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HTC Touch HD 30/06/2010

A touch more reliable

HTC Touch HD I've owned this product for over 12 months and not once have I had a problem with this product. It has never frozen or died which happened quite often with sony ericssons and lg phones I've previously use I got this product as a free upgrade on my orange tariff as at the time they did not support the iphone. And thus this was the next best thing. Altho this does not support apps like the iphone and does not have a copy and paste function for text to go in e-mails or web etc it's worked perfectly for what I required. Access to facebook on the move, e-mails pushed to my phone to read on the move. Ability to open office attachments and respond. Text and calls too - Of Course. E-mail push was so simple to set up with my existing gmail account and sending and receiving emails is a slick quick process everytime. I've never used the stocks application, nor do I use my phone for music as I have an ipod, but the weather function is fab and it in handy storing more than one location at once. Check your tariff especially when aboard so that if you dont want a big bill you switch of the email pushing before you leave the UK. The internet browsing can be done in landscape as well as portrait which is a bonus however, often pages can take a while to load and the text requires enlarging which takes up vital time too. Also altho its a 5mp camera I find the quality to be quite poor. A massive plus is that I have dropped it easy 20times plus since I've owned it and ...

Boots Expert Scar Care Serum 28/06/2010

Brilliant on stretch marks and on scar tissue too

Boots Expert Scar Care Serum Having recently had a gynae operation which has left me with a scar from my navel to my bikini line I was looking for a solution to help reduce the redness of the scar... especially with the summer coming. A friend told me that his friend had used the scar serum from Boots when she had an ovarian cyst removed and was over the moon with the results. She is Black and I'm caucasian - so its great to know it works for more than one skin tone. I looked it up and £5.99 for 50ml seemed worth while trying and I'm glad I did as it works a treat! The directions on the bottle say to use at least once daily and I having been using it twice daily (once in the morning and once at night); but within two weeks of using the serum my strech marks are no longer "greyish" and faded to my normal pale pinky-white skin tone. After a month of use the strech marks are hardly noticeable at all :) A huge difference from bio-oil whch I was using on my stretch marks pre-op for over 6 months with no visible change :( Also since this is a serum it's not as greasy as bio-oil and soaks into the skin faster so that putting clthes on straight after applying is do-able. Again the directions say to use continuously for 3 months to see improvement. After a month the redness of my scar has started to fade...and is continuing to do so. But at a slower rate than the stretch marks fading. I've still got loads in the tube too so it's turning out to be great value for money and the packaging is a pump ...

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Wii) 25/06/2010

Zombie-tastic blood, blood and more blood

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Wii) This game isn't as bad as some of the reviews on other websites would have you believe. It's great value for money and keeps you engaged for hours although as stated in the review above the translation can be a bit dubious and the instructions are a bit pants but its really simple to pick up and very addictive. The single player mode is better than the dual player mode for sure but both are zombie-tastic. Game play is full of zombies to slay, plus bats, spiders etc as you advance through the levels. There are two characters to choose from. Red blood splats onto your screen to enhance the experience, making it more realistic and there is also a blood threshold for your character at which point you will actually turn red! Dont forget to shake the blood from your sword regularly too, to keep slaying easy otherwise your sword gets stuck in the zombies making it easier for them to squirt blood over you. Not only do you have a sword but you can use the c button on the nunchuk to change to dual sword action which in my experience gives better visual effects but slows the pace of the slaying. Kick and jump combos add to your slaying experience. This game will appeal to males and females a-like as long as they like a good slaying :) My 65 year old dad even played it non-stop for 45mins on his first go! ...

Racing Stripes (DVD) 17/04/2008

Racing stripes - good clean humour all ages

Racing Stripes (DVD) Bought this on a whim when I found it in the bargain section for £2.99. I first watched it with my parents both in their 60s and the three of us couldn't stop laughing. Watch out for the flies and the pelican they'll have you in stitches. The film about a zebra who is brought up believing he is a horse. Although he recognises he is different at first he has no idea that the reason is that he is a zebra. His owner decides to train him to be a race horse. Whilst the film is a little slow to get going gradually picks up into a beautiful compelling story which is amazing funny and will have you laughing and crying throughout. It's good clean humour that will be enjoyed by all ages. ...

Flooding catastrophe, could the scale of damage have been lessened? 14/08/2007

What the Romans did for us!

Flooding catastrophe, could the scale of damage have been lessened? If we are thinking could the government have done more to lessen the effects of the flood damage? Then unfortunately not. At one point Hazel Blaers was quoted as blaming it on the Romans' town planning skills... well come off it Hazel I've heard some responses but town planning skills were supposed to have progressed since then! Why did local authorities allow conurbations to be sited on flood plains in the the first place? A relative down-under in Australia who lives on a flood plan was mandated by his local authority to build his house on stilts. Whilst I can quite imagine how folks in sheffield or tweksbury might feel about how this may have looked it certainly would have lessened the property damage. Did the government respond fast enough? Of course not! Whilst Prince Charles (and believe me I'm no staunch royalist) was visiting the affected masses by boat where were the local and national MPs? Tucked up cosy by the parliamentary heating systems of westminster. Or in the case of Dave Cameron (Mr Middle Class Climate Change Campaigner) a swift visit to his constituency before boarding a carbon guzzling flight to a.n.other country to campaign for preventing climate change! It's so ironic that when the tsunami hit Asia Mr Brown could find a spare what was it 50 million?! to donate to helping these affected folk rebuild their communities but have the floodstricken taxpayers of Britain seen such a gesture? Oh and let's not forget to add that there were no miltary ...

Fujifilm FinePix S9600 14/08/2007

High quality starter model

Fujifilm FinePix S9600 If you are looking to buy your first digital camera then you wouldn't go far wrong by buying this model with it's 10.7 x optical zoom you can take what you think looks like a average shot and using idiotproof photo-editing software such as google's free download picasa can crop and zoom to display a masterpiece. I'm only just getting into photography so I hardly ever switch from the auto setting and my shots still come out picture perfect. Budding photographers won't be disappointed as it has all the manual settings you'd expect to find on an digital SLR, having manual adjusting settings and focus column but is a third of the weight of a digital SLR and you don't have to worry about the problem of changing lens. Features include nightvision, sports, macro, video etc and with a 28-300mm lens range there won't be much you can't shoot. It's durable and reliable for macro/fine detail shots. With an adjustable lcd scene you'll be able to take shots from above head height with ease. the camera also has a timer function and in my opinion is well worth the £220 price tag. Battery power is ample so long as you use rechargeable rather than alkalines. Can use compact flash or XD memory cards. A 1Gb card can hold approx 900 excellent quality images. The manual is easy enough to follow - i read it to ensure i knew what the manual functions did. ...

Boulevard Brasserie, London 14/02/2007

£15 3 course meal and bubbly

Boulevard Brasserie, London Ok so having read the other member's review after I have been to the restaurant and about to write my own review let me first say "shame on me for not reading her review first" but in my defence I perhaps wouldn't have gone there having read her review which would have been a real shame as I think it was just her that got a bum deal and i would have missed out on a wonderful start to the weekend. So let's de-mystify.......I visited the restaurant on friday 9th Feb 2007. it is on Wellington street in covent garden just around the corner from the Royal Opera House, and just further up the road than the Lyceum theatre. From covent garden tube station turn right and head towards the piazza. Once there turn right towards the Opera House then following ths shops round to the side street. Take this exit from the piazza and at the corner of the street you'll see a pedistrian crossing. You are now on Wellington Street. Cross at the crossing and you'll see the restaurant a few doors down on the right. What can I say ... yes you get three courses £15 and 1 glass of champagne per person is included in this. There is a catch however and that is that the bread and dips which is provided whether you want them or not costas £1.50 extra per person thus really the deal is 3 courses plus 1 glass of champagne for £16.50 not £15 as many websites advertise. However, I was aware of this though at the time of booking since I booked through which states the charge for the ...

Vespa bar, London 06/02/2007

VESPA - lesbian lounge - CLOSED DOWN

Vespa bar, London UPDATED REVIEW 2007 As of 2006 the VESPA Lounge is no more - IT HAS CEASED TO BE OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC - a sad day for all. VESPA is situated in central london. Just behind centrepoint on Tottenham Court Road. Nearest Tube station Tottenham Court Road. If you know where Astoria is then head across the road near where the buses ansd taxis are and you'll find it just on the corner. Vespa lounge is the upstairs to the conservatory bar. The conservatory is open every night from 6 til late and Vespa is open thurs - sat til late. Drinks are reasonably priced. There is a pool table upstairs. Both bars pull a relaxed crowd approx. 90% women ( the majority of which are lesbian) However I'm not one to exclude straight, bi, curious and so on. Decore is relaxed too. Nothing fancy but not sticky floor syndrome either. Vespa tends to be pulling a younger crowd than it used to but is often outshadowed by other popular london hangouts for lesbians. It is however, a great place to pic u a flyer or magazine giving you the low-down on where is hot and where is not at a given point in time. This often is also used as the starting venue for clubs and societies i.e. a crowd from will start meets here then lead on to a club. Worth a visit at least once. ...

London Gatwick, LGW 02/08/2004

London Gatwick - a higher class of flying

London Gatwick, LGW I live not far from Gatwick and use it not just as hub to get a plane for A to B but for many other reasons too. I'm originally from Liverpool so I'm not biased. I'm recommending Gatiwick because I feel it puts the other UK airports to shame. Ok it only has one runway. But it has two terminals. Full to the brim of Shops!!!! Which reminds mme to mention that Gatwick is one of the few airports who have bought into the baa worldpoints shceme which allows you to pick up points when spending money in any of the shops, tax-free and before the point of no return. You and then exchange the points for rewards such as upgrade to first class on the gatwick express or as I have exchange them for air miles. Check out for more details. Gatwick like most airports now also allows you to collect your purchased goods on return. Travelling to and from the airport. Gatwick is accessible by road via the M25 and M23 not to mention the A23. It often tends to be less busy than Heathrow which has to be a bonus! You can also get a train to Gatwick. Trains run 24 hours a day from London Victoria ( I know!!!! - I normally use the service on a saturday night after clubbing in london). There are two different train providers running between Gatwick and Victoria alone, not to mention those that operate to Brighton, Luton, Bedford and so on. The gatwick express, the non-stop service from Victoria costs ~ £14 for a return. And is a comfortable and clean ride. Taking roughly ...

Keyring Kite 22/07/2003

Lets go fly a kite!

Keyring Kite Last month was a friend of mine's birthday, he is 27 and loves kites and frisbees etc. However, I've noticed that although he can store his current kites and frisbees in the car for taking to the beach/park if we decide to go without his car then we have no kite:( So, not wishing to splash out too much cash and wanting a functional, gadgety, fun pressie I logged on to is a brilliant website for all things gadgety and is very easy to navigate, you can browse for an item either by category, price or using search if you know the name of it. I used the gift finder option and when I saw the keyring kite knew instantly that my friend would love it. The website gives you a picture and description of the product. In summary the the kite costs only £4.99 and when unfolded for has a wingspan of 45cm and 30m of bridle string. Convinced that this would be an idea gift I went ahead and purchased it from the site, but I must say that I am a member of and so by being one of their members if you use the link on their website to access and make a purchase you will receive 4.5% cashback. Ordering from is a very straight forward, quick and secure process however they do charge for P&P which costs £3.95 - almost as much as the kite!! However, the P&P charge is standard and does not increase or decrease depending on the amount of your spend. Initially this cost put me off but ...

Bisc & Mars 02/07/2003

Mars - strange product, strange planet

Bisc & Mars As part of masterfoods product reseacher program - I joined up through and e-mail link. They gave me a voucher to got out and try this product and then write a review on what I thought of it from the packaging to the taste etc. There are four variants at the date of writing this opinion they are: Bisc&Mars Bisc&Bounty Bisc&Twix Bisc&M&Ms Each currently can be purchase as a six pack RRP £0.99 So in summary and so that Joe Bloggs the public is aware - the only one of the Bisc& range that actually is worth the money, taste, time etc is the Bisc&Twix. The Bisc&Mars variant lacks enough filling and the biscuit base tastes the worst out of all the variants. The concept of a mars has been totally lost in this product as there is no nougat part to this biscuit. It does not provide you with the work, rest and play senario that we associate with the Mars Bars and well won't even fill your left eyelid. The packaging on this product doesn't help -although functional, each bar individually wrapped, it looks like a a shinner rip off of the breakaway wrapping. The cost of a pack of six £0.99 is actually quite reasonably but I suggest to all to skip past the Bisc&Mars and head straight for Bisc&Twix. Same Price but worth so much more. Bisc&Twix is the one variant which actually seems to keep the concept of its brand intact. Mars being assoicated as filling and energising. Bounty renouned for the moist bounty filling. M'Ms for there crunchy snack taste. The bounty ...

Walkers Sensations - Oriental Crackers 30/06/2003

Porky pig has nothing on these

Walkers Sensations - Oriental Crackers Shopping at the weekend I realised that the walker sensations were on offer two bags for £2 , I would have been rude to resist. So I got the usual chilli crisp - delicious. Then I spotted the spare rib and 5 spices crackers - a must try! When my friends and I finally tucked in we couldn't believe how much they actually did taste like pork spare ribs - that's because wheh we read the ingredients it states that they actually contain Pork Powder to my vegetarian friends' disgust (whatever that is?). But for all those meat eaters out there you have to try as they are truly scrumptious. I was however, slightly annoyed that normally they cost exactly the same price and the other variants yet the crackers only contain 100g whereas the crisps contain 150g - mmm a rip of me thinks! ...

Tesco Clubcard 25/06/2003

Premium Cardholders - I hate you!

Tesco Clubcard Tesco's itself as a store is more expensive than other supermarkets like ASDA but cheaper than Sainsbury's plus its reward scheme is much better than both. ASDA doesn't even have one! With Nectar - Sainsbury's reward scheme the amount you have to spend to receive the same amount back is alot greater than Tesco Clubcard and the rewards are often not as good. Tesco's clubcard has been around for quite a few years now and although i do my regular shopping there because I live on my own I tend not to spend more than £20 in one shop but yet when the review comes through I've always maanged to have accrued at least £3 in vouchers - which is pretty good since it has taken me a year to gain £2.50 back from Sainsbury's Nectar. Both Nectar and Clubcard allow you to collect points from more than one card but you must notify them first. Also, both are starting to use many different partners to earn and spend points at but for the best has to be Tesco's clubcard as you can change your vouchers into airmiles in truth a reasonable convesrsion too. However, this is where my hatred begins, if you are a Premiuim clubcard user ie. spend more than £60 on a regular weekly shop then when you convert your vouchers to airmiles you get double the points. This I feel is very unfair because by spending more in the first place it means they have accrued more vouchers so why do the need to receive more airmiles points aswell!!! Okay, so I accept I may not spend lots of money in their ... 19/02/2003

Maginificant mobile deals I only discovered this website back in Nov. 2002 when my current contract was up for renewal. The contract I was on was with cellnet now O2 line advance(12 months line rental paid up front) which got me a Nokia 3330, 600 min. off peak calls - to landline and O2 mobiles included every month. So of course I contacted them first to see what they could offer. They told me to renew, keeping the same number and not gaining a new handset would cost me £80 for 12 months which sounded like an extremely good deal. As I'm not a handset fashion follower anyway. But then I stubbled across This website offers sim card only deals - ok so the negative is I have to change my number but on this deal line rental for 12 months with 500 min off peak calls included for just £29.99 I couldn't believe. I wasn't sure how legitimate the site was and so looking at terms and conditions I found a telephone number for them and there address in Chester. So I phoned them up to ensure that the website was giving the correct price. They confirmed everything and answered all my queries. So there and then - on the phone that is I ordered my new sim and receieved it by registered post within 3 days. I have been on this contract since Nov. and have had no problems with billing or with coverage etc. I have no complaints! ...

Treasure Planet (Animated) (DVD) 19/02/2003

Unorthodox, but Ludicrously Effective

Treasure Planet (Animated) (DVD) Based on the book "Treasure Planet" written by Robert Louis Stevenson Disney have created an animated film which if you love Disney films you will love, if not you may however find yourself yawning in parts. For all those who haven't read the book then the film is a good starting point - especially for children. The movie stars the voices of Emma Thompson as the cat-like captain Amelia, and Brain Murray as Long John Silver the ship's Cyborg cook. The plot is quite simple a young troublesome teenager named Jim Hawkins comes into the possession of a map to the treasure hidden many years. The film is then about the journey and friends he makes on the way to finding the treasure. The animation is as expected with any Disney movie however, unlike other occassions they have not pushed the animation to the limits. As always with Disney productions there is always a character which is completely adorable and of course this film has it's own. It is Morph which become Jim Hawkin's pet. As his name suggests Morph has the ability to change shape/ identity to become what ever it feels like. Overall, the film was very enjoyable but not as memory lasting as others such as Lilo and Stitch and Monsters Inc. But beware of the extremely poor soundtrack :( If you want to find out more about the film before going to see it why not check out which also contains Treasure Planet related competitions and free downlaods ie. Morph desktop buddy, Screensaver and ...
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