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Hi and thanks for popping by, Thank you for the rates and the E's as well! I try and keep up with the newest uplists, but if I happen to miss your work please let me know and I will be pleased to read/rate you... Rebecca Rachael x :o)

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Balmoral Castle, Scotland 06/09/2012


Balmoral Castle, Scotland A few months ago my partner Darren found himself working in Scotland and I was lucky enough to accompany him on his 9 day trip to this beautiful part of the world. We were situated in Blairgowrie which is approximately 16 miles outside Perth, and we found this an excellent location to travel to some wonderful places, including the Scottish home to the British Royal Family the magnificent Balmoral Castle. In this review I hope to encapsulate our visit to this beatific building and give you some idea of the scale of the surrounding lands connected to the Royal Estate. History in the Making… *************** ********* I must confess to not knowing much at all about the castle before our visit except of course that it was Queen Victoria’s Scottish retreat after her beloved Prince Albert died. I only knew this from a smattering of O’Level History I remember from long, long ago! For my historical research into Balmoral I perused the official website and found that Victoria had originally purchased the lands in 1848. I did notice however that the Castle had embedded in one of its walls 1855 so I presume Victoria commissioned the Castle to be built out of a love for the gorgeous landscapes and wildlife around. Of course nowadays it is known as a Royal retreat and is said to be one of our Queen’s favourite locations; to be honest with the peace and tranquillity that permeates this Estate I am not one iota surprised. The whole place smacks of Queen ...

Mr Muscle 5 in 1 Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 04/09/2012


Mr Muscle 5 in 1 Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner I am very OCD with cleaning and seeing a lurid orange trigger spray container advertising Mr Muscle 5in 1 Bathroom & Toilet on offer for only £1 was a ‘Sold as Seen’ for me straightaway, as up to that point I had loved all things Mr Muscle with a passion…so would this ‘New Formula’ offering live up to the manufacturer Johnson’s proud family name? The Product Itself *************** ***** As I mentioned in the intro the packaging is very bright - lurid even, so rather eye-catching set amongst the other cleaning products, although this particular offering was on an end fixture in Morrison’s as it was on the Price Promotion for only a pound. Advertised as for both bathroom and toilet the front label lists five selling points as follows: 1. Removes Soap Scum & Grime 2. Disinfects 3. Fresh Scent 4. Shine 5. Quick and Easy For a clean freak like me it all sounded wonderful and I was almost tempted to give it a quick squirt there and then to test the product but resisted until I got home! The bottle is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the hand, and I would say anybody with arthritis in their hands would be able to handle the trigger spray without too much effort. As for directionality I have found the spray to be very accurate, nothing annoys me more when cleaning to spritz a target and the solution fly everywhere except where I want it! There is of course the child safety Off/On twizzle top but we all know to keep cleaning products out of harms way from both kiddies ...

Kellogg's Multi-Grain Start 31/08/2012


Kellogg's Multi-Grain Start It’s been a while since I wrote a product review, but I simply could not resist putting this one together in the hope it helps at least one consumer make an informed decision regarding purchasing this ‘Start’ cereal from the trusted brand Kellogg’s… Reason for Purchase *************** ********* I remember when these first came out, a cereal aimed at being healthy for active people, containing multi-grain at definitely marketed at energetic folks. I don’t remember the packaging then, but now it’s simplistic with a bowl of the actual cereal (bigger than life-size) and four caricature people running, cycling, playing football and swimming. The packet gets its point across succinctly, and states ‘A smart start for active people’. My partner and I spotted this particular offering at half price at £1.34, and like most we are always on the lookout for supermarket bargains on our weekly shop. Darren asked me what they were like but I couldn’t remember, so we purchased them for his pack-up for work on the off-chance they tasted as good as they sounded. Darren prefers cereal some days at work for a refreshing change from sandwiches and is also trying to get more health-conscious so these sounded ideal for the purpose, the box weighing 375g not too big for his rucksack, plus Kellogg’s stated there were 12x30g helpings within. In the trolley it duly went and off we popped for the rest of our grocery shop! My opinion of the product *************** ************ A few days later, after ...

Your favourite place 29/08/2012


Your favourite place I am writing this to explain where I find peace and tranquillity on this planet from the pain I live in and why Clumber park is so important to my wellbeing… Clumber Park is a National Trust treasure nestling in the Nottingshire countryside very near Worksop. The Park spans 3800 acres and contains farming land, a bona fide beautiful miniature village, a Victorian walled garden, a miniature chapel (very Gothic and wonderful!), plus wildlife galore with the central focus being a glorious lake with a 5 mile path all the way around it. Now I could wax lyrical about the quaint shops, the café, the new Discovery centre, the super kiddies’ outdoor playground or the 20miles of cycle routes included in this wonderful Park, but that is not my intention at all. My intention is to try and explain how important this piece of English countryside is to me and how it lifts my spirits and body every time I visit here. For less than £6 a car for the day it is such a fantastic place to visit. For me it is all things to all people of all abilities and ages. For families, it affords the perfect time out to enjoy being together is a rural setting where the children can run and play in completely safety and freedom. The grassed areas are vast, and it is lovely to see cars and cycles scattered throughout this land with people gently ambling along enjoying the peace and vastness this fabulous Park offers. For cyclists this is the perfect setting to explore all Clumber has to offer, for dog lovers ...

Since computer games have become so popular do you think children are reading less for pleasure? 28/08/2012


Since computer games have become so popular do you think children are reading less for pleasure? In my opinion technology is a double-edged sword in the interests of a child’s intelligence, and nothing emphasises this better than the decrease in children reading books compared to playing on computer games and consoles. You only have to look around society to see how things have changed in only one generation. Of course parenting comes in to the equation a fair bit – after all who buys these games and books if not for family and friends and who allows children to play on games for hours if not the parents/guardians/carers of these kids? My daughter is nineteen now and was brought up in the era of Harry Potter luckily, JK Rowling being one of my Laura Beth’s all-time heroines for inventing ‘our Harry’. Although ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ came out when my daughter was about seven (if fading memory serves!), Laura Beth had been actively and purposely introduced to books from birth…the soft squidgy cotton ones along with the plastic bath-time books to get her used to the idea of books being in her daily life. Reading and writing have always been very important to me, plus I knew how crucial a good command of the English language was for my child to advance in life educationally, so as important as play and games are to a child’s development for me they came second to the importance and meaning of words to my daughter. In our household my daughter never really cared about games consoles and the DS she was allowed to have at about the age of eleven (no sooner) didn’t interest ...

Who’s responsible for children’s safety when using the internet? 03/07/2012


Who’s responsible for children’s safety when using the internet? Without a doubt it should be the parents/carers/guardians responsibility to look out for a child’s safety whilst surfing the Web. There – short and sweet and to the point! But is it really? Let’s take a look at how times have changed when it comes to supervising our children’s safely. Not that long ago it was a matter of worrying about if your child/children played out past their bedtimes - and if they had stuck to within the boundaries they were imposed with outside, etc. However, in my child’s lifetime (my daughter is fast approaching twenty this year), there has undoubtedly been a huge technological leap forward in humankind’s hi-tech outlook in life. Leisure time has sadly become far less focused on activities spent of a more physical nature – sports, cycling, swimming, etc, and more centralised on socialising over the internet. So, which parent has the time to watch over their child whilst they spent what can amount to copious amounts of time online if left unleashed on a desktop PC or a laptop, for let’s face it the WWW can be a godsend for busy parents who have many other jobs to do throughout the day? Therefore, what does said child peruse if parental controls are not set in place on a computer? One dreads to think! For me I cannot, and never did, expect the wide phenomenon that is the World Wide Web to oversee itself in terms of suitability for both children and adults alike. There are some horrendous sites out there in the virtual world that can be all-too ...

Scone Palace, Perth 02/05/2012


Scone Palace, Perth My partner works away a lot as an electrical contractor, and as our relationship has developed he has been inviting me along to Scotland on his stays so we can spend more time together and sight-see some of the stunning Castles and Palaces this beautiful country has to offer. One of the places we have visited of late has been the fabulous Scone Palace – home of the 8th Earl of Mansfield and previously visited by some of the Nation’s Greats such as Robert the Bruce, King Charles ll and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Queen Victoria graced this splendid Palace with her presence in 1842 and a whole bedroom has been preserved in her honour within this stately building. History in the Making… *************** ********** The present Scone Palace (pronounced Scoon – like Spoon) is actually the third building to inhabit the impressively kept grounds. The first building was an Abbey (excavations were being carried out as little as two years ago to try and discover more of the Abbey’s original foundations), the second looked like a Shakesperian-type of dwelling complete with an integral courtyard – this was destroyed in Scotland’s Reformation Period in the 1500’s. It was then re-built in the early 1800’s and has housed generations of the Mansfield family ever since. Royalty have always been a part of the Palace with Coronations taking place from as early as 1306 with Robert the Bruce being crowned on the Stone of Scone, through to King Charles ll in 1651 when he accepted the Scottish crown. ...

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Varnish 30/10/2011

A 'Two-for-the-price-of-One' Review!

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Varnish To complete my trilogy of nail varnish reviews I am doing a two-in-one as I own two different types of ‘Rimmel 60 Seconds’ nail polish so what better than to do a BOGOF review of the subject matter?! I do love nail lacquers of all different varieties, textures and colours – from the pasty pastels that are translucent in hue through to the vivid neons that are vinyl in finish. I find these lacquers can compliment a mood or outfit perfectly and finish off my ‘look’ very nicely indeed. Now everyone close to me knows how much I love most different shades of polish so my daughter bought me ‘Vinyl Shine’ Rimmel variety for my birthday back in May and kindly popped it in a gift basket she made up for me. The other 60 Seconds type is one I purchased for myself on a 3 for 2 promotion running in Boots earlier this year with each bottle costing £3.69. I have priced the Vinyl Shine variety up on the internet and it’s coming in at around the £3.39 on Chemist Direct’s website, however the Rimmel brand can be purchased in many major stockist so is not difficult to find. The bottles are quite different although both glass and topped with a black lid with the brush applicator built-in of course… The first part of this review is going to focus on my ‘619 Pulsating’ colour which is a fantastic deep vibrant pink. The bottle is round with a flat top edge and white writing on it telling me the shade, the fact it is flammable and that there is 8ml of solution within. On the lid there is ...

Maybelline Express Finish Shock Control 29/10/2011

Super-Strong Stuff!

Maybelline Express Finish Shock Control I do have quite an extensive collection of nail polishes but I didn’t realise how many brand names I had until I started writing reviews on beauty products for Ciao. I can be a bit of a cosmetics/nail care junkie when it comes to collecting all things pretty and bright – it’s the girlie girl in me, folks! When rifling through my varnishes I found two that I had bought from Poundland out of the Maybelline range, a ‘Forever strong’ product plus this ‘Express Finish’ bottle that I am reviewing today. For the money bottle items were a veritable bargain on trying them but the ‘Forever strong’ one isn’t available to review on Ciao. Anyway, I’ll start with the packaging of the liquid which I think is rather lovely. Topped with a tapered silver lid which has the brush applicator attached to it obviously, the bottle is wide and slender in build with the writing in matching silver on both the front and back. Made in France and called ‘shock control’ as well beneath the ‘Express Finish’ tag, there is a promise on the front that this solution solidifies from ‘wet to set in 60 sec’. Now this claim interested me as I don’t ‘do’ patience when it comes to nail varnishes setting – the quicker the better for me instead of having to lounge around waiting for a polish to interminably set! When I first purchased this Maybelline offering I was really pleasantly surprised on how quick it really did set as well. Easy to apply with a long narrow brush, it does take several strokes to cover ...

Max Factor Nailfinity 28/10/2011

Max Factor - I'd rather have Naked Nails, thanks!

Max Factor Nailfinity My daughter made me a little gift basket up for my birthday back in May, and most of the products were predominantly pink as she knows I am a girlie Magpie when it comes to all things pretty and sweet! In said basket was a product I’d never heard of before – a Max Factor’s ‘Nailinfinity’ nail varnish in the shade ‘704 Disco Pink’. The colour was very bright and solid and quite garish in my opinion – not that that put me off of course but it did take me a while to get round to using it! The bottle I am reviewing is a dinky 5ml in size and is square with a black lid and gold writing. The name ‘Nailfinity’ has a pretty squiggle underneath which makes the product look quite elegant I think. The product is made in France and has a shelf life of either 26 or 36 months on opening…I can’t quite decipher which as the writing is so small. (Specsavers a’calling!) Made by Procter & Gamble, there are 24 shades to choose from according to Max Factor’s website – including gems such as Midnight Bronze, Redly Nightshade along with Tropical Spirit and Angel Nails. I did love some of the names and colours as I scrolled down the website with some really groovy shades coming into play… Now I have to be honest and tell you that I’ve only worn this particular lacquer twice and I’m going to list the reasons why in a minute. I normally love all things Max Factor, finding this household name usually synonymous with quality and longevity, thus it does pain me to write a negative review about ...

Pure Digital Pure Deep Cleanse Wipes 27/10/2011

'Pure' Love!

Pure Digital Pure Deep Cleanse Wipes It’s my daughter’s birthday this Sunday and as well as the usual clothes and money I’m supplying I popped into Poundland today to stock up on toiletries for her too to save her some cash now she’s at Uni. One of the products I purchased for the bargain price of 2 for £1 was ‘Pure deep cleanse’ facial wipes which are sold in a blue and green resealable packet with 25 wipes in each. Now I think the pack looks quite masculine for a predominantly female product, but I suppose that doesn’t count so much as long as the wipes do their job well… I have bought these for Laura before and even borrowed them on a few occasion when I have ran out of my Olay wipes. The blurb on the font of the wrapper states: ‘deep cleansing action with purifying agents and zinc cleans and unclogs pores, removes makeup and unwanted oils protecting against blackheads and impurities’. Big claims for such an inexpensive product methinks. Manufactured in England, there is a national rate number on the back of the pack if you need any help or advice. Important to note as well the makes Red E Med Ltd state that these wipes are not tested on animals so that’s good to know. Now it’s not rocket science how to use a face wipe but it does state to avoid contact with eyes, broken or sore skin and to keep out of the reach of children – plus not to flush down the loo. With a shelf life of 6 months once opened we both tend to use two at a time so each pack last around the fortnight mark. Measuring 8x7 ...

Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment Peony 25/10/2011

Sally Hansen - Don't Get Lippy With Me!

Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment Peony The first I’d heard of Sally Hansen doing lip glosses was when my daughter presented me with one as a gift for my birthday a few months ago. I’d only known Sally Hansen do nail products before so I had to scour the internet and visit several sites - including eBay – to find out anything about this ‘lip treatment’ before I could review it… I must admit when I opened the wrapping paper and found a gorgeous-looking little square tube of ‘DIAMOND LIP TREATMENT’ I gave a little squeal of delight at just how gorgeous this cosmetic looked. The packaging is simply lovely – the ‘Pink Peony’ liquid contained within it gave a delicious-looking hue to its contents, plus the diamante jewel stuck to the tube looked so glamorous and pretty it really appealed to my feminine side! I am a sucker for anything girlie, shimmery and shiny so as far as looked went this lip gloss ticked all the appearance boxes! Topped with a silver lid and containing 6.2ml of solution, the writing on the lid is nigh on microscopic so I had to lift my info off an eBay listing to give you details of some of the ingredients, etc. Made in China (I could just about read that!), my first criticism of the company’s packaging sadly is that I simply could not read anything off the transparent label they had stuck on the side of the container. It seems ridiculous to me that as a user of this makeup I cannot tell from that stupidly designed label what I am about to slick on my lips. After doing my bit of research ...

Maybelline Volum Express Mascara 24/10/2011

A Perfect Product?

Maybelline Volum Express Mascara I love all things mascara, even if a brand is rubbish at least I’ve given it a go. Most of my friends know of my passion for this cosmetic so for my birthday back in May my best friend Maria bought me a Maybelline Volum’Express mascara from her workplace – Superdrug. Now I wasn’t allowed to know the price seeing as how it was a present, so I’ve had to go onto for an idea of the cost. Boots are selling it for £8.49 but there is a banner at the moment next to the product saying 2 for £12 on selected Maybelline cosmetics – bargain prices! Now my pressie came splinter-packed on a flimsy cardboard backing and an indented plastic front which held the main body of the mascara separately from the wand. Obviously this is to show the would-be purchaser of the innovative design of the chunk black tapered-at-each-edge applicator. To be honest I’ve not owned a design like it before so was very curious to see how it held up against my Max Factor Fusion shaped wand. It’s only been this past month or so that I’ve started wearing this cosmetic – pretty much as my old mascara is starting to run out so now I feel qualified on giving an honest appraisal of said product. First to note is how awkward the spiky brush feels on first usage. Because the middle of it is so chunky and each edge tapers very narrowly it really takes some getting used to. Once I’d mastered the design I was fine but it took me a few botched attempts on application… After getting the hang of how to ...

Wella Shockwaves One Night Wonder Wax 23/10/2011

Works Wonders For Me!

Wella Shockwaves One Night Wonder Wax From starting writing reviews on Ciao now I have found myself becoming ever increasingly startled at how much I really do spend on hair care products, folks! A few pounds here, a tenner there and before you know it I have my very own Toiletries Bathroom Mountain stacking up steam nicely in that most private of chambers! Now hair wax is a product I have used since time immemorial due to its sleek nature; however is something I have never had a preferred brand for until of late, after forgetting my usual item on a trip away to Blackpool to visit my friend in June. You know there is always ‘something’ we forget well that little blue pot of wax was mine when I went on a weekend away– hence a visit to Boots the Chemist post haste… Espying a sexy silver and tangerine orange hand-sized tub of Wella’s ‘New Look Shaping Wax’ in amongst a myriad of choices, plus reading the bits of blurb scattered around the 75ml recyclable container I found it was designed for ‘Mega hold’, perfect for my thin tresses then as they need all the help they can get. Priced at £2 on offer for this ‘ShockWaves’ recently repackaged from the original ‘1 Night Wonder Wax’, it is designed to do exactly the same thing as before – tame wild manes into some kind of order or funk up shorter styles as well. Figuring it was only a couple of pounds and would do me in the short term I have never stopped using this shaping wax since as I as I love it that much! Manufactured by Procter & gamble, a free phone ...

Wella Shockwaves Go Matt Clay 22/10/2011

Only One Gloopy Grey Star For Today's Product, Folks.

Wella Shockwaves Go Matt Clay After having my hair re-styled at the hairdressers last month it’s one of those where when you get home and wash it, your hair sadly never looks the same afterwards… Having then gone on a mad hair product spending spree in Boots I though I’d give this ‘Shock Waves Go Matt Clay’ a go for the princely sum of £2 on offer - instead of its usual £2.42. I soon found out why it was so cheap on using it, however! 75 ml in product weight; packaged in attractive disc-shaped grey and green screw-topped recyclable plastic pot, and manufactured by ‘Procter & Gamble’ this ‘Wella’ hair styling gloop smelt lovely on nasally investigating; although the mucky greyish tint of the sticky substance inside the container definitely lived up to the ‘Clay’ element of the brand’s name… I was looking for something to add a bit of body and keep hold of any style I decided I liked, after trying to re-create that ‘just left the salon’ look - so figured this maximum hold (as denoted by a full four dots measurement on the lid), ‘New Look’ logo’d product could be just the thing. Advertising ‘Moulding and Shaping With A Matt Effect’ it sounded ideal for my requirements; plus was small enough to be portable for trips away without taking up too much toiletries bag room if it worked out well for me. Basically this quite thick and sticky mixture is designed to work into either dry or damp hair according to, and then shape into a long lasting hold. By tweaking, twisting, and ...
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