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Pro Plus Stimulant 28/07/2001

Feel more awake and a bit shaky

Pro Plus Stimulant Pro Plus tablets come in a friendly little box that doesn't really tell you much at all. The back of the box tells you "PRO PLUS contains caffeine, a stimulant which can help maintain mental alertness and make you feel less tired." Sounds great. Dosage is 1 to 2 tablets as required, but not exceeding two tablets in any one hour, or 12 tablets in 24 hours. Each tablet contains the active ingredient: 50 mg Caffeine Anhydrous Ph. Eur. Also contains sorbitol and magnesium stearate. Fascinating isn't it? This is what the box doesn't tell you. Caffeine is classified as a central nervous system stimulant. It causes increased alertness, it stimulates cardiac muscle and respiratory system and is also diuretic. Caffeine can also disturb your sleeping pattern. It doesn't sound quite so good now does it? But despite the fact I know this I still use Pro Plus. As long as you take them in moderation they're okay. However, I wouldn't recommend taking them every day. Caffeine is an addictive drug. And although the box says you can take up to 12 in 24 hours, I don't think that's a good idea either. I took about 8 one day and it resulted in me feeling terrible the next day. In small doses Pro Plus are fine. You get the boost you wanted and can carry on with your busy life. Too many Pro Plus and you're in shaky hand land, unable to sit still or talk to people without jabbering like an insane rabbit on speed. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Drive-thru Booty - Freakpower 22/07/2001

Jim Morrison and a monkey

Drive-thru Booty - Freakpower Freakpower eh, there's a blast from the past! You don't remember them? I'm not surprised really. Think back to 1994, an advert on TV for jeans I think. The song in the advert - "Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out" was the first hit they had. It was a good song at the time, but 7 years later, after blowing the dust off my CD, it's not as good as it was. Still it's not the worst CD in my collection. There are some songs on the album that are not to bad. How can I describe Freakpower? They're kinda Jamiroquai-ish but not as good. Interesting lyrics, funky beats and a lead singer with a funky deep voice. If you see this going cheap somewhere give it a go, you could do worse. Not much mind. ;) But it's worth a listen. "Waiting For The Story To End" is a good track. And they can't be all bad because the single for "Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out" had a remix version of said song featuring a sample of Jim Morrison. Nice. Oh and they had a monkey in one of their videos! :)

Jurassic Park 3 (DVD) 22/07/2001

Jurassic Pants III

Jurassic Park 3 (DVD) Jurassic Park III. I should have known better. I've seen Jurassic Park and The Lost World, so I knew what to expect. Dinosaurs chasing people! But what I didn't realise is that JP3 is actually a comedy! I haven't laughed so much in ages. The whole film is ridiculous. Plot? Errrr . . . no. We won't bother with a plot, just have an hour or so of really stupid people being chased about by dinosaurs and people will come and watch it. I know, I shouldn't have gone to see it, but I was hung over and it seemed like a good idea at the time. So you want to know what happens in the film then? Well there's not much to say really, I've already told you. The big noisy dinos run around after the dumb(but incredibly lucky) people. The people you expect to die, die. The people you expect to survive, survive. There are no surprises in this film. I must admit I did quite enjoy it though, but only because I was playing "spot the next thing thats going to happen". The makers of this film are surely taking the mick. Sam Neill must have suffered severe deja vu during the filming of JP3. Not my favourite film of all time then. And the ending? If you really don't want to know stop reading now. Yes they escape from the island and no, he's not dead. Surprise surprise!

Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters 18/07/2001

Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters The Foo Fighters are a mighty fine band and a band this good should have a good website. Luckily, the Foo Fighters have a great website! Updated frequently is the place to go if you need to know anything about the band. Tour dates, new releases, photos, videos, you name it - they've got it. The site is easy to navigate with the ever present side bar. First on the bar is News. The news section covers pretty much everything that the band do, including their side projects such as Dave's Probot project. An added cool feature is the colour-coded stars next to each article, indicating whether its confirmed news, unconfirmed news or total rumour. The Foo store isn't really part of the site, just a link to Artistdirect. They do have some good stuff on offer, but its all priced in dollars as its an American site. :( The multimedia section is great, split into three sections - Audio, Video and Skins n' sh*t. In here you can listen to and watch interviews, live performances, watch all the videos from "I'll stick around" to "Generator" and download some cool wallpaper and skins for your PC. The Foommunity allows you to view and make entries to the postboard and join in the chatroom. You might even get chatting to Dave and the gang. The FF top 50 lists the best of the many FF fansites. And the Foocyclopedia contains loads of info such as the complete FF song list, discograpghy, lyrics and tabs. The FF events section, unsurprisingly, details ...

Channel 4 - Big Brother 18/07/2001

Big Brother's Little Brother

Channel 4 - Big Brother The funniest program I've seen in ages! Dermot O'Leary is possibly the funniest man alive. After spending endless hours watching the housemates cook porridge and listen to trains pass by as they swear, big brother's little brother (BBLB) is just what you need. Dermot has guests every weeknight including the last evicted housemate. The show looks at whats going on in the house with phone ins, chats to the directors and they even had Paddy the dog on! You have to watch this show. Even if you're not a fan of big brother, its worth watching for the humour of Dermot. Classic moments include, Dermot being taught how to pole dance by Amma, a series of clips showing Helen being dim(is there chicken in chick peas?) and Penny trying to be a presenter! BBLB on E4 at7:00 and repeated at 23:05 weeknights.

Don't Give Me Names - Guano Apes 17/07/2001

Anyone know what a Dodel is

Don't Give Me Names - Guano Apes German rock bands, I must admit, are not usually my first choice when it comes to buying CD's. But Guano Apes are the exception to the rule! These guys really do write great songs. Don't Give Me Names is their second album. With the strong Skunk Anansie style vocals of Sandra Nasic and powerful guitar & drums the album storms into life with "Innocent Greed". The pace is kept brisk with "No Speech", followed with the fantastic cover version of "Big In Japan". Originally released in the 80's by Alphaville "Big In Japan" is a great song which Guano Apes transform into a stomping rock track. The pace slows down for "Living In A Lie" showing us that lead singer Sandra doesn't have to scream her way through all the songs and indeed has a very nice singing voice. "Dodel Up" is another nice song with a catchy chorus, though I have no idea what a dodel is or why it is up! Still its the only song with German lyrics in it. "Mine All Mine" and "Too Close To Leave" are another couple of quieter songs which are still good. "Gogan" returns the album to the heavier side with great chorus. Three nice bonus tracks finish of the album including a fantastic unplugged version of "Living In A Lie". The CD includes a great multimedia section for use on your PC, including a photo gallery, the Big In Japan video, cool 360 panoramic photos and link to the website. The design of the CD packaging itself is great too in a japanese horror flick kinda way. If you want to ...

Rides - Reef 17/07/2001

A slow ride.

Rides - Reef Rides is Reef's third album, which I think is a bit under-rated. Reef are: Gary Stringer - Vocals & Acoustic guitar, Jack Bessant - Bass, Kenwyn House - Electric & acoustic guitar and Dominic Greensmith - Drums. Released on April 19th 1999, after a two year gap from their previous album Glow, Rides is a decent album with a good variety in the songs. The first single released from the album(29th March'99) "I've Got Something To Say" is another classic Reef love song. With traditional Reef sing a long na na na's in the chourus. The follow up single "Sweety"(24th May'99) is another slow one, again with sing a long na na na's! This song also includes my favourite Reef quote "Awoobadoo!" Listen for yourself to see what I mean. The third and final single to be released from this album "New Bird"(30th August'99) is a return to the more rocky side of Reef. With powerful guitar and strong drums New Bird is the Reef we know and love. "Locked Inside" written by Jack (the only track not written by Gary!) is also a good track, if not slightly adrift from the usual Reef style. "Who You Are", "Love Feeder" and "Moaner Snap" are all more in line with what you expect from Reef. Punchy verses and a sing a long chorus. However, after these fine tracks the album returns to a couple of slow songs to finish the album off. On the final track "Electric Sunday" I think Gary was fed up writing new lyrics. "Do do do do do. Do do do do do do do do!" This is quite possibly one of the ...

Sony MDR Q33LP 17/07/2001

Groovy headphones

Sony MDR Q33LP Hey there! Just thought I'd tell you guys about these headphones from Sony. The MDR-Q33LP. Catchy name! I'm forever buying new haedphones, mainly because I tend to fiddle with them and end up breaking the cable near the plug. I was just thinking the other day about going out and buying a new pair of headphones. But, when I got home from work today there was a parcel waiting for me. It was a pair of Sony MDR-Q33LP headphones! I completely forgot that a couple of months back I entered a competion on the sony website to win these headphones. Sorry folks the competition is over now. So are they any good? Yeah, they're great! The sound from these things is amazing. I usually buy cheaper headphones(because of my tendancy to break them), but you can really tell the difference in sound quality with these. They feel great too, although putting them on is a bit tricky at first. The benefit of them not having a solid neckband makes a difference comfort wise. They're also very light. I reckon they look kinda funky too. For the fashion concious out there, they come with replaceable caps in different colours. Each pair of heaphones comes with two sets of caps. Oh, and there are two different colours of headphones too. The black headphones come with black and ruby red caps. The silver headphones come with silver and transparent blue caps. You can buy additional different coloured caps, theres currently around 12 colours to choose from including red, white, gold, ...

Peugeot 206 1.4 16/07/2001

A car that goes

Peugeot 206 1.4 I used to drive an old D reg Vauxhall Astra, but I was forever having problems with it. It was my first car and had been passed on through the family but by the time I got it, it was on its last legs. Then one day whilst driving to work in the rush hour traffic it just stopped. I was towed away to a nearby car park and left the car there until after work when my dad helped me get it started again and followed me home. The car wasn't happy, it was making BAD noises, the speed dropped to 60mph, then 50, then 40, then BANG! 0 mph. My car was dead. :-( There was no way it was recovering from this one. There was a hole the size of my fist in the engine where the piston had shot right through it. Time to buy a new car! The Peugeot 206! We looked around at lots of cars. We looked at Corsa's, Ka's, Punto's, but then I saw the 206 and I had to have it. The front of the car looks fantastic! The funky styling and the great sporty look of the vent. Nice. I had to take it for a test drive. That caused a bit of bother too! This all happened during the petrol crisis last year when you just couldn't get petrol anywhere. There wasn't enough petrol in the 206 I wanted to take it for a test drive. A week later I finally got it out for a spin. I loved it even more. It felt great. Everything felt crisp and new so, within a week or so, it was sitting outside my house. I've had it for about a year now and I haven't had any problems with it. (Apart from the bus that drove into ... 15/07/2001

Free stuff - you can't lose Everybody wants something for nothing. Well here is the gateway to just that. There are loads of freebie site out there and I have tried lots of them but this has to be one of my favourites. The best feature of this site is that it is updated daily. Most of the other sites I've been to only seem to update once a week or even less. The site is also easy to use. You can view the freebies arranged by the latest added or pick a certain category that you're interested in and see whats available. Categories include: Audio/video CD-roms Competitions Coupons Mobile stuff Money Mouse mats Posters Screen savers I have recieved lots of stuff so far and can't fault it at all. You can also get regular emails telling you whats been added if you can't be bothered to check the site all the time. Its amazing what you can get for free on the net. Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

Telewest (Blueyonder) 15/07/2001

Hi-speed access is here

Telewest (Blueyonder) The world wide wait, its a nightmare isn't it? You spend ages trying to establish a connection and then when you do get connected its slower than a tortoise walking through treacle. But no more! Blueyonder give you permanent connection to the internet at speeds of up to 512Kbs! Ten times faster than your ordinary modem. And it also means that your phone line is free when you're on the net becuase it uses cable to access the internet. I have been using blueyonder for a few months now and I love it. I don't have to log on to the net, its always on! I just click and I'm online. I can download big files like movie trailers without having to wait for hours. The customer service is good too. There is a freephone number so it doesn't cost a thing. I have emailed them with a couple of things and they responded very quickly and sorted the problems out. The price is good too. Its £33 a month, but if you have a cable TV package from telewest like me, its only £25 a month! Compared to prices of about £40 for ADSL thats not bad at all. Your only worry really is if its available in your area, but you can find that out from their website. I wouldn't dream of going back to an ordinary modem now. Blueyonder is great. 15/07/2001

Gadgets a go go Gadgets, I love them. You can never have too many gadgets. The Gadget Shop has always been one of my favorite places to shop, but the shops are nearly always overcrowded with people and you have to fight your way through the shop to see the things you want. But no more, the Gadget Shop is online. Hurrah! And its an excellent service they offer too. The site is very well laid out. Everything you want is easy to find. All the product are catagorised so you can easily find that particular something you're looking for. But what if you need to buy a gift for someone but you don't know what to get them? The Gadget Shop has that sorted too. They have a gift selector. You just tell them who the gift is for and how much you're willing to spend and any other info to narrow the search down anf they come up with a list of products that fit the description. There is also a nice "wish list" feature. Using this you can add things you want ffrom the site to your wish list and then your friends and family can access the list and purchase the items on the list, safe in the knowledge that they are buying you a gift that you really want! Ordering is secure, easy and you can pay by the usual methods including Splash Plastic and Smartcreds if you don't have a credit card. You can access the details of all the orders you have made online and keep track of orders currently being processed. Most orders arrive within 5 days and delivery is FREE! I have used the Gadget Shop ...

True Romance (Director's Cut) (DVD) 15/07/2001

Violence, humour and Elvis

True Romance (Director's Cut) (DVD) Everyone know Tarantino as the man behind Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, but True Romance has to be the best Tarantino film around. (with the possible exception of "From Dusk Till Dawn") True Romance stars Christian Slater as Clarence Worley, a lonely comic book shop worker with a passion for films and an unhealty obsession with Elvis(Val Kilmer). Clarence meets and instanlty falls in love with Alabama Whitman(Patricia Arquette). As the story proceeds the two manage to accidentally get their hands on a briefcase full of cocaine from Alabama's ex boss Drexyl(Gary Oldman). This leeds to them being chased by various mobsters and police etc. As you would expect from Tarantino there is lots of violence, but the film is also extremely funny. Especially during the few short scenes with Brad Pitt as the spaced out pot head. One of the finest scenes in the film is when Clarence's dad(Dennis Hopper) tells the moster looking for his son and the cocaine(Christopher Walken) how Sicilians are "spawned by niggers", knowing that he is going to die. The predictable ending is the only bad point of the film but other than that its a mighty fine film. Violence, humour and Elvis what more could you want?

Weezer (Green Album) - Weezer 14/07/2001

Weezer - The Green Album

Weezer (Green Album) - Weezer Weezer, where have they been? I remember them from back in the mid-nineties when everyone went mad for "Buddy Holly". And that's probably how, after five years away from the music scene, most people remember Weezer (the Buddy Holly guys). But now they're back with (almost) the original line up. Rivers Cuomo - the high singing frontman, Patrick Wilson on drums, Brian Bell on guitar and the new guy, Mikey Welsh replacing Matt Sharp on bass. So how ahs the music changed since the last release five years ago? Well in some respects it hasn't. Their music is still unmistakably Weezer. Yes you still get the occasional oooeeoow in the chorus (if you take those away it just wouldn't be Weezer would it?). But they have gone so much further since those days. The Green Album shows that they should never have been away for so long and that they are still a great band. The opening track "Don't let go" eases you in with traditional Weezer style. "Hash Pipe" is the first track to be released from the album and a mighty fine song it is too! This is the kind of song that you can't get out of your head. Driving guitar with the great vocals and lyrics of Coumo make this one of the best songs on the album. OK, some of the tracks aren't as good as you would hope but they are still all decent songs. My only major dissapointment is the length of the album, a measly 30 minutes! I'm sure after a five year gap they could have made a few more songs, or at least songs over 3 minutes long. But ...
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