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since 14/08/2000


Fat Alex - Search Engine 15/08/2000

Search engines r silly

Fat Alex - Search Engine Search engines are a really good way of finding what you want on the net. Except they don't always do what you want. You may want to search for 1 topic but end up getting hundreds of other topics that don't inetrest you. You also get links to pages that have been closed down. But overall search engines can help you. As long as you know exactly what you want. Also if you want porn u can get it no matter what you type. for example type adult education and you get hundreds of pages on Adult Sexual positions Owsty likes porn ...

PC - PC 15/08/2000

PC games full of ***t

PC - PC Oh look I just got a new PC doom clone Im gonna install it and play it over the net. Oh dear I don't have enough space on my 10gig harddrive I better delete stuff. OK now I have space but whats this not compatible with my graphics card OK Got a new card but the card isn't compatible with windows 98 without a patch OK now the patch won't install coz it's out of date for my machine Right now I finnally got the game on so lets play it. It's working wooooooopppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee But whats this no memory left. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm upgrade again Now let's try it on line What it's toooooo slowww Well now I know what to do. Throw it in the bin and get a console

Games_workshop - Games_workshop 14/08/2000

Games Workshop SUX

Games_workshop - Games_workshop What is the big deal about games workshop. Who Plays Them--> People with Long Hair that wear Black clothes. Spotty people Nerds Fat People like the guy who owns the comic shop in Simpsons What do they do--> Role dice and buy paint Can someone please explaine the fun in this game. U just have little figures that u paint and say I attack u and roll a dice??????? Some people even dress up as trolls and stuff. Then theres the crazy rules of worlds not being able to mix. I just dont get it

Hogs of War (PlayStation) 14/08/2000


Hogs of War (PlayStation) I first saw this game on a playstation in HMV so I thought I'd have a go. I thought it was absolute garbage. I couldn't work out what was going on and decided I didn't like it. Then I got it given to me as a present of a very nice girl indeed so I decided to play it again. Once I had got to grips with the controls I started to get into the game and now I love it U start with a team of pigs each with a rifle grenade and punch. After completing missions u get the chance to promote your team. Once promoted they get specialist weapons.Such as bazookas and sniper rifles. The game finnaly gets too difficult to bother with. The voice acting is OK and Rick Mayle is very funny as the pig commander

DUNNO - HE-MAN 14/08/2000


DUNNO - HE-MAN She Ra was He mans twin sister. It was a complete rip off of he man for girls BUT IT WAS JUST AS GOOD Adams twin sister was Adora. She was the defender of the crystal castle on the planet siria. Instead of a cat she had a horse. Her horse was called Spirit. Girls like horses so thats why it wasnt a big battlw cat. Instead of saying BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL I HAVE THE POWER she said FOR THE HONOUR OF ETERNIA I AM SHE-RA. Once again 3 people knew Madam Raz Lightfolk Kowl There evil bady was Horda with other cool baddies such as Leech and Grizlor

DUNNO - HE-MAN 14/08/2000

He-Man Rocks

DUNNO - HE-MAN HE Man and the masters of the universe He man was a cartoon in the 80s. The story was about a man called ADAM. Adam was a prince on the planet Eternia. He had a cowerdly cat called Cringer. Also on Eternia was an evil type skeleton baddie called Skeletor. Skeletor was evil and scared the pants off little kiddies Skeletor wanted to get inside Castle Greyskull where the Scorceres lived. To defend eternia and greyskull Adam had a magic sword When he held his magic sword and said BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL he became HE-MAN a big strong guy who was never beat. Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat. Only 3 friends shared his secret The Scorceres Man At Arms and Orco the magigian Orco was funny
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