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5 (5) - Charlotte Gainsbourg 21/02/2007

`·.,¸¸,.·´Charlotte in Wonderland`·.,¸¸,.·´

5 (5) - Charlotte Gainsbourg `·.,¸¸,.·´Charlotte in Wonderland`·.,¸¸,.·´ ¨¨°ºo§oº°¨¨¨¨°ºo§oº°¨¨¨¨°ºo§oº°¨¨ Wednesday February 21, 2007 09:22 - cloudy Time - 5°c ¨¨°ºo§oº°¨¨¨¨°ºo§oº°¨¨¨¨°ºo§oº°¨¨ This morning, the cold under the window which wishes to be heated, the misty time which has this obscured atmosphere of february and seems to show that the sky seems still deadened. Then, to change this typically Parisian, animated week, tightened and stressed in its mechanized undergrounds, the return to a state of calm, to softness, the appeasing is not long in arising. The coffee with smoking milk, evaporating its soft perfume, the touched crusty one of laminated of the crescent, however common, acclimatizes me in a kind of relieving before the confrontation. But if all that functions so well, it is that there remains a thing essential to mingle with this pleasant preamble. Yes, the small one more which will make it possible to wake up quietly, which is not other than the music, the musical harmony, the small ideal sound softness which will make it possible to make balance my spirit. Neither too noisy, neither too strong, neither too rythmée nor too deafening. And this Morning, it will be… [...] A five hours fifty-five, awake with open eyes, has drift transistor upon the night, and miles away from Land, five fifty five, five fifty five, A five hours fifty-five, handle meridiem, too late to end it now, too early to start again, five fifty five, five fifty five, soon the morning will arrives, ...

Ikea Billy Bookshelf 06/01/2007


Ikea Billy Bookshelf It is the Latest thing in this moment to have BILLY at home `•, ¸ ¸.•' ¯ `•, ¸ ¸.•' `•, ¸ ¸.• ' ¯ `•, ¸ ¸.•' `•, ¸ ¸.•' ¯ `•, ¸ ¸.•' `•, ¸ ¸.• ' ¯ `•, ¸ ¸.•' I speak obviously about the library, sold at Ikéa under name BILLY. Yes because the great characteristic of Ikéa is to give to each one of its articles sold in its stores, of pretty small names. Generally the name is with Swedish resonance (MARKÖR, LEKSVIK), but for BILLY it is a little the departures from the rule of Swedish. BILLY is a little like the first washing machine, it is always sign of emménagement, it is the rack which saves the setting with the small budget and which gives the possibility of having very quickly an adequate element to reduce its paperboards or to continue its collection of "balls with snow". However BILLY is far from being a new product, because it is before a whole product headlight of the Swedish mark, a little as for the stores of frozen Picard with their flux with the chocolate. BILLY always has it "engages". And due, BILLY, which is accustomed to be as white as an aspirin or as black as one night without the moon in full winter, became since last year the library à.la.mode with the launching of three new colours: Green, Red and Gray. Yes IKEA creates the event in "customisant" (Participle present of the Customiser verb, to include/understand by personalizing) its BILLY by giving again a coat of paint ...
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