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Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Fragrance Gift Set 14/08/2014

Light fresh tones

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Fragrance Gift Set I was bought this gift set for my birthday this year and I am very happy with it as it has a nice subtle fresh scent that lasts a long while. I collect perfume bottles but this isn't one for my collection as the design of the bottles are quite basic, long thin and square , nothing to write home about but the perfume inside is very nice indeed. I like it a lot as it has the tones I look for in a perfume or eau de toilette. I like musk based perfumes and most of the perfumes you buy these days have that in the base tones musk is the scent that lasts the longest and it is quite sweet, when it is blended with lighter scent tones it gives a nice refreshing aroma . Some perfumes blend it with patchouli oil which gives a heavier aroma but this has the base tones of tobacco, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver and musk, When I first read the tones when I got this pack. I was a bit wary as tobacco and sandlewood scents sometimes overpower the musk which is quite a subtle aroma, but as it has the other tones added it gives a nice fresh fruity and flower scent that lingers on your skin. The top tones are yuzu, bergamot, lemon and tarragon, while the middle tones are nutmeg and water lily . The best way to get the full effect of the scent is to spray a little of it on your wrist , then give it a minute before you smell it , this gives it time to breath and you then get the real scent of the perfume instead of the evaporated scent as it lands on your skin from the spray if you smell it ...

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation 14/08/2014

Blends with the skin tone

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation I love this product it's a reasonable price of £7 or a little less if you shop around and can be bought online from Ebay or Amazon and in beauty product shops for the same price and it's covers really well. I have bought this a few times and it's one of the beauty products I will keep buying as its always available and now that I have found the right colour for my skin tone it's something that when I apply it loooks natural and it covers the patches of skin on my face that have dried or gone a little red with aging, over the years you lose the tone and suppleness of the skin and this blends well and evenly over the skin to cover the blemishes to give you that youthful look again and also hides the wrinkles which are now begining to start to show as I get older. I like the packaging as you can see the make-up inside so you can get the right shade for your skin tone. It doesn't take up much room in my make-up bag and is now an essential part of my make-up kit for when I go out anywhere to visit or for a night out. The consistancy is very creamy and you only need a little bit to smooth over the skin as it spreads really thinly and covers quickly, so you don't need a lot of time to apply it . It gives an immediate effect of smoothness to the skin and you can see the results of before and after as you apply it. It doesn't fade or streak on the face and the skin absorbs it quickly so it doesn't feel greasy, but the best thing I like about this product is the colour tones ...

Asda PRO Hairdryer 14/05/2013

Great value

Asda PRO Hairdryer My old hairdryer steadily got noisier and noisier and when it started to rattle like there was something loose inside I decided that it probably wasn't that safe to use any more and bought this Asda hairdryer for £7.99 to replace it. I thought the price was good and didn't really expect it to last that long but six months later it is still going strong and has been dropped on the floor and gets used everyday by both myself and my daughter, so its been quite a durable product. It comes in black and is made of plastic and feels quite chunky to hold, you can feel the weight of it in your hand as its not as light as my old one that broke. It has two buttons on the handle and one above these which you press to cool the heat down if it gets to hot when you have it on full heat. The settings are simple the bottom button switches it on and has two speeds 1 and 2 , then the button above that has the heat control up to three, the third can get a little hot if you hold it too near to your head when drying and the cool down button does come in handy then. The nozzle at the front can be aimed at the hair to dry it straight if your using a comb or curled under if your layering or using a curling brush to shape the hair whilst drying, personally I just dry it then straighten it so on full blast for me it takes about five minutes or less to dry my shoulder length hair. I like this hairdryer as its fast drying, cheap to replace and simple to use. I can recommend.

E.L.F Toe Seperators 29/01/2013

Coloured toes

E.L.F Toe Seperators I bought these a while a go for £1.25 online and they are something I didn't really use a lot, I have to be honest and say I used them twice and found that it is easier for me to just grab hold of a toe to paint the nail than to fiddle around with trying to ge these E.L.F. Toe Separators to stay in place. These are made of a foam and I found they wern't as flexible as I'd have liked them to be, I'm not really comfortable with these fitted between my toes as they annoy me as I can feel they are there and they slip sometime when you have to move around to paint your nails so that I have to keep adjusting them back into place as I'm doing my nails, which for me it's much simpler to just paint my toes nails without these on. They also can't be washed so this also puts me off as they aren't very hygenic to keep for any length of time if your using them regularly on your feet. On the other hand they seperate the toes nicely and when you can get them to stay in place you can paint the nails without getting the nail polish on to the skin of the other toes as your doing them one by one. All in all I think they should have different sizes for the different sizes of feet that we all have, but I only found the one size and so for me this product isn't something I will be buying again and is one that I have used twice and then discarded. I won't buy again

Stones Green Ginger Wine 04/12/2012

Not just for drinking

Stones Green Ginger Wine I love the taste of ginger not only is it good for you but it is tasty and warming too, a bottle of Stones ginger wine will cost you around £4 a bottle from tesco's which is a reasonable price to pay for a bottle of wine. I love the taste of this as it's a really good winter warmer and an alternative wine to the fruity or white wines that I usually drink. This is my evening drink when I have the fire lit in winter and am chilling with a glass of ginger wine in front of the television. I like to mix this with lemonade to give it a little fizz and add ice for a refreshing drink that has a tasty kick of ginger. The bottles are 70cl and are a dark green glass which can be recycled after you have drank the wine. It has a twist off lid so you don't have to mess around trying to get a cork out of the bottle and you can put the lid back on as it's not the kind of wine you drink the whole bottle at once like other wines. This is a great wine for christmas as it can be mixed with whiskey and ice and also can be drank with lemonade as a spritzer, you can add your wine spices for mulled wine too as it's nice warmed up with cinnamon too. I also cook with it as it makes a great tasting chicken in ginger wine sauce, as well as adding a nice taste to the sunday roast lamb , if you pour a little over the lamb whilst it's cooking in the oven . It can be added to champagne for that extra kick and also is very tasty with gin and lemon. I love this wine as it's not just for drinking ...

Mateus Rosé 27/11/2012


Mateus Rosé I'm becoming quite impartial to the odd glass of wine in the evening , mixed with lemonade of course as I'm not a big drinker and just have a glass every night to chill out with, having previously not drank for years I have started to have the odd glass with friends when we have our girlie nights in and have found that the rose and white wines are my favorites, but not all of them as I have tried a few and not liked, but this Mateus Rose Wine is really quite nice. I like the bottle as it's easty to spot on the supermarket shelf and is quite attractice and looks original and sophisticated. This is 11% and the bottles are 75cl , it costs around £6 a bottle depending where you buy it from and this is the average price of a bottle of good wine these days, so it's not too expensive. This has a light slighly dry taste and is made with grapes so is a nice fruity wine which is the kind I find myself drawn to as I like the different fruity tastes, this one isn't too heavy on the palate and is nice and refreshing when it's mixed with lemonade. This is on my christmas list but it would make a lovely present to give too someone or it's good to take with you to parties as it's one of the wines that a lot of poeple like to drink. It is a good accompliament to fish dishes or lasagna and other pasta dishes and is great to have on a sunny day mixed with lemonade while your outside in the sun with your barberque. All in all I like it and can recommend this to you. Don't forget to ...

GHD Mark IV Styler Hair Straightener 08/11/2012

Can't fault them

GHD Mark IV Styler Hair Straightener When my daughter left school she got a place in a beauty academy to study to be a beautician so we had to buy all her equipment for her to use at the academy. This was quite expensive at the time but some of the equipment has lasted and these GHD Hair Straightners is one of the items I still have nearly six years later. I paid £120 for these and at the time I thought they were too expensive, but these were something everyone was buying then and they were rated as a good product and as all the other girls in the academy were using them , I forked out the money and bought these from the salon store in Hereford where the girls went for their beauty products and stock. I had never really bothered to straighten my hair before my daughter went to the academy as I have thin hair and it isn't fly away or unmanagable but when my daughter started to train there were a lot of the products and treatments she did practised on me at home or I was made an appointment to go into the academy so that she could pass her assessment by doing the treatments, make-up and hair styling with me as guinea pig, some things I liked and still use and others not. Straightening my hair became one of the things I liked as it looks good, feels managable and gives me a boost to my confidence as having your hair done always does. After my daughter finished her qualificaltions I ended up with some of the equipment as she has bought new and these are one of the items I aquired and use everyother day to ...

Echo Falls White Zinfandel California 30/10/2012

Refreshing and light

Echo Falls White Zinfandel California I don't often drink wine but every now and then I like a wine spritzer with lemonade , just to relax and unwind and be sociable with my friends when they visit they all drink wine and I'm usually the one sat having a cup of tea while we all chat and it's kind of become a challange to my friends to keep bringing differrent bottles of wine to try until they find one I like. I do actually like this one Echo Falls White Zinfandel with lemonade as it tastes light and fruity and isn't too strong if you add lemonade to it. The bottle is £4.99 maybe a little less when on offer and can be bought at all supermarkets and off licences as it' is a popular drink. It's a rose wine from California from the Lodi region which is a grape growing region for wines. Taste wise it's really nice and as a non wine drinker I'm quiet taken with this as it doesn't taste as strong as a red wine which I have found I definately don't like even when they are mixed with lemonade. This is good for an evening with friends or to enjoy with a curry or a light meal or snacks at evening when watching the television, i have bought a few bottles afteer trying this as I do like it and think this is one of the wines I will have for drinks at christmas . I'd be happy to recommend you try it if you already haven't.

Playmobil 4820: Fire Ladder Unit 24/10/2012

Fire !!

Playmobil 4820: Fire Ladder Unit My grandson loves fire engines and if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he always says a fieman, so for his birthday this year I bought him this Playmobil 4820: Fire Ladder Unit . It cost me £36 from Ebay , it retails from £34 to £46 depending on where you buy it from and is available in Argo's and Toysrus as well as online at places like Amazon. It comes well packaged and you get the fie engine and two firemen with it, the ladder is on a turn table so can be angled to go over the cab of the fire engine or played with from the side of the fire engine, the ladder extends and there is a hose attatched to the ladder. It's also complete with flashing lights and compartments that opens on the side , the wheels are well fitted and don't come off and the fire engine is chunky and can take the knocks and bumps that a five year old can give it. This is recommended for the ages four and over as it does have little parts that could come off, my grandson has already pulled the hose off the basket at the top of the ladder and has lost one of the little firemen, but the fire engine is still going strong and has been rallied around the front room, crashed off the kitchen table and bumped numerous times into the doors at my house, while he has been visiting. Value for money wise, I'd have liked to pay less, although it is a good quality and the fire engine has good colours and design , I always think that childrens toys are too expensive these days. Having said that I am ...

Canon CLI-8G - green - original - ink tank (0627B001) 23/10/2012

Good Quality Photo Prints

Canon CLI-8G - green - original - ink tank (0627B001) When I bought my new printer last year I was quite excited about being able to print photo's as my old one was just a standard printer and with the new one I can now add my pictures from my mobile onto my computer and print them off which is so convenient as I carry my mobile around and don't always have to carry a seperate camera with me when I go out. The only thing is when your printing photo's is the ink seems to run out quicker than with documents and I find the green seems to be the one that empties the quickest and I buy the most of , well that one and the black as I also print my documents for work. I buy these cartridges from Curry's for £9.99 , I have bought them off Ebay for half the price but you still have to pay postage and so it works out about the same price in the end. The cartridges are well packed so there is no spillage and they are easy to fit and install into the printer, I just remove the old cartridge pop the new one reset the printer so it knows the cartridge has been replaced and off you go printing again. The quaily of the prints are really good and the colour is designed to last with no fading for years. I like the end result of the photo prints and the cartridges are an affordable price , you can refill them but I always seem to go wrong somewhere and get messy , so it's easier for me to just buy them and replace them as and when I need to. On average mine last me around six weeks but I do take a lot of pictures of my grandchildren. I'm happy ...

Lego Technic Supercar 17/10/2012

Challenging but fun

Lego Technic Supercar I bought this Lego Technic Supercar for my grandson who is thirteen and has recently become interested in making model planes, cars and ships, thinking this would be a good challenge for him I paid £64 at the model shop in Hereford town centre. You can buy it online from Amazon and from other online stores for around the same price give or take a few pounds. I know this is expensive but this was something for his birthday that he could do with his grandad when he came to stay at our house for the weekend, so I didn't really think about the expense but when I have seen how long it took them to finish it and watched them sitting together chatting at the table putting this together , I think it was worth every penny for the quality time they both got out of it.. This isn't a toy for young children as some of the parts are tiny and they have to be assembled with thought as it is a working moving car once it has been assembled and finished, it is quiet complicated and there were many a discussion around the table with my grandson and hubbie as to which part went where. It was good to see it being assembled too as you start putting it together from the chassis upwards, it has a gearbox and engine and once it has been put together it is fully functional and moves. There are 12000 pieces to it and the instructions are easy to follow , it will take you a couple of days to put together but thats half the fun of doing it. The doors open and close and the boot and bonnet or hood as ...

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder 16/10/2012

Covers nicely

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder This is quite an expensive bronzer but it is worth it as it lasts quite a while. The little case it comes in is a nice is quite luxurious and has a nice little mirror in the lid so that you can pull it out of your makeup bag and reapply if you need to. The colour of the bronzer inside the case looks really dark but once apllied it is a few shades lighter than the deep colour your first see in the case. You can apply it with a brush or with your finger tips. The bronzer comes in different shades so it's good to look before buying and find the one that matches your skin tone, other wise you will end up looking to light or too dark. Some places you can buy this may have little testers for you to try before buying which is always a good idea. I never used to wear makeup when I was younger as I always prefered the natural look and with youthful skin you can get away with it everyday, but now im edging into my 50's mother nature seems to be taking the upper hand and I now have to cover the botches and fine lines on my face that were never there when I was younger. My skin sometimes looks tired and peaky so it's times like this I use the bronzer just to put a little colour into my face and neck to look a little heathlier and to cover the age of the skin. This does cover nicely and like I said before you don't need a lot to look good, it spereads over the face nicely and leaves you looking a little tanned and healthy. I can recommend this to you if your looking for a good ...

Brother 7225n 09/10/2012

Great printer

Brother 7225n We bought a printer for the office ladt year and it cost £168 from an online computer site with delivery free, so it wasn't too much of a break in the budget. This is the ideal printer for any office based environment, whether at work or at home. Copying and scanning on this machine is quick and easy. The ability to copy whilst at your desktop and scan to email, OCR, image and file (including PDF). It has high quality laser printing at speeds of up to 20ppm. A Super G3 fax modem, 10 one-touch dial locations and 200 speed dials provide speed and efficiency when communicating. A memory of up to 500 pages ensures reliable storage of received or ready-to-transmit fax messages. So you really get value for money. MFC 7225N Features :- Up to 20ppm Printing speed HQ1200 Print resolution (2,400 x 600dpi) 32MB Memory as standard 33,600bps Super G3 fax modem 10 One-touch dial locations 200 Speed dial locations Up to 99 multicopies Stack and sort functions Up to 1,200dpi scanner resolution (Interpolated) Windows and Macintosh compatible One handy feature I noticed is the 4 day battery backup that works in conjunction with the 32 megabytes of built in memory. The on board RAM can not only hold up to 600 sheets worth of data, but it can even maintain the information while the printer is unplugged so, in case a power outage happens while you're away from the office for an extended period of time, your unprinted documents will not be lost. This gives peace of mind in the ...

Nina Ricci Ricci Eau de Parfum 05/10/2012

Beautiful elegance

Nina Ricci Ricci Eau de Parfum One of my presents this christmas was this beautiful elegant bottle of Nina Ricc - Ricci, Eau de Parfum, this retails from around £32 - £39 depending on where you buy it from and is available online and in perfume shops and some chemists. I was really happy to get this for christmas as I collect perfume bottles and this one is so rich and elegant in presentation that you automatically fall in love with the rich deep ruby colour of the bottle and the ribbon design on the top. It's so girlie and unique that it has a place in my collection of perfume bottles on my dressing table. Nina Ricci has been making perfume in France since the 1940's and is famous for her perfumes all over the world she also works with fabrics to create beautiful gowns and other fashion items and is well established in the fashion industry. She has used her creative artistry to create this beautiful designed bottle. This came in a lovely pink box which has the name of the parfum in red on the front and is a 30ml bottle of spray eau de parfum. The ingredients are plainly shown on the back of the box in case you have any allergies to anything in the eau de parfum. You can also buy 50ml at around £43 and 80ml bottles at around £58 but a 30ml bottle will last you a long time as you don't really need a lot during the day or night as the scent lingers on your skin for hours after using it. The parfume itself is a rich flowery scent subtle but long lasting. The top tones are Rhubarb and Bergamot which ...

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist 04/10/2012

Vanilla smiles

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist I love the scent of Vanilla and have lots of candles and bath products in vanilla, so I couldn't really resist buying this body mist spray from the bodyshop when I went into town last week. It cost me £7 for a 100ml bottle which is very reasonable for a nice scent that lasts all day. I collect perfume bottles but this one isn't really a collectable as it's a simple plastic bottle designed with a vanilla pod on the front so it won't be kept after I have used it up. I like the bodyshop products as they are not tested on animals and use natural ingredients and the shops always smell lovely when you walk past so it's always tempting to wander in and purchase something from there. I'm glad I did wander in as I love this boby spray, which is not too overpowering but is a subtle scent that you only need a little of and it will last you all day. You only need a small amount for the scent to linger and you can really smell the vanilla tones coming from this scent, it's not flowery or fruity just a nice vanilla sweet scent. It is a light spray mist that lingers on the skin. There are no added colours and this is suitable for sensative skin. I have to be careful of what I use on my skin as it is sensative and also some strong perfumes will set my nose running and make me sneeze but this one has been tried and tested by me a few times over the past few days and I love it. I was surprised at the small amount of money I had to pay to buy it as perfume is usually expensive, but I'm ...
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