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Good shop, incredible service It's a sad reality that a great many gaming stores are truly terrible places to shop. Condescending clerks, appalling service and sky-high prices abound, reflecting the very worst out hobby has to offer. LegendGames, however, doesn't so much break this mould as grind it into dust. Hyperbole aside, it really is a great little shop, offering what are often incredibly niche products at reasonable prices. After countless hours spent trawling big-name sites for miniatures and dice, I had all but given up hope when I stumbled across LegendGames. Half an hour and about ten quid later, I was all set up for my first ever game of D&D. This would probably be worth a decent write-up and 'would buy again' seal of approval on its own, but it was only later that the most impressive side of the site really began to shine. When things began going wrong. It turned out that the ten pounds hadn't actually left my account. I shan't bore you with the details, but a minor misunderstanding with PayPal (on my end) meant that the payment was frozen for two long, deeply embarassing weeks. Now, most big retailers would be chewing the walls in this situation, let alone small, family-run ones. The LegendGames team, however, were almost unbearably nice about it, even though they had already shipped the order (which arrived the very next day, mind you). No angry demands, no (entirely justified) rebukes, just excellent customer service. The selection is good, the products are reasonably priced, the ...
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