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Usborne Sparkly Touchy - Feely Fairies - Fiona Watt 15/05/2006

Shiny, Fluffy, Shimmery, Happy Little Fairies

Usborne Sparkly Touchy - Feely Fairies - Fiona Watt Whilst shopping in Mothercare before Christmas, I noticed a selection of books that were not only colourful but looked like a book to be treasured. I suppose what I am saying is that these looked like an ideal Christmas present. The books were on a display featuring Usborne books, and two books in particular caught my attention - "Fairies" and also "Mermaids". I ended up not buying them in the store and did a search on Amazon, getting the pair much cheaper than the rrp of £8.99 each. Yes, I am a cheapskate ... The book I am reviewing today is the "Fairies" one. The first thing you will notice about these books, is that they are quite chunky .. and fairly heavy to hold, even though there are only six pages in total including the covers. Please be careful if you let your baby/small toddler hold and walk (or even throw at the cat ....) with these as dropping these on feet induces tears! One good thing I've noticed is that the corners are rounded, so that's one less way they can hurt theirselves. They prove fairly indestructable and wipe clean with no effort. The next thing you notice, or should I say appreciate is the level of detail that has gone into this book. The cover is a clear indication of what you can expect throughout the book. It is a hardback book and on the cover is a garden scene with fairies busy decorating a bright toadstool, which is a red cushioned material with hard white raised dots. The fairie's wings are cut out and have been replaced with a ...

Sharing A Shell - Julia Donaldson 15/05/2006

Heard the one about Crab, Anenome and Bristleworm?

Sharing A Shell - Julia Donaldson I always loved books as a child, and could never get enough of them. I regularly read books with my daughter, but as she is only 15 months she doesn't always sit still long enough to get to the end! However, I found Julia Donaldson's "Sharing A Shell" managed to maintain her interest all the way through. This is a picture book, intended for pre-school readers but because of the beautiful illustration I imagine this will appeal to most children - although the verse could prove a little to simple. ~The Story~ The characters in this book all live in a rock pool and this story starts with a little hermit crab (Crab) who finds an empty shell and decides to make it his very own home, keeping him safe from the hungry seagull! Pretty soon, an anemone (Blob) and a bristleworm (Brush) want to share his new home too! At first Crab isn't too happy about sharing, but soon warms to his new shell-mates .... before they know it, they have outgrown their shell and need to find somewhere else to live. ~My Thoughts on the Story and Layout~ I really enjoyed reading this book with Caitlin. It is a medium sized softback book - just the right size to hold with her on my knee while she points things out. I particularly liked that it was written in verse, which builds a nice rhythm and holds her interest. There are 2 - 4 short sentences on each page, so if your little one is the impatient sort and wants to keep the pages turning there is little text to hold them back. The story ...

Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo 23/02/2006


Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo Ever since Christmas just gone, I have been going through a bit of a Lush phase. After receiving a large hatbox crammed full of lovely Lush goodies, I have turned into a bit of a Lush-a-holic - buying even more items to ensure a constant supply! One thing that was not included in my hatbox was hair conditioner. It had included a bar of solid cake shampoo, but I found my hair still yearned for conditioner after using - so here I was looking for a solid conditioner. I found the shampoo and conditioner bars, but next to them I smelt a sample bottle of "I Love Juicy" shampoo and was immediately seduced by it's citrus scent. After hunting down a bottle of conditioner to accompany it - (Veganese conditioner) and throwing a few bath bars into my basket for good measure, (rude not to ..) I called it a day. Lush shops are wonderous places to peruse - but all of those heady aromas don't half give you a headache after a while, time for the off! My little bottle of shampoo is the smallest of three sizes that Lush sell - 100g, ideal for those of you who travel and need to be minimalist or those of us who just want to try before we invest in a large 500g bottle. Well, small it may be - but "by 'eck" it's a powerful minx! Lush packaging is always practical and minimalist in it's presentation. My bottle is predominantly clear with a black label across it's middle and has "I Love Juicy" written clearly in white. A brief description of the contents are found at the bottom of the ...

Deal Or No Deal 15/02/2006


Deal Or No Deal It was quite by accident that I first encountered Deal or No Deal, hosted by that charm magnet that we all know and love - Noel Edmonds. It was my daughter's tea-time feed and as we sat down on the sofa to watch yet another round of C-Beebies to amuse her whilst she ate - she decided to play with the remote, and unwittingly flicked over to Channel 4, where Noel was hosting Deal or No Deal and the rest is history. It took me a couple of shows to get into it, but now I love it so much that I find myself recording it if I know Caitlin is in a whingy mood - those of you with youngsters will identify with the subtitles button on your remote ... you see whats on tv, but can you hell hear it sometimes! Deal or No Deal (herein referred to a DOND) is brought to us by Endemol - who are also responsible for the hugely successful Big Brother and Who Wants to be A millionaire shows. Hosted by loveable charm magnet Noel Edmonds (can he really be 58, he's still a cutie ...!), who is back on our screens after disappearing off the entertainment scene for what seem like eons. He was by his own admission lured by Endemol, with an offer he simply couldn't refuse. THE CONCEPT For those of you who have no idea what DOND is actually about, let me enlighten you. DOND is basically a game of chance/luck, however you prefer to see it. No skill or particular knowledge is required for the player who is partaking in that days game - merely intuition - although some players do try and apply ...

Charles Worthington Shine, Shine, Shine Glossing Spray 19/08/2005


Charles Worthington Shine, Shine, Shine Glossing Spray Okay, I'll lay it on the line folks - fact is recently I've been leading a double life … there's dull, dry and frizzy "me" that can be spotted bleary eyed and not very "together" whilst tending to my daughter first thing before gaining enough coordination and self respect to reach for … "Charles Worthington Results Shine On" and step into my second role as yummy mummy extraordinaire with a barnet so bright and glossy, magpies want to steal me … So you get the picture … I quite like this Boots the chemist is one of my favourite shops in the high street. I can stand for ages pawing and sniffing at the choice of hair care they have to offer, and with the added benefit of gaining points on my Advantage Card - not to mention their 3 for 2's and so on, it's all relatively guilt free. On a recent binge - sorry - shopping trip, I noticed the Charles Worthington range had a one of those lovely little "2 for £6" stickers hovering angelicaly above them. I moved in and took a look at what was on offer and settled for a hairspray and a shine spray. Charles Worthington, in case you haven't heard of him is one of those famous hairdressers who have gone on to develop their own range of fabulous styling products. Charles has been in the business for over 20 years and has had the honour of being "hairdresser of the year" a couple of times. He is the co-owner of five London salons and also a salon in New York, each of his salons boasting a clientele of celebrities. I have been ...

Huggies Super Flex Super Dry Nappies 17/08/2005


Huggies Super Flex Super Dry Nappies There's nothing worse than a smelly nappy is there? Well, actually there is - a leaky nappy … Having encountered a lethal combination of both these elements produced by our innocent looking daughter, I have come to appreciate that it is worth investing a few more coppers in her rear end attire … When we were expecting Caitlin, I bought various brands of nappy and stashed them away squirrel fashion in preparation. I purposely chose different brands so as to try out their suitability, buying both supermarket brands and the leading brands in order to compare them fairly. After all, I'm not going to get snobby about a nappy - the cheaper the better … if they work. The proof they say, is in the pudding. Little Caitlin was keen to serve up a number of puddings and quickly we worked our way through our mountain of nappies, a pile that was now being added to by the grandma's, keen to help out! I found the supermarket brands were, although by no means rubbish, to be very "average". By this I mean they felt soft enough, and with regular daytime changing they were effective - however, they were not suited to overnight wearing and in the morning I would find Caitlin would be soaked through, with a sore bottom and a nasty red rash - not to mention that usually the urine had leaked through onto her vest and bodysuit … To cut a long story short, we came to realise that the pound or so that we were saving on the supermarket brands was just not worth it. Red bottoms only suit ...

Emerald Bay Emerald Bay Coconut Colada Tan Accelerator 26/07/2005


Emerald Bay Emerald Bay Coconut Colada Tan Accelerator A few months back I decided to join a gym, to help me regain my figure after the birth of our daughter (ha flippin' ha). To my delight, as part of my membership I was entitled to 60 minutes worth of Sun Showers. After a few sessions in the gym I decided to try it out and I realised with embarrassment that what I had thought was a pop machine down the corridor, was in fact a Sun Shower … well, I had only ever been in the cradle type many moons ago - it's all change these days. When I booked another session my instructor recommended I use a tanning accelerator and so I bought one of the many sachets that were displayed at the front desk. Emerald Bay - Coconut Colada to be precise. I was surprised and pleased with the result, so I bought a decent sized bottle (265ml) of it online for £6.25 (it does actually retail at £9.99 elsewhere). Contrary to what you might think, this will not increase your chances of looking like David Dickinson/Jodi Marsh … The bottle itself is brown and yellow in colour (see pic) and the words Emerald Bay Accelerator is in green and a display of coconuts and bananas feature all around the bottle neck and on the front. It looks very much like a bottle of alcopop! The bottle opens with a twist off cap and once opened you will see there is a plastic stopper with a hole in it's centre to dispense the product. When you open this, you are in for a treat - it smells heavenly! The sweet heady scent of Coconut and banana is just delicious. Once you have ...

Jokes 16/07/2005

WIFE 1.0

Jokes This email was forwarded to one of my husbands work colleagues - it's all about non-compatability of computer programs, but put in terms of relationships ….. I think this is hilarious. It could just be me … --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- Dear Technical Support, 18 months ago, I upgraded to Girlfriend 1.0 from Drinking Mates 4.2, which I had used for years without any trouble. However, there are apparently conflicts between these two products and the only solution was to try and run Girlfriend 1.0 with the sound turned off. To make matters worse, Girlfriend 1.0 is incompatible with several other applications, such as LadsNightOut 3.1, Football 4.5, and Playboy 6.9. Successive versions of Girlfriend proved no better. I tried a shareware program, Slapper 2.1, but it had many bugs and left a virus in my system, forcing me to shutdown completely for several weeks. Eventually, I tried to run Girlfriend 1.2 and Girlfriend 1.0 at the same time, only to discover that when these two systems detected each other they caused severe damage to my hardware. I eventually upgraded to Fiancee 1.0, only to discover that this product soon had to be upgraded further to Wife 1.0. Whilst Wife 1.0 tends to use up all my available resources, it does come bundles with FreeSexPlus and Cleanhouse 2003. Shortly after this upgrade, however, I found that Wife 1.0 could be very unstable and costly to run. Any mistakes I made ...

Nestle Little Notions - Tempting Raspberry and Yoghurt Swirls 11/07/2005


Nestle Little Notions - Tempting Raspberry and Yoghurt Swirls Those confectionary displays by the checkouts have a lot to answer for … whilst standing with my basket in Superdrug a few weeks back, I ended up in an eye-lock with some uber-trendy silver packaging. I was lured in by the prospect of the mouth watering anticipation of …. "Tempting Raspberry Yoghurt Swirls" On realising it was a teeny packet of sweets and not crisps as I had first thought, I picked up a packet and chucked them in my basket. By the time I left the car park they had vanished as if by magic. What could have happened …? The answer, is of course obvious. I ate them. All. In one go. So there. Since this tasty encounter, I have also sampled the Lemon Cheesecake variety and have to say that they are both damned fine. Today though, let's stick with the Raspberry Swirls. Little Notions are the latest in a long line of delicious confectionary from Nestle. Aimed at the 20-35 age bracket (for some ridiculous reason .. Does nobody over 35 like these?) who like their indulgences in small portions and fashionably packaged. The bag is fairly small but still rather bigger than the contents need. It is a matte silver and has child-like writing on the front - "I'll go to the gym tomorrow …" it promises. A doodle of a stick-person sitting in front of the tv puts the finishing touches to this little packet. On the reverse is a photo of our swirl looking lovely with a little arrow pointing their way and "they're only little" scribbled next to this. We'll see. The ...

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium 08/07/2005


Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium When it comes to quality toys, you can't buy better than Fisher Price in my opinion. When I was pregnant, my mother bought the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium for baby's cot. It has turned out to be the best gift that we were given, and I can't speak highly enough of it. The aquarium is intended to be mounted on your cot and for this purpose has two tough plastic strips with holes in them, to be strapped onto the cot side. It's very heavy (down to the 4 x D batteries inside) so please be vigilant when putting in place! The dimensions are 10 ½ x 9 ½ inches. The aquarium is housed in white plastic emulating the shape of waves. In the centre there is a see through plastic panel with bubbles embossed on it and inside are a big fish, a little fish - both of which rotate in a swimming action, a clam - which opens and closes and a starfish that spins. Obviously this contains water too! This can light up (if option selected) and light fades in and out on different parts of the aquarium. There is a sea background which is nice and bright too. The main controls are to the top of the plastic housing, out of sight. There is a volume dial (which can go fairly loud, but not especially quiet!), a button to change the melody and lastly a switch to move between 3 different settings. The settings are; 1 bar (represented as a dash) ~ sound only 2 bar ~ sound and lights 3 bar ~ sound, lights & movement There are 6 different melodies to pick from (it doesn't work it's way ...

Avent Baby Body & Hair Wash 28/06/2005


Avent Baby Body & Hair Wash It's a strange old thing, preparing for your new baby to arrive isn't it ... You grab anything and everything from Boot's shelves and start hoarding baby baths/washes/creams/nappies and so on like a schizophrenic squirrel on a nut bender. Couple this with the inevitable range of baby booty that you will acquire from eager friends and relatives and you will soon own enough to last your little treasure throughout the whole of their babyhood and probably have sufficient products leftover for yourself. When little Caitlin arrived, we worked our way through the basketful of goodies that we had acquired but soon realised that lovely smelling as they were, they didn't all agree with her skin or in some cases do the job they were made for. I have to say that most of our basket consisted of Johnson's Baby products, which I always loved using on myself and it's kind of "traditional" isn't it. We also had quite a lot of Mothercare and Boots own brand. I do remember being told in our antenatal classes that contrary to the advertisment, they do not recommend Johnsons and deemed the brand harsh on baby skin and to keep them for yourself instead. I decided to try them anyway and after a few weeks we found that Caitlin's skin became all dry. The deciding factor for me was that after using them on her, my hands felt awfully dry too, so back in the basket they went. After trying out various baby washes I went back into Boots to see what alternatives they had to offer. Boots stock most of ...

Calpol 23/06/2005


Calpol For a parent, there can be no feeling worse than when their little one is in obvious pain ... it just makes you feel so helpless, you want to take that pain away - fast. Our little girl is nearly 5 months old and therefore it can sometimes be difficult to interpret what the problem may be, as she obviously can't tell me yet! She is starting to teethe and poor soul, they are giving her some serious discomfort and getting the better of her usual cheery self. In search of some reliable pain relief I came across Calpol, which is available in either bottles or sachets and has two age ranges - 3 months upwards and 6 years upwards. The box I have is sachets for 3 months plus and is a distinctive purple colour, containing 12 sachets. I understand that you can also get boxes of 4 and 20 sachets. The back of the box carries some fairly comprehensive doseage instructions and is very clear and easily read - let's be honest, when you have a screaming upset baby the last thing you want is to be scouring instructions written in teeny tiny writing. Calpol is available in both Sugar-Free and Original formulas, but both come in a delicious strawberry flavour (yes, I have tried it ..) so are pleasant for your little one to take. Open the sachet by simply ripping across the top and you will find the mixture inside ready to administer. There is a 5ml doseage contained in each sachet and you will also find in your box a double-ended spoon one end for a 2.5 ml dose and the other a full 5ml ...

Philosophy Range 04/01/2005


Philosophy Range Us women are complicated animals aren’t we … ? We want to appear as if we are not wearing a scrap of make up, but we still want to achieve a flawless complexion to anyone close enough to be inspecting … A no make-up look gained through wearing make up cleverly - is it any wonder our men are confused! I’m a lucky lass me, and was happy to find some facial assistance under our Christmas tree this year from my hubby, in the form of a box of goodies put together by U.S company “Philosophy” which he had purchased via QVC. The Philosophy range is not one I have used before, although I have often commented on how nicely packaged, although minimalist (and expensive) their products always appeared. Perhaps part of the attraction was also the clever wording used on all their packaging - their little paragraphs of wisdom relating in some way to the product and it‘s use. Onto the product then … I have in front of me the box that contains this magical tint. It’s unassuming enough, a regular lipstick-sized container with purple fingerprints arranged in the shape of flowers. Written on the box is simply “the supernatural lip & cheek tint” and underneath ’philosophy: natural is super’. Open this up and you have a matt finish tube with the aforementioned signage - the tube is see-through allowing you an insight to the cherry red liquid formula inside (it does not go on this shade!). The black top unscrews to reveal a wand for ease of application - not unlike a regular gloss wand ...

Asda Good For You Tomato & Basil Soup 30/11/2004


Asda Good For You Tomato & Basil Soup The one good thing about the onset of the cold, dark winter months is that you can take comfort in some nice hot comfort foods … that and a nice slab of chocolate, some thick socks and some decent telly …. Soup is a big favourite of mine all year round. Ridiculously quick to prepare in the microwave and tremendous with a huge lavishly buttered baguette. Most of the soups I favour, tend to be the fresh variety in the tubs rather than the tins - you tend to get more in these and I’m not left rummaging around work looking for a tin opener! This is from Asda’s “Good For You” range, which offers a healthier take on your favourites. I have tried various items from this range and have yet to be disappointed. •The Tub• The soup is contained in a large 500g plastic tub and stands 12cm high. Packaged in cheerfully bright colours - the blue and yellow “Good For You” logo takes up most of the front part. At the foot of the container, is a fresh looking picture of some wholesome, plump tomatoes and an onion. Tomato & Basil in lettering, accompany this healthy image. The lid is one that you break the seal of by pushing down a tab round the rim. Easily done, and then peel up the thin lid. If you want to re-heat half of this later on, just push your lid back on. My container clearly states the essential nutritional information, without my having to scan small print. It tells me that my Tomato & Basil soup contains:

Gatineau Laser Energizing Mask 19/11/2004


Gatineau Laser Energizing Mask First of all, I must confess to not giving my skin the care and attention it deserves. Although I am always careful to remove any last traces of makeup and usually slather some moisturiser on before bed, it must be said I could definately be doing more. I am now in my thirties, and am only too aware that my skin is not in as good condition as it was only a few short years ago. I used to regularly steam my face to get rid of all the nasties and impurities, and face masks were a weekly routine for me. However, all my good intentions seemed to vanish for a while and all the promises in the world cannot bring youth back to your skin, once ageing gets a grip. I'm aware I've gone off on a tangent here ... To cut to the chase, I was treated to this little tube of face mask as part of a Gatineau gift set that Brian bought from QVC for me. We watch a lot of QVC and no doubt I would have been giving this some lustful looks! Gatineau for those of you unfamiliar with the brand, was the creation of French lady, Madame Jeanne Gatineau a chiropodist and physiotherapist. In 1950 she successfully opened her very own Gatineau Beauty School. Gatineau have a research laboratory in Bezons, France and from here have developed various treatments and solutions to help combat the effects of anti-ageing and imperfections of our skins Getting back to my mask then ... the one in the tube that is, ha ha My treatment mask is presented in tube form, which is in a gloriously vibrant shade of ...
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