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Unreal Tournament 3 (UT III) (Xbox 360) 17/05/2009

Unreal tournament 3, a solid addition to the UT family

Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean 17/05/2009

For that Colgate smile!

Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean Whilst browsing through Boots one day I spotted this product and was surprised at how cheap it was, it was marked at about £3 which is excellent for a whitening product. I had read various reviews on Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean in magazines and also on the internet and there had been a lot of positive reviews there, so into the basket it went. The paste comes in a large plastic box with the paste inside and a leaflet about dental care. The paste itself is in a small tube with a cap and just looks like a miniature version of other Colgate pastes. The paste is gloriously thick and has a gritty sensation which must be the polishing agents. I use an electric toothbrush to apply mine so I used a pea-sized amount and began to polish. The paste quickly lathers and turns into a foam but still has that gritty sensation. I was expecting there to be a strange taste with this paste as it had polishing agents in it but it just tasted like regular toothpaste, nice and minty and leaves your breath really fresh. The results were great! My teeth looked shiny and a lot whiter and when I ran my tongue over them they were very smooth. It would be interesting to try this product out on someone who perhaps is a smoker and see what sort of results you would get there. I use mine every fortnight as I sometimes forget to use it weekly and I swear by it, it is perfect for giving you that extra shine and confidence. For the price, this paste is brilliant, I have used a lot of whitening ...

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara 17/05/2009

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara

Boots No7 360 Lash Mascara 17/05/2009

Lash 360 coats every lash perfectly!

Boots No7 360 Lash Mascara I got this product whilst doing some cosmetics shopping in Boots where they had a special offer on No7 products. As I had spent over £18 I was presented with a lovely gold purse full of No7 goodies to try out. Inside was a small tube of Lash 360 and I was desperate to get it home to try it out. When I finished the tester tube I did not even hesitate to go out and buy the full sized version. The tube itself is a beautiful golden silvery colour and looks very high quality. Although the brush is apparently pink and white you would never know because the mascara liquid coats the brush. The mixture is smooth and without clumps and doesn't smell heavilly of chemicals as some other brands do. The brush is thick with a lot of individual hairs on it which are constucted in almost a spiral shape, this helps to coat each individual lash perfectly. The brush applies just the right amount of mixture to your eyelashes, it does not clump and it also doesn't drench your eyelashes in excess mascara. It certainly lengthens your lashes and pulls them straight, it is almost like a false lash effect. The mixture dries very quickly and is very easy to remove with a little bit of makeup remover or just some warm water. This product is not waterproof and has a tendency to run if you are out in the rain. The mascara lasts all day and even if I have gone to bed without removing it beforehand, I will wake up with perfect lashes. I use the black version of this mascara and it is a very intense black ...

BeneFit Lemon Aid 17/05/2009

Benefit Lemon Aid - Creamy and light

BeneFit Lemon Aid After watching Lauren Luke's makeup tutorial videos on YouTube for a while I noticed that she was constantly using this benefit product. I decided to ask for it for christmas to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised with it. The beautiful little compact comes in a small box with a leaflet. The compact is made of thick plastic with a handy little mirror on the inside so you can apply it wherever you are. The mixture is yellow in colour and although it is quite thick in the compact it melts on contact with your skin and turns into a lovely creamy base. I use this product to eliminate dark circles under my eyes and I also use it as a primer on my eyelids before I apply my eyeshadows. As a concealer it actually works very well, the yellow tones of the mixture blend in perfectly with your skin and it doesn't leave you feeling greasy or dry. As a primer it is an excellent little product. The mixture magnets your eyeshadow to it and keeps it on all day. There can be a little amount of creasing depending on the quality of eyeshadow you use over it. Again, the mixture is light and doesn't weigh down your eyelids. I have been using this product daily for about 5 months now and I still have over half of the mixure left and I certainly don't use it sparingly. Although it is an expensive product for some, you can expect it to be in your make up collection for at least 9 months so it is well worth its price. I have very sensitive skin around my eyes and suffer from eczema on my ...

Trauma Center: Under the Knife (NDS) 17/05/2009

Trauma Center - Really Addictive!

Soulcalibur IV (Xbox 360) 17/05/2009

Soul Calibur 4: A decent Fighting game

Soulcalibur IV (Xbox 360) Having played the previous two Soul Calibur games, i was very excited to play the forth installment, especially since the special characters were from star wars. Right from the start I knew what to expect in terms of a story line or a plot. There is a very vague and obscure story line behind each of the playable characters, which supposedly tell you why there are on their quest to find Soul Calibur. To be honest, I never really bothered to follow the story, as it really made no difference at all, it was just a succession of battles that were fought to unlock equipment or a playable character and also to record that it had been done. This might sound like I find this a bad thing, but I always expect this of any fighting game and unlike some other games, Story mode is only a small portion of Soul Calibur 4. At the core of the game is the ability to create your own custom character using equipment that is unlocked and purchased in other areas of the game. Each piece of equipment has different attributes that can be used to effect the stats of your character, but also can be used to get special powers and perks for them, giving an edge in combat.This can be an immensely satisfying process and can allow you to create very powerful characters needed to complete some of the harder parts of the game. In order to balance the game and ensure that high level powers could not be used initially, a leveling system was added. The level system is very basic, requiring you to use a character ...

Toni & Guy TGST2971UK 17/05/2009

Toni And Guy Straighteners- Smooth!!!

Tomb Raider: Underworld (Xbox 360) 17/05/2009

Tomb Raider Underworld - Another triumph

Tomb Raider: Underworld (Xbox 360) I have been a fan of Lara Croft since the days of the Playstation 1. Many school holidays were spent ziplining, scaling walls and shooting dogs. Tomb Raider Underworld is an absolute joy to play for any Lara Croft fan. It continues the story line from Tomb Raider legend, ties off any loose ends and throws in some amazing gameplay. The best thing about Underworld is the way in which Lara has become almost a human encased in your TV screen. Her skin glimmers realistically with the diamond droplets of water from the sea in which she swims, mud cakes itself onto her body and washes off in the rain, she even leaves footprints. The detail which has gone into this game is astounding. The graphics on the whole are breath-taking, everything looks real and as though you could reach out and touch it. Lara's surroundings are beautiful works of art and I must congratulate the developers for working so hard to make this game so rich and vivid. Controlling her feels a lot more real as well, her movements become more life-like. Her body is a lot more supple, she bends and flips with none of the squareness from previous games, she gracefully leaps from ledge to ledge with ease. Another good thing is you can remove poles from the walls and move them wherever you please, you can even hit enemies with them! There is a lot more use of the grapple rope in this game, you can use it to pull objects down from a height, swing and grapple from a wall at perilous heights and even tow yourself along the ...

Fallout 3 (Xbox 360) 16/05/2009

Fallout 3: THE game of the year

Fallout 3 (Xbox 360) I had played fallout 2 in my early teens and had loved it. I loved the choices that you were given and the way that your actions affected your world. When I heard that Fallout 3 was being released I was ecstatic as it meant that one of my favourite games was going to get an update. I got it on Christmas day and for most of the rest of the day, I was lost to the world. It was one of the most amazing games I have played in a very long time. With an Xbox 360 behind them, Bethesda has done a wonderful job of recreating Washington DC as a wasteland. There is hardly any lag as you explore the world and even the loading screens that are present are for the most part short and give you information about your quests and information about what you have achieved. Since fallout 3 is primarily played as a first person shooter, it is very accessable for people not used to a role playing game. The role playing element of the game is introduced early in the game and is a gradual process, allowing for people not familiar with stat points and perks a gentle start. The first stage of the game is in fact more or less a tutorial, slowly introducing you to the interface and levelling system before releasing you into the wasteland. This might seem a little tedious to seasoned role players such as myself, but is not that long and widens the potential players. When the leveling system is first encountered it can seem a little complicated as there two distinct parts of levelling up, choosing perks ...

Sony Ericsson C702 Cyber-shot 16/05/2009

The Sony ericsson C702.

Sony Ericsson C702 Cyber-shot First impressions and exterior. In my opinion, the Sony Ericsson C902 is a very good phone which looks good and is very functional. My initial impression of the phone was that it was very similar in style to Sony Ericssons that I have owned previously, especially the K800i. This, in my view, is a very good thing as I have always like the accessable design whilst still keeping it simple and compact. One of my favourite features on the K800i is the analogue sick on the keypad, which is still present on the C902, but has been redesigned as a square. Each of the sides of the square will move in a different direction. One problem that I have found is that the silver coating on the side of phone chips and falls off relatively easily, leaving an ugly black scratch. The screen, whilst not being the biggest available on the market, is ideal for the size of phone and means that the keypad does not feel cramped and undersized. The buttons on the keypad are made of a good material that seems durable and are well spaced. The main camera on the back of the phone is easy to activate as the lens cap is pushed to one side and the phone automatically loads the camera program. The lens cap is durable and has some raised bumps to aid with grip, but I have found that when it is in my pocket it can sometimes slide across without me realising. The battery and sim card are accessable by sliding the bottom rear of the phone down, but unlike most phones, there is also a locking mechanism that must ...

Standard Rotastak Cage 13/05/2009

Rotastak cage, Nice to look at but has a few problems

Standard Rotastak Cage The Rotastak Pink Palace cage is wonderfully bright, interesting to look at and is perfect for any little girls small animal. The cage itself is made of very thick plastic which is hardwearing and doesn't scratch easily. I initially bought this product because it looked as though my hamster would have a lot of fun with the tubes and the different sections. I will begin with the main advantages of the cage. The tubes are tons of fun for the animal and great exercise, you can position them however you want and they don't even have to be attached at all. It comes with several plugs which you can use on the exposed holes if you wish to remove the tubes from the cage. It comes with a feeding bowl made of very thick plastic, an exercise wheel and a water bottle. It is an excellent starter kit and there are many attachments and units you can add to it to make it more exciting. If you have cats which may attack small animals in the generic wire cages this is perfect as it it self-contained and protects the animal. However, there are many disadvantages which outweigh the positives. Setup of the tubes is very complicated and fiddly and it is a bit of a struggle to attach the tubes together. The tubes also leak sawdust when your pet runs through them which leaves a pile of dust on your floor which is quite annoying. The water bottle is quite small but is adequate, however, I have had many problems with the ball getting stuck up inside the bottle which obviously is dangerous if you do ...
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