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Vileda 147276 Relax Robot 26/03/2017


Vileda 147276 Relax Robot the size of a large dinner plate, and about as tall as your phone, the Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot is a bare-bones robot cleaner that seems to have been designed to do what it says on the tin without expensive embellishments. First up, it does not come with a docking charging station, and instead you have to physically plug it in with a separate adaptor. Not really a chore, but we did love that little feature on the Roomba. We also miss the Roomba’s lighthouses which directed the vacuum cleaner away from certain spots. No such gizmos with the Vileda however, and once the unit is charged and set going, it’ll keep on going regardless of where it is. Because of this, we found it very important to have a look around the floor before switching it on. Make sure you lift things like pet food bowels, lengths of string and tassels from rugs, and anything too big and bulky that the robot wouldn’t be able to climb over. Again, a bit of a chore, but doing so (to take into account the Vileda Relax’s lower specs) is saving you all that dosh. Once up and running (or slowly crawling) we found it to perform pretty well. Actual suction was good, and the spinning brushes on the underside helped to dislodge even ingrained dirt and crumbs. It also features a spinning brush on the right side to flick any bits and bobs from the edges of the floor under its all-consuming mouth. This too worked well, and you even get a replacement included should the original wear out. As you might expect the Vileda ...

Metabo ASR 2025L SC 26/03/2017

About metabo asr 25 L SC

Metabo ASR 2025L SC The Metabo ASR 25 L SC Compact Vacuum Cleaner and Power Tool Dust Extractor is a 25 litre capacity, wet and dry vacuum cleaner featuring "SelfClean" (Semi-automatic filter cleaning during breaks for next use) technology, automatic shut down (when liquid capacity reached) and features Electromagnetic Shaking to avoid the build up of dust. It holds two polyester filter cassettes with a large filter area for constantly high suction capacity, with two M-Class filters included in the kit. · Compact vacuum cleaner for liquids and dry solids with commercial registration · Ideal for mobile use due to low weight and compact construction · For extraction from power tools and to clean construction sites, workshops etc. · SelfClean: semi-automatic filter cleaning during breaks for next use · User protection: certified in accordance with EU standard for L-Class dust · Automatic shut-down when vacuuming liquids once the maximum fill level is reached · Automatic trailing mechanism for emptying the suction hose completely · Antistatic basic equipment prevents static charge when using appropriate accessories · Cable winding mechanism · Practical accessory case and storage area · Storage and transport system: coupling of MetaLoc and vacuum cleaner with the Metadepot (accessory) · Two polyester filter cassettes with large filter area for constantly high suction capacity

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel 26/03/2017

Gel very good

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel I love this shaving gel! The product truly works for sensitive skin. I have a problem with irritation all over my legs after I shave when using other products. It gets so bad that I have to use aloe vera gel or Hydrocortisone. But I don't have to worry about irritation when using this. I also haven't cut myself while shaving in a while from using this. Each time I run out, I go to a store and usually buy a two pack if it's in stock. So if you want to use a non irritating shaving gel that also helps prevent cutting your legs, Excellent product. Feels smooth on the skin, very creamy. A tiny amount is enough to do the whole body. After using the gel the skin feels so soft as if after applying body lotion. No particular smell detected. Will definitely repurchase again and again.

Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB 26/03/2017

Excellent ability

Sony Xperia X Performance 64GB The Sony Xperia X Performance is a good smartphone, but it lacks some key features that are expected from flagships, and its current price point makes the device overpriced, and offers poor value for the money. It’s no secret that Sony has been floundering of late, despite its flagship Xperia Z line being quite impressive. However, an odd release cycle, pricing strategy, and limited availability have all resulted in the company struggling to make an impact in the ultra-competitive high-end market. Sony is hoping to shake things up with a new smartphone series introduced back atMWC 2016, that takes the Xperia X moniker, with three devices that cover the low-end, mid-range, and high-end smartphone spectrum. Among the three, the Sony Xperia X Performance is the flagship, but does this device prove to be a worthy successor to last year’sXperia Z5andXperia Z5 Premium, and does it provide the injection of freshness that Sony needs to herald a reversal of fortunes? We find that out, and more, in this comprehensive Sony Xperia X Performance. Sony may be done with the Xperia Z line, but the company is having a hard time letting go of the past, as is quite evident when looking at the design language of the Xperia X series. What you get with the Xperia X Performance is the familiar rectangular slab design, with slightly rounded corners and tapered edges along the sides. One change that has been made though, is in terms of build quality, with Sony moving on from a metal and glass build ...

Sony Xperia E5 25/03/2017

About Sony Xperia E5

Sony Xperia E5 although there are limitations on the design and the screen, but the Sony Xperia e5 still have the main camera resolution 13 megapixels equipped features autofocus, and the led flash. the camera to record video resolution full HD with color very clear. then to the front, has relied resolution camera 5 megapixel can count on to take pictures selfie and communicate through video call. the ability of the second smartphone camera is quite standard, but not so the problems during the price Sony Xperia e5 in the tag of cheap. Interestingly, specs Sony Xperia e5juga supported with internal memory large capacity 16gb, and extend storage external reach 64 GB. possibility smrtphone also supports USB OTG, so you can take advantage of flash disk to save big file. Unfortunately not in the know battery capacity embedded in the body Xperia e5, and hopefully capacity greater compare batteries have Xperia e4 that has a capacity of reach 2.300 Mah

Sony Xperia Tablet S SGPT121 16GB WiFi 25/03/2017


Sony Xperia Tablet S SGPT121 16GB WiFi the use of aluminum for the frame material and comes with a unibody concept. Build quality premium grade palpable when the device is in the grip. Solid impression and weight make this device feels comfortable when held. On the back cover is also no longer the exclusive presenting the impression through the glass material with the look of glossy, matte textured finish replaced. the panel on the body still looks thick that the device looks bigger. It seems to be one of the flaws in the latest series because the ratio of screen-to-body still less than optimal. In addition it has been equipped with a fingerprint sensor, gyroscope, Acellerometer, Compass and Barometer. The device is in tenagai with large capacity battery service life (non-removable). For data connections, using a network of Cat. 4 to support LTE and dual nano SIM slot. Luckily, the hybrid is not installed with a MicroSD slot, so users do not have to alternate in installing.

The Pianist (DVD) 25/03/2017


The Pianist (DVD) Its very good at me used,, sound very good design i very like it,, because very simple and good, i very happy at i used it, because the sound very clean and very big sound is issued, kept there are many tones that makes me more excited to play, it's just the price I had to spend expensive, but I feel satisfied when I play, let alone with a boyfriend would be more romantic.continued I find it easier to learn to play because it has been given a guide to how to play in order to more quickly master it, and easy to understand so that I am now proficient enough to play, and can collaborate with my friend in which he was a player play I also learn from them together.
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