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Logitech Z 4 20/10/2010

Logitech z4 - wow

Logitech Z 4 I bought these speakers with the intention of using them alongside my TV for a better quality sound, but they became much more useful than I expected. My old speakers that I got free with a dell pc were nothing compared to these. They produce amazing sound from such a small unit and the bass from the sub woofer is brilliant. If your looking for a set of speakers for your desktop, these are what your looking for. If your looking for something to listen to music on, these are what you want. As far as loudness goes the Logitech z4 can produce a lot of sound, not to the extent where you can’t hear yourself think but enough to satisfy your personal needs. Advantages * The Logitech z4 looks great, the subwoofer looks intimidating with its metal grill and the three little speakers look brilliant. * The sound quality you get is amazing for what you pay, the control unit can alter bass and volume, making it easy for you to decide how you want it to sound. * Portable (to wherever there’s a plug) and easy to set up. Disadvantages * When you turn the unit off by the control, it doesn’t actually turn it off. If it is still plugged in and switched on there is a quiet buzzing noise which is extremely annoying if its near you. * The cable connected to the control was not in very securely but it did take 9 months to come out and it is easily pushed back in. I’ve had these speakers for a long time, spilt drinks on them, kicked them and even dropped them and still they push on. Utterly ...
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