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Brave New World - Iron Maiden 10/10/2000

Brave new world

Brave New World - Iron Maiden Brave New World heralded the return of iron maiden heroes, Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith to the line up, and this reunion has provided one of maidens best albums to date. The guitar is fast paced and impressive, the songs are eear threatening and well composed, while Dickinsons voice, as ever, is dramatic and fabulous. Its a rare change in the heavy metal world, for a metal singer to have such a fantastic voice, and rather than only having to concentrate on the music, we have this fantastic singer. Its like an extra instrument. This album though, isn't REALLY heavy, like, say Alice coopers "Brutal Planet". It is however, a thoroughly sound Rock album, every song is a good one. The Wicker man is a heavy, fast paced song with a brilliant chorus, and Fallen Angel is another great rock song, which seems to borrow musical elements from Thin Lizzy's "Emerald", and Black Sabbaths "Children of the Grave". Of special mention are my two favourites, Dream of Mirrors (which has great singing, and thew build up gets heavier and heavier) and Nomad (with excellent guitar throughout). The worst track on the CD is the anthemic "Blood brothers", but even this is a good song! All in all, a brilliant new album from Maiden, one for hardcore fans and newbies alike.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath 18/09/2000

name says it all

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath When Sabbath released this masterpiece in 1973, it really was the culmination of all their skills. This album has it all, being both lyrically and musically accomplished. It opens with the track of the same name, in my opinion Sabbath’s crowning glory. Spearheaded by one of Iommi’s most pounding riffs of all time, it is a brilliant song, which cannot be argued with. This track alone is worth the asking price of the album, but Sabbath being the generous bunch they are, decide to make all the songs on this album classics! The intriguing National Acrobat follows (lyrically a very puzzling song), and then Fluff, the obligatory Sabbath “nice” instrumental. Sabbra Cadabra is just good old fashioned Rock n Roll, the way it should be, while the grungy Killing Yourself To Live has more than a hint of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain about it. The bizarre Who Are You ( a synth song?) which manages still to be a good song! Bringing up the tail end of the album is Looking For Today, and upbeat and classy rock song, which sets up nicely for the finale, Spiral Architect, which is simply brilliant. So a superb album then from Sabbath, but did you expect anything less? Another piece of music history. ...

Black Sabbath [Remastered] - Black Sabbath 18/09/2000

Vol 4

Black Sabbath [Remastered] - Black Sabbath Vol 4 proved to be Sabbath’s first steps away from their normal sound, and the beginning of their experimenting. It is very much a mixed bag, but almost all the songs are good. The opener, Wheels of Confusion, is truly an epic song, it changes several times throughout, and is musically stunning. Tomorrow Dream is also superb. Next up is Sabbath’s first shocker, an almost ballad, which consists of piano (by Iommi) and Ozzy’s softest vocals yet (although there is still an underlying eeriness surrounding the song). FX is a strange and pointless musical interlude, which was best left out, and is really just a filler, but after that comes the gargantuan rifferama of Supernaut, with some truly amazing drumming by Mr Ward. Snowblind, the tell-tale Coke anthem is next up, underlining the bands apparent drug addiction at that time, and also managing to be the best track on the album. There is a relaxing (and musically impressive) interlude in the form of Laguna Sunrise, while the rockier Corncupia, Under The Sun and St Vitus Dance. All in all, a good solid album, and yet another worthy purchase by the masters of metal. ...

Master of Reality - Black Sabbath 18/09/2000

Another classic

Master of Reality - Black Sabbath Building on the immense success of Paranoid was not going to be easy for Black Sabbath, but now they were a band in their prime, and could take on the world. They had gained a new, unwanted fan base in the screaming kids who revelled in the hit single Paranoid, and the image these kids sported did not suit the band at all. And so with the release of Master of Reality, it seems as if they used this album to repel these new followers, and redeem themselves to their original fans by releasing their heaviest material to date. The phlegm coughing Sweet Leaf (obvious references to marijuana) opens the proceedings with its relentless thump, followed by the surprisingly pro-christian After Forever (a VERY good song), and then an inventive solo guitar prelude to the brilliant pounding riffs of one of the band best loved songs, Children Of The Grave. Another small acoustic prelude to Lord Of This World is next, followed by the song itself (another classic). Solitude is the usual Sabbath escape form the thunderous guitar, and as with Planet Caravan on paranoid, proves there is more to the band than what it seems. Closing with the guitar masterpiece of Into The Void manages to round off yet another Black Sabbath triumph, worthy of any hard rock fans collection. ...

Black Sabbath [Remastered] - Black Sabbath 17/09/2000

The founders of heavy metal!

Black Sabbath [Remastered] - Black Sabbath It’s hard now to overestimate just how much this colossal debut album brought to the music world. Released upon an unsuspecting 1970, where hippies ruled the roost and peace and flower power, this album was the beginning of a whole new genre of music, where guitars were to be instruments of brain jerking head banging, and lyrics dealt like physical blows – the dawning of heavy metal. Black Sabbath WERE the originators of true heavy metal, and this album is the first few timid steps taken by that young band all those years ago as they found their footing in the music industry. The band were perfectly balanced: Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, who’s lunatic antics would soon make him the immensely likeable godfather of heavy metal; Tony Iommi’s on guitar, an immensely talented guitarist who almost single-handedly created the definitive heavy sound with his colossal riffs; Geezer Butler, a fantastic bassist who could literally unblock bowels with his thunderous bass lines; and finally Bill Ward, one of the finest drummers ever (2nd only, in my opinion, to the legendary John Bohnam) whose amazingly diverse drumming style is often imitated, but never duplicated. With such a perfect line up how could they fail? This is a slightly raw sounding album, but musically it is pure gold. An essential buy, not just for a piece of musical history, but also because if you like heavy rock, you cannot be without it. ...

Lies - Guns & Roses 13/08/2000

One in a Million

Lies - Guns & Roses After making such an impact on the music world with the brilliant Appetite For Destruction, many wondered how Guns N Roses would follow it up. GNR Lies is the answer. This album is essentially a great exaple of how Guns 'N' Roses used to be, before certain members left and Axl took over. The first 4 tracks on this album are all live tracks from the "Live *#?!! like a suicide" LP which was Guns N Roses first record, even before Appetite. All of these tracks are live so the sound quality is slightly poorer than the others. All of them however, are great examples of proper Rock n Roll, the way it should be. Particular favoourites of mine are Nice boys, and the very cool Mama kin. Also Reckless life and the jazzy Move To the City are quite good too. This point is where opinions are split into Hard rock fans who like GNR and simply GNR fans, for the last 4 songs are all acoustic. However, if you like GNR, you will understand why they have done this, and for me it is a refreshing change. Patience is a brilliant song, a really nice ballad. From there, we have an acoustic version of Your Crazy which is also not bad, and a light hearted song called Used to love her (but i had to kill her) which was written purely as a joke but still Axl was criticised for it. Then we come to the most controversial, and in my opinion, best song on the album: One in A Million. Controversial because of lyrics like "police and niggers, get out of my way" and "immigrants and faggots make no sense to me", ...

Masterplan - Oasis 20/07/2000

Remember them this way

Masterplan - Oasis Oasis were one of the biggest bands to come out of Britain, their own mix of rock/indie music hitting the right spot with millions of pundits eagerly snapping up thier albums. Then with the releases of the quite frankly, forgettable "Be Here now" and "Standing on the Shoulders of giants" albums, they shot themselves in the foot. They had used this album and Definately Maybe to build up a solid fanbase on which to expand, but they let them down with the release of 2 disappointing albums. The best thing they can do now is release a Greatest Hits album. But lets remember how good they used to be, starting with this amazing album. First off, this album has some of Oasis's best loved songs (Wonderwall, Don't look back in Anger, Roll with it and Monring Glory) which everyone knows to be good songs, but there are also some truly brilliant songs on it as well. The very rocky Some might say, the cathcy She's Electric, and the musical masterpiece that is Champagne Supernova are all excellent too. All in all, it is one of Oasis's best albums, with no real dud tracks on it, and a very good purchase.

Different Class - Pulp 19/07/2000

The best album ever

Different Class - Pulp Different Class is my favourite album of all time. Pulp are not my favourite band of all time, but this album is just amazing. Its one of those rare musical achievements, where every single song is brilliant, not just good, but brilliant. An album you can just stick on and play through from start to finish. There's the obvious hits like "Mis-shapes", "Disco 2000" and "E's and Wizz" which are all powerful songs. Great music, but with really well written and meaningful lyrics, describing modern Britain down to a tee. The other songs on this album are also brilliant. Its amazing how each song has essentially a completely different sound to it, so the whole album has a fantastic random, but Pulp, feel to it. The music is really something, pulp have obviously worked hard to make sure there are no dud tracks. My favourite song of all time, "common people", is on this album. The lyrics are just so well written and appropriate, while the music itself is also outstanding. This album will appeal to almost everyone with a healthy interest in music, you will be hard pushed to find someone who doesn't like "Disco 2000", and I think it is definately wirth the money.

This Is Hardcore - Pulp 19/07/2000

Simply fuss free

This Is Hardcore - Pulp After the quite simply brilliant album, Different Class, many wondered how Pulp could match it with their next one, This is Hardcore. They almost made it, this is nearly a very good album, but it falls short on a few hurdles. Though Pulp told us it was definately a darker album than its predeccessor, we maybe didn't expect it to be quite like this. Some of it is very dark, and therefore put on the album as more of a personal thing rather than to please the fans. These dark songs tend to spoil an otherwise good album. These songs include "TV movie", the title track "This is Hardcore" and finally "Seductive Barry". There is also a very long, and pointless in my opinion, strange sound at the end of "The day after the revelution" which really ruins what was a decent song. However, it has its bright spots. The rest of the songs are all typical Pulp (lyrics about parties, sex and drugs), and are all fairly good. There are three which stand out however. There's "Help the Aged" and "Glory Days" which are both excellent, with thoughtful lyrics, and quite brilliant music. My favourite song on the album however, has to go to "Sylvia" as it is a great "happy feeling" song, which strikes me as being in the same league as "Disco 2000" and "do you remember the first time". So quite a good album then, save for a few mishaps. As Jarvis explains in "The Fear", "your gonna like it, but not alot".

Use Your Illusion II (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Guns N' Roses 19/07/2000

Illusions II

Use Your Illusion II (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Guns N' Roses After such fantastic albums as Appetite and Use your Illusion 1, could the sister album perform equally as well? Well yes and no. This album has some amazingly good songs on it, some of the best written by Guns 'N' Roses, but there are a few things which spoil it. Good points first then... The opening track, "Civil War", is one of my favourite all time Guns 'N' Roses songs, it really is a great song. The guitars and lyrics combine so smoothly to produce an aurally pleasing experience! The fairly short (By GNR standards) song "Yesterdays" is also a triumph in my opinion. There's also a good version of "Knockin on heavens door", a fantastic song called "Pretty tied up" and the Terminator II soundtrack song "You could be mine". Almost all of the songs i haven't mentioned are good as well though. That leads us to the truly epic songs (like November Rain on illusions I). There are 2 of them on this album and both of them are cracking achievements both lyrically and musically. The first is "locomotive", a song featuring some of slash's best solo's yet, and is altogether a very pleasing sound. Then we have "estranged", possibly the best GNR song ever, with some really amazing guitar and fanastic lyrics, it really is worth the price of the album alone. Then we have the weak points, and Illusions II has more than any other GNR album. There's the gospel backing singers at the end of knockin on heavens door, the frankly terrible "so fine" by Duff, an alternanive version of "don't ...

Use Your Illusion I - Guns N' Roses 18/07/2000


Use Your Illusion I - Guns N' Roses Right lets get one things straight first of all. Although in early Guns 'N' Roses albums it appeared as though Axl was discrimatng against certain groups of society, this album clears it all up. HE HATES EVERYONE!! However rather than complain about this, we should embrace it, for it comes with a rollercoaster ride of an album, and its compelling listening. There is some real hard dirty rock tracks on this album, notably "Right next door to hell", "Back off Bitch" and "Perfect Crime", each one a high adrenalin faceful of enraged lyrics and blindingly good guitar, which is what GNR is all about. However, this isn't all which fills Illusions 16 tracks. There are some more refined, and musically superior songs on there as well. There's a fantastically pumped up version of the james Bond theme "live & let die", a volcanic eruption of pure rock in "Dead Horse" and "Garden of Eden" and also on eof the best songs GNR ever wrote, "Don't damn me". However critics ARE quick to damn Axl, for the ballads on the album (November Rain and Don't cry) for not being proper GNR, but I for one don't care because they are both fantastic songs on their own right and favourites among many GNR fans. There are only 2 songs on this 16 track album I find a gripe with and they are "You ain't the first" and "Bad obsession" because they simply are not good songs, but everyone makes mistakes, and i think we can let GNR off this once. Also, the closing track, "Coma", is nothing short of a ...

Greatest Hits [2004] - Queen 16/07/2000

the best compilation album ever

Greatest Hits [2004] - Queen Although Greatest Hits I by Queen contains some essential tracks (Bohemian Rhaspody, We will rock you...etc), Greatest Hits II contains some of the best songs Queen ever wrote. Songs like A kind of magic, I want to break free, Radio Ga Ga and Hamnmer to Fall etc are all some of the bands most enduring material and is loved by all. This is a very good album, I believe everyone with a healthy interest in music needs a copy of this album somewhere. Its good value for money too, 17 of the best songs ever on one CD! Its one of those fantastic Cd's you can put on and leave to play right through every track, not one of them is a dud. My only gripe with this Cd is that two of the songs that chronologically could have appeared on this album didn't make it onto the Cd (Scandal and Too much love will kill you), but other than that it is a must buy and everyone should own a copy.

Greatest Hits [2004] - Queen 16/07/2000

one of the best albums ever

Greatest Hits [2004] - Queen Queen were one of the biggest bands of all time. They conquered the world with countless top ten singles and no 1 album sales in almost every sountry imaginable. They had the perfect set up for a band: Freddie Mercury: Voted the best male singer EVER! Brian may: One of the best guitarists ever. John Deacon: A fantastic bassist. Roger Taylor: A very good drummer. This unbeatable line up, along with Mercury's ability to write truly amazing songs made Queen the immensley successful band they are, ands its no suprise. This album is a collection of thier biggest hits from the 70's, and it includes possibly the most famous and one of the best songs of all time: Bohemian Rhapsody. It also has the other classics that everyone knows (We will rock you, We are the champions, Killer queen, Seven sea's of Rhye and Another one bites the dust) along with some of Queens more eccentric material (bicycle race) but all in all its a very good album and a true classic. This along wiht greatest hits II is an essential purchase.

Reunion (Limited Edition) - Black Sabbath 16/07/2000

The 2nd coming!!

Reunion (Limited Edition) - Black Sabbath The most important event of century as far as heavy rock is concerned was when in 1999, the original and best Black Sabbath line up got back together to perform a final Last Supper Re-union tour. To Sabbath fans it was a second coming, and this amazing event had to be recorded and here it is, the original Black Sabbath's first ever live album. This epic album is a double CD, each one containing all the "Classics" and on the 2nd CD 2 new studion tracks, never hard before. The thing that was always going to be difficult for Black Sabbath was to somehow update the old tracks. At the time there was nothing like them and they were loud, bad and absolutely malevolent. Nowadays, with the likes of Metallica and Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath were going to have to find a way of somehow "amplifying" the old songs in order to capture a new audience as well as those who already love them. And they have managed it brilliantly. Every song sounds somehow louder, fuller and more up to date than the still brilliant originals, so now you can be sure of a fantastically ear splitting rendition of "Children of the Grave" and a somehow even better version of "Paranoid". Then there's the classic "iron man" which won best metal act at the grammies in 2000. This album, though slightly expensive is a truly unmissable purchase for any fan, and anyone else wanting to know how heavy metal SHOULD be played should take a look. ...

Paranoid - Black Sabbath 16/07/2000

I am iron man

Paranoid - Black Sabbath In 1970, 4 men formed the band that would become the inspiration for countless other bands in years to come. Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommii (guitar), Terry "Geezer" Butler (bass) and Bill "Nibby" Ward (Drums) started a sound that would, and still does, rock the world. Around the time when Black Sabbath was formed, the popular music of the time was still all "flower power" and "peace" and Black Sabbath decided to sing and play about the other side of life. They managed to create a full and loud sound without a 2nd guitarist and began to write songs with a doom and gloom sound to them (although despite what some believe, more Black Sabbath songs were written to the problems associated with drugs and politics than devil worshipping). They released the album paranoid, only thier second Album, and it has since become one of the best rock albums ever produced. It contains only 8 songs, but each of them is a compulsive masterpiece of hellish guitar riffs and enthralling compositions. The sound of paranoid is completely unlike anything else from that time (The bass is distorted, Ozzy's lyrics are harsh and whiny, the guitar is loud and electric and Bills drumming is unlike ANY other drummer ever). The album is worth buying if you want a definitive classic piece of heavy metal, a fantastic collection of tracks ranging from the immensly popular title track "paranoid" to the deathly sound of "iron man". Anyone not owning this album cannot call themselves a fan of hard rock or ...
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