. The value is excellent because really you're paying £2 for well over 9 songs. Lyrics I've said the lyrics are thought-provoking but not necessarily in a bad way because the lyrics make you wonder what she's referring to, her relationships, her pasts etc. Comparison I wasn't really listening to her music before this album but I do think it kind of outdoes her other stuff although there is such different themes and styles so its hard to compare all of her work together. Competition It was definitely number one for a long time so I believe there was really no competition between her and other artists.

FIFA 17 (Xbox One) 16/10/2016

Fifa 17 Xbox One Review

FIFA 17 (Xbox One) Fifa 17 Xbox One Review Fifa 17 has very much improved in my opinion. There are loads more game modes since Fifa 16 including: *The Journey *Squad Builder Challenges *FUT Champions I will go into further detail about these game modes in the following sections. There are the regular game modes such as online seasons, career mode and ultimate team of course but I will mainly focus on the new game modes in this review so if you would like me to review Fifa 16 and explain those game modes then I will do so as my review on Fifa 16 was not recieved very well. Also as a disclaimer, I have in fact bought the Deluxe version also so if you would like a review on the deluxe version please leave a comment. The Journey In "The Journey", you can play through the eyes of Alex Hunter, a rising star in the Premier League. Select which club you will sign for and progress to play in the biggest clubs. Go on loan and develop Alex's skills even further to be a football legend! Train as much as possible with tasks the manager of your chosen club gives you and work your way up to the Starting 11. Follow Alex as you decide who his friends are and who his enemies are, will you please the fans or your boss? You decide. Squad Builder Challenges "Squad Builder Challenges" is the all new game mode for players who love Ultimate Team. Build a squad of the criteria you are given to recieve incredible rewards such as Packs, Coins and special untradeable cards! Buy your players as cheap as possible ...
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