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Hi Im Susan and I am a typical girly girl! I have a rather expensive addiction to shoes (so much so my friends call me Shoesan!) and also make up, clothes, jewellary, bags in fact anything you can wear! I also like anything pink and glittery!

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since 20/08/2004


Apple iPod M9268B/A 40 GB 4th Generation 27/04/2005

How did I live without it?!

It's Time - Michael Bublé 24/04/2005

How Sweet It Is

2 - O-Town 06/04/2005

A Song for Everyone

2 - O-Town Sticking on a boy band theme I thought I would review this album. Who are they? O Town were the first band put together on a TV show. Backstreet Boys and N Sync manager Lou Pearlman wanted to put together a new boy band so he got together with MTV and they created a show called ‘Making the Band’ which was aired worldwide. They auditioned thousands of people across America and then took the final 25 to Orlando (otherwise known as O Town hence the name) for further auditions and then put the final 8 into a house together under a rigorous routine of exercise, dancing, singing lessons although there was as much partying done as there was working! The final 8 contestants were Ashley Parker-Angel, Eric-Michael Estrada, Bryan Chan, Ikaika Kahoana, Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penwick, Paul Martin and Michael Miller. The TV show filmed the boys 24/7 but unlike other reality shows where the public get to vote on Making the Band Lou Pearlman along with the dance instructor and singing teacher decide who made it into the final five and I believe before the TV shows had even aired the band had been chosen. Things didn’t go easy in making the band though, Paul Martin decided to leave the audition process due to problems with his girlfriend and he didn’t think the band was going in the direction he wanted. Eventually the final five were chosen as Ashley, Eric-Michael, Trevor, Jacob and Ikaika, it was a really emotional episode to watch when the final five were announced as it meant ...

Journey - 911 06/04/2005

Take a Journey

Journey - 911 One of my friends on here (LorraineLorraine UK check her reviews out!) reviewed two of 911’s albums but left this one out so I thought I would review it! The Band: 911 were/are (will explain that bit later!) made up of Lee Brennan, Simon ‘Spike’ Dawbarn and Jimmy Constable. There are many stories as to how the guys got together as their version seemed to change in every interview (that and their ages!) but the version I think is most likely is that Lee wrote a letter to a manager in Scotland with a demo tape, the Manager in question was Steve Gilmore who was also managing two dancers called Spike and Jimmy who were performers on the Hit Man and Her television show which was presented by Pete Waterman. Steve has seen artists like Boyzone and Take That have amazing success so decided to bring Jimmy, Spike and Lee together to form 911. Lee was the main singer in the band although occasionally shared this role with Jimmy. Spike occasionally rapped on songs as well as doing backing vocals and despite a petition in Smash Hits Magazine for him to sing lead Spike didn’t feel comfortable to do so. 911 were formed in 1996 and split in February 2000 after releasing three successful albums (The Journey, Moving on and There it is) and a not so successful Greatest Hits album. However, after a year and a half of normality 911 were offered by promoters a chance to get together and tour the UK, as neither Jimmy or Lee had got anywhere with their solo careers the band agreed and in ...

Totally Bublé (Original Soundtrack) - Michael Bublé 05/04/2005

Totally Buble or Totally Boring?

Totally Blonde (DVD) 05/04/2005

Are you Totally Blonde?....

Mamma Mia! [Original Cast Recording] 01/04/2005

Its ABBA-soloutly Fabulous!

And God Created Woman (DVD) 01/04/2005

God Created Women

Top 10 Love Songs 30/03/2005


Epson Stylus C66 26/03/2005

Epson Stylus C66

A1 - A1 22/03/2005

Average Boy Band or A1? 11/03/2005

Ticketmaster Rip Off

MAC (Shop) 05/01/2005

Mac - Ordinary Make-up?

Take a Break 08/11/2004

Take a Break

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