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Braun MR 4050 01/09/2005

Ice Crusher

Braun MR 4050 Now we all go through phases of having the best kitchen gadgets available and in fact we never use them! I have only been in my house 8 weeks and I have 3 gadgets still to use and thrown out 1, which I knew I would never use again after the first time! That has changed slightly with this brilliant gadget the Braun M4050 Multiquick Hand Blender. I purchased this from my local Tesco's for the cheapest price I have seen to date even on the net! I paid just £19.97 and got a full years guarantee along with it. The blender comes with 7 parts and detailed instructions in various different languages along with some technical and cleaning details as well. PARTS  Motor Part  Blender Shaft  Wall Mount  Measuring Beaker with airtight lid  Whisk Gear Bob  Whisk  Chopper Operating HAND BLENDER This is ideal for making smoothies and this is the main part that I use. The blender pulverises all types of fruit in to a nice healthy pulp. When I make my smoothies I always ensure that I have a fruit that will make a nice juicy base strawberries or grapes are perfect for this. Smoothies are an ideal way to take your 5 a day as you can scoff up to 6 - 7 fruits in one smoothie and not even realise you have had that much fruit. They are good to have about an hour before your lunch or dinner too as they are fairly filling. They are also nice chilled and I tend to add a few cubes of ice to mines which again the ...

Orange Your Plan Anytime 3000 12 Month 19/08/2005

Gotta text em all!

Orange Your Plan Anytime 3000 12 Month I will be honest and up front to say that this will be a short review and that the main reason for this being is that what I am about to review is simple, easy to understand and the advantages are straight forward. In this modern world that we live in, it has become increasingly evident that mobile phones and text messages are a main form of communication between friends, family and colleagues. Whatever happened to picking up the old dog and bone and chatting with one another? Ok this is where I stick my hand up and say I am the world's worst Text Addict and was facing certain financial ruin if I was not able to curb my text spending! I have tried Pay As You Go as an option though failed miserably as I kept hold of the contract phone! My highest mobile bill to date was £198 and this is what kick started me to do something about my text addiction. I have been a valued customer of Orange for many years now and always held the same number. In my hour of need I decided to call them. I visited Orange's excellent website to find out further information regarding different talk plans. I was smitten to see that they had launched a specific Text Plan. There were various different plans available, which I can't remember now. I am aware from the website though that the Text Plan I have seems to be the only one advertised. The plan I have is excellent I pay £20 per month for 3,000 Text Messages. For me this was a God send and has slowly helped me get my bills down to a ...

Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash 18/08/2005

Clean & Clear as a whistle

Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash We all continue to look for that magic beauty product that helps us to look our best it is often believed that the more expensive products are always the best! This is not always the case, as I have found when trying out various different skin products that the cheaper ones can often have the better end result and in the end are more cost effective. I started using ©Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear range at least 2 years ago now and I have always found that their products do have the desired affect stated on the individual products. ©Johnson & Johnson Exfoliating Daily Wash is reasonably priced at just £2.39 for 150ml though this can vary depending on where you purchase this product from. Daily Wash is Oil Free and contains gentle micro-beads that help unblock pores and smooth your skin. As I have been using this product for a long time now I do believe that I am in a good position to comment on the effects. I like my skin to feel clean and soft at all times and I always keep a look out for products that allow me to do this. ©J&J Daily Wash gives me exactly that. When you first use the wash you will notice that it has a slight tingle on your skin and a refreshing clean smell that gives you the impression that your skin is receiving a thorough cleanse. Instantly on rinsing you will notice that your skin will feel fresh and clean, almost as if you can feel a squeak to your skin. The micro-beads are excellent for gently removing dirt from your skin. ©J&J wash ...

Body Language - Kylie Minogue 14/08/2005

Take it down, down, down SLOW!

Body Language - Kylie Minogue After the massive international success of 'Fever' Kylie was sure to offer something different and wonderful for her fans across all genres. In 2003 we were presented with the marvellous new album 'Body Language' that again saw Minogue take a new direction with her music. Over the years Kylie has slowly gained musical credibility with her music, as more people seem to be taking her music seriously! There was a massive launch for this album costing over £1 Million. There were people from all parts of the celebrity world invited along as well as some exclusive tickets for the fans! The show lasted just over an hour and was well received by fans and music critics alike. The album is by far the most experimental that Kylie has recorded to date and we see Kylie thrilling us with Electro Pop, Pop, R & B and a little bit hip hop! Slow - The opening track is the hypnotic Number 1 single 'Slow', this track gave Kylie her 7th number 1 and saw her span her number 1's across the 80's, 90's and the 00's. Only one other person has achieved this and that being Madonna. In a time where the charts were in decline Kylie released something different which made it easy for her to get to number 1 with this single. With its hypnotic base line and 80' Electro pop feel Kylie not only sings this song with ease but sounds super sexy! Lots of promotional work was done with this single and gave many people in Edinburgh the chance to see this performed live at the European MTV Awards. - ...

L'Oreal Studio FX Remix 27/09/2003

Stick By This

L'Oreal Studio FX Remix To ensure that I continually look glamorous I use a couple of types of hair gel. One I use often from my regular gel is L’Oreal Special FX Studio - Remix. This is what they call a remouldable gel. It is very sticky and an off white colour. Has a lovely smell and packaged in a neat little tub. Packaging The gel is present in a sky blue tub with a white screw on lid. it is easy to handle but for someone with say arthritis I would imagine it may be a struggle to handle easily. There is a lot of information packed on to the tub itself i.e. ingredients, directions how to use etc. They are still packaging this product as new although it has been on the go for a while! The packaging is also made from recyclable plastic. Contents Well not a lot to say on the contents really apart from that for your money you get 150mls of a thick white paste that is so sticky that your hands almost stick together. The gel smells slightly fruity and is very pleasant on the nose although does not taste to nice and murder when it gets in your eyes! Styling The gel is designed to help you style your hair in any way that you wish and believe me my hair is like that! Nothing compared to profile pic that was taken years ago now. For spiky this is ideal but you do need to use more the longer your hair gets. The gel moulds into your hair very well and is fairly supple that it will allow you to rearrange as often as you need to. It advises on the label that the gel does not harden. To a ...

Standing Tall - Kym Marsh 26/09/2003

Standing Tall Very Tall

Standing Tall - Kym Marsh Many of you will already know that Kym Marsh was once 1/5th of the first ever TV Reality Pop Group Hear’Say. A lot of you will say thats all it was just some Hear’Say and after Kym left they seemed doomed. Many people often criticise Kym for her leaving the group and tell tale stories and newspapers seemed to just fuel the fires! Any wise person would however, have seen that Kym was indeed the voice that held the group together. So here we are 3 years after the band first hit the big time and left without a trace and Kym Marsh is back working solo and definitely standing tall! So what do I make of her solo attempt at making an album? I am very impressed but do feel that it could be a little stronger but first attempt I hope there more to come form this lovely lass. Her first long play is jam packed with a whopping 15 tracks and each one of them telling a different story. Some stories memorable other well not so - here is the run down. 1 - CRY Debut single and #2 hit earlier this year and it is a classic pop / ballad with a touch of rock chic thrown in for good measure. An excellent track to compliment Kym’s produced by the famous Stargate people who have produced many of the last few years pop classics! The story in this song can relate to many things - The demise of Hear’Say, her relationship with her children’s father or even Jack Ryder. It made me almost Cry first time I heard it cause the words are really nice! SOUND - Natalie Imbruglia. RATING - 8/10 2 ...

Member Advice on Bereavement 28/11/2002

Why does it hurt so bad

Member Advice on Bereavement *** Below is an opinion I wrote last year. I now feel the need to update this by adding a little more to let you see how families really can cope together. *** Last November on 25th My big sister had her 4th baby a little girl. Just what she had always wanted a girl! Anne was born 2 months early and was a a wee fighter and grew stronger every day! However; things soon changed and Anne sadly passed away on her 10th day. If you have read the opinion below you will see the grief my family have faced and then 4 years on we were back knocking on that same door. As you can imagine the world came crashing down around our family once again. My sister especially her second baby gone. This time the grief was different it was raw and bitter. People were to blame and blame needed to go somewhere! Unfortunately I was the one to bear that burden through family misunderstandings! My family stay in Perth and I in Edinburgh this is where Anne wa sborn for specialist hospital. So my house was handy. Only thing was I was not there I was in Newcastle working. Although I was reassured all was fine mum said she did not need keys to flat as travel was working out fine! Funeral day and out poured the grief and the blame and the guilt. My sister hated me and for what I did not know. 'I killed her little girl' she said and I was distraught. This was not the way our family had dealt with grief in the past? I was shocked, stunned and deeply upset. My mum tried to assure me she did ...

Member Advice on Domestic Violence 26/11/2002

A Man Called Dad

Member Advice on Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a big issue in relationships these days and it is something that has been deemed intolerable! However, I am sure there are many of you out there who can think of a time years ago when a fist or a kick would have been dealt to your mother or even your father and this would go unnoticed? I am going to tell you another story from my childhood that will make you honestly think that I should be in an asylum somewhere banging my head of some padded wall muttering a lot of c**p! Well no! I don't let things like that get me down. I think about it a lot and what keeps me going is my mother is still strong! My mother today is a very strong and wild character who has a fiery temper to say the least; however, many years ago this feisty woman was once the subject of endless beatings and often the target of drunken rage. In torrents of rage, my mother was prone to receive beating after beating week after week only for asking where my father had been. I only know of these stories through the telling of my mum. I have never met such a courageous person who has been able to tell these stories with such contempt and remorse for the person involved. She truly is a saint but all mums are. I could tell you many harrowing stories that my mum has conveyed to me but I do not want to be here all day it could become a novel. The most moving story that she ever told me, and often still does (I think talking is therapy for her?) was the story she tells of her ...

Deep Sea World 26/11/2002

Blue Planet

Deep Sea World Deep Sea World On Friday 22nd November 2002, our team of managers were invited to what we call an away day! This was time to get away from the business for some serious team building and business planning. Normally these things are held in hotels with excellent conference facilities and of course a well stocked bar and restaurant at lunchtime! Imagine my surprise and a little doubt when we were to find out that the venue was Deep Sea World (DSW) in South Queensferry a beautiful location just under the Forth Rail and Road Bridges. I had visited this place before when I was a little younger and it was curious to me now to think where they would hold such a day for grown adults. I hope that this opinion will set the record straight for all of us. Little information was divulged to us from our managers, as the whole day was to be a surprise! All we knew was to be there at 8.45 a.m. and the fun would begin. On arrival at that time of the morning, the parking lot looked massive with an abundance of parking spaces and a clearly defined coach park. There were easily accessible disabled facilities all clearly indicated. This is marvellous for a place completely submerged under water. Our arrival times was almost 2 hours before opening time to the public and once inside staff were more than happy to let us have a wander around the whole place! Now remembering that we are all managers in a prolific company with the average age of 30 the oos and the aghs were like ...

Learning to Fly - Victoria Beckham 25/11/2002

She is flying

Learning to Fly - Victoria Beckham We have all been there, we have all done it, and to this day, no one really knows why! Love them or hate them we all slate the Beckham’s but for what? Well I have always been a fan, you will see that from one of my earliest ever reviews, and it is still interesting to read the comments and people making their judgemental comments! David & Victoria are not idols of mine but they are two people that I rate very highly in British society and I do admire a lot. They are hard working, perfect parents and take great pride in themselves. What better role models do we need? I recently borrowed “Learning to Fly” Victoria Beckham’s Biography / Autobiography can never remember which is which? I am able to say that this is a fabulous read and was one of those books I find hard to put down! Nose stuck in it with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Victoria now thinks it is time that the world gets to hear her side of the story and puts her life to us on a plate. Don’t get me wrong I know it is all to help her make some money but hey, that is her job is it not? She is an entertainer and she is entertaining by publishing her life story. The book starts from Victoria’s school years and how she always found it difficult to fit in and always knew, what her dream was. After many days playing alone in the playground dreaming one day that she would be famous! How true could this girl at such an early have been? Victoria decided that she wanted to be a star from the day she saw the ...

Cancun (Mexico) 17/09/2002


Cancun (Mexico) Holiday over and I have now had time to digest my thoughts and prepare my next reviews! My first review is on my holiday location Cancun in Mexico. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday and could easily just right a review full of praise for the beautiful Cancun. However, there are lots of things that can also make your holiday a nightmare. I would like to highlight to you the pros and the cons of a holiday in Cancun I also guess that a lot of holidays can be the same once you see my detailed analysis. Outward Flight: ~ My flight for Cancun with My Travel left 5 minutes ahead of schedule from Glasgow airport getting us of to our holiday destination that tiny bit faster. Not a great deal I know but the pilot thought this was amazing. However we still had a further 9 ½ hours to go in the journey! After settling and taking off we received a little announcement from the head flight attendant advising of the itinerary for the rest of the journey. 2 in flight movies ‘Monsters Inc’ yahoo I thought dying to see that! This was followed by ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ even better I thought and thought what an excellent line of entertainment including all the other bits and pieces that were being shown throughout the journey. However, there was one snagging little problem the television did not work and we were given no alternatives. Therefore a 9 ½ hour boring journey, as my books and magazines were packed in my suitcase. The plane was fairly dated and the leg room was ...

Six Feet Under 21/08/2002

Death seriously and humourously

Six Feet Under It is unusual for me to get hooked on a TV series and want to watch every episode possible! Well that was until ‘Six Feet Under’ hit our TV screens! Not even ‘Big Brother’ hooks me like that! I normally wait until the latter weeks before getting hooked! This is a comedy presented to us by Channel 4, which if I say so is just getting better every year! I normally am not taken by these American shows such as ‘Friends’, ‘Ally McBeal’ & ‘Sex In The City’ etc, however; I have found this particular show to be right up my street! It has elements in it that either have directly affected my life or have relevance i.e. death, drugs and homosexuality it is all there and I can relate to it in some way! The good thing about it is that it deals with serious issues that affect people on a daily basis. It is presented in a humorous but deadly serious way! The main characters are based around a dysfunctional American Fisher family who run Fisher & Sons Funeral Home. It has been a family business for many years and suddenly was passed to the Fisher Sons after the tragic death of their father Nathaniel Fisher Sr. (Richard Jenkins) in a road accident. Father makes regular appearances in some emotional and hysterical scenes with different family members offering his advise on how to put the world right. The family left behind are: ~ Ruth (Frances Conroy) his wife who had been having an affair for a few years and suddenly and bizarrely confessed this to her sons at their fathers’ ...

Kylie Minogue (Manchester) 17/08/2002

She gave us FEVER

Kylie Minogue (Manchester) I booked my tickets for what has been dubbed as the hottest ticket of the year in the pop world almost 7 months ago and eagerly awaited the day for me to see Kylie live for the 10th time. I was originally due to see the popstrel on 27th May 2002 for the closing night of the current ‘Fever’ tour but due to bad planning from a friend I had a holiday booked at the same time and had to quickly re-jig things to make sure I saw my heroine in action. So I got to see her earlier instead of having to wait a further agonising 3 weeks and with all the raving reports that were being written within the newspapers it was just as well. Imagine 4th May 2002 10,000+ screaming fans blowing the roof of at the Manchester Evening News Arena and me in amongst them all and truly one of the biggest Kylie fans you will ever meet! In a funny twist me and my friends were getting very excited (for to be grown men) about what song she would open with and Del said would it not be funny if she was to do ‘The Sound Of Music’ as from ‘Moulin Rouge’ and I burst into my own little rendition only to be overshadowed by the mighty Kylie opening with the exact same! I was in heaven then on came Kylie inviting us to ‘Come into Her World’. The amazing set was lit up in a space theme and Kylie wearing a lovely space type suit with a skirt shorter than any belt that I would wear to work, however she did look incredibly sexy and stylish. For a 34 year old she is looking even more amazing than ever and ...

A Child Called It - Dave Pelzer 24/04/2002

A child that had no name

A Child Called It - Dave Pelzer I have been reading one of the most fascinating books I have read in a long time although fascinating may not be the correct word to use! However if you have read this book you will know what I mean when I say that it is a difficult book to put down. ‘A Child Called It’ is a true story about a young boy in the 70’s who suffered what is believed to have been the worst ever case of child abuse the world has ever know. Dave Pelzer relives his horrific young life from the age of 4 years to 12 years old and is written in a way that the vocabulary and tone are what you would expect of a child of that age at that time. The book opens with a list of thanks to individual people in Dave Pelzer’s life who helped him find that life is really a wonderful thing and his has dedicated the book to his own son Stephen who taught him that there really is love in the world. The story opens with Dave at the age of 12 and the escape from his horrific life at home, teachers at school eventually intervene and contact the police about the brutal treatment they see Dave suffer from by the bruising, starving and lack of cleanliness of the child. Police take Dave away to start a new life and even in his moment of rescue Dave thinks he has done wrong. Dave believes he is returning home to his mother, to his utter disbelief police contact his mother and tell her that she would not see her child again he will not be home. Dave moves back in time to when he was young to what he calls ‘The ...

All Rise - Blue 14/03/2002

Blue certainly Rise

All Rise - Blue Last year the pop world went wild for the new sensational boy band Blue! If any of you have listened to their music or have bought their album ‘All Rise’ I am sure you will agree that Blue are a talent to be watched. Already winning a Brit Award for best newcomers this year blue look destined for huge things. As I enjoyed all three singles that have been released and the new one currently on the go I thought I would give the album a go. The album is described as ‘A fantastically mature debut album’, ‘Smooth, slick and super sexy’. In that respect I have to agree one of the best albums I have bought in a while and here is my run down of the tracks and the CD itself. # 1 ~ All Rise This was first single release form these guys and shot straight into the charts at # 4 and hung about the charts for weeks. The song starts of with a fantastic intro that I debate is either a harmonica or an accordion type instrument any one know give us a shout! The song is seemingly to do with being honest in a relationship and this is the lover confronting the cheating party! You all know this was about for ages and is a great song! # 2 ~ Too Close This song is very mature and is actually the song that they used at their audition with Virgin and they asked if they could record it at a later date Virgin agreed just as well as this gave Blue their first # 1 back in August of last year. This is very soulful and has a superb R ‘n’ ...
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