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Shopkins Shoe Dazzle Playset 30/05/2016

~To Show Off That Dazzling Shoe Collection~

Shopkins Shoe Dazzle Playset Shopkins launched in 2014 and are produced by an Australian toy company named Moose Toys, which isn’t a manufacturer I had heard of before purchasing Shopkins. Shopkins are a follow on from Trash Pack, which was aimed at boys, so the company launched Shopkins for the girl market. Like Trash Pack, which were little rubber collectibles of trash items, Shopkins are little rubber collectibles of basically anything you can buy in a shop. They are all around 2cm, and all feature a face on whatever item they are, so they look really cute and fun, and all feature funky names related to which item they are, such as Beverley Heels (a stiletto shoe) and Vicky Vac (a hoover). They started off as small packs of 2 which came in little plastic shopping baskets, along with a shopping list listing all available Shopkins in that series, where you could tick off each one you owned as you got it. Now there is quite a few playsets available as the range has expanded, this Shoe Dazzle Playset being one of them. The range is currently on series 4, and this Playset was launched within series 3 as part of the Fashion Deluxe expansion, which features special edition fashion items such as dresses, shoes and hats. I bought this Playset at Christmas for my daughter as it had been her latest obsession in the previous months, and as we'd bought her a couple of the fashion packs, we thought this Playset was the perfect match. The Playset is made from sturdy plastic. The basic layout is kind of like a ...

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat Pastel 25/05/2016

~Handy Seat For Hands Free Baby Bathing~

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat Pastel Being a mum to three children, my youngest just 1, I know that bath seats are a very handy product to have in the home. This swivel bath seat is made by Safety1st, a rather new baby product brand, launching in 1987 with plug socket covers, they became well known for being the first company to launch the yellow baby on board signs for driving mums and dads. Over the last 30 years, they've expanded to all kinds of baby products, most of using on the safety of babies and toddlers. This bath seat was bought nearly 12 years ago by my Mum for for my nephew after he grew out of his baby bath. It was one of those products she kept hold of, and 4 years later when I had my eldest daughter, she passed it to me. I have since used it on my second child, and my youngest child, who has just turned one, so I am still currently using the seat. The seat is made of a sturdy blue plastic, which has space for the legs to fit through and baby to sit inside the seat. It's just like a baby swing but circular shape rather than square. The back of the seat is slightly higher so baby can rest their back against it. On the front is two little plastic sea horses that spin around to keep baby entertained whilst in the bath. The seat is recommended for use from 6 months to 12 months, or 9kg to 18kg. This is because baby needs to be able to sit up by themselves whilst in the seat, otherwise, as you can imagine, they end up leaning over the front or slipping down and hurting themselves between their legs ...

Lanes Tea Tree Oil 18/03/2016

~It's Roily Good~

Lanes Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Oil is one of those bathroom cabinet/medicine box items that I always have in stock. I am not brand loyal when it comes to Tea Tree Oil as it's pure Oil so different brands don't do different things to it or add extra ingredients, so I tend to just buy the first one I come across in the shops when I've ran out. Lanes Healthcare Lanes Healthcare isn't a brand I had ever heard of before purchasing this oil, but according to their website, they have been around since 1930, when Gilbert Lane created the business from his home. Apparently, he was passionate about good health and the relationship between diet and wellbeing.. As a result of his passion, the company creates special foods and herbal remedies intended to improve people's quality of life. This may be why I have never heard if them as I don't purchase many home remedies other than Tea Tree Oil. Lanes Tea Tree Oil Lanes Tea Tree Oil is 100% Tea Tree Oil and is 10ml. It comes in a small white box and the bottle is a small brown plastic bottle, with a white sticker on it featuring ingredients, side effects and contact details. The bottle has a small, white screw on lid. The box contains a leaflet with all relevant information on including how to use the oil, side effects, ingredients and contact information for any problems or reporting side effects. The oil is naturally clear in colour. What Is Tea Tree Oil & Why Do I Use It Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil extracted from the Melaleuca Alternifonia, which ...

Tommee Tippee First Cup 17/03/2016

~Our 6th Cup Not 1st~

Tommee Tippee First Cup My daughter, who is currently 8 months old has always loved a sip of water or juice, especially with her meals, but oh my was it hard work to find her a suitable cup! My eldest daughter started off on the Tommee Tippee Explora Cup, which is a non spill beaker from 4 months plus, which enquirers the baby to bite as they suck to release the fluid inside the cup, which was always a good feature when teething. She then swiftly moved onto the beaker at 7 months and then onto a straw cup come 12 months. My son was the same, Explora, beaker, straw. But this latest little missy, I purchased a small juice beaker from boots to try her with. It was 4 months plus and was boots own brand version of the Explora cup, however she just could not grasp the bite and suck feature even after a coupe, of weeks perseverance. She was starting to have juice from a bottle which is one of my pet hates, so I didn't want to continue this so I tried a juice bottle I found in one shop, but this just soaked her through when she tipped it upside down. After this she tried 2 other types of cups but she would either not be able to drink from them or she would be dripping wet through because they were non spill. My husband suggested a straw cup, I bought one, and I thought I had found a cup she could finally drink from, but I noticed that even though the straw meant she could take a sip easily unlike all other cups I had tried, she would take in too much and let the excess juice fall out of her mouth, and yet ...

Argos Value Range 3 Tier Clothes Airer 09/03/2016

~Merry Maiden~

Argos Value Range 3 Tier Clothes Airer With 3 young children, a Husband and a dog, two things that are always on the go in our house are the washing machine and the dryer. To give the dryer a break at times I do prefer to hang some loads of washing on the maiden, especially the baby's clothes which shrink easy in the dryer and school uniforms which seem to get ruined easily. so having had my last maiden collapse and become useless, I wanted a larger maiden, and the first place I looked was Argos, which is where i came across this maiden for £11.99, so I reserved it online and picked it up from my local Argos the next day. The maiden came folded down so was really easy to carry home in a large shopping bag which I hung on the back of the pram. It opened up by simply earing open the cellophane in which it was wrapped in. The maiden simply pulls up and two 'locks' at the side, lock it without you needing to touch them, making it really easy enough to set up. The maiden has 3 tiers of four racks either side, which ends up 8 racks on either side of it. I can fit one men's t shirt or pair of pants and a child's t-shirt on the same rack, which is great as one rack doesn't just get taken up by one piece of clothing. As another comparison, I can fit 2 of my own tops on the same rack, or 3 to 4 baby vests or tops, which again is brilliant for me as my old maiden could only fit 2 baby vests on the same rack which isn't a lot, so it is much roomier and fits quite a bit more clothes on it than my older maiden. The ...

Andrex Gorgeous Comfort Quilts Toilet Tissue 06/03/2016

~Soft On Your Booty~

Andrex Gorgeous Comfort Quilts Toilet Tissue Who Are Andrex? Andrex toilet roll was first launched in 1942, based on a design of men's handkerchief featured in Harrods. By 1961 they were the leader in toilet tissue brands and announced as Celebrities' toilet roll of choice in their dressing rooms. It was also announced in 1972 that it was the Queen's favourite loo roll. After leading the brands for over 30 years, Andrex then went on to launch the UK's first ever coloured toilet tissue, patterned toilet tissue and were also the first brand to launch wet toilet tissue, now known as Andrex Washlets. And who can forget those adorable puppies? Causing havoc in the home, those cuties became the most well loved puppies in Britain and the advert was voted the people's favourite advert whilst still on TV. They have also in recent years launched many other innovative toilet tissues, featuring Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and even one including Vitamin E. It's safe to say that Andrex really do care about our bottoms! Buying and Using I'm not exactly brand loyal when it comes to toilet roll. It depends which shop I am closest to when I remember I need it. I don't like paying too much for toilet roll either, so I usually purchase whatever is on offer. My local shops have the special offer Classic Andrex in for £1.99 for 4 rolls, which I don't mind paying as Andrex is good stuff and is usually double that in some shops, plus I have purchased the shops £1.50 own brand and you usually need half a roll for one use so you don't get more ...

MGA Entertainment Mooshka Sing Along Niva 03/03/2016

~We Love Niva~

MGA Entertainment Mooshka Sing Along Niva At Christmas, my youngest Daughter was just 7 months old, so there wasn't much on her Christmas list. One thing I did want to get her from her brother and sister was a rag doll, so when doing my annual Christmas shop in Toys R Us, I saw these Mooska sing along rag dolls. They were so cute, and although they were for ages 2 and up, I decided to purchase one. What Are Mooshka Dolls Mooshka dolls are adorable paper dolls who came to life through the power of friendship The Mooshka rag dolls come in a few different ranges, these include Fairytale, Fairytale Minis, Girls, Sing Around The Rosie and Tots. Niva is part of the Sing Around The Rosie range, which also features two other dolls, Myra and Lera. The dolls are for ages 2 and up. Who Is Niva? According to the Mooshka website, Niva loves to write poems, songs and letters. I chose Niva because I thought she was the cutest. There was only Myra and Lera on the shelf and they were the last ones of each so out of the two I chose Niva as she was a bit more colourful for the baby to look at. The box which these dolls comes in is really cute and girly. You can see the doll inside through the large plastic window. The box states you need to hold her hands and she will sing with you. The box turns into a gift box once you have bought it! As you can remove the back of the box, which is like a lid, remove the plastic window, and you can pop the lid onto the box to be able to give Niva as a gift. The box also states she comes with a ...

Wilko Dog Toilet Bags 02/03/2016

~For Picking Up That Doggy Poop~

Wilko Dog Toilet Bags For Christmas just gone, we bought our three children one massive present...a new puppy, so, on a trip to Wilkos to grab some startup supplies, I knew doggy bags would be a must as puppies obviously like to poop here there and everywhere! Doggy bags are intended for owners to pick up their dog's poo when out and about, as most people, and especially dog owners will know that not picking up your dog's poo can result in a £5000 fine! Dog poo can spread diseases to other dogs, cats and children so it's really important you pick it up. Anyway, as my dog was just a puppy, we only used these bags, initially, to pick up her mess from inside the house. The pack costs £1 and you get 20 bags for this price. They come in a small plastic pouch which is resealable, and just a handy size to fit into handbags or pockets, as sometimes you never know how many you need on a walk so it's best to take the whole pack rather than just one or two as you just never know! After all, puppies are especially unpredictable little creatures. The bags are purple and have a hint of a scent, like nappy bags do. I never understand the scent on nappy bags and doggy bags because most of the time you can just smell poo mixed with a perfume smell which can end up smelling worse than the poo itself at times. The smell isn't too strong just a hint of a pleasant scent. The bags are around 27x36cms as stated on the packet and very thick, which is good as most people don't have a popper scooper and tend to use the ...

Ambi Pur 3 Volution Bali Sunset 01/03/2016

~Sniff The Sunset~

Ambi Pur 3 Volution Bali Sunset Ambi Pur 3 Volution The 3 Volution plugin air freshener is a product by Ambi Pur, which most people will recognise the well known brand who are famous for creating air freshener a, plugins and candles. The 3 Volution,a play on the word, Evolution, was released as a new type of air freshener said to last much longer than other generic one scented air fresheners, because the 3 Volution features one plug, but has three different scents, which alternate at 45 minute intervals, the intention being that you always have a fresh scent in your home and your nose doesn't get used to the same constant smell, as it can do with one scented plugins. This is what attracted me to the plug in as I have used many different plug ins in the past, both cheap and expensive, both well known and unknown brands, and I can never smell them for long, so seeing the plug in on offer in Wilkos for £5 with a choice of refill, I just had to snap it up. What Attracted Me To The Bali Sunset? After having the air freshener for a couple of months and loving the constant gorgeous vanilla scents in my home from my original refill, I was now in need of another, and so on a shopping trip, I made my way to the scented aisle of the shop and browsed the different 3 Volution refills on offer. The 3 Volution refills all feature a ‘scratch and sniff’ sticker on the front of their package, so that you can try out the scent before buying, (instead of trying to sniff through plastic just to get a hint of what the ...

Jimmy Choo Illicit Eau de Parfum 27/02/2016

~My Favourite Perfume~

Jimmy Choo Illicit Eau de Parfum Jimmy Choo Illicit Jimmy Choo Illicit is a fragrance belonging to the well loved British shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. It was released in 2015 and is the latest fragrance in his collection. The perfume was developed by well known perfumer Anne Filpo, who has developed fragrances for Burberry, Chloe, Giorgio Armani and Alexander McQueen to name just a few. The Scent I bought this perfume as a result of being given a sample of it from my sister in law. I loved the smell as soon as I smelt it so on the market for a new perfume at the time, I decided I'd give this one a go as I instantly loved it. I imagined a remarkable yet audacious fragrance, with a tempting signature. That's why I decided to lay down a fizzy start and floral heart on a unique honey-amber structure Top Notes – Ginger, Orange The statement of the perfume fits just right as when first sprayed, the warm mixture of ginger and orange instantly hits you like a fizzy cocktail. It's a warm, sensual smell and sophisticated scent. Heart Notes – Rose, Jasmine The heart of the perfume is all floral. Now rose is one of my least favourite scents both in perfumes and anything else which is fragranced such as bath items or candles. However the heart of this is not sickly flowery scent, more of what I could only describe as a ‘modern floral’ scent, as the warmth of the ginger still lingers from the top notes. Base Notes – Honey Amber Accord, Sandalwood Sandalwood is a warm, smooth, milky scent which I think mixes perfect ...

BIC Classic Lady Razors 26/02/2016

~Would Have Been Beter Shaving With A Pen~

BIC Classic Lady Razors Bic has never been a brand of razors which I purchase, due to the fact that they are notorious for ripping you to shreds. I prefer Gillette Simply Venus disposable razors, but on a recent trip to stock up on toiletries, I forgot to pick up a pack of razors, so ended up nicking some from the Mother's stock, which was these BIC Classic Lady Razors. When I saw that they were BIC, I was a bit apprehensive, however I thought I would try them and see if they have improved any over the years since I last braved a BIC razor The pack is a light blue packet which has 5, single blade razors inside. This 5 pack can be purchased for £1.25 from Superdrug, or as little as 86p from Home Bargains or similar discount stores. The razor itself is a pale pink coloured plastic with a hollow handle which looks and feels very cheap and flimsy. The razor head is quite small and features a single blade. I would never buy singular blades as I find I need to use 2 or 3 just for 2 legs at times as they knacker up easily. Now I would never, EVER risk shaving without shaving foam with a BIC razor, so after applying a good amount knowing I'd need it, I proceeded to shave my legs. The first leg I out quite a lot of foam on in preparation, and the razor glided smoothly over the foam, however, I needed to rinse the razor after every glide as it got too clogged up with foam, then I had to re-shave in the same place two or three times to remove the rest if the foam and shave the actual hairs on my legs. Safe ...

Barry M Lip Gloss Wand 12 Strawberry Milkshake 25/02/2016

~Gives Me Lovely Lips~

Barry M Lip Gloss Wand 12 Strawberry Milkshake When it comes to makeup, I'm what you'd call an occasional wearer. I wear it on nights out, apart from the occasional day or two here and there, but that's about it. However one make up product I do have in my going out bag along with mascara and eye liner is lipgloss. I prefer lipgloss to lipstick, as I just never find the right shade if lipstick, whereas a gloss is much paler and simpler which is just my style. Barry M has been my favourite brand when it comes to make up for the last couple of years. They're range is affordable, young and fresh, and all products come in so much variety of colours and finishes, that you just can't go wrong with the brand. On a recent stock up of makeup late last year, I needed a new lip gloss. Walking into Superdrug I made my way, as usual, to the Barry M cubicle to browse their range. They had a couple of different lip glosses on the stand, but after testing the different shades and deciding upon a shimmer rather than a gloss, I purchased this Barry M Lip Gloss Wand Strawberry Milkshake. The tube is the usual size of most lip glosses and is clear with just the brand and shade name on the bottle in simple text like all other Barry M products. The lid simply unscrews to reveal a clear stick and a 1cm ish long sponge applicator brush. The brush is a good size and is flattened on a slant, like a miniature lipstick, making it easy to apply from an angle. The gloss looks gloopy when first opened but you just simply 'mix it up' by pushing your ...

Barry M Nail Paint 273 Raspberry 25/02/2016

~Raspberry Red Nails~

Barry M Nail Paint 273 Raspberry Barry M in recent years has become a favourite make up brand for me for two reasons. They are young, sophisticated colours and products and they're products are all affordable for people on a budget. Their nail polishes sell in Superdrug for around £2.49 which is a good price compared to higher end brands such as Rimmell and Maybelline whose nail polishes retail at a much higher price at times. I only tend to wear nail polish when I am going out for a drink or partying etc, as I am a nail biter so I don't regularly use nail polish. I bought this shade of Barry M nail polish due to the fact that I was going on my hen do as Hellbunnies and red was my colour, so in Superdrug I immediately made my way to the Barry M cubicle to see if they had any red shades for me to choose from. After trying a couple of samples, I settled on this Raspberry shade. The shade is not a bright red but more of a deep red. The bottle is simple and you can clearly see the shade of the nail polish within the bottle. The brush simply unscrews and is quite small which made it really easy to apply. Like I said I have small nails as I tend to bite my nails so the smaller brushes are better for me when using nail polish as it helps me apply the polish neatly. The polish itself is a gloss type polish and not matte, which means it is shiny. The thickness is just right, not runny and not gloopy just perfectly in between. Sometimes I have purchased cheaper polishes from places such as Primark and the polish has ...

The Book of You - Claire Kendal 19/02/2016

~The a Book Of Rafe, Not Me~

The Book of You - Claire Kendal browsing in my local library, The Book Of You caught my eye as soon as I saw it. It was featured in a stand alongside other similar books entitled Popular Thriller Reads. The synopsis sounded interesting and after being a log life fan of chick lit, I've recently enjoyed a good thriller usually choosing to read Katen Rose as I've never been able to get into any by any other author. Despite this I thought I would give it a try. This a debut novel by Claire Kendal, who I cannot seem to find much information about online other than what it says under her author picture inside of the book which is, Claire Kendal was born in America and educated in England, where she has spent all of her adult life. The Book of You is her first novel. It will be published in twenty-six countries. Claire teaches English Literature and Creative Writing, and lives in the South West with her family. She is working on her next novel. THE GENERAL STORY The book follows Clarissa as she is called to do Jury service for 12 weeks. This is much to her relief as it enables her to escape the watchful eye of her colleague Rafe who has done nothing but stalk and harass her for the last couple of months. She figures that being away from work will give her some space and be free from him but she soon realised that nothing she does can keep him away. The book starts with Clarissa basically explaining straight off that he is stalking her. She has called a stalker victim helpline and has been told by a counsellor to ...

Shopkins Ballet Collection Fashion Deluxe Pack 05/02/2016

~Cute pack for Shopkins fans~

Shopkins Ballet Collection Fashion Deluxe Pack Moving on from a review all about my Son’s latest obsession comes a review about my Daughter’s latest obsession, Shopkins. Shopkins are a relatively new toy on the block, which launched in 2014 and are produced by an Australian toy company named Moose Toys, which isn’t a manufacturer I have heard of before, but Shopkins are a follow on of their Trash Pack toy range, which I have heard of as my Daughter did own some of these a couple of years ago. As Trash Pack was aimed at boys, they launched Shopkins which was mainly aimed at the girl market. Like Trash Pack, which were little rubber collectibles of trash items, Shopkins are little rubber collectibles of basically anything you can buy in a shop. They are all around 2cm, and all feature a face on whatever item they are, so they look really cute and fun, and all feature funky names related to which item they are, such as Beverley Heels (a stiletto shoe) and Vicky Vac (a hoover). They started off as small packs of 2 which came in little plastic shopping baskets, along with a shopping list listing all available Shopkins in that series, where you could tick off each one you owned as you got it. Now there is quite a few playsets available as the range has expanded, this Ballet Collection being one of them. The range is currently on series 3 and the categories in this series consist of Bakery, Sweet Treats, Homewares, Hats, Shoes, Fruit and Veg, Stationary, International Foods and Limited Edition. Each category has around 16 ...
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