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Member Advice on Saving Money at Home 08/04/2009

Tips for Saving Money

Member Advice on Saving Money at Home When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In these troubled times, we all must do some belt tightening measures. We must amp up the austerity. Unless you are a multi-millionaire with a huge passive income, you must save. Well saving is an activity that is easier than one may expect. All you need to do is develop the habit of doing it. If you do something for twenty one days straight then it becomes a habit. It is simply a matter of discipline and consistency. Planning is an important part of the whole strategy. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We must do things in an orderly and systemized manner. One of the first things you must do is set boundaries. You must do what is called a budget. Here, you allocate your income to a list of expenses such as food, utilities, rent and clothing. You could also include to the list the amount or the percentage you would put away for savings. There is a nice range of accounting software to help you do this. This includes Quicken accounting software. A huge portion of our money goes to the local grocery. To save at the grocery you could use store coupons. This helps you shave off a few pounds and pence on items. You could also buy store brands such as Tesco Value or Asda Smartprice. These products are usually made by the same top manufacturers but are priced cheaper because of cheaper distribution costs. You should also make a grocery list to make sure you only buy what is needed. Aside from these, you should also watch out for ...

Milk (DVD) 03/04/2009

Got Milk?

Milk (DVD) About Harvey Milk Harvey Bernard Milk was born during the era of the Great Depression (one of the worst economic downturns in modern history) to William and Minerva Karns Milk. Even as a youngster, Harvey was quite popular. Who would have ever thought that a person who seriously fought for gay rights was once a class clown? Milk graduated New York State College for Teachers with a degree in Mathematics and was active in the school paper. He later served in the US Navy in the Korean War. Afterwards, he took up jobs such as being an insurance salesman, a researcher and shop owner of a small camera shop. Along the way, Milk had a string of homosexual relationships. He seemed to gravitate towards younger men. He however, lived in a society which had laws that curtailed homosexuality. They were persecuted at that time. Milk later on decided to enter his hat into the world of politics. He failed in his first attempts. However, he later won and was elected into the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He championed several causes including promoting gay rights. Ironically his cause will be his ultimate undoing as shown later in the film. About the Movie The movie is filled with historical snippets which add to the movie’s credibility. It shows about how the gays were persecuted and treated as badly as the African-Americans were. This shows despite America being “the land of the free,” discrimination has reared its ugly head time and time again in its history. The film may ... 25/03/2009

A Trivial Pursuit ***Site Layout*** I checked out the site layout and it is fairly simple. The color scheme is similar to that of Dooyoo where the predominant colors are green, gray and white. Dooyoo is a site similar to Ciao US minus the technical bugs, the cheats and the spammers. The layout looks clean and organized. ***Menus*** The site is divided into MyPickJack, Home, Members and Comments. -MyPickJack- MyPickJack is mostly a section for your profile and account information. In the main screen you would see the following information. a)Balance – This is how much money you have earned in the site. It is updated every 6 hours. b)Next Payment – This is the payout date when you could get your money through Pay pal. c)Questions – This is a counter on how many questions you have posted. d)Rating – This tallies the votes that you have. e)Correct Answers – This tallies the percentage of correct answers for the questions you have posted. There is also a search bar that lets you search for questions about the topic of your choice. This functions like a mini search engine within the site. Inbox – Just as in many sites, content contributors get to communicate with each other. Comments – This tallies the comments other content contributors Transaction Details – This is a link to a menu which contains the following. a)Payout Stats – This tallies your total earnings and earning rank. b)Personal Stats – This tallies the times your question has been answered as well as the number of ...

Hancock (DVD) 19/03/2009

Hancock: Not Your Average Superhero

Hancock (DVD) About Hancock When I watched Hancock in the trailers I expected a crazy movie with a crazy protagonist similar to The Mask. I was not disappointed Hancock is in no way your idealistic superhero. He isn’t Superman, the Hal Jordan Green Lantern or the Barry Allen Flash. He is a liquor drinking, woman grabbing, property destroying, crime fighting son of a gun. He was a menace to the society he wanted to protect. Needless to say, there was not much love given to John Hancock by the people of the city of Los Angeles. While one may be at awe with his superpowers such as flight, invulnerability and superhuman strength, the millions of dollars worth of property damage he causes could not be discounted. In the comics and cartoons it is okay for superheroes to use property to vanquish bad guys but not in the real world. Hancock is an antihero similar to the likes of Stone cold Steve Austin and Bart Simpson. He is good at heart but it doesn’t show in his exterior. He tries to do good but leaves a wake of destruction in his path. As much as Hancock is commendable for his intentions, the property damage cannot simply be ignored. The worst part of it is no one could arrest Hancock despite the countless number of subpoenas since no one has the power to arrest him. A turning point however in Hancock’s life is when he saves the life of Ray Embrey, a public relations spokesperson. Ray is so grateful that he offers Hancock his services and vows to clean up his tarnished reputation. He ...

Everything that starts with O ... 13/03/2009


Everything that starts with O ... About Nadya Suleman Nadya Denise Suleman has recently become a lightning rod for controversy since she gave birth to octuplets on January 26, 2009 in Bellflower California through invitro-fertlization. IVF as it is commonly called is a process where the eggs are fertilized artificially by the sperm outside the womb. This is usually due to problems in the reproductive system. The fertilized egg is placed inside the uterus and allowed to develop as normal. This was not only due to the rarity of surviving octuplets but to the fact that she was separated, jobless and already has six children. Many people view this as an act of selfishness and irresponsibility. This is especially true these days when many are jobless and people are getting kicked out of their homes. The sad part is that taxpayers may end up footing the bill. Nadya has been in the spotlight through television interviews and magazine and newspaper articles. She has also reportedly received an offer to do a pornographic movie. She has also received death threats. Well that’s fame for you. What is the Motive? Though we are not psychiatrists, based on the articles I have read and the interviews I have watched, I can deduce some theories. -Nadya did not feel enough love from her parents as a single child and longed to have siblings but never got any. Now she is surrounding herself with a lot of children to get love from. -Nadya wants to become famous. Well being famous or notorious could lead to a lot of things ...

Ultimate Hits - Garth Brooks 27/02/2009

Garth Brooks: A Legend in Country Music

Ultimate Hits - Garth Brooks -About Garth Brooks- Garth is the man, the myth and legend when it comes to country music. He was born Troyal Garth Brooks on February 7, 1962 in Tulsa Oklahoma. If you were ever happy to get a diamond award for your review here at Ciao, this fellow has six diamond albums. A diamond is awarded to albums with sales of ten million plus. Garth has six of them for Double Live, Sevens, Garth Brooks, The Hits, Ropin’ the Wind and No Fences. He joins an elite group of artists such as Michael Jackson, Shania Twain and The Beatles as one of the few solo performers / music groups to ever get a diamond. Garths parents were Troyal Brooks who worked as a draftsman for an oil company and Colleen Carroll a singer for Capitol Records. Growing up, he was the youngest of six siblings. The young Garth had a fervent interest in sports such as football, track and field and baseball. He finished schooling with an advertising degree yet found himself singing in front of bars and clubs. From these humble beginnings, he rose into one of the most successful solo artists of all time. Garth is currently married to Trisha Yearwood together live in a ranch in Owasso, Oklahoma. Garth is currently into semi-retirement and performs for select events, functions and charities. He last performed at the event called We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial which was a concert featuring several artists to commemorate President Obama’s triumph. -The Album- Disc 1 1 - Ain't Going ...

WWE - Nature Boy Ric Flair - The Definitive Collection (DVD) 22/02/2009

The Man, The Myth and The Legend

WWE - Nature Boy Ric Flair - The Definitive Collection (DVD) -About Ric Flair- -His real name is Richard Morgan Fliehr. -He was born on February 25, 1949 in Memphis Tennessee. -He was adopted by a physician named Richard Reid Fliehr and a theater writer named Kathleen Virginia Kinsmiller. -He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. -He stands at 6 feet and weighs 230 lbs. -He is a 16 time world champion (8 time WCW champion, 6 time NWA champion and 2 time WWE champion). -Favorite cathchphrase is "To be 'The Man,' you gotta beat the man!" He also loves to do the Wooo! shout and strut in the ring. -He is the most prominent member of the Four Horsemen. This heel faction included some of the greatest wrestlers of all time such as Sting, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit. This faction became the prototype for future heel stables such as the New World Order, Degeneration X and Evolution. -He is admired by Triple H and he treats Flair as a mentor. -He has the same nickname as Buddy Rogers, the original Nature Boy. In one episode of Nitro, Syxx (Sean Waltman) claimed Flair stole Buddy Roger's gimmick including his look and name. -He calls himself a The Limousine Ridin', Jet Flying, Kiss Stealin', Wheelin' Dealin', Son of a Gun. -His gimmick includes being escorted by beautiful women and living a luxurious lifestyle. -Retired Wrestlemania XXIV in a retirement match against Shawn Michaels. -Inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008. -He is hinting a comeback and a possible feud with Y2J Chris Jericho. -The Video- -Disc 1- This ...

Crimes And Misdemeanors (DVD) 18/02/2009

Woody's Masterpiece

Crimes And Misdemeanors (DVD) -About Woody Allen- Woody Allen is the screen name for Allen Stewart Konigsberg, a man of Jewish heritage. He was born on December 1, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Martin and Nettie Konigsberg. Sadly, the young Allen had encountered tough times during his formative years as his folks didn?t get along. Despite this, Allen developed his skills in magic and sports. Allen made money by selling his gags to David O. Alber who in turn sold them to newspapers. He was later given a break by Milt Kamen who hooked him up with Sid Caesar, a famous comedian. This then led to scriptwriting for shows such as The Tonight Show and Candid Camera. He also was a hit in Broadway and became a playwright with such successes as Don't Drink the Water and Play It Again, Sam. Allen also ventured in the comedy scene himself. He created a foil for his real life persona in Woody Allen. Woody Allen was a weakling who was not popular. Woody Allen was a big hit back then and this persona survives to this very day. Allen?s first foray into the big screen was with What's New, Pussycat? He was in charge of the screenplay. He then tried his hand in directing with What's Up, Tiger Lily?. He has then went on with such successful films such as Play It Again, Sam, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Stardust Memories and Crimes and Misdemeanors. For all its worth Allen is a living legend. He has garnered numerous accolades and accomplishments and is a household name. He continues his work to this very day. His ...

Gillette Cool Wave Clear Gel 10/02/2009

All Day Underarm Protection

Gillette Cool Wave Clear Gel -Manufacturer- Gillette is currently owned by Procter and Gamble. P&G is a Fortune 500 company which was founded by William Procter and James Gamble back in 1837. It has annual of $83.5 billion and operates in dozens of markets worldwide. It mostly manufactures consumer products and owns some of the world's biggest brands such as Tide detergent, Pampers diapers, Crest toothpaste and Olay skin care products. -Packaging- This product comes in an ergonomically designed clear plastic container which holds three ounces of the gel. The packaging is very simple and uses very masculine colors such as blue and gray . Sometimes simple is better since people are in a hurry nowadays and do not have time to read truckloads of information. There is a round knob which you turn in order to make the gel come out through the holes. In principle this works similar to a stick deodorant. Don't forget to remove the topmost cover however. -Application- Simply remove the topmost cover and turn the knob at the bottom to adjust the flow of the gel. Apply it like you would a deodorant stick. -Scent- The scent is very masculine in nature. This is the quality I liked in the Axe deodorants and as well with the Irish Spring line of soaps. This is unlike some of the deodorants which have too weak a fragrance or have offensive fragrances. -Ingredients- Active Ingredients: Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly 18.3% Inactive Ingredients: Water, Alcohol Denat., Dimethicone, ...

YouTube 03/02/2009

The Site that Revolutionized Video Distribution

YouTube What is You Tube? This is an online video sharing site created Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim who were former Paypal employees. The site was created on February 2005 and was sold to Google for $1.65 billion worth of Google stock on November 2006. This site enables people to upload, share and view video content. -Creating an Account- Creating an account in You Tube is fairly easy. All you need to do is to fill in email address, password, username, location, date of birth and gender and to tick that you agree to the terms and conditions of You Tube. -Uploading Content- It is easy to upload content so long as they are in FLV, MP3, MP4, 3GP and AAC. All you need to do is use the yellow upload button in the upper right hand corner. You could upload from your hard disk, laptop or cell phone. -Arranging Videos- Videos you like could be quick listed or could be arranged to create play lists. You could also favorite videos you like to easier find them. -Embedding- You could embed videos using their code and this could be embedded in your blog or on your social networking page such as in Friendster and My Space page. -Subscribing- In case that you like a particular channel's content you can subscribe to it so as to find it easily the next time. -Sending Messages- You could send messages to fellow account holders at You Tube. You could even attach a video to that message. -Commenting- You could make a comment on the video if it was ...

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (DVD) 27/01/2009

Two Knuckleheads are Better than One

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (DVD) About the Movie In the tradition of knuckleheaded pairs such as Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello comes Harold and Kumar. Unlike the aforementioned cerebrally challenged cohorts, these two are even more dangerous because of their penchant for smoking pot. Just imagine being an idiot in the first place and then having whatever is left in between your ears get destroyed by continuous substance abuse. Is there such thing as a negative IQ? I don't believe so but Harold and Kumar's intelligence must be somewhere in the teens only. The film is the sequel to Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. This time their quest is to go to Amsterdam. Why you may ask? Is it because of its historical value, Van Gogh paintings or its housing the headquarters of the biggest companies in the world? No it is not. They went there because it is the "weed capital of the world." Not only that but Harold want to follow Maria and win her over. While on board to Amsterdam, Kumar shows of his new invention, the smokeless bong. This catches the attention of an old lady and she suspects Kumar to be a terrorist. The air marshals pounce on the duo and after being interrogated by Ron Fox, a Homeland Security bureaucrat. He suspects Harold of being an operative of North Korea and Kumar of working for Al-Qaeda. They end up in the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba. In Guantanamo Bay detention facility they are exposed to the real life hostilities of the place such as racial ...

Everything that starts with L ... 26/01/2009

Lottery - What Would I Do If I Won?

Everything that starts with L ... If ever you do a quick survey of a hundred people in the tradition of Family Feud about how to get wealthy, top answers would include marrying someone who is already wealthy, receiving a huge inheritance and winning the lottery. What ever happened to hard work, getting promoted or being successful in business? Well unfortunately many people want to be rich without working hard for it. Sadly, such easy money often goes away rather easily as well. Many lottery winners tend to live what I call the "Ric Flair Lifestyle." They become a stylin,' profiling,' kiss stealin,' Lear jet flyin,' limousine ridin' son of a gun. Whoooooooooo! They tend to spend money like there is no tomorrow and spend it on things like mansions, luxury cars, gambling, women, drugs and what have you. Tragically, many end up poorer than whence they started. Now, if ever I be fortunate enough to win the lottery, I am not saying that I would not be spending it. I am not saying that I would just leave the money stuck in the vault of some universal bank. I however, aspire to spend the money in more worthwhile causes. These causes I believe would enhance my life experience and enhance the lives of others as well. -Contribute towards the eradication of world hunger- While people in developed nations die of obesity, people in impoverished nations die of starvation. It is sad to view people in some parts of Asia and Africa look like walking skeletons. We must do something such as donate foodstuff to them in ...

Deadliest Catch - Series 2 (DVD) 23/01/2009

The World's Deadliest Job

Deadliest Catch - Series 2 (DVD) About the Video The Deadliest Catch Season 2 is about Alaskan King Crab fishing in the Bering Sea. It is considered to be as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and I thought being in the peacekeeping force in Iraq or being a gun for hire was dangerous. In this documentary the lives of the fishermen and the perils they face become very real. Episode 1: Heading Out to Sea Captain Hillstrand of the ship Time Bandit heads out to the sea to begin our expedition. He does so on a Friday which is believed to be bad for sailors and despite the tragedy that befell the crew of Big Valley. The Big Valley ship turned on its side and sank and killed most of its crew. Just imagine falling into icy cold waters. Well a tragedy plus not following established sailing beliefs is not exactly what I would call a good start. Episode 2: Batten Down the Hatches A storm is approaching and this never bodes well for fishing expeditions. Captain Hansen of the ship Northwestern decides to be prudent and wait out the storm. Captain Hillstrand of the ship Time Bandit decides to do the foolhardy thing and go on with the expedition. At this point I am wondering if Captain Hillstrand is the bravest man in the world or the craziest. Episode 3: On the Crab It looks like there was a method to Captain Hillstrand's madness. He has hit pay dirt and caught some crab. Meanwhile our more cautious friend, Captain Hansen is still starting to gather the bounty the sea has to offer. The men here ...

Everything that starts with W ... 17/01/2009

Current State of the WWE

Everything that starts with W ... I have watched wrestling ever since I was a kid in the mid-80's. Back then the big stars were Hulk Hogan, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. I am sure that many of these names are still recognizable up to today. Wrestling was believed to be real back then. Fans would react every time the heel (villain) would hit the face (hero) with a foreign object which ranged from steel chairs to brass knuckles. I even saw fans crying every time Hulk Hogan bled in the ring. Wrestling was a simple good guy versus bad guy sport. People like Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior were on the side of truth and justice. People like Ted DiBiase and Roddy Piper were on the side of villainy and deceit. Feuds between the two sides lasted for a year back in the day. Then came the "Attitude Era." Wrestling was not a simple good guy versus bad guy battle anymore. Tweeners existed. These were people who embodied the anti-hero yet were fans favorites. Examples of these were "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Rock" Rocky Maivia. Austin fought dirty and basically pummeled opponents. The Rock verbally scathed opponents and was cocky and arrogant. Flash forward to today. Wrestling is not the same as before. Gone are the stars of the 80's. Also gone are the big names of the "Attitude Era." Stone Cold doesn't wrestle anymore. The Rock has gone to Hollywood. Mick Foley has jumped ship to Total Nonstop Action ...

Another year, another set of New Year's Resolutions. What will yours be this year? 13/01/2009

New Resolutions for the New Year

Another year, another set of New Year's Resolutions. What will yours be this year? As a young child I was well aware of the concept of New Year's resolutions. People would make promises to themselves and to others that this year would be better and they would kick away old habits and adopt new ones. The sad fact is that many of this year's resolutions will go unfulfilled and be recycled into next year's New Year's resolutions. What I will discuss in this article is basically a rundown of the resolutions I have decided to implement for the year 2009. These resolutions may not be easy but I believe that I would benefit greatly from improvements. After all I am a firm believer in CANI. It is constant and never-ending improvement. Well it could simply be rearranged into the words "I CAN." Resolutions: 1) The first resolution is to be able to fulfill New Year's resolutions. - I know that this may seem corny but I just like most people am guilty of this. I make promises I could not keep. I would do my best to fulfill my promises to myself and to others. 2) I pledge to be more efficient in managing myself. - I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as time management. Time would go on every second, every minute and every hour. You could not stop time, stretch time nor save time. You simply manage yourself and your activities in relation to time. I would implement this by being more organized. I have recently adopted the Franklin Covey planner. It is a planner that sets things in terms of priority. It divides activities into activities that are ...
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