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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 (DVD) 14/01/2018

Best season!

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 (DVD) This is the endgame! Everyone guilty pleasure! This season has a five year time jump after the previous season and sees the last villain, CeCe (a.k.a Charlotte) released from prison, only to fall to her death! Then, comes A.D.! At this point, we’re probably all getting tired of the same old story, but this is it you will laugh and cry! And soomeoine has an evil twin! You won't be bored! Everyone gets to their happy ending just getting there is crazy and scary! This is the best season only down side is it is last one! all questions will be answered! All makes sense! There is hope for a spin off called The perfectisit: pretty little liars! New town new lies and has mona and ally in it! ...

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 09/01/2018


Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) LOVE THIS SHOW! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would! I love the mother daughter relationship between Loreili and Rory! The dialogue between the characters of the show really makes you feel like you are there! Not one episode will bore you! Every epsidoe will leave you wanting more! I watched every episode even the new ones and still want more! I have even watched them again never gets boring not even if it is the hundredth time you have watched the episodes! All go together and make you feel like you are living in starshollow! A lot of things I myself and lots can relate to and every day problems! You will be amazed by the relationship of the actresses and actors and how they protray their characters so well! ...
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