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Poetry 08/04/2007

A letter

Poetry I looked at the piece of paper the words all neatly wrote I could not take in the words my mind and heart felt choked It was only just the other day I watched and seen you smile and showing everyone your love it mad life seem worthwhile I knew that you could not commit to living life each day but on you struggled and did your best to find it your own way I thought you had past the darkest point when you reached out to me and showed me what your life was like and how it would always be No matter how hard that you tried to shake away your fears the one that you could not hide was the pain behind your tears And when you finally made the choice that you would go away you knew that you would not be back and your choice was there to stay I remember when we found out that you had chosen a different path and in the distance we knew we could hear you letting out a joyous laugh We knew that you had gone to somewhere you would find peace and knew that you had found it hard to make the choice to leave So as I read your letter that tells me one last goodbye I know that in my heart the memory of you will never die.

Short Stories 22/12/2006

I heard a voice

Short Stories I thought I would give this a try and see how it ended, well that sounds a bit daft I know but until I get to the end of the story even I don't know at this precise moment how it will end but by time I get there it will have hopefully come together. I remember that I felt a sharp pain shooting through my body and then all I felt was all these feelings rushing through my mind, no matter how hard I tied to figure out what was happening I just couldn't and that started to scare me. What was happening to me? was I blind or paralysed? too many questions were going through my mind and I just couldn't answer any of them, the feelings were getting stronger and I started to feel myself starting to relax, it was a wierd feeling but my body and mind just started to relax in a way that I had never felt before. I could hear voices shouting and screaming in the distance but I couldn't understand what they were saying, I don't even think that I was bothered art this point as I felt as if I was in a different place and nothing was going to disturb my peacefull state that I was in. It felt as if I was looking at an old photograph album that had been made into moving pictures, I could see myself as a child and I felt as if I was going to cry, it was remembering the feelings that I felt when I was so young, lonely was what I could feel and it was what I remember being when I was just a child, the times when I was all by myself and with no one to talk to or to play with, I always ...

Everything that starts with G ... 17/12/2006

Gone to where

Everything that starts with G ... Hi everyone, I've not been around for a long time what with work commitments and everything, but I thought I would nip back and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that the new year will make all your dreams and wishes come true. I was just thinking about Christmas and where has it gone, has it just sort of been lost along the way and can't find it's way back again. Yes there is still all the decorations up in the houses and nowadays outside the houses and it does look very festive, but where has the festive spirit gone? Have the carol singers forgotten the words or has Santa forgotten to do his rounds the week before, shouting and waving at the kids. I can remember back to when I was a lad oh so many years ago and the excitment leading up to Christmas day, trying to take a sneak preview at what was in the presents under the Christmas tree and even sneaking the odd chocolate bar out of the selection box and sealing it back up again. I can remember waking up on Christmas morning and seeing my sock at the end of the bed with little treats inside it, a tangarine and some little chocolates and sweets as well, then rushing down the stairs to see what I had been left by santa and no matter what I had I always had a big smile on my face, the day seemed to go on forever, playing with my new toys and the television on with all the Christmas shows, then waiting forChristmas dinner and all the family sitting down and having a good time. Christmas ...

Lucozade Sport 03/09/2006

Is this a top or a nipple?

Lucozade Sport Well here I go again, another try at a product review I must have a fever or something. I will give it a good try and see what happens as I can't seem to get the passion for writing about something that doesn't really want to come from this warped mind of mine. I was recently in my local Spar shop doing the mundane task of getting a bit of shopping in, when I noticed an offer for Lucozade sport, it was two for £1.30 and seeing as I was feeling a little flush I thought I would splash out and buy them. I am not really a big drinker of juice as I prefer tea, and anyway the name Lucozade conjours up images of when I was a lot younger, and when you were ill, out came the bottle of Lucozade, the cure for all illnesses, I can still remember having to drink it and I couldn't stand the taste of it, I still can't to this day. As I have already said I bought two Lucozade sport and thought to myself, hmmmmmmmmmm an energy drink, this is something that I could do with, something to give me a little kick start and boost my energy levels up a little, yes I had visions of running a marathon and then hopping off to the gym for a vigorous workout on the wieghts then off home for an even more rigorous workout in the bedroom gym with my lovely personal trainer, ok I admit I am dreaming here and have to admit that the most excercise I get is when I drag myself out of bed and walk down the stairs to lift the kettle to make my cup of tea. I have in front of me right now a bottle of ...

Everything that starts with L ... 02/09/2006

Lost time, can it be made up? UPDATED

Everything that starts with L ... I have decided to write another review while I get the chance, WHY I hear you say, well let me tell you, lately there is always a fight to get on the computer, seeing as my lovely wife has took back up writing on here and my dearest daughter has caught the bug called ciao as well, so after a long hard pulling and shoving, I have managed to get them both off here and I am going to try and stay as long as possible, but I don't really stand a chance with two females sitting ready to pounce and break my fingers so I can't get back on for a while. I have thought about what I wanted to write and it will be a hard review for me to write as I will be opening up thoughts that I have kept in my head for a long time, they keep rearing up in many forms and mostly they are questions, questions, and they are questions that I can't answer, and even worse, if I was asked these questions, I wouldn't know how to answer them and that is what is so bad about them, as you read the review you will probably be thinking, yes I can see the questions now and why can't he answer them, or you might understand why I can't answer them. I will start from he beginning and let you know what happened and what followed, hopefully you won't get to bored as I tend to waffle a little, well maybe a lot, but by time you get to the end you will have visited my little world and had a glimpse at the shadows in my thoughts. The year would be 1988 and I was going out with a lassie that lived roughly four miles ...

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you take? 28/08/2006


If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you take? I was ginog to witre tihs rievw tihs way, jsut to see how mnay cmoiapntls I wulod get, but I tguoht I btter not, it wulod hvae been a bit of fun, but I dcedied aiagsnt it. I better write properly I suppose so that I don't get shouted at, but as you have seen and probably already know, that if you put the first and last letter properly and miss spell the rest, you will still see the proper word. Anyway that's the fun part out of the way, I better start on writing my review, I have decided on this one as nothing really caught my eye and I just don't want to write product reviews, what fun is there to be had there, I suppose I could write one after being stranded on a desert island lol, that way I would really know if they were any good lol. The review had best start with a little drama and build up to me being there, I don't want to just dive straight in, without telling you my little story and what I had to endure ( hang on a minute shadow, you have never been on one ) ok I admit that I have never been stranded on a desert island but, I have been stranded at a bus station does that count, oh well I guess not so I best get on with the review. Sit back and enjoy and close your eyes and relax, listen to the waves crashing against a sandy beach and the sun hitting your body as you lie there sipping a cool drink, feel yourself sinking into the warm sand and a cool breeze gently brushing past your body. Can you see it and feel it, if you can you either have a good ...

All about my partner 23/08/2006

Meet the BOSS !!!!!!!

All about my partner I have always been one to write reviews that hopefully make people smile, I think so far I have done one product review and to be honest it will be my last, I love to write about what I really know about, that way I can give my full honest opinion and it dosen't really matter what anyone else thinks, as unless they have experienced what I have myself who can say wether I am write or wrong. I do value other peoples comments and critisims and I respect what people say and advice they do give me as this is what makes up a good friendship and hopefully that is what Ciao is all about. I have a few friends, on here and some really close ones like me,myself and I, but the one person that really makes my world turn is a lady that I have known and been with for over half my life and that is a few years believe me. I am not going to do the usual questions on what she is like and what she does like, I will just write away and see what develops and see how it goes, hopefully it will be a good review and I will get a nice kiss and cuddle for writing it, but on the other hand I might get a slap across the face when I reveal her good and bad sides, naaaaahhh I won't do that as there isn't any AHEM. Now where do I start writing about her and what do I really say? I best introduce her first, that would be a good way to get to know her, she has written on Ciao a few times and she has just lately come back again to start writing, her Ciao name is stitch1969 and she writes in the ...

Smiths at Gretna Green 21/08/2006

Keeping up with the .......Smiths

Smiths at Gretna Green I have always been known for not writing product reviews as I prefer to write in the Ciao cafe, I feel more comfortable in there, where I can write about anything I want and that way I don't have to compare different things against each other. I don't know what has taken over me, but I had this strong urge to write this review and let everyone know what a fantastic place it is, "Oh come on now", I hear you say, we have all heard this one before, what is so special about this particular place, well if you give me a chance I will tell you all about it and then you can make up your own mind wether it is what I have said or not. Hang on a minute, have I said what I am talking about, mmmmmm nope I haven't, I have taken it for granted that you already know, I am of course talking about a new hotel that has been opened in Gretna Green, "Well come on then, what's it called", my you are impatient aren't you, the hotel is called Smiths at Gretna Green and it has been open since February 2006, so if you will be quiet for a little while, I will tell you all about the place and what you can expect if you ever decide to stay there. So if you are sitting comfortably, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, red or white that is your choice and I will take you on a tour of the hotel and I can guarantee you will enjoy the whole experience. The hotel is a contemporary style hotel and it has brought a freshness to the area and brought the hospitality business into the 21st ...

Everything that starts with T ... 18/08/2006

Your under curfew, you've been tagged

Everything that starts with T ... I have thought about writing a couple of things over the past couple of day's, a poem, a story ( yes koshkha it is on the way lol) or a sensible review, but I am still waiting to see if that will be accepted, so when I read my guestbook Jesi mentioned that I should try the tagging review. Now like a lot of people on here, I have gone through the, oh my god who do I write about worry, so I have sat and thought for sometime and thought and thought about different people that I know on here, and that is quite a few, there are some lovely people now and some people that are still here from my former life on ciao. I decided after quite sometime who I should write about and then I had to decide what I should write about them and how to go about it, do I really write what I think or should I make something up, the latter made me giggle for a while as the thoughts in my head were shouting " YES DO THAT", I could have really had some fun there but I decided to lock those thoughts away, maybe next time Muhaahhahaahhahahaaaa. As I have already mentioned I have met a lot of people on here, so if you are not mentioned, please don't take offence as I respect and admire evryone that I know on here. My first person will be shortsharpshock , this is a man who writes brilliant reviews on just about everything, he has a wide range of subjects and I must say that his book reviews are excellent, he is mad on Terry Pratchett and he really has a passion for this author, he has in the ...

My 10 Favourite Body Parts 16/08/2006

Wheres that noise comming from

My 10 Favourite Body Parts I was browsing around to see what I could write next and I came across this review and thought to myself, mmmmmmm this could be a good one to write about and my old brain started to go into overdrive at the things I could write, then all of a sudden I came to a brick wall and couldn't think of anything, so off I went for a little break and came back again. (((((( LITTLE BREAK AAAHHHHHHHHHH ))) BACK AGAIN. Like I said, I came across a brick wall and lost what I had been thinking, but now it's back again, so sit back and relax, grab a nice cuppa and imagine what I am going to write for you, hang on a minute you better not try and imagine as when we get so far down, you will be killing yourself laughing at what I have chosen and it might ive me a complex if you think the wrong way. Where do I start with my favourite parts? Lets start at the top and work our way down, that way you get the guided tour of my body, ladies don't get too excited you might be disappointed. The Brain. This is one of my most favourite parts as we all know this part of the body has full control of the body and without it we wouldn't be able to function at all, hang on a minute, we wouldn't be here would we. anyway as I have said this is an important part to me as it controls my body and my thoughts, and most importantly it keeps my lovely memories locked inside my head, also it gives me my personality, now in some cases it might give me too much as I like to see myself as me, myself ...

A Day In The Life Of.... 13/08/2006

A day spent with an old friend

A Day In The Life Of.... I recently bumped into an old friend of mine that I haven't seen around for sometime and we got chatting about what we had been up too and it seemed as if we had just seen each other the day before. It's strange when you start talking and you realise what you have been missing, and there is no excuse really for losing touch, what with mobile phones, computers etc nowadays. We decided that we would take a walk to the local cafe and catch up on what we had been up to, a few people stopped and stared at us for some reason but we both ignored the glances and the comments that were directed at us, I knew what they were saying and pointing at and it made me quite mad, but I kept my thoughts to myself, it wasn't that last year when they were asking for help, but maybe now was the time that things were going to change for the better for my dearest friend and he would show them once again what he was made of, I couldn't believe that he never took any notice at all, maybe he did but just never said anything. Once inside the cafe we sat down and ordered a couple of mugs of tea and I looked at him and ordered a full breakfast for him as it looked as if he hadn't eaten in days, the waitress brought over the teas and the breakfast and I watched him staring at the plate and then looking at me, I told him to eat and I would just drink my tea until he had finished eating, it was like watching a hungry wolf devour his prey as he cleared his plate, slowly mopping up the remnants with ...

Stories with a twist in the tail 09/08/2006

A long lingering kiss.

Stories with a twist in the tail I don't know wether I will be any good at writing this kind of review, but I thought I would give it a try. They say that in everyone there is a book, well I'm still waiting to find it, hopefully when I cough it up it won't hurt too much, I can't imagine a paperback comming out of my mouth, never mind a hardback pushing out the other end, mmmmmm sorry they meant a book inside your head not a book inside you, that goes to show how I think lol, never mind lets get on to my little story and see if it keeps you going untill the end. Lets start by getting comfortable and and cosy, open up the bottle of wine and sit in front of a nice warm fire and let the words take you away to another place, just imagine yourself inside the story and see if you can feel the whole experience. Once upon a time, sorry that's for the youngsters, we will start the story in an adult way, now dont get too excited. The outside world seemed to be a million miles away at that moment, the closed door and the curtains drawn, shut out the howling winds and the torrential downpour that was battering off the hard tarmac on the drive. The music was playing in the room echoing of the walls with a rhythm that set the mood in the room, while the candles were gently flickering as if they were dancing to the sounds being played, a spark jumped out of the fire and landed on the fireplace slowly loosing the energy that was coiled up inside the ember. The carpet was inviting as they lay down on top ...

Top 10 Things Not to Do on a Date 07/08/2006

You can't take me there !!

Top 10 Things Not to Do on a Date I have sat for a while now trying to think what I could write about, after searching through various topics this one grabbed my eye. I am no expert on the dating game, I never was when I was younger and I'm not now, errrrrrm I don't think the wife would be pleased if I was going out dating, right then as I said I was never very good at it when I was in my younger days, that's gotten me out of a hole before I start digging it any deeper. I have to admit that I am an old romantic at heart and I must have done something right when I did go out dating, I have a wonderfull wife and I am truly happy with married life. But when it comes to talking to the opposite sex, you have to watch what you say, as the first words that come out of your mouth after shifting that gear stick in your brain can either help you or demolish any hard work you have already put in. I am not saying that you have to plan what you are going to talk about, but just that you had better watch what you are saying. I remember a part of a conversation I had with my wife, we were talking in a pub about this and that and suddenly out of my mouth came the words "But you haven't been to bed with me YET", now I don't know where it came from but I must have missed a gear somewhere and slipped into being an idiot in reverse, luckily for me it made her laugh and I quickly changed the subject away from it, now as I have already said watch what you are saying, the wrong things can come out and if you can't ...

Ten Worst Dinner Guests 05/08/2006

Wine me, Dine me and!!!!!

Ten Worst Dinner Guests I can't remember having any guests around for dinner before, I'm usually the shy type that even cringes when family come around for tea, but this time I have managed to find the confidence and forget about my shyness and invite a few people around for dinner. I didn't realise how much time and effort that you had to put into organising a dinner party, what with sending out the invitations, planning a menu for the night and finding the right clothes to wear, it all seems like a lot of hard work just for a few hours. But I managed to pull myself together and sent out the invitations in plenty of time so that the replies would come back quicker and I would know who was comming and who wasn't, I was surprised when I recieved them all back and they all accepted my invitation, I was surprised at myself more for inviting them, but it's done now. The next thing on my list was what were we going to have to eat, would it be two course or three course or be really posh and go all the way, personally I would have been happy with egg,chips and beans, but I was advised against this idea, even tho' the majority would have been brought up on this kind of meal, they were now at the point that they had to have the best, I could hear myself thinking at the time, "WHY" I suppose when you have a lot of money you have to pretend that your background was a lot different and what they had now was what they always had, "Oh well back to the menu, I decided I had better get someone in to help ...

10 Things That annoy Barmen 04/08/2006

But it's only a minute past closing

10 Things That annoy Barmen I have had a few jobs over the years but I can honestly say that working in a pub is a job that you have to be multi talented in a lot of ways, not only are you there to serve customers but you are a friendly ear when someone needs to talk, or you are a referee in either slanging matches or the odd scuffle, all part of the job and everyday can be different. I really enjoy working in the pub enviroment, especially when it is quiet and you can have a sit down with the regulars and have a good natter, especially with the older generation, you get the chance to hear stories from days gone by and listen to their experiences, this is something that the younger generation are missing out on, they just don't have the time or interest to sit down and talk and listen to stories that they will never experience themselves. The only part about the job is like all jobs, there is always something or someone that spoils the atmosphere and this can be annoying at times. There is nothing worse than being busy and serving someone and they throw their money on the bar and you have to bend over the pumps and scrape it up, do they not realise that we have hands to accept the money with, or do they think that they might catch something of us if they happen to touch our hands. The person that stands at the bar and won't move for anyone, he's picked his spot and that's his position until closing time, this is so annoying, do they not realise that you don't have to pay to sit on the seats, ...
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