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Egg Money (Credit and Debit card in one) 29/03/2008

Fried,Scarambled or Boiled?

QuidCo.Com 05/01/2008

You'll be quids in with Quidco!

QuidCo.Com Nothing in life is free the old saying goes, and this can be applied to Quidco - it's not totally free but if your looking for a cash back site that pays and pays a lot more than it's rivals you can't go far wrong. Over my 2 year use of the site I've managed to "earn" £500, by buying things I'd normally buy via the Quidco website plus working out what offers would also net me the cash with minimal outlay. If your looking for free clicks to rake in the cash quickly then Quidco isn't for you -there are a few daily clicks which can net you a few pence but to be honest I found this a lot of effort for little reward. What I did find with a little bit of effort on my part there was "free money" to be had - a savings account with £1 deposited in it netted me £25, I took to gambling - a deposit of £10 - wagered on Italy winning the World Cup netted me my money back plus my winning from the gambling site and a Quidco bonus of £20. The best had to be the DVD rental trial were in effect I was paid to watch a DVD - the free trail was cancelled as soon as I'd watched the DVD and returned it. Normal spending on such things as household and car insurance has been very rewarding I got my contents insurance practically free this year using Quidco Quidco isn't entirely free, every year they charge you a £5 admin fee, this admin fee is taken out of any earning you make - i.e. you don't actually have to give Quidco any money up front to be able to use the site. Nor if you didn't use the ...

Islands of Adventure 06/04/2007

Hulks,Cats,Dragons And Plenty of Fun

Express By Holiday Inn London - Southwark, London 30/10/2006

Any Room At The Inn?

Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar 23/10/2006

A Berry Nice Bath

Dial A Flight 24/09/2006

More Like Dial With Caution

O2 Online 100 12 Month 13/09/2006

Anyone For Safe Text?

O2 Online 100 12 Month O2 has always been my mobile provider, right back to the days when it was BT Cellnet and the man in the shop refused to sell me a T Mobile contract due to the fact I wouldn't get the coverage I needed while driving throw rural Wales in late December 1999. Once my initial contract was up, I upgraded to a Nokia 3310 then after two years I bought a new O2 SIM card and happily used O2's PAYG until I fell in love with the sleek look of the Nokia 7210. I wanted one and I wanted it now but given the price I realised the only way I was going to get one was by getting another contract - it was at this point I turned to the O2 web site and signed up for their Online 50 contract which back then was 50 Anytime Any Network minutes plus 500 texts. This year I believe they changed it for new contracts and it is now 50 Anytime Any Network minutes and 200 texts for £19 a month plus vat. I was in text heaven and nothing was going to beat this was it? For two years I was happy till I felt the need to have a camera phone it was at this point last year that I upgraded my phone plus my tariff to the Online 100 . O2's Online 100 tariff basically gives you 100 anytime any network minutes a month plus 500 text messages and 1mb of internet browsing. Picture messages can be sent as part of your allowance at a rate of 4 texts to a picture message, this allows you to send a mixture of texts plus picture messaging and not incur any charges till you go over the magical 500 mark. All this is available ...

Everything that starts with V ... 30/07/2006

Your So Vain.......

Everything that starts with D ... 25/06/2006

The_Nursey Takes Up The Challenge....

Lush Karma Bubble bar 03/05/2006

Karma in an instant 15/03/2006

Money For Nothing And Your Chips For Free We don't talk about money do we? Take my best friend, I know her most embarrassing moment, I was there the night the dork from hell accosted her, I know the in's and out's of the most embarrassing date on this earth -all I can say is I'm glad it wasn't me! But do I know her overdraft? Her credit card debts? Of course I don't and does she know mine? Darkest secrets yes, that old saying "I have to stay friends with you as you've got too much dirt on me…." springs to mind the state of my bank account -hell no. Look I only got online banking because it was less embarrassing to pour a glass of vino and tentatively log on, then stand at the cash point and cry when the debit balance appeared on the screen! If I was to tell you that there was a site that might just be able to turn around that negative balance or just show you ways to use your money more efficiently then you'd probably wonder what the catch was, that this site doesn't support any advertising, that the vast majority of links do not reap the owner money you'd probably be surprised. Martin Lewis -of TV's Make Me Rich fame started in order to help others. Held by most members of the site in high esteem it's thanks to Martin and the stuff I read on the board that me and my overdraft parted company in 4 months at the start it had 000 at the end of it. That my savings account actually has savings in it and my holiday to Florida is paid for resting nicely in a 0% credit card account with the money ...

My Resolutions 02/01/2006

There's Gonna Be A Resolution........

Flamingo Land Holiday Village, North Yorkshire 26/08/2005

And Yes The Flamingoes Are Pink

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus - John Gray 07/08/2005

Where's The Mars Bar Then???

Dentyl pH Mouthwash 27/07/2005

Sometimes It's Wise To Spit.........

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