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Sydney in general 08/11/2000

Sydney - Beautiful City

Sydney in general Sydney, one of the most refreshing cities I have been to. As a Londoner, I always like to be in places with a whole variety of things to do and Sydney really does offer everything. It is green, there's water all around, no litter, friendly people, a great exchange rate, loads of things to see and do. The transport is pretty good too. I tended to catch a ferry in to the main harbour. My highlights were : Climbing the bridge ! Botanical gardens Beaches Shopping China Town Sydney Opera House City Harbour Ferries Oh and if you can, do a day trip to Port Stephens, great place, see dolphins, visit vineyards, stroke koala's . . . Or even the Blue Mountains, awesome view folkes !

The Antipope - Robert Rankin 25/10/2000

Excellent first in a trilogy of four !?!

The Antipope - Robert Rankin The first thing I thought when I saw the cover of this book in the Bookstore, was, what an odd title. I picked it up and then started browsing through. Rankin brings alot of his Brentford life into his books, but he does it in a most amusing way. His characters are so funny and yet real. Jim Pooley and John O'Mally, I can only but smile at the mention of their names. The ideas behind the story are not just entertaining, they're intriguing in a most silly way. Do read the trilogy, it's fabulous. I think it's one of Rankins best novel sets.

Rendez-Vous With Rama - Arthur C. Clarke 23/10/2000

Interesting Sci-Fi from an environmental science point of view

Rendez-Vous With Rama - Arthur C. Clarke One day I happened to wondering around aimlessly in Woolworths, when I saw a PC game called Rama. And of course after having bought, found it came with the book. So I loaded it on to my PC, & discovered a totally new world which fascinated me and I ended up getting totally drawn into the game. However, then I got stuck and as the frustration got worse I found myself wondering whether the answers could be found somewhere within the book itself, and so muggins here decided to read . . . I personally enjoyed the book so much, that I ended up buying the entire trilogy and reading the lot. It's at a rather slower pace than most of the sc-fi I am usually in to reading but nevertheless makes an interesting read. Oh, and if you're wondering, . . . no, I never did get the solution to the game I was playing. Maybe I should search the net for a walk through . . . ...

Use of Weapons - Iain M. Banks 23/10/2000

Sheer Excellence

Use of Weapons - Iain M. Banks I started with "A Player of Games", moved on to "Consider Phleabas" and then out of sheer Obssession moved on to "Use of Weapons". I can't stop. And by the looks of it, neither can Ian Banks, but his ideas don't either. Each time I read one of his books, I cannot stop. It just keeps on getting better and better. We enter into the life, past and present, of Charadenine Zakalwe. More and more of his life is revealed as you continue through the book. I still cannot bring to words how impressed I am with this book. The twist at the end just made a superb and enjoyable book even more outstanding.

The Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad (DVD) 16/10/2000

I can't get enough of these Films

The Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad (DVD) This is a film you can watch over and over again. The animation isn't up to today's standards maybe, but that gives it it's charm. And considering it was made in 1958 you can't ask for anything more. The myths and saga's turn these films into a cult movie which I always tend to associate with the holiday periods, Christmas, Easter etc. Do get this on Video for a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon on the sofa. An older generation, say those of 23 upwards and young kids too, would probably enjoy this more. It's a classic.

Kingpin (DVD) 04/10/2000

My throat is horse from laughing

Kingpin (DVD) King Pin's humour has you on the floor laughing. Black comedy and yet dry / sarcastic with it. There are some moments that would appeal only to those of you with a really sick sense of humour. Me for example ! How they managed to combine a morman with an ex-con come ex-bowling wizard I just do not know, but they did and it works beautifully. The characters are interesting, some of the gags old but still amusing, the music quite cool, the plot very strange but all in all very enjoyable. Bill Murray and Woody Harleson play a good rivalry duet together, Murray being the more conniving. You'll see what I mean right at the beginning. Same makers of "There's something about Mary". Expect nothing less.

Spares - Michael Marshall Smith 03/10/2000

Best Sci-Fi I've read to date

Spares - Michael Marshall Smith Imagine you had loads of dosh, and you happen to have a family. What better insurance could you take out to ensure the health of your child than to clone it ? If there was a spare to use, if, for example you kid was in a car accident and had to have a limb replaced or a kidney or anything else for that matter, the immune system wouldn't reject it if it came from the same chromosomes now would it? But now imagine, if, you were brought up like cattle, fed watered and washed down, just so that you functioned, your whole life dedicated to replaceing another human being piece by piece without knowing why. And imagine, if someone disturbed that process by teaching the spares the vague value of life and then tried to escape with them and bring them out into the real world. Surely someone would be upset. This is only the beginning of a more entwinned and mixed up thriller. It's so incredible, you don't want it to end. Excellent.

Westworld 03/10/2000

Future Dream turned Nightmare

Westworld All of you out there that love to see different perspectives of the future, here is one not to miss. Holidays for the rich and famous, come to Westworld, be that outlaw you always dreamed of being or gun him down at high noon because as sheriff of dodge city, you won't take any kind of crap. All that is until, something acts up a bit in the main computer. Yul Brinner turns into a psychotic cowboy determined to kill for real that is. Absolutely brilliant for it's time, but now of course it gets cult recognition. The idea is great and dated though it is, I think the film still retains a slight element of fear. If you haven't seen this one before, rent it on video for a mid week evening movie. Good stuff.

Satsuma, London 28/09/2000

My Favourite Japanese Restaurant in London

Satsuma, London Oh wow ! If you're in Leicester Square or even Oxford Street and you fancy something tasty, crisp and refreshing (and I am refering to food you know) this place is the one to go to. Wardour street, opposite the O Bar. The design and layout are bright and comfy (I like it downstairs the best). The food is delicious (do try the noodles, yummy)and the beer is chilled and light to the taste. I just can't stop raving about it. Plus, considering it is in the heart of London, it's also v. reasonable. The staff are friendly and as with most Japanese restaurants, it is incredibly clean. Wow and wow again. Go see, go eat, go experience. Fab.

Go 28/09/2000

GO - Japanese Checkers Experience

Go The first tme I had heard of this game was whilst watching an old martial arts movie, where the Grand Master (later killed, sorry folks) was playing against a keen disciple. What a strange game I thought then and what a strange game I still think now. However, this is a real thinker's game because without strategy, you may as well give up now. I think it really pushes you to win in a very intricate way. Put yourself in your opponents position, what would they do ? I love chess for the same reasons. You must use more than just agression. More than luck and more than forward planning alone. You must combine all and add just a little more to win the board. A traditional Japanese board game. The old ones certainly are the best !

Twelve Monkeys (DVD) 27/09/2000

Fantastic Night in !

Twelve Monkeys (DVD) Twelve monkeys. Those of you out there that love to watch films like Brazil, Delicatessan, Matrix and even A life less ordinary, Twelve Monkeys like them is in a masterclass of it's own, fitting in so well with these confusing and strange genre's . An absolute must for those of you who's brain's like twists and turns, complicated storylines with fantasy and intrigue. Brilliant. It made me soften to Bruce's character even in his worst state. And it is bad, believe me. And Brad Pitt's appearance ? He's certainly not a love interest in the plot, but I must say he proves himself very worthy. Again what can I say ? I loved it.
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