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Hi Im Susan and I am a typical girly girl! I have a rather expensive addiction to shoes (so much so my friends call me Shoesan!) and also make up, clothes, jewellary, bags in fact anything you can wear! I also like anything pink and glittery!

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Apple iPod M9268B/A 40 GB 4th Generation 27/04/2005

How did I live without it?!

Apple iPod M9268B/A 40 GB 4th Generation I've never really been one for technical gadgets and initially when iPods came out I thought they were just a phase (remember Mini Discs) and wouldn't take off but recently I saw my friends Ipod Mini and it was so cool I was hooked! I have always been a great lover of music and get sick of changing cd's so having all of my music on one product is truly amazing and really saves my back when I go away because I used to take loads of cds! Anyway after looking around online I decided I wanted the 60gb photo Ipod and placed an order on Ebay. I was ripped off so instead of bidding on another one and loosing more money I decided to shop around and buy one from a shop. Curry's had a really good offer online where it was £309 so I went to the store to be told it was being discontinued and they had none in stock. I tried a few music stores and could not find one so gave up and did my other shopping. This led me to Boots where I happened to notice they had a photo Ipod 40gb. I asked to look at it and was told it was £275 and had the latest software so I decided to buy it. I also managed to get nearly £25 back in advantage points! I went back to the office and couldn't wait to play with my new toy! I did have difficulty however, the plug isn't put together you have to do that yourself but I am blonde and rather stupid so it took me 20 minutes to figure out how! The manual has instructions which show each of the parts but didn't show how to slot these two together and it had a ...

It's Time - Michael Bublé 24/04/2005

How Sweet It Is

It's Time - Michael Bublé In keeping with my reviews so far today here is another Michael Buble one (I promise it will be my last!) I absolutely love this album and since I bought it a couple of months ago it has barely left my CD player! Who is he?: For those of you that don't know Michael Buble is a jazz singer often compared to English star Jamie Cullum. Michael takes songs from the past and transforms them and makes them his own, introducing great songs from the past to people that would not hear them otherwise. He also takes songs such as 'Can't Buy me Love' by The beatles and 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' by Queen and turns them into great Jazz songs. Every song he sings is completely different to the original. Michael was introduced Jazz music by his grandfather Mitch, it was a hard business to break into and Mitch who was a plumber offered jazz musicians at local bars his services as a plumber if they let Michael sing with them to gain some experience. It has taken Michael ten years to get to where he is, initially appearing in Jazz bars and selling CD's he had financed himself. Michael's big break came when, singing a wedding he was introduced to David Foster signed him and made him into the star he is today. Michael released his self-titled album in February 2003 and sold millions of copies worldwide and this is his second album released with his record company. The songs are such a rich mix and his voice is even more versatile than ever. Michael's first album sold millions of ...

2 - O-Town 06/04/2005

A Song for Everyone

2 - O-Town Sticking on a boy band theme I thought I would review this album. Who are they? O Town were the first band put together on a TV show. Backstreet Boys and N Sync manager Lou Pearlman wanted to put together a new boy band so he got together with MTV and they created a show called ‘Making the Band’ which was aired worldwide. They auditioned thousands of people across America and then took the final 25 to Orlando (otherwise known as O Town hence the name) for further auditions and then put the final 8 into a house together under a rigorous routine of exercise, dancing, singing lessons although there was as much partying done as there was working! The final 8 contestants were Ashley Parker-Angel, Eric-Michael Estrada, Bryan Chan, Ikaika Kahoana, Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penwick, Paul Martin and Michael Miller. The TV show filmed the boys 24/7 but unlike other reality shows where the public get to vote on Making the Band Lou Pearlman along with the dance instructor and singing teacher decide who made it into the final five and I believe before the TV shows had even aired the band had been chosen. Things didn’t go easy in making the band though, Paul Martin decided to leave the audition process due to problems with his girlfriend and he didn’t think the band was going in the direction he wanted. Eventually the final five were chosen as Ashley, Eric-Michael, Trevor, Jacob and Ikaika, it was a really emotional episode to watch when the final five were announced as it meant ...

Journey - 911 06/04/2005

Take a Journey

Journey - 911 One of my friends on here (LorraineLorraine UK check her reviews out!) reviewed two of 911’s albums but left this one out so I thought I would review it! The Band: 911 were/are (will explain that bit later!) made up of Lee Brennan, Simon ‘Spike’ Dawbarn and Jimmy Constable. There are many stories as to how the guys got together as their version seemed to change in every interview (that and their ages!) but the version I think is most likely is that Lee wrote a letter to a manager in Scotland with a demo tape, the Manager in question was Steve Gilmore who was also managing two dancers called Spike and Jimmy who were performers on the Hit Man and Her television show which was presented by Pete Waterman. Steve has seen artists like Boyzone and Take That have amazing success so decided to bring Jimmy, Spike and Lee together to form 911. Lee was the main singer in the band although occasionally shared this role with Jimmy. Spike occasionally rapped on songs as well as doing backing vocals and despite a petition in Smash Hits Magazine for him to sing lead Spike didn’t feel comfortable to do so. 911 were formed in 1996 and split in February 2000 after releasing three successful albums (The Journey, Moving on and There it is) and a not so successful Greatest Hits album. However, after a year and a half of normality 911 were offered by promoters a chance to get together and tour the UK, as neither Jimmy or Lee had got anywhere with their solo careers the band agreed and in ...

Totally Bublé (Original Soundtrack) - Michael Bublé 05/04/2005

Totally Buble or Totally Boring?

Totally Bublé (Original Soundtrack) - Michael Bublé Seeing as I had reviewed the film ‘Totally Blonde’ I thought I might aswell review the soundtrack that goes with it! Michael Buble who stars in the film sings this soundtrack, the tracks were also sung by him in the film and some incorporated into the plot of the film. The songs were written by the films director and writer, Andrew Van Slee, as he is a big lover of jazz music. The songs on this CD sound ok while they are playing, but few are catchy enough to resonate for any extended length of time, they are rather bland and don’t have the feeling in them that is normal with Michaels music. Michael tried to stop this CD being released as he believes it is far from his best work and as it was before he got his big break he was unable to make any demands as to how the music should sound. The director owned the rights to the film and the music so when Michael became famous he decided to cash in and re-release this CD with extras in the form of clips of Michael singing the songs in the film. Michael outshines the songs as they are very basic and at times tedious they are far from his usual standards. There are only seven songs featured on this CD and some are very short so the CD doesn’t last for long. That's How It Goes This is a mid tempo number and is quite cheesy, it’s the sort of thing you would expect to listen to when put on hold on the telephone! There is nothing really memorable about it although the chorus is quite repetitive so will get stuck in your ...

Totally Blonde (DVD) 05/04/2005

Are you Totally Blonde?....

Totally Blonde (DVD) Because the person that wrote this film obviously was! The film and also the soundtrack was wrote by Andrew Van Slee and is disapointing at times anyway to the review: Why did I watch this? I am a fan of Jazz singer Michael Buble so when I found out he was in this movie I knew I had to buy it. The film also stars Krista Allen who I had never heard of but apparently she was in Baywatch. WARNING major plot details to follow!: The Story: Meg Peters (played by Krista Allen) has had a rough time with men, her friend Liv Watson (played by Maeve Quinlan) told her to have a change and dye her hair blonde but Meg isnt too keen until her boyfriend turns up for their date and tells her he slept with her best friend. This pushes Meg over the edge and she hits the bottle and goes blonde. She then has to go to 'Blonde School' where they teach you how to act like a blonde. Meg phones her Liv and they arrange to meet at the local jazz club and when Meg turns up blonde Liv gets a shock. Michael Buble's character Van owns the club and is on stage performing when he notices Meg and Liv dancing and develops a crush on Meg. When the set finishes Meg and Liv go to the bar for a drink and Liv tells Meg that Van had been looking at her and obviously likes her but Meg laughs it off by making fun of him and says she wouldn't date him if he was the last man on earth, then turns around to find Van standing there and saying I would love to be the last man on earth. Its totally corney! ...

Mamma Mia! [Original Cast Recording] 01/04/2005

Its ABBA-soloutly Fabulous!

Mamma Mia! [Original Cast Recording] I have always wanted to go and see a West End show, but the hundreds of times I had been to London I never seemed to find the time, until April last year. Me and three friends decided to see a west end show for a friends 18th birthday. We had problems of deciding which to see, two of us wanted the Lion King and the other two wanted Chicago so we compromised and went to see Mamma Mia as a compromise. Approahing the theatre we were all really excited but when we arrvied we were disapointed to see all the glamour seems to have gone out of the theatre. Me and my friends had dressed up nicely for the occasion as I have seen West End shows on TV before when they have been recorded and everyone always looks so glamerous. Not in this case, we arrived and the majority of people were wearing jeans or tracksuits, it was a bit of a disapointment. Anyway to the show itself.... The story revolved around the wedding of Sophie Sheridan. Sophie was brought up by her Mother on a Greek Island. Donna has never told Sophie who her Father is therefore Sophie has always felt a part of her was missing and when she comes across her Mums diary of the time she was conceived and finds there are three possibilities of who her Dad could be she invites them all to her wedding hoping her father will give her away. The musical begins with Sophie posting the invites to the three possible fathers. When they arrive Sophie speaks to each of the men individually to try and find out which one is her ...

All I Want For Christmas (DVD) 01/04/2005

All I want for Christmas

All I Want For Christmas (DVD) Yes Im early or late in posting this but I'm sad to say I have just watched this on video! I love Christmas films, it always outs me in the mood for the day, I love snuggling up on christmas Eve watching The Snowman! Although there are loads of quality christmas films out there I am afraid this isn't one of them. The plot is rather simple. Two children are hoping that their parents will be back together in time for christmas and the plot revolves around that. They chase off their mothers suitors and trick their parents to get them together. Like most films of this nature the end is fairly predictible. The girls character is played by Thora Birch who is one of the only good things about the film! She asks Santa for her parents to get back together. Her brother Ethan plans to ruin their mothers wedding plans with all sorts of tricks, this part is rather funny. I watched it on a friends video but its currently on sale as a DVD for £12.99 at HMV. ...

And God Created Woman (DVD) 01/04/2005

God Created Women

And God Created Woman (DVD) I love old movies, although my favouries are generally the corny comedies from the 80's I really enjoy this one also. This story is about Juliette, the main charachter and her lovelife. Juliette is a very beautiful girl who was orphaned as a child. She was fostered and worked in her foster parents bookstore. Juliette is a normal young girl who has no worries in the world and likes to party and spend time with friends, however, in the times the film is set being so open was regarded as being a disgrace, but dispite this Juliette continued to act the same way. A rich man called Eric Carradine falls for Juliette but she is already with someone else (antoine) yet she is heartbroken when he rejects her as he thinks she is just a flirt and not settling down material. Juliette's foster mother can't cope with her anymore and tells the social workers about her behavious. Juliette is going to have to return to the orphanage but them Mr Carradine offers to marry her. Although in the end Antoine's brother Michael proposes and she against everyone's wishes, marries him. Juliette falls in love with Michael and it appears that he feels the same. Antoine returns and Mr Carrading again proposes and Juliette is faced of the torment of her first love and his brother, her husband being together. As for who she ends up with, you will have to watch and find out!! Will it be Antoinne, Mr Carradine or her husband Michael. I really enjoyed this film but Im a bit of a softie! ...

Top 10 Love Songs 30/03/2005


Top 10 Love Songs This is my first post/review in Ciao cafe so be nice to me! lol I had my heart broken by someone quite recently and I'm still in the process of getting over him so the songs that are in my top 10 are ones I can relate to so in no particular order: 1. Take a Bow - Madonna The words really relate to the situation I was in and I always get a lump in my threat when I hear the lines: Make them laugh, it comes so easy When you get to the part Where you're breaking my heart [breaking my heart] Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown [Just make 'em smile the whole world loves a clown] Wish you well, I cannot stay You deserve an award for the role that you played [role that you played] No more masquerade, you're one lonely star [One lonely star and you don't know who you are] Also the lines about the guy deserving an award for the role he played, I think everone has felt like everything in their life was an act at somepoint. 2. Leave Right Now - Will Young Im not a big fan of Will Young but I really like this song (find the video a bit weird though) most love songs are about loving someone and how amazing it is or how someone broke your heart. This song is about still loving someone but knowing that if you continue to love them its going to tear you apart so you have to move on, even if you dont want to. 3. Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls I absoloutly love this song. When I listen to the music I can really loose myself in it and although its ...

Epson Stylus C66 26/03/2005

Epson Stylus C66

Epson Stylus C66 In the past I have always had a Lexmark printer but the prices of the cartridges (between £30 and £35 each) put me off. A friend bought a Epson for Christmas last year and told me what a good printer it was and the price of the cartridges which was a lot cheaper than Lexmark so when my printer broke I decided to give Epson a go. I went to my local computer shop and explained that I wanted an Epson printer that could print photos and normal documents and was reccomended the C66. The printer cost me £65.00 but you can surrently get it in your local Argos for £59.99 and I believe some shops may sell it cheaper. The shop where I brought the printer said if when I need ink I go back there I will get the four cartridges for £20.00 (£27.99 in Argos). Unlike Lexmark printers where you pay £35 for a colour cartridge and £30 for a black and white I believe Epson cartrides are good value for money. The cartridges come in four colours, cyan, magenta, yellow and black. You can but seperate cartridges especially for photos and they cost around £23.99. The inks are water resistent and do not smudge easily, I have also discovered they dry very fast and by the time a photo has came out of the feeder it is already dry. With this printer you receive 20 sheets of photo paper (normal photo size 4 X 6 inches) , Photo Series software, and quick access to Epson's exclusive photo craft and photo sharing websites. The technical information: Specifications Print Method Inkjet ...

A1 - A1 22/03/2005

Average Boy Band or A1?

A1 - A1 A1 were formed by Steps Manager, Tim Byrne (also manages Simon Cowell’s contestants in the X Factor). Tim wanted to create the ultimate boy band. One that could sing, dance, write music and play their own instruments. The first member of the band was Paul Marazzi who was picked from auditions Tim held. Paul was the only auditionee good enough. Tim nex spotted Mark Read in the audience at a gig and asked him to go for a meeting, Mark went along and sang and became the second member of the band. Tim asked Mark if he knew of any friends who are talented and would be interested and Mark recommended the youngest member of the band Ben Adams. Last but not least Christian Inbebrigtsen was recommended by one of his teachers at the Paul McCartney Fame School (also known and LIPA). The band secured a contract with Sony which at the time was the largest contract to ever be given to a new artist/s. The band set about writing music and building a fan base. In 1999 A1 released their first single, 'Be The First To Believe' which secured them their first top 10 hit. This was followed by 'Summertime of Our Lives' 'Like a Rose' and then a Double A Side of 'Ready or Not' and 'Everytime'. Until Ready or Not and Everytime were released A1 just seemed to be a normal run of the mill boyband but Everytime in particular set them apart from the rest as it was an amazing ballad and penned by the band themselves. The band released their first album which showed a diversity in sound. Although ... 11/03/2005

Ticketmaster Rip Off I am a big fan of the Jazz singer Michael Buble so when I heard he was touring I was delighted. I phoned Ticketmaster and they said that the tickets went on sale the following day. I didnt think anymore about it until I went on Michaels site and people were saying they had received tickets for the Manchester and Birmingham dates by going to the arena box offices direct. So in my lunch hour I went to the arena to be told they had been told not to sell them and to go back the next day so I said about how people on the internet had got them and she told me to call Ticketmaster again which I did. Ticketmaster told me there had been a special link sent out to fanclub members so they could get priority seats. When I said I was a fanclub member and none of us had received them the girl got stroppy and said we couldnt buy them unless we had the link. Ticketmaster claimed it wasnt going through them but through the fanclub. I got back to work 20 minutes late after all of the hassle and decided to go down to the arena in the morning to buy them by hand. Later that night tickets appeared on Ebay, front row seats 2 for £150 there was 40 pairs of tickets selling for various venues including Newcastle. I couldnt understand how people were getting hold of them, Ticketmaster said they weren't selling them and the arena wasn't. Later I received a link off a member of Michaels site (not the fanclub may I add!) which took me to a page with all of the concert dates on where you ...

MAC (Shop) 05/01/2005

Mac - Ordinary Make-up?

MAC (Shop) I recently went for a makeover at Mac in a local department store, I have always used Benefit in the past but wanted something that created a more dramatic look for evenings and when a weokmate reccomended Mac I thought I would give it a go. I booked a make-over which cost £20.00 but was told after the make-over that money would be deducted from anything you bought. Mac sell a full range of make up products including cleansing wipes, make up remover etc. Prices start from £8. The make-over was a bit of a disapointment, the foundation didn't offer very good coverage, the lip gloss was too sticky and although I explained I wanted dramatic eyes they were rather dull. I looked better when I arrived in the store than I did when I left but after the make-over I had a walk around to have a look at the products and they have some AMAZING colours in eye shadow and what they call pigments (a loose powder that often contains glitter which can be used on the eyes or anywhere on the body) so I invested in a few and I havent been disapointed with the effect, the colours are amazing, if you just want a slight bit of colour then you only apply the once but if you want a dramatic look you just reapply, with most make ups this would make you look overdone but with Mac it looks very effective. I also sucumbed and bought some of the lip glosses but these were a disapointment, the lip gloss was too sticky and one of the ones I purchased had a horrible smell so has been passed on to my ...

Take a Break 08/11/2004

Take a Break

Take a Break Take a Break is a weekly magazine aimed at women and is sold in newsagents and supermarkets etc nation wide. It costs 70p per issue which is very reasonable and has a hig content which includes readers real life stories readers photos, Beauty tips, a limited clothes section, advice, Horoscopes, recipe’s and competitions all with good prizes although I have never been lucky enough to win!!! Take a Break is a great magazine which provides lots of reading material. I started readind it 2 years ago when I was in hospital and a relative brought it in to give me something to do, my first reaction was that it was an old womans magazine but when I started to read I noticed I couldnt have been more wrong. It had something that appeals to all ages and both sexes. I now buy the magazine every Thursday and once I have finished I pass it onto my Mum to read and she then passes it onto my Dad to do the quizzes so its well worth the money. There is a clear index inside that tells you where you can locate all of the features and competitions. You can win prizes from £50 up tp a value of £2,500 and all prizes are varied. The clothes section is rather small but I enjoy it as all of the clothes are affordable where as in some magazines the clothes cost your average weekley wage!!! There are a variety of true life stories in the magazines, some funny and some sad but all are worthwhile reading. They cover a variety of issues and can sometimes help you relate to the importance of ...
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