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Netdoctor Alphosyl 2 in 1 Shampoo 26/10/2003

Finally something that helped

Netdoctor Alphosyl 2 in 1 Shampoo Every spring and autumn I suffer from Psoriasis on my Scalp. It gets triggered by the changing seasons and the dry air indoors due to the central heating being switched on. My scalp feels itchy and very tight. I have dry, crusty patches that vary in size (they can be anything between thumbnail size and £2 coin size). At times it gets so bad that I scratch until it bleeds. Not very nice especially if you are itchy in public and people thing you have nits lol. I have tried various shampoos, lotions and potions to stop the itching and to stop the dry patches forming- put nothing cleared the Psoriasis. This was until I discovered Alphosyl 2in1. Alphosyl 2in1 is a medicated Shampoo with the alcoholic extract of coal tar. This is the active ingredient which treats the Psoriasis. The smell is not very pleasant in my view and it has a dark blue/green colour that also does not look very attractive. But once I had used it on my scalp I was delighted. The itching stopped near enough after the first wash. The dry patches have now nearly all gone after only3 weeks of using it twice a week. As I have very thick hair the only thing that I really do not like is the way I have to fight my hair when I am combing it. Even it being a 2in1 shampoo I found that it leaves my hair full of knots and combing is quite painful. This is after applying the shampoo as direct on the bottle. Because of this I have now started to use a very mild conditioner after one wash with Alphosyl 2in1. This ...

Nestlé Kit Kat Kubes 28/09/2003

New Kitkat Kubes!!!

Nestlé Kit Kat Kubes I am writing my first opinion about a chocolate bar. Actually in this case lots of little chocolate bars. To be precise there are 16 of them in the new packs of Kitkat Kubes. They are about 1 inch long and ¾ inch wide. They are the same height as a normal Kitkat and really one could say they look like a Kitkat cut into 16 pieces with the added extra of the chocolate ends on each cube. But first things first: They are in a red bag approximate 5 inches by 4 inches with the well known red on white Kitkat logo in the middle. It also says in blue letters the word Kubes. There is a picture of the cubes on the bag which gives a good idea on what the cubes look like. Opening the bag: The bag is an easy pull apart style bag and even my kids had no problems opening them. First impression and taste: The smell is just as yummy as the big Kitkats and they look just like a Kitkat. They are little cubes of crisp wafer covered with thick milk chocolate. I popped the first one into my mouth and they are just the right size, not too big or too small. They taste just like Kitkat but because of the cube having chocolate all around you get more chocolate then biscuit compared to a “normal” bite of a standard 2-finger-kitkat. This is a big Bonus for my liking. Since there are 16 Kubes they are ideal for sharing (I did not share mine as I am greedy lol but my daughter shared one bag). They are ideal to have in front of the telly and my bag lasted for the whole of Coronation Street! ...

All About Me 28/09/2003

Question Time

All About Me 1.What time is it? 18:06 02. Name: Karin 03.How may candles on your last birthday cake. Would have been 31 but nobody bought me a cake :-( 04. Hair colour: red 05. Tattoos: None I am scared of needles and would not to be stuck with the same picture on my body for the rest of my life 06. How much do you love your job on a scale of 0-5: 3 07. Favourite colour: Blue 08. Home County: Oxfordshire but originally form Germany 09. Current Relationship Status: Married. 10. Favourite food: Chinese take away- Springroll as a starter then Chicken in black bean sauce with lots of Onions and Peppers and then Banana fritters as a pudding 11. Been to Africa? No -but I would love to go maybe one day when I am rich ;-) 12. Been to Camden? Drove throught it once when I got lost 13. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? My children especially when I am proud of them for something. I feel like bursting with pride every time they play on the piano and have been known to cry 14. Been in a car accident? Three- whiplash each time, one with a bus one with a lorry and one with a concret mixer! I call myself lucky that it was never more serious, Also luckily never my fault! 15. Croutons or bacon bits? Both but for different meals 16. Sprite or 7UP? Sprite 17: Favourite Movie: I like Robbie Williams, Texas, Phil Collins and Annie Lennox. I also like classical music. 18. Favourite Holiday: Anywhere- as long as the whole family is ...

Surf Washing Powder 24/09/2003

A cheaper alternative

Surf Washing Powder Being a mother of 2 girls and a childminder I have at least 1 load of washing a day. Until recently this was done with one of the other leading brands. But after I run out on a Sunday afternoon I had to take the alternative my husband bought from the corner shop. As he always looks for bargains and special offers it turned out to be Surf. Not to impressed with his choice I put the first lot of washing on and got a more then positive surprise when the washing was finished. It smelled very fresh and all the kids and adult stains had come out. The washing smelled and felt nice even without any conditioner. I don’t think that I will be paying more for my washing powder again if I can have all the benefits form Surf for less money. Here is some more info about Surf I should have added in the first place. It was the Lemon Fresh Surf tablets. 48 tablets=24 washes. Its a Biologival Powder and is made by Lever Faberge. The pack advised to use 2 tablets for normal washes and 3 for very dirty. I use just one for a quick wash if the items are not "really" dirty and even with my husbands work uniform 2 tablets still get everything clean. Surf promise to remove 99 top stains including Make-up, Coffee, Felt Tip Pens and all sorts of food-spills which I can say all come out in my wash. I got this offer from Somerfield and it is a 25% off the normal suggested retail price. I paid £3.47 for it.
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