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BlackBerry Storm2 9520 19/05/2010

A big improvement on the original Storm well done Blackberry

BlackBerry Storm2 9520 I believe this is the best Blackberry yet! The touchscreen is vast improvement over the original storm which is good news as RIm (Research in Motion, Manufacturer) redesigned it. The screen still pushes down as the original did however they have used 4 sensors to it instead of the orginals one. moreover they have peizo magnetic technology which means the screen does not depress when in standby. To complement that Blackberry have updated to the latest operating system and the end result when sending emails or texts is tactile and responsive. I personally find the predictive text a bit annoying however this can be turned off and when the phone is held in landscape mode you are given a full qwerty keyboard which makes typing very quick indeed. The phone comes with full 3G connectivity, WI-FI to allow you to connect to hot spots or home broadband, bluetooth, A-GPS and all the ussual BB functionalities. Using the internet is generally quick for a mobile even when using GPRS 2G connections. You can install other browsers such as opera but I found turning JAVA off in the BB browser by far the best way to attain the quickest load times. Another plus for this phone is that it is available on all networks unlike its predecessor, meaning you can choose from a range of competitive contracts and the overall cost of ownership is much cheaper than its I equivalent. I still think Blackberry offer unrivalled email/message handling, the push email works perfectly and allows you to have ...

HP Officejet Pro 8000 19/05/2010

HP Officeject 8000 pro, excellent printer offering economic print

HP Officejet Pro 8000 Well where to start, I have had this printer for just over 2 weeks so far and so far so good. What attracted me to it the most was the quoted print yields per cartridge, for example the 940 xl black that it uses can deliver up to 2200 pages at 5% coverage which is extremely cost effective especially when you consider an original cartridge can be found online for around the £15 mark. The blurb claims it is 50% cheaper to run than a laser equivalent and that it utilises a thermal inkject technology. The instructions were clear and easy to understand making set up fairly easy and there is a wireless model available. The printed comes bundle with a duplexer which enables it to print double sided, this attachments clips into the back (which does stick out some several inches, but not a huge problem if you have space). Initially on first power up the printer takes some 20 minutes to set itself up and you are informed of this at the beginning as it niftily prints a page advising of this. The one quip I do have is the long warm up time in normal use, from turning it on it seems to take 3-4 minutes to warm up and then is able to print after that it is near immediate. So it is always turning on as soon as your pc/laptop is turned on to avoid any waiting times. The cartridges are large (however can't quote ml's) and fit easily into a designated area inside the left hand end of the printer. The cartridges are individual tanks for colour meaning there are four in total and there is a ...
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