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Muller Light Smooth Raspberry and Cranberry Yoghurt 21/03/2009

Seriously Smooth & Fabulously Fruity

Muller Light Smooth Raspberry and Cranberry Yoghurt It's been a couple of years since I've written a review, so hopefully I can still remember to write! My review is about Muller Light Smooth Raspberry & Cranberry Yoghurt. And a 'fat free' yoghurt at that! Now, as the self-proclaimed 'fussiest eater in the world' - I'm not generally a fan of yoghurts! I don't mind the flavour of them, but I don't like bits. I understand lots of you love the bitsof fruit in yoghurts, so in which case this may not be the one for you. However, I would urge you to give it a try. After all everything deserves one chance doesn't it? I wasn't sure to start with but I really love this one - although as I said I am fussy! This yoghurt is not available as part of a multi-pack (or not that I've seen in any of my local supermarkets). It's larger than your average yoghurt pot - At 200g it's a whole 80g larger! I don't think it's too large, but I'd struggle with anything bigger! The pot is a round shape - it's pleasing on the eye as far as yoghurt pots go. It shows the fruit on the top - and it's labelled very clear so you know what you're getting. Nutritional Information: This yoghurt has 50 calories per 100g, making the whole pot just 100 calories. Also per 100g, there's just 0.1g fat. There is also 126mg of calcium in 100g - great if you're not getting much calcium elsewhere. Taste: This yoghurt is full of flavour - it really is VERY fruity flavoured. Neither of the 2 fruits has the more powerful taste as far as I can make out. You ...

Northern Lights - Nora Roberts 31/05/2007

Northern Lights - full of passion & suspense

Northern Lights - Nora Roberts I find Nora Roberts an unusual author. Some of her books are the best I've ever read - whereas others are so hard to get into that they remain unfinished months after I've started them. Also, I find some of her books are so obvious and predictable, while others keep me guessing right until the end of the book. This book - Northern Lights - is one of the latter. It's full to the brim with romance, passion, suspense and even a bit of gore added in. It kept me guessing until right near the end. This is definitely one of my favourite Nora Roberts books. This 535 page book is published by Piatkus (, and the paperback version retails at £6.99. However, as it was first published in 2004, you may be able to find this on offer in places, although I haven't seen this. The story is about a big city police officer called Nate Burke. Nate is riddled with guilt after his partner and friend was killed in front of him while he could do nothing. When the book starts, we see Nate having a last ditch attempt at saving his sanity by relocating to a tiny, remote Alaskan town called Lunacy. He feels that by moving here and taking up the position of Chief Of Police in Lunacy, he might just find some kind of solace. While Nate is battling his inner demons, he also has to cope with the fact that he is an Outsider, and has to gain trust from the locals. They don't welcome newcomers very well, and Nate has to try very hard to bring them round to his way of ...

Disney Guess Who? 30/05/2007

Guess Who? (with a touch of Disney!)

Disney Guess Who? I first saw this Disney version of Guess Who advertised about 18 months ago. I hunted high and low for this as a present for my daughter, but everywhere was either sold out or never stocked it in the first place. The fact this this was during the build up to Christmas probably explained why it was out of stock most places! Anyway, I must have forgotten all about it and bought a whole load of other Christmas presents instead! Last weekend I was browsing in the shop 'The Entertainer', when I saw it sitting on the shelf, priced reasonably (I thought) at £15.00. The game says from age 6+ and as my daughter is now 8 (and a half), I toyed with the idea of getting this as i thought she might be too old for it. Anyway, I went ahead and got it, and if anything it's actually a bit challenging for her. THE GAME The game is by MB Games and it works exactly the same as the original Guess Who game. For anyone who hasn't heard of or played this game, I'll explain what its all about. The game is for 2 players only. There are 2 boards, each with 24 different faces on, which can be stood up or faced down. The same 24 faces are on each board but not necessarily in the same order. (You have to assemble the faces on the boards yourself, so the order is up to you). Each person takes a board so that the pictures are stood up and facing them and their oponent can only see the back of the board. You also have a pack of 24 seperate face cards (the same faces as are on the player boards). ...

Discovery Foods Flour Tortillas 29/05/2007

Soft Flour Tortillas - A very versatile wrap

Discovery Foods Flour Tortillas If you are looking for a bit of variety in a meal, or an alternative for bread, then I would really recommend Discovery Soft Flour Tortillas. I have always got a couple of packs in the cupboard and I think they are the most useful thing to have around. I’ll summarise some of the facts, and then give you some ideas as to how I use them: Type of Tortilla - These tortillas come in packs of 8 – in either Original or Garlic & Coriander flavour. They are not at all dry and both have a really good flavour. Where you can find them - You can find them in most supermarkets near to the packets of rice. I bought mine in Tesco, but I’ve seen them in Asda, Sainsbury and Somerfield before. Price – they cost £1.28 usually, but you can often find them as part of an offer. A couple of weeks ago they were reduced in Tesco to £1.00, and this week they are in a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer. Nutrition Facts – Each tortilla has 116 calories and 1.3g of saturated fat. Heating instructions - Although you can have these cold, if you prefer them warm, you can heat each one for 10 seconds on full in the microwave, or place the whole packet (without the wrapper - just the tortillas) on a plate in the microwave for 1 minute on full. It does say they should be covered, but I never usually worry and and mine taste ok. My 6 favourite ways to use the tortillas! 1. The traditional fajita – I don’t always buy the big packs to make up the fajitas. I just stir fry some chicken, mix in some ...

Me from A to Z 23/05/2007

The A to Z of TJ

Me from A to Z I'm really new to Ciao, and I'm having a fab time!! I've been having a read of load of reviews, rating them and giving my comments. Hopefully I'm doing it right - I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm not!! Anyway, I thought I'd have a go at this - although I'm not sure if I can think of something that represents me for each letter. Well here goes ..... A A is for Amy, my one and only child. She's 8 years old and absolutely perfect. I can't have any more kids due to complications having Amy so that makes her even more special - and a bit spoilt too! B B is for Bingo! I'm 34 and I love Bingo! I play on line and also at the local club. Not every day, but its a good night out! I dragged my husband along last year on our anniversary and I won £1000!!! C C is for Cats. Apologies in advance to any animal lovers, but I can't stand Cats. I suppose it doesn't help that I have a huge alergy to cats and can't stay in the same room as them for more than a few seconds. D D is for Diets. Unfortunately, I'm with the majority of women in this country whose weight is always going up and down like a yo yo, and I always seem to be on a diet. E E is for Easter Eggs. In complete contradiction to the above! Why are Easter Eggs so good? And is it me or does a Easter Egg taste so much nicer than a bar of chocolate of the same brand. Why is that? F F is for Formula One. I don't follow much sport, but absolutely love Formula One. I'm up at 2am every year to see the ...

Montana Sky - Nora Roberts 22/05/2007

Montana Sky - getting raunchy on the ranch!

Montana Sky - Nora Roberts I came across Nora Roberts books purely by accident after getting one free in a goodie bag a couple of years ago. Since then, I've read and collected quite a few and Montana Sky is the latest one I've read. Although I really like Nora Roberts as an author and find some of her books totally 'unputdownable', I also find some of her books very hard to get into and in fact I haven't finished a couple of them. Montana Sky however, in my opinion, is in first category - from start to finish I was gripped with this book and it didn't disappoint. The 467 page book was first published in 1996, so it's not a new book by any stretch of the imagination. However, the copy I have read was actually published in 2006 so it looks like this one has had a bit of a facelift! The story is about 3 grown up sisters - who all share the same father (Jack Mercy), but all have different mothers. The sisters have never met each other and come from 3 completely different lives. When Jack Mercy dies (he's already dead when the book starts so I'm not giving away the plot) he leaves a ranch worth $20 million equally to his 3 daughters. However, the twist in the will is that all 3 have to live together on the ranch for 1 year before they will inherit anything. The eldest sister - Tess - sees this as her worst nightmare. She's a sophisticated city girl who can't bare the thought of spending even 1 more day on the ranch, let alone a whole year. Lily - the middle sister - looks as this as a ...

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando 21/05/2007

An African dream in the heart of Disney

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando I have been to Disney World Florida 4 times, and I have stayed both outside and within Disney World. Personally, I would never choose to stay outside of the park again, as the hotels within have everything you need and the ease of staying on resort is a really important factor when choosing where to stay. Last time I went to Florida, I wanted something slightly different from my Disney holiday. I stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World Florida in February 2006. I stayed for 11 nights with my husband and 7 year old daughter. The Animal Kingdom is one of 10 deluxe hotels that is situated on the resort of Walt Disney World. The hotel has an African theme and is set in over 30 acres of Savanna. If you want to make the most of your experience staying here I would highly recommend booking a Savanna View room. You then will be greeted every morning with the sight of Giraffes, Zebras and many other African animals right outside your bedroom window. This is the option we chose and our stay here would not have been so enjoyable if we hadn’t been able to experience this wonderful sight. Don’t forget to take a camera!! There are 1,293 bedrooms over 5 floors in this hotel – all of which have a balcony. Instead of the Savanna View, you could opt for a Standard View or a Pool View from your room. All rooms are large and spacious. They all feature ensuite facilities and sleep 4 people comfortably in the rooms. There is one main pool in this hotel – called Uzima ...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse 21/05/2007

Can low fat chocolate mousse taste good?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse I am ALWAYS on the look out for something that tastes good, is low in calories and doesn't cost the earth. Cadbury's Dairy Milk Light Mousses come close to ticking all three boxes as far as I am concerned. The mousses come in packs of 4 and are available in most Supermarkets. I have seen these in Tesco, Sainsbury & Asda, and they always seem to be having a pricing war on these. Generally they are 99p for the pack of 4, but sometimes one of the supermarkets has a big sign up saying they are selling them cheaper - and then they are a whole ...... 98p!!! I don't find this too expensive, although it's not cheap either. The pros of these mousses are that they are only 60 calories a pot (ok the pots are only 55g, but it's just enough to give you that sweet taster). I have to admit I have only tried the Light version, so I'm sure the regular pots have a totally different taste. In my opinion these are creamy and very chocolatey. On a downside (as a self confessed chocoholic) they are not rich enough for me, but this may suit many other people better. One other downside I can think about (but it may just be my local supermarket) is that the sell by dates on these don't seem to be very far in the future. Usually they are only in date for about a week, so it's definitely worth checking if you are buying these. More information on Cadbury desserts, can apparantly be found at I hope you enjoyed reading. I am very new to this, so any feedback ...

Uncle Ben's Microwaveable Rice 21/05/2007

Convenient Rice in a Packet

Uncle Ben's Microwaveable Rice Uncle Ben’s Microwaveable rice is a great convenient way to finish a meal or even just as a snack on its own. All you need to do is tear the corner of the packet slightly, put in the microwave for just 2 minutes and you have hot rice ready to go. These come in several different flavours, and I’m yet to find one that I don’t like. My favourite by far is the Chinese style rice which contains chives, red pepper flakes, soy sauce and sesame oil. Other flavours include Pilau, Basmati, Lemon & Rosemary, Egg Fried Rice, Chicken and Mushroom. There are several others as well, but these are the only ones I have in my cupboard at the moment! You can buy these packets of rice at any supermarket – I’ve seen them in Tesco, Somerfield, Sainsbury & Asda. You can usually find them somewhere as part of an offer. This week in my Tesco they are 3 packets for £3.00 (usually they are £1.25). The packets of rice vary in calorie content usually from between 130 and 160 calories per 100g. The packets are 250g so are quite a nice size for 2 people. They also do a family bag at 500g, but these are hard to stand up in a small microwave, and also are only available in Long Grain & Basmati at the moment, so you haven’t got any flavours there. The flavoured ones are quite nice on their own if you’re in a rush. My only criticism of these packets of rice is that if you do them for slightly longer than the 2 minutes, they can get a bit stuck together, so makes sure you stir them up well before ...
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