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Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder (PC) 18/04/2007

Welcome to Redneck Country YEEEEHA

Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder (PC) Introduction: Welcome to the redneck country of hick state home of Bikers, UFO's and Truckers. In big mutha trucker 2 you take on the role as a trucker on your quest to earn money and free your mama. Trail by trucking Your mom's been taking into jail and the only way you can get her out is to bribe the janitor into voting not guilty. But you need the cash so your mom sides you should take a job in the delivering business. And earn the cash you need. You can choose any four characters to do the trail they are:- >Bobbie sue (sweet cheeks) the sexy babe >Rawkus (Dark Horse) The Redneck cowboy >Cletus (Nature boy) The Stupid One > Earl Or Fat Earl (the Patriot) the fat One Each character has it own voice over and each have a different truck with different performances. The basic aim of the game is to make money buy buying goods at one trader and selling them at another. You choose a time limit to get there in and this is also changes the bonus you get for being on time. They are Truck Me tenderly(x1 Easy), truck me(x2 Medium), truck me hard (x3 Hard) each with a different time limit. As you drive you can increase your bonus by doing any of the following:- >Hobo Hiking (Picking up hobo and dropping them off.) >Smash up (Smash up cars and trucks and anything you can find) > Evading Police (Outrunning cops) >Evading UFOs (Outrunning UFOs) >Beat the speed limit (going faster than a fix's limit past a camera) >Smashing up Bikers (smashing up biker when they ...

Beko 14D502S 16/04/2007

"I can't belive i let him Have on"

Beko 14D502S Information Type: ............... ............... ............... ............... ...............DVD Combo Number Of Av Ports............... ............... ............... ...1 Number of audio ,vision and sound sockets ............... ...1 of each Price: Between £70 and £120 Approx Extra Information.............Not Flat screen ............... ............... .............Not HG ready ............... ............... .............Not Digital ready Introduction "well i let him have on" I thought to myself. hours and hours of annoying cartoon sound and late night to come. If you haven't all ready Guessed it i let my son have a TV in his room and that TV is this one. Colour and Vision Well what can i say it does what is says on the tin. yes it's not flatscreen,3d in your face experience which make you feel like you there. but it does deliver good ,clear, fresh images. and this is well used in the built in DVD player. Is it Sexy? It's Style is very Basic A complex box yes the company has moulded it in places and Jazzed it up it come in one colour of grey. know that's dull. How Is it good: The good factors about this TV are: Small goes in a lot of places Small and tidy Built in DVD Player Basic amount of av socket for game station (KIDS) How Does It disappoint Very Basic DVD Player is hard to replace/replace if Broke Not Digital built in Who would i recommend Buying it Students Parents for kids for small room ...

Dogz 2006 (PC) 16/04/2007

To many times Playing Fetch....

Dogz 2006 (PC) Dogz 2006 Internet review UPDATED Introduction Dogz 2006 or Dogz 6 is the latest in Pet loving series by Ubisoft. This Pouch-loving simulator is taking on the big guy trying to out sell the popular Nintendo dogs on the Nintendo DS but following on its pervious series on the PC. Unfortunately Ubisoft have had problems. Keeping up the standards of There other popular older versions. Graphics: Characters (dogs) graphics: · The Dogs in the game looks realistic. But some dogs have errors in there graphic. For example the Beagle Legs in the game look stick like and un-realistic. It's the small things like this that can spoil the graphic's in this game. But the Animation of the dogs is very good the trick you can do look very cool and everything is very similar or the same as a real dog. Environment: · The 3d environment of Dogz 6 is a basic home. With a kitchen for feeding and giving water to your dog. A Bathroom for grooming and cleaning your dog as well as a living room and a garden for Practicing and improving your Tricks and playing fetch (garden Only) For my standards this is far to little the older versions of this game with had beach, parks and Pirates ship and the choice of making your own scenes. Scenes like parks and Vets would make this game much better. The scenes have everything you would expect. The bathroom a bath and a toilet a sink E.C.T and the kitchen a fridge work surface and a dinning table and the garden is a large open space with a ...
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