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Space and the city traveler. I`m intrested in the healthy food, life meaning and my dog Gonzo :)

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Garnier Olia 13/09/2017

No ammonia - Olia for the healthier hair

Garnier Olia Olia is no-ammonia line of Garnier hair colors. Well, I used ammonia hair colors for 15 years. My hair was pretty much dry and brittle. Because of that, I decided to give a try on no ammonia hair dyes. Ammonia is not only drying your hair. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, ammonia can irritate your eyes, skin, throat and lungs. It can produce caustic burns on scalp in some cases or itchy rash on the sides of the face. In this moment there are still no enough evidence that ammonia long-term use can cause cancer, but there are researches about that. Since I started to use Garnier Olia, I must say that my hair is more silky and smooth. (My hair type: straight brown tick hair, red subtone.) It is not perfect, but it is better and I am pretty satisfied. I use 10.1 ashy very blond. In my brown hair, it looks golden dark blond. THE PACKAGE - yellow and black, nice, good-looking THE CONDITIONER - in a little plastic bottle, nice gentle smell, ok quality HAIR DYE- it has better smell than ammonia dyes, bit it is not completely without-chemical smell. Smell is ok, but still a bit chemical. The only thing that I din`t like in package is that there is NO APPLICATOR BOTTLE. *** Olia is healthier alternative to standard hair dye. But, it is also far from chemical-free. It contains substances like Parrafinum Liquidum, Hydrogen Peroxide, EDTA... But, I think that there is no chemical free hair dyes in the market and that a lot ...

Avon Naturals Scented Spritz 13/09/2017

Smells like cookies - Sugar Plum & Vanilla

Avon Naturals Scented Spritz During hot summer, I like to wear Avon`s scented spritzs, because they are light. Who likes to smell heavy perfume on the tropical beach or in the bus which has no air conditioning? :) Till now, I tried out several Avon`s scented spritzs - strawberry, pomegranate, honey, rose, coco and carambola... Sugarplum and Vanilla spritz is one of my favourites, because of the cookie-like but at the same time not extremely sweet scent. PACKAGING The bottle is pleasant looking. It is plastic. That`s practical in some situations. For example, when you pack for vacation, you do not need to worry that it will be broken. You can give the bottle to your child or pet to play, and, after that, you will still have your scented spritz. :) The spritz mechanizm is good working and it is easy to press. If you have e.g. joint problems, it will be much easier to press it than the majority of the perfumes. SCENT As I mentioned, I like smell a lot. i would describe it as vanila-floral-delishious scent. It is beautiful to me. But, to my sorrow, it doesn`t lasts long! This is the only thing that I don`t like about this product. Fortunately, when half of the bottle is used, the bottle becomes very lightweighted. So, you can bring it in the purse and spritz when you want. :) ONE MORE GOOD THING You can also use this spritz for spraying your bed and wardrobe. *** EDIT: I`ve heard the opinions that this spritz is not for the human body, but rather air or wardrobe freshener. But, it is written on ...

Dior J'Adore Eau de Parfum 13/09/2017

Dior J`Adore - Glamurous Pearl of Floral Water

Dior J'Adore Eau de Parfum One rainy evening during teenage years my friend come to my house. She smelled so beautiful! I asked her what parfume is it, and she said Dior J`Adore. From that evening, Dior J`Adore became the ultimate parfum for me! I like it because is so feminine and gently floral. It is glamurous but in the same time it is not heavy. The bottle is suptile and elegant. It reminds me of pearl of water in the desert. It looks nice and elegant in beige satin purse. But, if you are for example punk girl and have some different purse, you are not obligate to open it in front of the others. :D It can be for a teenage girl or it can be for a star. And, Dior J`Adore makes you can be both the girl and the star. :D And also the woman. ;)
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