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Stay at home Mum to two beautiful children! Enjoy reading and writing reviews whilst the kids are sleeping/nursery! Will try and return all rates :-) THANK YOU FOR ALL E RATINGS - MUCH APPRECIATED X

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Happy Hopperz Pink Cow 06/09/2012

Let's do some Happy Hopping!

Happy Hopperz Pink Cow I couldn't resist buying my one year old daughter one of these Happy Hopperz! About Happy Hopperz Happy Hopperz are inflatable animals which are designed to be bounced on by children. Like space hoppers - they have "handles" which can be held onto - in this case its the ears or horns! It is versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors, and they have four sizes, small, medium, large and XL! Small This range is suitable for up to 24 months. They have cows (pink or white) and spotty deer’s (orange or red) Medium These are suitable from the age of 1 to 3. Pick a green, pink or white horse, or a pink or blue doggy! Large Suitable from 18 months - 5 years. Get a dinosaur in purple, blue or green. Or a nice colourful bull in blue or red. Extra Large Great for "big kids".... as even Mum and Dad can have one of these with it being suitable from 5 to 50! These are 80cm x 80cm. Pick a dog, bull, caterpillar, deer or a horse! (I'll have a green caterpillar please!) They are multi-award winners - having won 4 award this year for Best Toy. Why should I get one? The Happy Hopperz are designed to encourage your child to learn about movement and space, play fun exercise games, and develop balance control, strengthen muscles and co-ordination skills. AND they look fantastic! Design As I have a little girl, and she was a pre-walker - I chose her the pink cow from the small range. It is around 30cm tall and 60cm wide, so perfect for a toddler. ...

Technology in Motion, Leeds 04/09/2012

Pea Head!

Technology in Motion, Leeds Firstly, this is a cause close to my heart and the reason for writing this review is to let other parents see how fabulous Technology in Motion are - as it's difficult as a parent to make a life changing decision, without hearing reviews and proof that something works - and I would have loved to have read a true review before parting with money, instead of listening to the NHS who do not agree with cranial remoulding. I had my daughter Alice in August 2011 - she was a breech baby, and had to be delivered by c-section because of this! When she was born myself, and several other people noticed that the right side of the back of her head was squashed in, but told this would right itself, and would have been due to her being so cramped inside due to her being breech. However - she was my beautiful baby and I quickly forgot about it. We bought pillows to help her head get back into shape and did lots of tummy time. I began to feel a bit paranoid when Alice was 3 months old that her head was getting worse - her ears where not in line with each other, the left side of her head was growing outwards and the other side wasn't, and her forehead was bulging out. Her eyes also looked out of line due to bulging. No parent EVER wants to feel that people are looking at their baby, but I felt they were, but I felt like I couldn't talk about it as it would make me a horrible parent. I had a comment off someone that her ears looked funny, and that "she will really need a fringe!". I spoke to ...

Yankee Candle White Sugared Vanilla Wax Tarts 03/09/2012

An Ice Cream Treat

Yankee Candle White Sugared Vanilla Wax Tarts I have always been a fan of scented candles - I am very OCD about my house smelling nice and have one lit at all times when I'm in! This can be an expensive thing to do, so I always buy the Yankee Candles - as I know they work, and can often be found on special offer. Who are Yankee Candles? Yankee Candles are an American Company with a large UK and online presence. Their items are usually found in home accessory shops, garden centres and online - I've noticed they are starting to be sold in more and more high street shops, such as Clinton Cards, and more recently Asda Living. Yankee specialise in fragranced candles and have a huge range of different flavors/smells. What is a Wax Tart? Basically, a wax tart is a candle WITHOUT a wick. This is why you do need a burner. The tart is around 1/2 an inch thick and 2 inches in diameter. The tart is designed to be placed in the top of the burner, whilst a lit tea-light underneath gently melts the tart to give off its aroma. Each tart comes individually wrapped in plastic and are sold separate as well as in packs. This is ideal as I tend to buy a few different flavors at a time to use. You can smell the candle through the packaging, so its possible to "try" before you buy! Price Each tart is generally sold for £1.00 - however as mentioned can sometimes be found on special offer if the shop are trying to promote a certain fragrance. I bought my tart for 80p from Asda Living. The tarts are the cheapest item from Yankee Candle. ...

Boots Essentials Extra Firm Unperfumed Hairspray 30/10/2011

Hard helmet head for a while!

Boots Essentials Extra Firm Unperfumed Hairspray I am not usually a hairspray kind of girl as I tend to just straighten it, then tie it up or leave it down, nothing exciting! But when I am having a night out or for a special occasion then I do make an effort so always like to ensure I have some hairspray knocking around in my bedroom! The Range The "Essentials" range from Boots features hairsprays, mousse, shampoos and creams plus many more. Each is designed to be cheap with simple packaging - much like a supermarket own brand. The hairsprays come in different hold types: * Firm Hold * Extra Firm Hold * Maximum Hold Each comes in either 75ml or 450ml. Extra Firm This hairspray promises to give your hair a long lasting hold, leaving it shiny, manageable and easy to brush out with no flakiness. It is also un-perfumed. Packaging The hairspray I am reviewing came in a 75ml aerosol canister. The canister is lilac in colour with white font. The blue Boots logo is clearly marked and so is the name of the product. The lid is plastic, opaque and stays on easily. The lid is also recyclable. On the back of the canister are the instructions for use, a short description of the product and also the ingredients. It states that the canister is extremely flammable and the usual warning that solvent abuse can kill. Price and Availability As the product is Boots, then it is only available from here. As of the 30/10/11 it currently sells for: * 75ml - £0.81 * 450ml - £1.62 I find this excellent value for money. My Opinion I ... 25/10/2011

Window to the womb I found out I was expecting my second baby in December last year after only a few weeks of trying, so to say I was shocked was an understatement! One of the things I most enjoy about pregnancy are the scans, as seeing your baby is one of the most joyous things in the world! With my first pregnancy, we went and had a 4D scan as I heard nothing but good things about them and it proved to be a great experience, so we decided we wanted another one this time around. I had a look online at all the different companies who were offering the 4D scans – and it would appear that in the 3 years since the last one that there are more companies who now offer this service therefore lots more choice of packages and competitive rates. We decided to go with Meet Your Baby who offer 2D, 3D and 4D scans and they seemed the cheapest for what we wanted. We went ahead and booked the package for when I would be 27 weeks pregnant. What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D? And how does it work? The scan consists of a series of ultrasound waves which build up a 2D image. The image is then captured and technology allows this to be changed into a 3D image, and with real-time added, this is then a 4D image. *2D images are still, and are in black and white. It is the main method of scanning from the NHS as it shows more of your babies’ development, internal organs and bone structure. *3D images are also still and can be in colour. This shows up babies external features so you can see what they look ...

Huggies Baby Wipes Gentle Cleaning 22/10/2011

Gives the bum a great big HUG!

Huggies Baby Wipes Gentle Cleaning I am not loyal to any brand of babywipes, and I tend to just use whatever is on special offer at the time and if I don't like it I never re-use it. So when I saw a mega box of Huggies Wipes on sale for £10.00 for 12 packets I snapped it up as Huggies is a well known brand. Huggies Huggies are a brand of baby products which are owned by Kimberly-Clark. They first came onto the shelves back in 1978 and have items in the range which include nappies and wipes. They are generally a well known brand. Packaging The wipes come in a plastic packet with a resealable tab on it where you access the wipes and pull them out. The packet is white with lots of multicolored hand-prints on it, and the resealable tab is clear. On the front the product is clearly emblazoned with "Huggies" and that they are for gentle cleaning and will leave skin feeling soft. It also says there are 64 wipes in the pack, which is around average. On the bottom of the pack is information about the product in different languages, and the ingredients. There is also contact details for the manufacturer. Pretty standard stuff really! Let's wipe! The resealable tab is easy to pull off, and is very sticky so is easy to reseal the packet back up which does help so the wipes don't dry out. Each wipe is thick, and is ingrained with a picture of a bear. The wipes smell of cucumber - and this is not overpowering. Its fresh, light and clean smelling. I am not usually a fan of scented wipes but as these don't smell ...

Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls 21/10/2011

The Cheapest Pearls

Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls I don't really wear too much make-up unless I get a rare night out without the kids. I tend to stick too concealer, Vaseline for my lips and a bronzer for my face so I don't look like a vampire! I am quite tight with myself so tend to buy from the Natural Collection range in Boots for day time make up as it generally does the job. Natural Collection Natural Collection is a range from Boots were all make-up items are priced under £2.00. The general aim is to make you look beautiful, yet natural as the name suggests! The range is found in all Boots (not pharmacies) Items include: *Lipgloss *Mascara *Lip Liner *Loose Powder Packaging The pearls come in a 20g clear,plastic pot. It has a white screw lid, and is all very basic. On the lid it says "Natural Collection" in brown, and on the underneath is a sticker which states the shade of the pearls (in my case, Sahara Sun), the ingredients and the instructions for use. It also says the pearls are fragrance free. Inside is a small sponge pad which covers the pearls and stops them breaking up if the pot is moved around. Bronze Me Up The aim of the pearls is to give your skin a natural sunny glow. It comes in either Sahara Sun or Tropical Tan. As the Sahara Sun is a little bit more suited to my skin tone I went with that one. The pearls are round and "pearl" like (hence the name!) and come in shades of pinks, browns and metallic gold and bronze, they are hard and do not crush easily. According to the instructions for use ...

Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream 21/10/2011

Pass me a handwipe.

Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream Nivea Nivea was founded back in 1911 when it discovered Eucerit - with is a chemical substance from sheep wool. Eucerit is now a main ingredient in all Nivea products. Nivea is global and is owned by a German company called Beiersdorf. It started off with creams, and then in the 30s began to develop tanning lotions, shampoos, shaving creams and toners. What is Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream? It is a hand cream said to help with dryness. It helps both hands and nails, and has fast absorbency. It includes macadamia nut oil which helps to protect the barriers which cover your skin. It says it has proven results that it does make hands smoother and softer for longer. Packaging The hand cream which I have comes in a 30ml tube. It is lid down, with a squeezy body. The lid is a flip lid which is navy blue, and the tune itself is white. It clearly shows the Nivea logo and the name of the product. and has a picture of a macadamia nut. On the back are the ingredients and the company address. The top down flip lid is both a positive and a negative, good because you don't have to apply much pressure when wanting to apply the hand cream, but bad as you always get the residue of cream in the lid! Price As of the 19/10/11: Boots - 100ml - £3.39 Asda - 100ml £3.20 or 30ml for £1.25 (or 3 for £3) Let's Put It On....... I suffer from very dry hands and I'm quite obsessive about wearing hand cream and I'm forever swapping and changing creams to try ...

Boots Extracts Fairtrade Mango Body Butter 20/10/2011


Boots Extracts Fairtrade Mango Body Butter I was bought several items from the Boots Mango Extracts range by my partner during my pregnancy when I was feeling a bit rundown and achey! Part of the gift was this Mango Body Butter, something which I hadn't tried before but was well needed! Fairtrade Fairtrade products help people in underprivileged communities by promoting their sustainability and to help escape poverty by ensuring farmers are paid a fair price for their produce and also paid an additional social premium to invest within their communities for items such as water irrigation systems and education for children. Boots Extracts Range The Extracts range is made up of 32 different items.. Each one of these carries the Fairtrade ingredients and is certified. They are all designed to "refresh, revitalise and moisturise". Flavours include: *Mango *Cocoa Butter *Brazil Nut *Coconut *Almond *Nectarine *Vanilla Each of these flavors has its own range of body butters, scrubs, body wash and lotion. Packaging The Body Butter comes in a round, plastic tub with a screw top lid. The casing of the tub is clear so you can see the cream inside. The lid is orange, with an image of a mango growing on a tree. It clearly states the name of the product, and gives a brief description of Fairtrade, and displays the Fairtrade logo. On the underside of the pot are the ingredients and directions for use. The pot is 200ml. Butter Me Up..... When you first open the pot straight away the smell of the cream hits you, and ...

Yankee Candle French Vanilla Wax Potpourri Tart 17/10/2011

Sickly Sweet!

Yankee Candle French Vanilla Wax Potpourri Tart I am always wanting my house to smell nice, so have always used plug-ins, candles and air fresheners. I was bought a Tart Burner a few years ago as part of a Christmas Gift and heard that Yankee Candles where the best, so over the years I've steadily worked my way through the different scents offered by Yankee. This is a review of the French Vanilla Tart. Yankee Candles Yankee Candles are an American Company, however their items are sold all over the world, as well as having their own website. Their items can be found in home accessory shops such as Peter Jones, in garden centre's and most recently in Clinton Cards. Yankee specialise in fragranced candles and have a wide range of different flavors and smells, there really is something for everyone. Tarting Around I must admit to seeing wax tarts around in the shops a long time before I knew what they actually were! But basically, a wax tart is like a regular candle but without having a wick. . Each tart is around 1/2 an inch thick and 2 inches in diameter, and usually coloured to match its scent. It is designed to be placed in the top of a Tart Burner, whilst a lit unscented tea-light placed in the underneath of the Burner gently melts the tart to give off its aroma. Each tart comes individually wrapped in plastic and are sold as separates, as well as being sold in multi-packs. I prefer buying them single as I do like mixing and matching flavours and trying ones I've never tried before. My only ...

The Old Mill, Wakefield 13/10/2011

Good food, rude staff!

The Old Mill, Wakefield After moving house last year we needed to find a new local pub and restaurant. The nearest place suitable where we could take children was The Old Mill. I’d been in here once before and found it pleasant so we decided to give it another try! Where and what is The Old Mill? The Old Mill is a pub restaurant, which is part of the Marston’s chain. They offer two for one meals in a family friendly environment. Food is served daily and also offer a function room for private parties. Access and Transport Links The Old Mill is situated on the A642 in Horbury, Wakefield, which is a 5 minute car journey from Junction 40 off the M1 motorway. The address is: Old Mill Wakefield Road Horbury Wakefield WF4 5HJ It has a bus stop outside with regular buses running to and from Wakefield City centre and Dewsbury. Wakefield has two train stations, and the Old Mill is around 3 miles from each, both stations have a direct taxi link. Once at the Old Mill, you’ll find it’s located on the main road but set back in its own grounds. To get to the car park you need to enter the housing estate next door and then cut through, which can be quite difficult to find at first. Once inside there is a large car park with several disabled parking spaces near the entrance. There are two entrances, one to each end of the pub as its quite large. There is disabled access as there are no steps leading to either door and each doorway is wide. Once inside, again the walkways are wide enough for prams and ...

Leapfrog Roll and Rhyme Melody Block 12/10/2011

Block 'n' roll!

Leapfrog Roll and Rhyme Melody Block This was bought as a present for my son Samuel when he was born 2 1/2 years ago. He played with it a lot in the first year or so, then as he grew older it fell to the bottom of his extensive toy box, but has now come back out of hiding as my daughter is starting to show an interest in noisy toys! The melody block is aimed at 1 - 30 months. Alice loves listening to the music on it already and she is 9 weeks old. It requires 3 x AAA batteries which come included in the block, and the original batteries are still working now! Its dimensions are: L18.2 x W22.7 x H20cm. Instructions come included with the block. Leapfrog This melody block is made by the award winning company Leapfrog. Leapfrog are known for their interactive and learning toys catering for newborns to 9 year olds. What is it The block is essentially a large cube, with 6 different sides - think a big dice! When the block is rolled, the side of the block which is facing upwards comes into play, and will either play music or sing a rhyme, depending on which setting you have it on. The block is designed to introduce the baby to melodies, colours, rhymes and rhythms animals and their habitats, and different textures. It encourages gross motor skills when playing with the block on the floor, and the brightness of the cube entices the baby to touch. As mentioned, you can have the block on two settings - music, or a rhyme. This is adjusted using the easy press buttons on one of the sides on the ...

Ryman Children's Table and Chair Set 06/10/2011

Pencil Legs

Ryman Children's Table and Chair Set Rymans Ryman’s is a high street stationary shop, as well as having an online presence. It has 237 shops nationwide. They believe in quality, and also in Ethical Trading. Their website can be found at Giant Crayons When my son Samuel hit the age where he enjoyed his craft time, and was old enough to sit on a chair by himself properly we thought it was nice for him to have his own little table and chair in the living room. I looked in lots of shops, and found most products too expensive, too large or came complete with a “character” theme such as Thomas the Tank which I didn’t want as Sam will grow out of things like that in time - plus I wanted something unisex. I stumbled across the Ryman’s website and immediately fell in love with the Crayon Table and Chair set! Appearance The table is small, and comes with two chairs. They are all very colourful and bold! It is made from wood, and is very sturdy. The colours of the set are green, yellow, orange and blue so is very unisex. The table top is mint green with 4 multicoloured legs, and each chair has an orange seat with a blue and green back rest. Each chair also has a multicoloured leg. The fabulous part of this is that each leg…. Is a giant crayon! Each one is shaped, decorated and has “crayon” written on it. It looks fun, and draws a lot of attention from people who see it. The size of the set are as follows: Table - H410xW550xD335mm Chair - H510xW280xD280mm As it is made from wood - the table ...

Sundown Adventure Land, Rampton, Retford 04/10/2011

Yeehaw! Make sure you visit Sundown y'all!

Sundown Adventure Land, Rampton, Retford As I have exhausted most of the visitor attractions in my area, I was looking for somewhere new to take my little boy, Sam for his 2nd birthday. His friend Jack was also coming along with his parents. I was recommended a place called Sundown Adventure Land by other Mum's, as a suitable day out! What is Sundown and where would I find it? Sundown Adventure Land is a theme park, which is designed for children under 10. It is located in Rampton, which is in Retford (Nottinghamshire). It is 6 miles from the A1, and 3 miles from the A57. It travelling by car then the directions for your satnav would be DN22 0HX. Retford Train Station is 6 miles away, and also a bus service running from Retford which stops near to the park entrance. We travelled from Wakefield and it took us around 1hr 10 minutes down the A1. The satnav took us straight to the entrance, and it was very easy to find. It was signposted coming off the A1 which was reassuring in case the satnav let us down! Opening times Sundown is open from 10am, and shuts at either 4, 5 or 6pm depending on the season! Your best bet is to check the website... which is Parking At the entrance to Sundown is a large car park which has free parking. There are plenty of spaces, and at the very front of the car park near the entrance to the Park are disabled parking spaces. Prices Before heading into the main park there are two paying areas. Quite simply, adults and children are £10.00 ...

The Deep, Hull 03/10/2011

Finding Nemo....or any other Fish come to that!

The Deep, Hull I would like to say that as a family we visited The Deep because my son asked to come. However the reality is that I love Aquariums, despite being 25. Although my son does like looking in fish tanks so it’s not like he was forced into coming….although at the time he was only 12 months old and had no choice in the matter! I have been to a few of the Sealife Centres which are dotted around the UK, in particular the ones in Blackpool and Scarborough and have always had a “whale” of a time…. Opening Times Quite simply, The Deep is open every day 10am – 6pm, with last admission being at 5pm. The Deep is closed on 24th and 25th December. What is The Deep and where would I find it? The Deep is an award-winning visitor attraction which boasts over 3,500 fish including scary sharks! It has won a Gold Award from The Green Tourism Business Scheme; and Silver Award for the Large Visitor Attraction of the Year in 2009. The Deep is located overlooking the Humber estuary in Hull. Its address is: Tower Street Hull HU1 4DP (or if by Sat Nav you need to use the postcode HU9 1TU) It is within walking distance of Hull city centre, and if you are coming on legs or riding a bike you just need to follow the Pedestrian Bridge leading from the Old Town Museum. There is also a major train station in Hull so it’s easy to access; if you don’t want to walk you can get a taxi from the station to The Deep for £4.00. When we travelled to The Deep from our home in Wakefield, it took us about 45 ...
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