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Japan Airlines - JAL 02/08/2000

Cheap & nasty

Japan Airlines - JAL I decided to travel to Australia last year on a very tight budget, so I booked my flights through one of those travel companies advertised in Sunday newspapaers. My flight cost me just over £500, which was great, but the flights themselves were not so great. There was not much leg more and the seats were very narrow. For a long legged European this made for a very long, uncomfortable flight, although on 2 of the 4 flights I did have a row of seat to myself which I made use of. I had ordered Westerian food, as I don't eat fish. When I got on board the first flight, the western dish was fish!! I had to eat the Japanese dish, which made me violently ill. On the flight back to London from Japan, again I had ordered Western food. There were only about 100 people on the Jumbo jst back, but by the time I was served my dinner, they had run out of Western food. I wasn't offered any alternative, and I sat starving on the plane home. Burger King never seemed so good when I arrived in Heathrow. I wouldn't travel with JAL ever again, although it has not dampened my enthusiasm for Australia, so I will be going with a more upmarket airline the next time! ...

Dolce & Gabbana 02/08/2000

Smells like heaven !!

Dolce & Gabbana This is a wonderful scent. It is very heady and senuous. Everytime I wear this scent, someone, usually a man, will comment on it, saying how great I smell - reason enough to keep on buying it!! It seems to smell different on everyone, so test it before buying - it didn't smell so good on my sister. Dolce & Gabbana is a great scent for the winter as it smells warm, very musky and quite sweet and spicy. I think it is a very grown-up and sexy perfum. It is great value for money as it lasts all night no matter what!!! ...

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (All Skin) 02/08/2000

Moisture Splurge

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (All Skin) I love this product and would recommend it to anyone. I received a free sample of this last year from Clinique, and I have bought myself several tubs of it since. It can be used as a face mask or under make-up, but I personally use it as a heavy duty moisture treatment last thing at night a couple of times a week. The next day, my skin feels great - really smooth and fresh!! I think this product can be used by anyone, but particularly people whose skin needs a stronger moisturiser every now and then. ...
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