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Your personal review of 2007: Which events stand out for you? 07/01/2008

Year 2007 - A year to cherish for lifetime !!

Your personal review of 2007: Which events stand out for you? Year 2007 was very happening and adventurous for me and taught me many lessons of life. When I saw this topic as Ciao Current Issue, I could not stop myself from sharing my experiences with all of you. The year started with me already lost in love with a girl of Indian Origin. We had already developed so much liking towards each other that we decided to get married this year. The biggest decision of my life with the start of 2007. Since I am also of Indian Origin, so my base family still resides in India. People do not accept marriages of these types easily and I had to use all tricks and tantrums to make them agree for this marriage. They agreed and we got the biggest happiness of our life and it was decided that we will be married in June 07. Now, let me take you to a different horizon, my workplace. I was enjoying my work to the fullest and had made lot of friends in the past years. So, all in all the office was lovely and rocking. Suddenly in February 07, my closest buddy, my friend had decided to move out the organization and was going forever to United States of America for pursuing rest of his career. It was now inevitable to stop him and early March I lost one of the closest friends in my life with whom I had spent almost every moment of life. It was April, all sad without my buddy and suddenly to worsen the things I got to hear from my relatives in India that they are actually not ready to get me married to the girl of choice. Reason, they are not actually ...

The Terminal (DVD) 25/12/2007

A Perfect Movie to Watch at Christmas !!!!

The Terminal (DVD) A must watch to enjoy Christmas time ! This one is a masterpiece from Steven Spielberg. Its Christmas time and everyone is in a mood to relax leaving behind all the office worries, and i bet this lovely movie will not only make you laugh but will touch your heart ! The movie though belongs ot the Comedy Genre but it actually is more than Comdey, it keeps you lost in its flow and make you feel the characters in real sense. Cast Directed by the maestro Steven Spielberg (i am big fan of his movies) , the movie stars Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones and Stanley Tucci.. It is on the story by Andrew Nicol and Sacha Gervasi. To be very true, i never knew that this one was from Steven Spielberg as i love to watch movies and i rarely care about the cast and directors. I saw the movie and when i was watching the cast in the end i realised that it was none other than Steven Spielberg who has made this masterpiece. Plot The movie is about a man trapped in JFK international Airport and is neither allowed to enter United States nor to return back to his home country due to a revolution that has taken place. The main character of the movie Victor Navorski is from a so called country Krakozia and arrives at JFK International Airport and is neither allowed to enter United States nor to return back as his passport has become invalid since his country's government was overthrown by a revolutionist rebelling group. He is forced to stay at the Airport terminal until ... 12/12/2007

Lost in finding Gift !! -- find-me-a-gift .com Review of Just before i start writing this review, the first thing which i want to tell you is that i hate their URL !! Its such a difficult one to type once you have lost your Browser history or deleted it intentionally. It makes no sense putting up hyphens and making the name so long. The URLs should be user friendly, should not be chosen in a way where the user keeps on guessing about the way to write it. How i came to know about it No strange way but just by surfing thorugh Google to find a one. I needed it because i wanted to send a on time Birthday present to my Sister living in Poole. It never remained a Birthday present by the kind of delievery they offer. It reached as a toooooo belated birthday gift :( Design of the Site The site has a poor mix of colours. Just imagine Blue background with Orange tabs. It looks so shabby , so fake that anybody who is using it will keep on suspecting about their genuinity. If a rich man is dressed in a torn shirt and trouser how a person able to identify that he is rich. I think you got my point. They have tried to put almost all the classes of gift on the left hand side ranging from Christmas Gifts, Men's Gifts, Women's Gifts to Pet Gifts. The main centre part of the webpage shows you a big heading 'Customer Comments'. You click it and you find the people saying good things about the site. I don't understand that why they wan't to show that they are genuine. Some latest products are ...

Philips RQ 1095 Arcitec 11/12/2007

Philips Arcitec - Helping you to value your face

Philips RQ 1095 Arcitec Philips Arcitec This one is one of the finest product of Philips in Electric Shavers. A lot of marketing in support of this product with a high price of about 160 to 250 GBP is not just a hype but true. It is actually a great product and thus its price should not stop it to capture the market. Quality of Shave The Quality of the Shaver is always determined from its ability to remove hairs. My shave has always been a challenge for the shavers and this one proved to be a good performer in dealing with it. It is capable of removing the hairs from the remotest areas of your face and the ones whic are indeed left out by normal cheap shavers. Going some details, it was able to shave off the hairs from my neck and on the side skins that cover my lip which in normal conditions would leave side burns. Its always difficult to remove these hairs without a good deal of effort but with ARCITEC it was quite easy and comfortable. I had no marks left on my face and i felt quite happy about this. Cleaning Another aspect which one should look at while buying a shaver is the ease to clean it. It comes with something called Jet Clean which cleans the device with a solution. Also, you have an option of opening the heads and wash it in tap water. So it reaimns in a clean and hygenic condition for use in a great condition when you use it next time. Battery performance The battery usage time is quite long to ensure that you are not left out in between. The charger ...

Qutab Minar, Delhi 07/12/2007

Standing Tall since 1199 : Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar, Delhi Qutab Minar This is the another one which i covered when i visited India in October last year. My friends told me that it is a great place to visit and yes it is when you actually know why it there and what for. So, before you go i think this review is gonaa help you to enjoy its beauty to MAX. History King Qutubuddin Aibak of Slave dynasty laid the foundation of the Qutab Minar in 1199, adjoining the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque, to proclaim the victory of Islam, after the defeat of the last Hindu kingdom in Delhi. It was the Afghan, Muhammad of Ghur who ousted the last Hindu king Prithviraj Chauhan in AD 1192, but he returned to his country leaving Qutbuddin Aibak as his viceroy. In 1206, on his masters death, Aibak crowned himself as the Sultan of Delhi. The word Qutab Minar : Qutab means Axis Minar means Minaret So, you may call it as Axis Minaret. Doesn't sound good. Let it be in its original form :) The tower which was built in three stages has 5 stories with projected balconies on each. Qutab-ud-Din completed the first one . Second, third and the fourth were completed by his son-in -law, ''Illtutmish in 1230. It was struck by lightening due to which the Top Storey fell down and thus two stories were built in its replacement , the fourth and the fifth in 1370 AD by Feroz Shah Tughlaq (AD 1351-88). It is the HIGHEST stone tower in India with a height of 239ft . It has a base diameter of 14-15 meters and 2-3 meters at the top. The first ... 07/12/2007

== The Kids Window .com == "Peep in Now " This site is amazing for sending or buying gifts for your kids or the ones you know and love. I have myself ordered number of gifts from this site for my Nephew on his birthday or just to surprise him. Believe me , he was so happy to see those special gifts that i have really started trusting this site for anything i want to buy for kids. The site has well distributed sections which help you to easily look for products : * Fashion and Clothing * Baby Goods * Prams and Push Chairs * Beds and Furniture * Personalised Items * Toys and Gifts * Outdoor Play * Books DVDs and CDs One of the best sections is the Books DVDs and CDs section. The reason being you have an option to send an Customized gift to your child which is all about him/her only. Sound Interesting !! Though i know many of the other site offers the similar kind of options but these people are fast and good at them. I ordered a Book named as Santa and Me which was customized to hold my name, my wife's name, my sister's name and my brother in law's name. The main hero of the story was my NEPHEW and the story was all about him and Santa Clause brininging gift for him. I think its a great idea for a Christmas Present too for your child !! They are fast in deliveries. Such cutomized products take a hell lot of time to be ready, but these people are fast and do it so quickly that even if you late in ordering them you will still be able to make on time !! They charge ...

Goa (India) 06/12/2007

My Experience with Goa !!!!!

Goa (India) I will not tell you about the Kms and the Location , rather i will tell you what you should do an dhow would you feel......yes, afterall its about sharing the experience!!! My Experience with Goa was in October 2006 with my family. Its a place where you can anjoy alone or with your family or when you are on Honeymoon. Means its a complete package. The main highlights of the place are the BEACHES, which are spread all around in the State. There are numerous beaches and some which deserve worth mention are : Vagator Palolem Candolim Baga Ajanta I would suggest that avaoid the rush at the Candolim and Vagator, which are not-so-clean, and enjoy the lovely beauty at the Palolem Beach. If you are a Water - Sport savvy then you will like the Beach near to the Taj resort. The Para-Gliding will make your nerves full with excitement. I am a person who loves water so i really enjoyed this place and with Liquor available more than water there, it was a heaven for me. If you really want to enjoy real beauty of the Beaches, take a cottage along the Beach shore and lie down on a armchair facing the beach with a drink in yuor hand. The xeperience is mesmerising. Goa is not just about Beaches, it has lot of Indian Traditional Temples. A village known as 'Mangeshi' , where the singing legend, Lata Mangeshkar was born has a temple called 'Mangeshi temple' which has lot of followers. There are lots of Churches and the most piopular one is the Old Goa Church where a ...

Darjeeling (India) 06/12/2007

God's Heavenly Creation !!

Darjeeling (India) I am unable to understand that how this one is left with only 2 reviews...this is a heaven man and i expected 1000 reviews on this....anyhow...i will tell you how ......... I went to this place recently on October this i am fresh enough with memories to tell you everything about it ...... Darjeeling is located in State of West Bengal , India and once you enter India you will start hearing its name for pouplar Tea it produces...but the Place is not only about Tea....its a me its a Heaven..... Though you will be attracted for 9-10 points there but i will suggest you what are the actual worth visiting places : Tiger Hills : This is a place with which you will start your early morning in Darjeeling. Go to this place at 4.00 in the morning and see the lovely first ray of sun falling on the Kanchenjunga peeks with an awesome view of sunrise...i was half asleep when reached there but once i saw this beautiful scene in fromt of my eyes...i could not sleep for days....i just cannot stop remebering its beauty..... Tea Gardens : The hilly town is completely surrounded with tea Gardens all around. These are grown in such a disciplined manner that you won't stop saying wow !! .....the smell of tea leaves makes the place smeeling so good that you will always be fresh. Zoo and Museum : This is the place where they have some great rare species which are found only in India kept secure...i would suggest you to take a guide and then see this ...

Canon Digital IXUS 960 IS 06/12/2007

Live even after Death !!!!

Canon Digital IXUS 960 IS Camera is something which ia very imporatant to us ...not in a way they are becoming technically better but because they keep our past alive......Isn't it a great thought (Well i have become a writer !!! )....not kidding...but seriously its true....The pictures taken by Camera keeps our memories alive for not only a lifetime but for our chlidren..their children and so on.... One should, thus, settle only for good while buying a Camera and this is the reason why i am writing this review....If i can help out in making yuor memories everlasting....its a honour to me.... This model of Canon IXUS 960IS is new to the digital IXUS range of compact cameras.Its 12MP with 2.5 Inch wide LCD screen camera to be talking in most general sense. It uses the DIGIC III procesor for faster and better performance and image processing. Some of the specifications can be listed as :  18 Scene Modes + some for experts as in manual ( i am not a photgrapher so couldn't explore them)  My Colours Mode  Special in Camera Colour effects  USB2 Ease of Use The camera has a perpetual curve design, this means eat easily rests on your hand and slips off easily in your pocket. The On/Off button is on the top of the Camera. A 32 MB SD Card is included with the camera which is not enough for a 12MP camera. The main problem while capturing a image or shooting a video from a Digital camera is off the end-time shaking which makes the picture blurred. This Camera has ...

Nokia 3230 06/12/2007

Its BAD but i still LOVE it !!!

Nokia 3230 Its almost two and half years now that i have this phone.....I bought it the day i saw it launched....The screen ..the make...the style just mesmerised me and i bought it.... I am aware of each and every thing that could be done on this phone.....I loved it first week and then the story goes like this...... 1st week : Lovely phone....i have a Blutooth, i have 32MB memory given to me, i have 1.3 MP camera, i have good sound....and i have great easy of use too..... 1 month : Ah !! The phone hangs by itself...i just pressed 2-3 functions at a time and shit it hangs and restarts.....what the hell is this...... it is doinf this now on a regular basis 6 months : The silver feel on the edges has started coming out...i could find it looking old..very old....the sound is not coming up fine....its a bit low in volume as compared to whn i bought it 12 months : The back cover is comes off by iteself....the memory card often becomes loose and i feel i could sew it up..... The battery doesn't last cannot even survie a day...this is something bad !! Now : Its all Rubbish !!! Why i bought it ...............but still i am using it .....u know why ??? Reason : The Phone has some great features....which actually are so usable and so easy to use.....some of them are like : Bluetooth is very fast The Walllet is very good The SMS to multiple persons is outstanding List Messaging Contact addresses and Details are maintained in very good ...

Sony HT-SS500 06/12/2007


Sony HT-SS500 Have you ever heard someone saying " I like to watch movies at home coz i love the picture quality and the sound i get there" Yessssssss.....i know this person....and its none other than Myself....and the reason....this Home Theatre System......Sony HT-SS500...and i must tell you my Window Glasses start shaking when i turn on the Multi Channel Sound Mode. This one is a complete has a lovely have 5 Speakers and 1 Woofer.....and you know they operate in Multiple modes ....Some of them are : Rock Jazz Multi Dimensional Pro Logic PLHI Movie PLH MUSIC and many more.... Just turn on the Multi Dimensional Mode and then you feel wahta actually you mean by a 5.1 Channel Recording....its amazing..... Its a 1 CD Changer......and you have a lovely remote...with many many functions...... Coming o Picture Quality....i must say that SONY has never compromised with the quality of their Product and this one is another example of that....The Picture Qulaity is perfect .....simply perfect... To add more to supports the JPEG all your pic CDs can be very easily viewed on the Television...Think if you have a 40'' LCD and your pic comes all over that....Sound GR8 !!!!...yes it feels great.... The best thing about the product is the PRICE..........yesss dear...its like somebody is selling mIllenium Dome in 1 Pence....yes...true....this outstanding product comes only for 140GBP The features can be summarised as ...

Chandni Chowk, Delhi 05/12/2007

Crowd..Noise..Screams..STILL... I M LOVIN IT !!!

Chandni Chowk, Delhi I visited India and i was told that if you want to see what actually is the meaning of shopping and a market, than you need to go to Chandni Chowk in New Delhi. Oh!!! I entered and i thought what i have done to place to step...and here goes my first impression : POOR Then, my indian mate asked me to be patient and we started exploring the place. ratings started incresing....poor to average...average to liking....liking to good...and good to very good....but because of all the great characterstics i listed above i had to contain myself to GOOD to be politically right. Things you can find in there : I love Indian Dresses and specially the SAREES and other dress material for KURTAS etc...and when you like them...come will fall in love with bargains i have ever seen in this world.....cheapest prices....and best quality.....dont\'go by the way they packed...just be contained to the product itself... Its silver...silver and silver there toooo........great jwellery.....big heavy ornaments...and when you put them on your not only love them...but you love yourself.....looking like a next time whn you are gonna impresss yor a lovely one from here.....and find the will cost you nothing... Its basically a business centre...or calll it a trade when i have started ...

Sony Ericsson W700i 05/12/2007

Mine is Singing LOUD !!!!!

Sony Ericsson W700i I bought this phone in Jan 07 and have no complaints whatsoever from this product. The best part about the phone is that it has a lovely sound. The sound quality is not just good but its outstanding in the money you pay for it. The other features like 2 MegaPixel Camera , Bluetooth and other features mahe it more value for money. The Screen is small and thus if you are fond of surfing net of cellphone then you won't feel good. This is a disadvantage. The memory is huge and is expandable to 2GB . The Battery backup is great. I don't charge it for a week and i manage to talk to everyone i want to. I would say its a real value for money and you would love its sound !!! It comes only in one colour, i.e. Titanium Gold and you have no other options. I would suggest to buy it if you need phone ...a camera...a walkman and a value for Money !!

Vauxhall Calibra 2.5 24v 04/12/2007

I bet you can't find better than this !!!

Vauxhall Calibra 2.5 24v Its not always easy to rate a car because you need to take lot of factors in consideration and finally you have to decide on your likes and dislikes. The pickup is poor and you won't be able to achieve much of accelaration in some seconds. Its not comparable to BMW300D but yes, i can say that it is not much behind it. You need to get the Exhaust enghanced if you are really looking for some great accelaration. Gives great performance if you change up oil every week or once in two weeks. This car may intially seem to be not upto those standards which you expect but when you run it for a month or so you will start loving it and would prefer it more then any other models of this brand.
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