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BMW X5 3.0d 11/12/2007

BMW X5 3.0d SE

BMW X5 3.0d The BMW X5, its stylish and practical. Some people say its the ideal car, some people say they just want practicality, well this car offers everything from options between manual and automatic transmission to luxery leather interior. Firstly to look at it, its hard to say that its an ugly car, the smooth but deep lines in the bonet just seem to sweep down the side and right back to the rear of the car, making it look inviting and fun to drive. Not only that but it looks good anywhere, in a city, or in a village doing the school run. As for the practical side of it, if you were going to do some sort of off-roading with it, it wont let you down (if you go for the 4X4 option) its high ride and large wheel base make an off road journey as enjoyable as cruising along and open road, and if you want, throw it through some really ruff terain, dont worry, it can handle it.

Samsung VP-D361 18/08/2007


Samsung VP-D361 This camera is great, its light, easy to use, stylish, modern and packed with clever technology. You certainly get a lot for your money. At under two hundred pounds it is perfect for amateur camera people, and all those moments you just have to catch on film. I got one of these last christmas, with five DV tapes and a case! I had a quick read of the instruction manual and I was soon going through the camera settings working out what does what. A few minutes later I was filming my mother putting the finishing touches to the Christmas Dinner. I filmed other bits and bobs of Christmas Day and by the end of the day, I had used up one of my five tapes. On boxing day I filmed some more, and I kept filming through out the period of time between Christmas and new year. On new years eve, I got the camera rolling again, and I was filming all the festivities, and using the many different functions that were available on the camera, I also took advantage of the excellent optical zoom I had and just incase I needed it, there was the digital zoom too. On new years day I did a bit more filming, and began to use the computer software I got with the camera. I got some of my grandma a bit drunk while I was filming so I thought I would make a minature movie of it on my computer using all the features on the programmes. If you get the software with the camera aswell you will be very happy at how easy and simple it is to use it, and to create all those different home movies. To get ...

Skoda Felicia 1.3 11/08/2007


Skoda Felicia 1.3 This car doesn't really fit very well in the modern world, in many aspects it seems to be too 90's. Even with just one or two people in the car, its acceleration and general speediness is very bad, its far too slow, and you certainly wouldn't want to try and join a road with many cars going high speeds from standing. The space in the car almost verges on impractical. For example you would definalty have great difficulty fitting a weekly food shop into the boot for a family of five, not only that there is a slight squeeze not only in the back but at the front too, and thats even when the seats are in a normal sort of position. Over all this car is cheap and chearful, its very basic, very bland and basically you get what you pay for, and its hardly going to break the bank. In my opinion the exterior is stuck in the 90's, and for general purposes such as shopping or carrying stuff about in it, its quite impractical. Trying to get some speed up in it is pain-stakingly slow, and when you do eventually get going in it, the brakes are slow to kick in. In my opinion this would be way down on my list of possible cars to buy, however if you cant afford all the bells and whistles, then this car would be alright for you, it would also suit you if you were looking for a small car as its only a couple of metres long. But, if your planning to do any sharp turning around, or if you want to do a three point turn your going to have a big job on your hands, as the steering lock on this car ...

Motorola V545 09/08/2007


Motorola V545 This phone is perfect for anyone, it ticks all the right boxes for both being a very clever phone and not being too hard to use. It looks good its not too bulcky its quite thin and its well put together. The menus in it and various features are easy to access. However there is one slight problem with it, and thats the camera. Whenever you take a picture and look at the immediate preview the phone gives you, it looks like a good picture, but when you look back at the photo when you save it, the picture is quite pixelated which does get rid of the quality of your photo. But nevertheless, this phone is an all round good package, and you certainly get value for money. Its the perect pocket-sized companion, ready when you are for all your telecommunication needs!

Kia Rio 1.3 09/08/2007

Kia Rio 1.3

Kia Rio 1.3 The Kia Rio 1.3 is generally an all round good affordable family car, but as with most cars there is a few littlre floors with it. Firsty, the suspension on the car is a little too hard, whenever you drive over a speed bump or a pot hole, you absorb more of the shock than you should do, also in my opinion the suspension would be more suited to a car of a more sporty nature. The interior generally serves its purpose quite well, and on short to medium length journeys it gives you quite a comfortable ride however, the seats are a little to hard, which means that on long journeys maybe on the freeway, you get a num bum. The third and final floor I found with it is that its acceleration reduces considerably when filled with a family of five, you might say that this is obvious, however it is a considerably large drop in acceleration compared to have 2-3 people in it. The Kia Rio 1.3 has bags of space and you can fit alsorts of things in there, its very affordable without putting itself in the "Too cheap to be good" bracket. You certainly get a lot for your money, good customer service, reliability, and a few of the essential mod-cons including alround electric windows, electric mirrors and ABS, not only that but the car prides itself on having good security by being chipped, and providing you the driver with a chipped key. So, in summary the Kia Rio 1.3 is certainly at the top of its game ticking all the right boxes if you want an affordable, reliable, secure, practical and ...
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