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Needful Things - Stephen King 16/08/2012

Needful Things - Stephen King

Needful Things - Stephen King In my opinion this book is a great read. An apparently nice guy moves into a neighborhood opens a store, everyday life right, but wait every person that goes into that store this nice guy has they most secret desire on one of his shelves and given that it's something that we have always wanted and never thought to own we don't question how he know our desires, we only know we must have no matter the cost and therein lies our down fall because in this particular store the price is a very high one and in the beginning we don't even realize what we have paid but no matter it will be come apparent in just a little while. What is the price you ask not much really........ it will just cost you soul. You decide is it worth it?

The Witching Hour - Anne Rice 15/08/2012

The Witching Hour - Anne Rice

The Witching Hour - Anne Rice This is the first of a trilogy that I love beyond words, I am a horror, thriller fan and I absolutely adore this book. I was in a book store and this particular book just spoke to me and I bought it and I must say I have no regrets. After reading the first one I was on a mad hunt for the 2nd and then the 3rd, I just couldn't wait for them to come out in my part of the world because if that book had cost a $1000.00 I would have to get the money no matter what I meant I wanted these books and no matter what I had all and every intention of owning them each and every one. I even refuse to lend them to anyone that's how much I love those three books. lol i am serious I won't lend them out. ...

Montana Sky - Nora Roberts 15/08/2012

Montana Sky - Nora Roberts

Montana Sky - Nora Roberts A friend of mine lent me a copy of this book and i have to be honest I read it and when I was finished I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had to have a copy of my own I just loved this book. I love the fact that the sisters each came from different back grounds and had to find common ground to go from strangers to having a meaning full relationship with each other, and finding love in the process .. I especially love when one sister fainted, and when they was fight i was forever trying to decide whether to laugh or cry the book is really that good, i also love the very very end of the book, to be truthful it was made for reading and Nora is truly a great writer. ...

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 15/08/2012

John Paul Gaultier Le Classique Eua De Parfum Natural Spray

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Classique Eau de Parfum Natural Spray I love this any thing by this guy is usually good and makes one feel good he's great love it!! My first product by him was a gift and from the first sniff I was in love, and his scents for men are wonderful it draws you in it has you leaning in to get a better smell and if the guy is sexy any woman would be in trouble his products are just that great. I also have to mention the fact that his selection of bottles are also great both for men and women I must tell you that I actually keep them and I ask my men friends to buy the perfumes and when they do I ask them if I can have the bottles when it is finish usually I get them. Absolutely love his work. ...
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