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Written from the Heart 31/10/2005


Written from the Heart How do you tell someone you love them? How do you say you care? Is life completely awkward? I venture into the dark streets See the people walking by Hear the laughter and the joy And wonder where I am Is this the real me? Is it like this to be lonely? I hate being alone I see couples walk hand in hand And wonder where you are You should be here I try to make things work I try to make them better But I see that I can't Things I can't control Seem to take over And I don't know where to turn I get a grip as you take the wheel I feel completely safe You take me to where I want to go You sweep me of my feet I wake up and you're not there Was I really asleep? I reach out to hold you You're not there How can you be lonely? In a world this big A lot of people Lots to see and do Am I really alone?

Glenn Miller 25/08/2005

In The Mood for a Moonlight Serenade??

Glenn Miller Alton Glenn Miller or Glenn to everyone that knew him was born on the 1st March 1904 in Clarinda, Iowa to parents Lewis Elmer and Mattie Lou Cavender Miller and was one of four children; he bought his first trombone at the tender age of thirteen whilst his family were living in Grant City, Oklahoma and joined the town band. Glenn attended High School at Fort Morgan, Colorado and studied at the University of Colorado for two years, however lectures got in the way of his love for music and as such he dropped out in order to pursue his dream. After playing with various small bands he was given the opportunity to play with Ben Pollock's orchestra in 1926, his band included well known musicians such as Benny Goodman, Gill Robin, Fud Livingston and Dick Morgan; Glenn stayed with the band until 1928 when they moved to New York. Whilst in New York, he persuaded his college sweetheart, Helen Berger, to come to New York and marry him, this she did and they settled in Manhattan. From there Glenn worked in pit orchestras and with the Dorsey brothers as well as working as a freelance musician and arranger. Unable to have children themselves due to previous complications, Glenn and Helen adopted two children, a girl named Jonnie Dee and a boy named Steven to make their family complete. It was in 1934 that Glenn helped form Ray Nobles American Orchestra to which Glenn was the front man and arranger, the band had regular slots on the radio and soon proved popular. However in ...

Everything that starts with T ... 23/08/2005


Everything that starts with T ... Well as I go away for a short break for two months, here's a little something to keep you going until I get back, hope that you enjoy reading my poem. If you have read my other poems, you will know that I don't think much of my poetry and this one is no exception, it's as naff as the others, but at least I had fun writing it. Happy reading.... +++++++++++++++ ++ Tick, tock Time stands still Like the raspy breath of a frail old woman The anticipation of a new born baby Waiting for an answer Waiting for the dawn Tick, tock I'm waiting For this moment to pass Waiting for an eternity Just shuffling by Resembling an old man Tick, tock The day is done The night comes crashing down The moonlight shines It's peaceful Tick, tock So serene, so still Tick, tock From the clock in the immense hallway Capturing the moment in your heart Sleep sweetly ©Tea65-2005

Cadbury Caramel 11/08/2005

Join me in a journey to chocolate heaven

Cadbury Caramel I am feeling in a rather piggish mood today and rather fancied some chocolate. As I was in Tesco's earlier this morning I noticed that some Cadbury's chocolate bars were on offer for three for 99 pence; I ended up buying two Cadbury's Dairy Milk with Caramel as they are now known and a Cadbury's Flake, I hope that you will be able to join me as I take a chocolate journey to heaven. ~~A Little History~~ The year is 1821 and a young Quaker by the name of John Cadbury opened his first shop in Bull Street, Birmingham. By the year 1831, the shop had changed from a grocery shop and John Cadbury was now manufacturing drinking chocolate and cocoa, this was the start and since that time Cadbury's have been the lead manufacturer in Chocolate. ~~The Packaging~~ Now I have bored you with a bit of history, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. The bar is covered in a foil effect wrapper that's decorated in purple and yellow with a swirl of white and the logo Dairy Milk and With Caramel placed just beneath it and the famous Cadbury logo to the top. To tempt the consumer there is a picture of a nugget of chocolate with caramel oozing out of it and two glasses of milk being poured in to it. ~~The Bar~~ Once I managed to open the packet, which was relatively easy I must point out, I was greeted by delicious looking chocolate made up of six nuggets. The bar measures 5" x 1½ "x ¼" in depth and each individual nugget measuring ¾" x ½" x ¼" in depth. Before I get stuck ...

Everything that starts with J ... 05/08/2005

An Ode to Jack

Everything that starts with J ... I wrote this back in January this year my son was 7 months old and as I am starting a challenge to myself to complete the A-Z in the Café I thought that I start off with this one, even though the peom's naff. *************** ********* My son is a lovely boy In fact he's quite a charmer He smiles at the ladies And gabs at the men Jack is the light of our lives He sits in his chair And talks to the telly I think he thinks they can hear him He likes the cartoons He loves to play He rolls around the floor He grabs his toys He screams and shouts Jack my son Fills our days His toothy grin His dribbling smile And his mischievous little ways I love to see my son asleep So sweet and innocent I could watch him for hours Good night my little boy For tomorrow is another day Tea65 (2005)©

Fimbles Sit n' Ride 27/07/2005

Sit n' Ride without the need of a licence

Fimbles Sit n' Ride It was my sons' First Birthday a few weeks ago and my husband and I were stuck with what to get him, as Jack has a lot of Aunts and Uncles he would get bombarded with presents so we decided not to get him too much and Fimbles Sit N' Ride was one of the presents we bought for him. ~~What Are Fimbles?~~ For all those that haven't been brainwashed into watching the Fimbles by their little ones or those people that have no idea in general, I will explain. Fimbles are little creatures that live in Fimble Valley. The Fimbles live in a hidden valley of exotic flowers and plants, full of natural play areas like the Happy Hollow, Comfy Corner, Play dips, Busy Base, Purple Meadow and magical features such as the Bubble Fall and the sparkling Tinkling Tree. The Fimbles consist of Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom and there is Roly Mo who also appears in his own show. ~~The Product~~ The Sit n' Ride comes in a big colourful box, with pictures of the Fimbles and the Sit n' Ride on it. The toy is suitable for indoor use or outdoor use, at the moment Jack's is indoors but once the weather improves he'll be out in the back garden on it. Upon opening the box the Sit n' Ride is comes in six pieces and a simple set of instructions for ease of assembly. Jack's Sit n' Ride is made of moulded plastic in a multitude of colours consisting of yellow, orange, blue and green and seems very appealing to his little eyes although as far as I am aware there is other colour ranges out ...

Everything About My Dad 20/07/2005

My Dad

Everything About My Dad I felt that I couldn't put this under the Depression side of the Café as it isn't really advice I was offering, so I've chosen to place it here. My Dad, James, was born on the 31st July 1949 and unlike most children he didn't have a very happy childhood, he was the result of an affair my grandmother had and being devout Catholic refused to abort him and rather than give him up for adoption his life was made a living hell. This is his story and how he became the man that he was, so apologies if this review is sketchy but trying to piece details together that I've learnt over the years isn't an easy thing to do. My Dad was one of three children, he had two older sisters Josephine the eldest who died about 14 years ago and Brenda whom I haven't seen for nigh on 10 years and then a few years later my Dad was born. From talking to different people that knew my grandparents back then have said that outwardly they gave the impression of a loving devoted couple and as they were married for over 50 years there must have been something there. I have no interest in how my grandparents met or why they married and I'm not sorry that they are dead; sad but true! My grandmother made my father's life a misery and my grandfather made no attempt to stop it. You see back then, my grandfather had an affair this was confirmed by a close family friend and I suppose in retaliation my grandmother also had an affair but got pregnant in the process, what is the big deal in that I hear ...

Member Advice on Keeping Cats 12/07/2005

Living the purr-fect life

Member Advice on Keeping Cats I thought that as I had a bit of time on my hands I would tell you a bit about my cat Oscar or to give him his proper name Thedallco Rabble Rouser. ~~The Breed~~ In 1964 the original Ocicat was the unexpected result of an experimental breeding which attempted to produce an Aby-point Siamese. Virginia Daly noted CFA breeder living in Michigan knew the possibility of getting the sought after Aby-point and was willing to invest the time she knew it would take to breed the two generations that were necessary. But the ivory kitten with golden spots was a surprise! Mrs. Daly's daughter named the breed the Ocicat, because of its resemblance to the ocelot. Tonga, the first Ocicat, was neutered and sold as a pet. When the Detroit newspaper publicized the lovely spotted cat and when noted geneticist, Dr. Clyde Keeler, expressed his desire to see a domestic cat which would mimic some of the vanishing wild species, the breeding was repeated to produce more Ocicats. Other breeders followed Mrs. Daly's recipe to develop other Ocicat lines with a broad genetic base. While the Ocicat looks wild, its temperament is anything but ferocious. It is a lot like a dog in that it is absolutely devoted to its people. The Ocicat is not a demanding, clinging-vine type, but is confident as well as dedicated to its owners. Most Ocicats are also quite extroverted around strangers, not at all bashful about checking out the possibilities for a few playmates or a lap to curl up on when visitors come ...

Sakata Rice Crackers 05/07/2005

Cracker-ing Good Food

Sakata Rice Crackers Before I get started, I have to warn you that I have been in Tesco's once again, so look away now if you don't want to know what I bought this time. If you are still here that I'll carry on…the other day I was looking for something different for my son to nibble on, as before he's been eating breadsticks and Cow & Gate toddler biscuits and was rapidly getting bored. As I was walking down the biscuit isle towards the top where the gluten free range is I spotted Mr Sato's authentic rice crackers made by SAKATA™ and a range of different flavours, picking up the 'Original' flavour, I finished off my shopping and headed home. ~~What Are They?~~ Well, they are little wafer discs not dissimilar to the texture of prawn crackers but a bit crunchier and crispier. The discs are approximately 1 inch in diameter and about 1 millimetre thick. Mr Sato's was released on to the UK market in June 2005, so not many people may have heard of them. ~~The Packaging~~ The packaging isn't the most eye-catching on the shelf. The packaging is clear with a white band around the centre with a white strip on one side and a blue strip on the other side, a big blue strip at the bottom of the packet and black to the ends where the packet is sealed. There is a black and white picture to the front and either side as well as the brand name and informing me that I have bought the 'Original' flavour. Inside is a plastic ridged container/tray that contains the crackers, there ...

Tesco Butter me Up Butter 20/06/2005

Have a bit of butter on your knife

Tesco Butter me Up Butter This is yet another one of my bargain reviews. As most of you lovely readers will know I am a fan of bargains especially in the food shopping side of things, so I thought I'd tell you about my margarine/spread conquest, as Tesco have beaten the competition hands down once again. ~~The Packaging~~ The tub and lid are a sunny yellow colour with a blue band around it and the words Tesco and Butter me up! Spread written on it, a nice picture of a buttercup is on the tub and the lid and as you lift the lid off, you are greeted with a foil top, presumably to avoid contamination from unscrupulous shoppers, underneath this is a nice subtle yellow colour of the spread itself. On the bottom and one side of the tub is a brief bit of information that I'll get to later and on the other side of the tub, it advises me of the nutritional values this also I will get to shortly. The lid advises me that the product is suitable for vegetarians and shows the best before date, which upon looking is 30th August 2005 (which is a very reasonable shelf life considering that my tub's been in the freezer for the past month) and that this particular tub weighs 1kg. The packaging is made from recycled materials so that is good for the environment too. ~~Why Do I Buy It??~~ I buy this as it is made with buttermilk, whilst I am not a fan of butter; this is the next best thing for me that I can get. Butter, to me, tastes 'cheesy' however this product tastes exactly the opposite and ...

Very Best of Janis Joplin - Janis Joplin 17/06/2005

Love Janis

Very Best of Janis Joplin - Janis Joplin Janis Lyn Joplin was born 19th January 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas and her parents Seth and Dorothy Joplin allowed her to develop her artistic side. Discovering a talent to sing the blues, Janis played the coffee houses and hootenannies in and around Texas. Janis later moved to Venice, North Beach and New York, eventually settling in Austin, Texas as a student at the University of Texas. Janis excelled with her creativity, but almost killed herself with drugs and alcohol, especially speed. Deciding to return home for a year, she went back to college but was never content. Music still called her to her in spite of its dangerous association with drugs; when an old friend, Chet Helms, called to offer her a singing audition with a local group, Janis was tempted. She found a San Francisco community, turned upside down by the flower children of 1966, and was offered the singing position in a relatively obscure group called "Big Brother and the Holding Company." Drugs began affecting their performance and work and in Christmas of 1968, the group played its last gig together. Janis went on to form her own group and released a new album "I Got Dem 'Ol Kozmic Blues Again, Mama" in September of 1969. Janis eventually tried to quit her drug use and formed her and final third band, called Full Tilt Boogie Band, which produced a more professional popular sound. Janis felt she'd finally found her unique style of white blues. She was never happier with her new music. While ...

Blood Crazy - Simon Clark 17/06/2005

The world has gone mad! (edited)

Blood Crazy - Simon Clark II discovered this book back in 1999. I had been wading through all of the late Richard Laymons' books and had come to the end and desperately needed something to fill the void. The book stall that I regularly bought my books from recommended Simon Clark and advised that he was a fairly new writer and that I should try his book 'Blood Crazy', I knew that this was a selling tactic but bought the book any way. ^^^To Whet Your Appetite^^^ It's Saturday. Going shopping? For a meal? To the movies? Everything nice and normal, right? By Sunday, civilization is in ruins. Adults have become murderously insane - literally. They're infected with a crazed, uncontrollable urge to kill the young. Including their own children. This is the way the world ends... ^^^Synopsis^^^ The book is written on a first person account, based around Nick Aten, he's 17 years old, cocky, likes to party and get drunk, who doesn't at that age. He comes from a loving family consisting of his parents and younger brother and has a best mate Steve, who has a passion for cars and Oriental girls. He has a lifelong enemy by the name of Tug Slatter, who goes out of his way to try and terminate Nick's existence, literally. Tug and Nick have to work together to survive, but will they??? As the story unfolds, you meet various characters, such as Martin DelCoffey who's the resident expert who's researching what happened to the adults and why they are evolving in such a way from when it all ...

Everything that starts with L ... 17/06/2005


Everything that starts with L ... This poem is one that I've just written, it isn't all that great but it's what I'm feeling at the moment, I would have put it in the Poetry section but it appears that you can only put one poem in at a time and edit the one you've published, so it's here instead. Thanks for reading. +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ I feel like I'm wandering I don't know where I'm going Each path is different Twists and turns I want to scream I need to cry I'm lost I've got to move I'm suffocating I just can't stir Where will I finish? I chose my destiny But where does lead? Time won't change anything I'm still going to wander Round and around I can't handle the pressure What can I do? I've got nowhere to go I've got no one to see I'm on my own Help me! I want to hit out I need to throw something I can't deal with this anger I hate this pain I'm lost again Tea - 2005 ***I thought that I should mention that this is one that I wrote before I went away for a few days*** ...

Cadbury Flake Dipped 07/06/2005

Dipped? Nah, I'll have it as it was thanks...

Cadbury Flake Dipped Chocolate used to be my thing; I was the original chocoholic. I used to consume on average 6 bars a day, however that all changed once when I had a chocolate bar that to me didn't taste right and it put me off chocolate for years. Since that time I've gradually taken to eating chocolate again but never on the mad scale that I used to and remembering back all those years, the Flake was my all time favourite, so when I was out walking with my son after playgroup today, I popped in Tesco's for a chocolate fix and spotted Cadbury's Flake Dipped and thought I'd give it a try. ^^^The Wrapper^^^ The wrapper is the classic yellow with Flake across it in purple, however underneath this in a sort of swirl effect is a purple strip with the words Dipped and a picture of the said chocolate bar as well as the famous Cadbury logo. The wrapper is made from recycled materials, so that's good for the environment. The Flake we have all grown to love has always been wrapped in a yellow cellophane wrapper that's twisted at both ends, but this isn't the case with this bar; the wrapper is a foil effect that is sealed at both ends, very much like all modern day bars. The wrapper tells me that the bar is a crumbly milk chocolate Flake covered in milk chocolate…sounds good to me. ^^^The Bar^^^ I managed very easily to open the wrapper and was greeted with a chocolate square log approximately 6 inches x 1 inch x 1 inch and smelt of wonderfully rich chocolaty goodness that made ...

Denim And Leather - Saxon 04/06/2005

Never Surrender

Denim And Leather - Saxon From being a small child, my earliest memory is sitting with my Dad listening to "747" by Saxon and many other 70's rock/metal groups, as I was born in 1976, my younger days were filled with music as both my parents felt the need for their children to appreciate music and not watch so much television. It is because of my mothers and late fathers love of music in all forms that I grew up to appreciate that not all music sounds like Boyzone and as such I dedicate this review to them. ~~Some History~~ Saxon have been around for many years now, not many people now a days will have heard of them but people like myself that grew up with their music playing will know who they are and how they helped change the face of music back then. It all started in South Yorkshire, a band got together during 1976 calling themselves "Son Of A Bitch" with founder members Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson. They teamed up with another local band "Coast" featuring Biff Byford on vocals and Paul Quinn on guitar. In the end the two bands settled on a line-up comprising of Graham 'Oly' Oliver, Steve 'Dobby' Dawson, Paul 'Blute' Quinn, Pete 'Frank' Gill and Peter 'Biff' Byford. The original name was dropped a few years later and the band re-christened themselves "Saxon". During this time they were doing the rounds playing their own material and performing in rock clubs and concert gigs supporting the "Ian Gillan Band" as well as a few others. They recorded demo tapes at Tapestry Studios, ...
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