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The Shipping News (DVD) 26/11/2010

A Real Movie For Real Men

The Shipping News (DVD) This is my absolute favorite movie of all times! The cast is superb, with Cate Blanchett, Judy Dench, Julianne Moore and of course my favorite actor: Kevin Spacey. The setting of Newfoundland give the entire movie a sense of remoteness, but the kind of remoteness where individuals blossom through the co-operation and ties with others. The story is extremely powerful, in that it doesn't make anyone any less ugly or any more beautiful than people are in real life. Yet, there is always a witty tone underneath every scene, every dialogue, every disaster striking. And best of all: The Shipping News has the best final sentence ever written for any movie. Ever. I call this movie jokingly a 'dick flick' as opposed to a 'chick flick', because I think this movie is the ultimate movie about wounds in men, and how to heal them. ...

Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi 6" E Ink Display 26/11/2010

I've slowly come to kindle my Kindle

Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi 6" E Ink Display Let me be honest from the onset: I am a book lover, and have been for most of my life. I love the feel and smell of paper, and I think books are an asset to any interior decorator's arsenal of doing a good job. Real books, I mean. With a spine and a cover - something that you can touch and see. Let’s face it: one of the best ways to get to know a stranger who’s invited you to his or her home, is to browse through their shelves. I have not yet dared ask the owner of an e-reader to allow me a look inside his gadget. It has taken me quite a lot of time to decide to buy a Kindle. When I did so, it was mostly because I was planning to have my own book available via the Kindle store too, and so felt it necessary to own one myself. By now, a few months later, I'm absolutely thrilled with my Kindle. The ease of use is amazing, and reading from the screen Amazon had designed for it is no harder on the eye than reading from paper. But two things stand out above all else, and make having a Kindle a great addition to other ways of reading stuff. The first one is: my Kindle contains tens of books by now and carrying them around while travelling for work or pleasure is a breeze. The second: it's so fantastically easy to make highlights in a book, and then transfer those to my computer to play with as I need. As a journalist I need to do lots of research, and this for me makes having a Kindle an utter relief. No longer do I need to waste precious time typing in precious quotes. I ...
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