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Tesco Value Self Raising Flour 30/04/2010

Why buy any other?

Tesco Value Self Raising Flour I will begin by saying that I do most of my shopping at Tesco’s and, as I am sure that most of you already know, they make a lot of their products in various different levels of quality – Tesco Finest, the standard Tesco range and Tesco Value. The prices obviously reflect the different ranges too. The way I see it each of these ranges has their place in my shopping basket. If I want something special I may well look at the Finest range but if it is something that won’t actually make any difference I go for Tesco Value wherever possible. The product in question today is Tesco Value Self Raising Flour sold in bags containing 1.5kg of flour. The self raising flours available in Tesco at the moment are as follows: Mc Dougalls 1.5kg for £1.25 Homepride 1kg for £1.19 Carrs 1kg for 98p Tesco standard range 1.5kg for 75p Then there is Tesco Value Self Raising Flour at 43p for 1.5kg now this seems like a no brainer to me! I mean flour is flour isn’t it? Once you have chosen the type you need – self raising, plain, wholemeal etc. – the cheapest option has to be the one to buy. You are only going to be using it in cooking after all! The only real problem with this product is if you are a value snob. The flour comes in a plain white packet with the familiar Tesco Value red and blue logo on the top left hand corner. Other than that the writing on the packet just tells you that this is Tesco Value Self Raising Flour and that it is ideal for making cakes, scones and biscuits. ...

Nivea Deodorant Pure Invisible Anti Perspirant Protection Roll on 26/04/2010

Nivea keeps my armpits smelling fresh

Nivea Deodorant Pure Invisible Anti Perspirant Protection Roll on The product in question is Nivea Pure Deodorant Roll On which currently costs £2.35 in Boots but they were on offer at 2 for £3 when I was in so I decided to try a couple of them. I always use roll on deodorants as opposed to the aerosol ones as I find them easier to use. I find that when I spray the aerosol ones the mist catches the back of my throat and makes me cough. The other problem with anything that I have to spray into the air and that is that Mew does not like it at all - he only has to see an aerosol in my hand and he is off like a shot! The container of this deodorant is made from glass as opposed to the plastic that deodorant containers are usually made from and of course this is recycleable, which is an advantage as far as I am concerned. The label on the front has the traditional dark blue Nivea logo and is very plain and classy which of course fits in with the 'Pure' description of the deodorant. The information on the label tells me that this deodorant provides effective 24 hour protection with a feminine, floral fragrance that leaves no visible residue on skin or clothes. It contains no alcohol, no colours, no preservatives and it has been dermatologically tested. A lot of manufacturers have changed the containers of their roll on deodorants so that they stand with the lid at the bottom to make getting the last bit of the deodorant out that much easier, but Nivea have chosen to keep the traditional design. The glass container stands with ...

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand 23/04/2010

Wave this wand and watch spots disappear!

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand I use Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel cleanser on my face every night. I have tried many others over the years but always come back to this one. I have written a review about it if you are interested. Over the last twelve months or so I have tried other products in the same range – specifically the Night Treatment gel, the Peel Off Face Mask and the Cleansing Wipes. I have been impressed with each of these and have written reviews about them. Last Christmas one of my stocking fillers from my husband was the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand. I know it seems like a strange present but he was pretty sure that I would like to try it and he was also building up some bonus points to use in payment for my favourite perfume too so I think he’s forgiven for the odd choice of present. He was right by the way – I did want to try this. The Price The current price in Boots is £3.49 but they have an offer of ‘buy two products from the range for £5’ on at the moment and this offer is repeated regularly so if you do want to buy anything from this range just wait until the offer is on. What does it look like? Well it is a tube shape and is about five inches long and about half an inch in diameter. The piece in the centre is about an inch and a quarter long and is solid. Each end of the tube unscrews from the centre to reveal a wand, which is dipped in a liquid intended to ‘fight spots’ with ‘instant action’. It is difficult to describe exactly what I mean but if you ...

How To Train Your Dragon (DVD) 22/04/2010

Now I know how to train a 3D dragon!

How To Train Your Dragon (DVD) We have just been to the cinema to see How to Train Your Dragon, the latest offering from the prolific DreamWorks animation studio. These are the same people that brought you great films such as Shrek and Madagascar. We decided to go and see the 3D version but I am assuming that it is possible to go and see it in 2D as well. The basic premise of the film is that there is a village of Vikings which is constantly attacked by a whole range of dragons of various sizes and killing methods. These are then either killed or driven away by the Vikings only to return again and again. Hiccup, the son of the chief Viking, wants to be a dragon killer but he is a slim lad not like the huge stocky figures of his father and his friends so when he tries the conventional brute force way of killing them he keeps getting it wrong. This of course means that he is a huge disappointment to his father and this in turn makes Hiccup strive even more for his approval. There are a wide range of different types of dragons from small ones right up to one called the Night Fury which is so quick and deadly that no one has killed or even seen one. Hiccup invents a large sling shot type contraption which he uses one battle night to bring down the Night Fury, but since no one else saw it happen and the body is nowhere to be found no one actually believes him. His father takes the other Viking warriors away to find and destroy the dragon's nest leaving Hiccup to join the other young people of ...

Lyle's Golden Syrup pouring 19/04/2010

All I needed was a little squeeze!

Lyle's Golden Syrup pouring I recently spent some time up in Edinburgh where Dave, my husband, is working and while I was there Pancake Day dawned. I sorted out all the things that we needed to make the pancakes together with some fresh lemons as hubby is a traditional sugar and lemon man where pancakes are concerned. Whilst I am happy with sugar and lemon I do also like a change and have used brown sugar, golden syrup, maple syrup and even Cointreau before now! I headed off to do the shopping and to look for a cheap treat to add to my pancakes. I ruled out the Cointreau as being too expensive and went to look for some maple syrup - until I saw the price! What I did notice however was Lyles Golden Syrup in a small plastic bottle so I decided to try that. For me, if it is golden syrup it has to be Lyles; I have tried others over the years but none equal the taste of Lyles. Up until now I have always bought mine in the traditional tins as I am an old fashioned sort of girl at heart but I thought that the bottle would make more sense this time. I can't recall how much I paid but a plastic bottle containing 454g of syrup currently costs 98p in Tesco's. For comparison purposes a can containing the same amount currently costs 87p. The bottle is about six inches tall and is fairly squat. It has the instantly recognisable Lyles Golden Syrup label in gold and green with the picture of the lion in the centre and the words 'Out of the strong came forth sweetness' written around the edge. On ...

Cadbury Crunchie Biscuits 15/04/2010

Yummy! Crunchie in a biscuit!

Cadbury Crunchie Biscuits A few weeks ago while we were shopping we saw some new Cadbury biscuits in Tesco’s. They were on offer at just £1 per packet and Dave treated himself to some of the Caramel ones. He took them to Scotland with him, as I thought they would be far too sickly for me, so I didn’t get to try them although Dave said that they were very nice. When we were in Tesco’s again today we noticed that there were some Crunchie biscuits in the same range – still just £1 per packet - so I thought it was time for my treat as I love Crunchie so I was sure I was going to like these. Just as a point of interest, according to the packet they also make Turkish Delight ones too although I am not sure that I like the sound of those. The packet containing the biscuits is flat and is the traditional purple of Cadbury’s with the gold of Crunchie so there is no mistaking what you are buying. The writing just says ‘Cadbury Crunchie Biscuits’ together with a picture of one of the biscuits broken in two so that you can see the inside. There is a little box on the bottom right hand corner where it tells us that each biscuit contains 80 calories and they should be eaten as a treat. Along the side of the packet the description of the contents is as follows ‘Milk chocolate biscuits with Crunchie bits’. I ripped open the outer packaging to find that the pack contained just eight biscuits arranged in four piles of two in a black plastic tray. Incidentally the whole pack weighs 130g. Each biscuit is round, ...

Asda Extra Special Toffee & Pecan Roulade 14/04/2010

If you want a taste sensation try this!

Asda Extra Special Toffee & Pecan Roulade I don’t know if anyone else has a husband like mine – I’ll tell you a story and you can let me know! Last week he was in town and rang me to ask if there was anything I needed him to fetch. I asked him to pop into Asda and get Mew (our cat) some of his favourite treats, Webbox Cat Delight Sticks as they are only available in Asda. When he arrived home he had indeed got Mew’s treats and he had also got an Asda Extra Special Toffee and Pecan Roulade!! Seriously he knows that I love almost anything with pecans so he thought we would both enjoy the treat and we did! The Price and Availability The roulade weighing in at 420g currently costs £4 and is only available from Asda stores – obviously – as it is an Asda brand product. It is a frozen product and so is found in the freezer aisle. The Packaging The roulade comes packaged in an attractively designed box to keep it safe from being crushed. On the front of the box there is a picture of the roulade sliced open to reveal the makeup of the dessert, which I have to say looks very appetising! It is worth saying at this point that the packaging is the minimum required to keep the roulade in perfect condition until it is required. Inside the box the roulade sits on a base of card to make it easy to remove it from the box. Of course with the packaging being all cardboard it is all recycleable so well done Asda! The writing on the front of the box tells us that this is a new recipe of Asda Extra Special Toffee and ...

The Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza, Llandudno 13/04/2010

A brilliant weekend of fun in Llandudno!

The Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza, Llandudno Since coming to live in Llandudno in 2002 we have enjoyed all the benefits of living in a popular seaside town not least of which is the Victorian Extravaganza. History The Extravaganza originally began in 1986 as a way of attracting visitors to Llandudno in the lull between Easter and Spring Bank Holiday and it has grown in popularity each year. When Is It? The Extravaganza always takes place over three days – Saturday, Sunday and Monday – culminating on the May Day Bank Holiday Monday. In 2010 that means it is 1st, 2nd and 3rd May. What Is It? Well it is what it says – and extravaganza of all things Victorian, although there are a few liberties taken and some things are not actually of Victorian origin! There are parades, fairground rides, displays, competitions and lots of fun for all ages. The main street through Llandudno – Mostyn Street – is closed to traffic for the three days and the stalls, displays, stages and rides are all set up there. It always amazes me how fast everything gets set up once the road has been closed and how fast it all gets taken apart again at the end of proceedings on Monday! Admission is free although obviously you will have to pay on the rides etc. Bodafon Fields Bodafon Fields is an area at the far end of Llandudno seafront next to the Little Orme and here there is a huge display of old, mainly steam powered vehicles together with old buses and motorcycles. There is usually a small fun fair here too together ...

Miele CAT & DOG 10/04/2010

1,000th review AND it's about my vacuum cleaner - how sad!

Miele CAT & DOG A few years ago we replaced our vacuum cleaner and it is still working so well I thought it was about time I told you about it. SO WHY DID WE BUY A ONE? Well about eight years ago we bought a house here in Llandudno which the previous occupants had run as a guest house and we converted the ground floor into a flat for mom and dad before we lost them to Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s respectively and the two upper floors for my husband and me. This involved a fair bit of building work such as installing an en suite downstairs, removing a partition wall to make our lounge and numerous other minor jobs. A lot of these produced plaster dust and chunks of plaster and, since it is a Victorian house, you can imagine the mess. You can see where this is going now can’t you? Both mom and I had new vacuum cleaners when we came here but after a couple of years they were both well past their best to say the least. Maybe hoovering up plaster bits isn’t such a good idea then? Once the major building work was finished and after a bit of discussion and investigation we decided to buy one good vacuum cleaner between us – mom and I we’re not THAT interested in housework believe me! SO WHICH ONE DID WE GO FOR? Well we looked round places like Curry’s, Comet and in the Argos catalogue and we kept coming back to the Miele. I hadn’t had a cylinder vacuum cleaner before, always preferring the uprights that I grew up with and I hadn’t even heard of Miele! The one we decided ...

Soap & Glory Clean, Girls! 09/04/2010

Well I am Clean Girls!

Soap & Glory Clean, Girls! Whilst shopping in Boots a few days ago I noticed that the Soap and Glory items were all reduced – add this to the fact that I had a voucher for 100 extra points if I purchased any of the bath products in the range and I was in there! I chose the Soap and Glory Clean Girls body wash which had been reduced by one third from £5.50 to £3.66. As far as I can tell the Soap and Glory range is only available in Boots although it is made by the Soap and Glory Co rather than being an actual Boots product. I am already a big fan of the Hand Food and the Heel Genius amongst others and so I was looking forward to trying this shower cream. The Packaging The shower gel comes in a plastic tube about six inches tall by two and a half inches in diameter with a pump action dispenser. The first thing that struck me was the fact that as well as being recycleable the packaging is the minimum needed for the product. On the front of the container the wording tells us 'You might be witty, charming, sassy and fabulous but there’s nothing quite as nice as being CLEAN, GIRLS. Skin softening, creamy body wash'. On the one side of the container there are instructions for use and all you need to do is to rub a handful of the cream onto slightly damp skin to create a thick creamy lather and then rinse off. Not rocket science then is it? LOL! On the other side of the container there is a list of all the many ingredients of the shower gel and the instructions for use. There is the ...

Town & Country - Ladies UltiMAX Gardening Gloves 08/04/2010

So good even I can wear them!

Town & Country - Ladies UltiMAX Gardening Gloves I have never been the sort of person who enjoys wearing gloves when I am working whether it is gardening gloves for outdoor work or Marigolds to do the washing up. I always find that the sensation in my hands and fingers is reduced by too much and it makes the job more difficult for me. Having said that, since I have been living in our current cottage, I have been wearing gardening gloves when working outside. This is because at the back of the cottage we have a garden set into the rock of the Great Orme here in Llandudno and at the front we have a private road and a couple of parking spaces which can get overgrown with weeds if I don’t keep removing them. By the way don’t suggest weed killer – I have tried that! Initially I had pairs of gardening gloves purchased from the local garden centre which were soft and comfortable and didn’t inhibit the sensation in my fingers too much. Sadly, since they were soft, they didn’t last very long and I was forever replacing them because the ends of the fingers wore out. Last Christmas, as one of my presents, Dave (hubby) bought me a pair of Ultimax Gardening Gloves made by Town and Country. We had seen them in one of the garden centres and I had tried them on before he bought them so that I could see if I thought that they would be suitable for me. They are available in both ladies and gentlemen’s sizes and the ones that Dave bought for me cost £14.75 – I don’t know if the gentlemen’s ones are slightly more expensive or ...

Chapstick Original 07/04/2010

I have balmy lips now!

Chapstick Original If you regularly read my reviews you will know that I couldn't live without lip saver! I hate the feeling of my lips being dry and I suffer from this problem all year round in sun, wind or in doors in the central heating. I find myself constantly licking my lips and then wiping them dry and then they just feel even worse. Consequently I have a collection of numerous lip balms in drawers around the house and more in my handbags. I read a review not long ago about Chap Stick and I thought - now there's an old product. I used to use this when I was a teenager, and that's 40 years ago; I didn't realise they still made it. Of course the next time I was shopping in Boots I had to take a look to see if they had any. I don't like to think I am missing out on anything after all. The Chap Sticks were available in original, apple, strawberry and cherry at £1.19 and a soothing medicated one at £1.79. I decided to try the cherry one as I love the taste of fresh cherries although I may well try the other flavours too. This is one of the lip savers that comes in a tube the size of a lipstick so it fits nicely in the pocket of my jacket or trousers and it will be easy to carry in my handbag. Even though the top is small and I was concerned that it would come open and get lip saver over everything in my bag this didn't happen - it always remained secure. When purchased the top of the Chap Stick is attached to the base by means of a plastic seal so that you can be sure ...

The Good Life - Series 1 (DVD) 06/04/2010

One of our best sit coms of all time!

The Good Life - Series 1 (DVD) Some time ago I wrote a review about the complete boxed set of every episode of the seventies comedy The Good Life in which I promised to do reviews on each of the individual DVD's in the set. I won't go into the set up too much here as I would be repeating what I said in the previous review and that wouldn't be fair on you as the reader or on Ciao who would be paying me twice for the same information, so I will just give a very brief synopsis. Tom and Barbara Good live in a posh part of Surbiton and have decided to become self sufficient. This entails plating both their front and back gardens with vegetables and keeping pigs, chickens and a goat! The next door neighbours are Margot and Jerry Leadbetter who are good friends with Tom and Barbara. However Margot is a snob and is horrified at the new set up next door. The sit com is then a series of various events and their consequences to all parties. So the first DVD in the set has the six episodes of Series One which were originally broadcast in 1975. Plough Your Own Furrow This is the episode which sets the scene for the whole series. We are introduced to the four main characters - Richard Briers as Tom, Felicity Kendall as Barbara, (the late) Paul Eddington as Jerry and Penelope Keith as Margot. It's Tom's 40th birthday and he isn't happy working the daily grind as a draughtsman. He wants to change his life but can't decide how - he knows 'it' is out there but can't find out what 'it' is. Eventually ...

Tesco Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue 06/04/2010

Well it feels soft enough on my cheeky bits anyway!

Tesco Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue When in my local branch of Tesco’s the other week I needed to buy some toilet rolls and as usual I was looking for the best deal on decent toilet rolls. I don’t buy the very cheap ones as I do think that we need a little bit of luxury in that most delicate of areas! I usually choose between Andrex or Charmin (or Cushelle as it is now called) being the two softest currently on the market. I look to see which one has the best offer on at the time and that is the one that I buy. On this occasion there were no decent offers on either of those two but the price of the Tesco Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue was good so I thought I would give it a try. I purchased a 12 roll pack for £4.98 making them about 41p each. They are also available in packs of four or nine but they then cost slightly more per roll. I bought the pure white one but they were also available in magnolia and blue. The packaging is fairly plain with just the words ‘Tesco Luxury Soft’ and ‘soft, strong and as long as the leading brand’. The product has the FSC logo which means that it is ‘sourced from well managed forests and other controlled source’. The information on the back of the packet just gives the usual Tesco price promise to refund or replace any product that falls below standard. It also reminds us that the wrapping should be kept away from babies and children to avoid the danger of suffocation. The facts and figures of this 2ply toilet roll if you are interested are as follows: Average ...

Yeoman Bow Saw 04/04/2010

Good exercise and free fuel!

Yeoman Bow Saw Now I know that this is an unusual category for me to be writing in so I'll start by giving you some background as to why I would be found using a bow saw! When we moved into our cottage we had a multi fuel burner installed although we actually use it just as a wood burner. We have a friend who is a gardener and he lets us have the wood from any trees that he either prunes or cuts down so we end up with free fuel and that can’t be bad can it? Dave has made a saw horse for us - for the uninitiated amongst you that's a sort of frame on which the wood is put for sawing and it keeps the wood still so that there is less likelihood of accidents which is a good idea for the accident prone like me! Now the really large pieces of wood are cut by Dave using the chain saw and there is NO WAY that I will be having a go with that one! I like having 8 fingers and 2 thumbs thank you! The chunks of wood then get chopped with an axe - now I did try this but managed to hit myself with it quite quickly so I gave up on that! Incidentally I did only give myself a small cut and still have all my digits! This leaves the smaller branches which need to be cut into pieces with a hand saw of some description and initially we were using the small tenon saw that we had in the workshop, but this wasn't very efficient to say the least so we decided to buy a bow saw. I initially used a bow saw purchased from £4.98 from B & Q which, to be fair I still have, but I also have a Yeoman Bow Saw ...
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