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Mitsubishi Trium Geo 08/01/2001

Avoid this at all costs

Mitsubishi Trium Geo I've had my phone for several months now and I must say that I'm disappointed in it performance. I did get it on the £50 cash back deal which really attracted me to making the purchase. In general use the phone is OK, however there are many areas when it fails. Occasionally when trying to make calls you get cut off for no apparent reason, also, connecting to the WAP services is a hit and miss affair. Having said that, you do get 200 min of free calls a month (including internet calls, normally 10p a min) at the weekend which is the saving grace for me. The WAP access is a bit of a gimmick, I use it for accessing my genie mail, you can also check online orders with Streets Online. Would I recommend this phone to a friend, well YES and NO. YES - Its a cheap way of jumping on board the WAP wagon (via the Pay As You Go scheme). NO - I've had far too many problems with the phone. Latest If you are attracted by the lure of a cheap WAP phone then stay away from this one. Yes, its a WAP phone, yes, you get a min of 200 free WAP minutes a month, but I have been unable to connect to the internet with my phone for over a month now. I can only imagine that so many people have brought one of these that the network is completely overloaded. Also I've noticed that if you fail to connect you are still charged 10p for the pleasure, what a rip off. Stay away at all costs.

Dino Crisis (PlayStation) 04/01/2001

Its a Lost World

Dino Crisis (PlayStation) Dino Crisis is from the same people who brought us the Resident Evil games. You play part of a team sent to investigate strange goings on at an isolated scientific research lab. When you get to the lab you find it (mostly) deserted and over run by dinosaurs. You must search the lab to find the head doctor of the research team and find the cause of the dinosaurs appearance. As you might expect the game is filled with tension, as you explore, dinosaurs attack without warning. In previous games, if you encountered the bad guys in one room you could avoid them by legging it into another room. Not so here, the dinosaurs will chase you from one room to the next. A nice touch is that when you are injured you will bleed and leave a trail of blood that the dinosaurs will follow until you stop the bleeding. At other parts in the game the word “Danger” will flash on the screen. This is a warning that some sort of attack is imminent. In order to survive the attack you need to quickly press as many buttons on the controller as fast as you can. If you do this correctly, you survive the attack, if not you suffer a (usually) horrible end. If this sounds like a Hollywood film then bear this in mind, at one point in the game one of the characters says “Wow, this is just like that movie”, cool or what ? All in all a pretty decent game, that you should be able to pick up for about £10.

BBC2 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer 04/01/2001

Buffy Series 1 DVD

BBC2 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy is a 'normal' highschool girl. Normal, that is except for the fact that she is a 'Slayer', the chosen one from her generation who must lead the fight against all things that go bump in the night. She moves to Sunnydale to start a new life (after she burnt down the gym at her previous school !!). Unfortunately Sunnydale sits on a 'Hellmouth', a portal that can be used for demons and other nasty creatures to enter this realm. Buffy is then forced to take up her mantel as the Slayer. The show is a mixture of From Dusk Till Dawn, The X-Files and Beverly Hills 90210. The DVD The collector edition DVD covers all 12 episodes from season one on 3 DVDs. The packaging is excellent, with the case folding out in the shape of a cross. You get a little season guide booklet that gives details on each episode such as ,Quote of the Week', a breakdown to the relationships, references to pop culture, and text from the original teleplay that never made it into the episode. You also get an audio commentary from Joss Wheldon, an interview with Joss Wheldon & David Boreanaz and the usual biographies, trailer & photo gallery. The picture quality is a little grainy in places but that does not really detract from the fun. All in all a great way to spent an evening (or two) I'm Slayed !!

Gladiator (DVD) 04/01/2001

Ridley Scott has done it again

Gladiator (DVD) THE FILM Gladiator is the story of Maximus one of Rome's greatest generals. He leads a great victory in Germania and the emperor Marcus Aurelius joins him on the battlefield to congratulate his victory. However, Marcus is an old man and is ill and knows he will die soon. His son, Commodus, believes that he will lead Rome after his father's death, however, Marcus asks Maximus to be the 'protector of Rome' and return the power to the people. Commodus has other plans and murders his father claims power and orders Maximus and his family to be killed. Of course Maximus escapes but his family do not. Not caring what happens to him, Maximus is captured and forced into slavery as a gladiator in the outer provinces. In the mean time, Commodus (who is more that a little deranged) has chosen to give the people of Rome 150 days of games in order to commemorate his fathers death. This means that Maximus returns to Rome to fight in the games. The senate is now plotting against Commodus and Maximus sees this as his chance for revenge. An outstanding film in the true meaning of the word 'epic', everything from the Colosseum to the city of Rome is breathtakingly recreated. The battle scenes if a little bloody at times are fast paced and exciting. 9/10 THE DVD Presented in Anamorphic widescreen with 5.1 surround sound the DVD is a joy to watch. The extras are a good as the film and include * A 25 min making of * A 50 min documentary on the Gladiator Games * A ...

Pitch Black (DVD) 04/01/2001


Pitch Black (DVD) The Film A spaceship crash-lands on a desolate planet. All but a handful of the crew and passengers survive. One of those is a vicious convict who can (luckily) can see in the dark. The planet it seems is inhabited by predatory aliens that are harmed by light. Unfortuneatly the planet is shortly to experience a total ellipse. Darkness engulfs and the humans must survive alone against the creatures. A good film that combines light and dark, it's more like Aliens than Alien and at times reminded me a little of Star Ship Troopers. 8/10 The Extras The usual commentaries, making of & trailers, and one extra that I was very surprised to find. It’s a 20-minute 'Raveworld Pitchblack event'. Footage of one of the wildest raves I've seen is mixed with footage from the film. DJs include some bloke called Carl Cox. Superb !! This extra is worth the price of the DVD alone. 9/10

Alien (DVD) 04/01/2001


Alien (DVD) THE FILM The Nostromo is a deep space haulage ship returning to earth with its cargo of a huge refinery. The crew are awakened from sleep to investigate a transmission from an unknown source on a desolate planet. They send a shuttle to the planet & discover a huge space ship. Deep in the ship they stumble across what seem to be pods or eggs of some sort. When one of these is checked out close up, a crab like creature springs from the egg and attaches itself to the face of one of the crew. Once back aboard the ship all attempts to remove the creature fail, in fact it seems to have acid for blood. After a time the creature seems to have died and the crewmember carries on as normal. However what he doesn’t know is that is that he has an alien growing inside him. Of course this alien is soon born, and begins to rampage about the ship, killing people at will. The suspense is superb as the crew tries to track down & kill the alien. The acting is good all round, but you would expect no less from a cast that includes - Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Ian Holm & Harry Dean Stanton This has to be one of the top 5 sci fi films of all time, its up there with Bladerunner & Star Wars 9/10 THE DVD As you would expect the picture and sound (5.1) are brilliant. The menus are very good and the special features include Original Trailer Deleted Scenes Outtakes Artwork & Photos Story Boards A commentary by Ridley Scott 9/10

Apocalypse Now (DVD) 04/01/2001

A True Classic R2 DVD

Apocalypse Now (DVD) Recently released on DVD, Apocalypse Now has to be one of the most powerful films ever to be seen. Set during the Vietnam war, Willard (Martin Sheen) is sent to assassinate a rogue Colonel, Kurtz (Marlon Brandon). Willard has his reservations about killing a fellow American (and an Officer as well) but takes the mission anyway. In order to find the Colonel, Willard needs to get into Cambodia to find his compound. He travels via river and is escorted part of the way by the Air Cavalry, who choose an entry point into the main river purely because it’s a good point to surf !!?. The head of the cavalry is played by Robert Duvall who orders his troops to surf while his helicopters attack the Viet Cong village whilst the music of Wagner is blasted out from speakers mounted on the helicopters. A napalm strike is ordered against the village and Duvall utters what must be one of the most famous quotes from any movie - "I love the smell of napalm in the morning", classic. As the boat moved further into the jungle, Willard reads the intelligence on the Colonel & begins to admire the man, he also discovers that the last man sent to kill the Colonel failed, and is thought to have joined his renegade army. They finally reach the Colonels base in Cambodia, which seems to be the remnants of an ancient temple, corpses litter the compound and the Colonel has gathered an army, no a tribe around him. Willard is taken to meet the Colonel, they talk briefly before he is taken prisoner. ... 04/01/2001

ILL BE BACK You're probably all seen the Richer Sounds stores on your local city centres. I have, I just wanted to see how much some new speaker cabling would cost I checked out there site for the first time. On entering the site you are presented with a middle frame with offers / promotions & some company blurb, and a frame on the left with a stylised image of a palmtop. This has rollovers that act as the menu buttons. Looks quite cool. Well I spend about 10 minutes trying to find my way into the rest of the site. (Doh !). Finally after clicking on the 'Shop Here' button I got in. The site (once entered ) is easy to navigate with sections on Amps, Minidisk, DVD, DY Gear, Speakers, Tuners, Turntables, Essentials, Managers Clearance, Lifestyle Products, Blank Media, Home Cinema, CD's & Cassette Decks. So you find what you need. I proceeded to the Speaker Cables section (remember ?), good range of prices, reasonable too. The home page of each product has a tips section. One read of the Speaker Cable tips lead to a read of the Speaker Stands, the Speaker, the DVD & the Home Cinema tips, phew !!. What can I say, great site. It really keeps you hooked while offering good prices & loads of information. I'll be back. 04/01/2001

Quickest delivery times offer a vast range of computer-related hardware, software and consumables. With many special offers and deals their prices are amongst the cheapest on the web. I would recommend them as your first port of call. Having heard a few bad things about the service offered by this site it was with trepidation that I placed my first order. I had heard that the stock levels on the site were inaccurate, the site said 1 - 2 weeks for delivery of my particular item so I rang the customer services helpline to check that the goods would arrive for Christmas. Having been told that they would, I placed my order late that Wednesday night. Imagine my surprise when the goods turned up on Friday morning, quick or what. Another bonus with this site is that it is quite easy to get money off vouchers ( I got £30 off my order) and delivery is free. Recommendations for use of the site 1) Ring the customer services number (0800 376 5959) first to check stock status 2) Try to get a money off voucher, go to for a listing of where to get vouchers

Driver 2 (PlayStation) 04/01/2001

Back on the streets

Driver 2 (PlayStation) Driver 2 puts you in the driving seat as Tanner, an undercover cop trying to dig the dirt on the 'business' interests of the Brazilian mob who are doing a deal with a U.S crimelord. The action takes place over four new cities, Chicago, Havana, Rio & Las Vegas. In the previous game the streets were restricted to right angle turns, here you get curvy turns and the cities feels much more real. If you want to travel on the highway (motorway) you need to use the sliproads. One of the down sides of the previous game was that there were only a few other car types, that has been rectified here, other vehicles include transit type vans, VW 'surfer' vans, school buses, and what look like armoured trucks. On of the greatest improvements is that you can get out of your current vehicle and hijack any other vehicle that takes your fancy. Those of you who enjoyed Gran Theft Auto will love this game. It really is a true 3D version of GTA. Each city has its own look & feel with the police cars being the correct type for that city, the radio chatter as you are being chased by the cops is also correct for the city/country you are in. The AI of the police cars is much better they try to ram you off the road & the roadblocks are now manned by police. As you would expect the cut scenes are much improved, and you feel like you are in a Quentin Tarantino film. In addition to the single play sub games they have somehow managed to squeeze in some two-player games. Yes you can now hare ...

Spawn (Director's Cut) (DVD) 04/01/2001

Spawn R1 DVD

Spawn (Director's Cut) (DVD) Spawn (R1) DVD The Film Based upon the comic book of the same name by Todd McFarlane this film is very much is the same mould as The Crow. Both films are very gothic & dark, lots of rain and rooftops. Al Simmons is a 'Spec Ops' assassin for a government agency. He feels it is time to leave but does one final job. Unfortunately his boss, Wynn (played by Martin Sheen) has other plans and kills him. Al travels to hell and makes a deal with the devil. He will lead the devils army, in return he gets to see his wife again. Al returns to earth, however, its 5 years later and his wife has made a new life for herself. Al himself has also changed, he's now a hellspawn. He decides to take his revenge on his old boss Wynn who has now hatched a plan to release a deadly bio weapon and wipe out the earth. Along the way spawn decides to turn his back on the devil, saves the earth from the bio weapon & saves his wife. Its not the most original film and owes more that a passing nod to both The Crow & Batman. The special effects & CGI are done very well, but man cannot live on special effects alone. Film 6/10 DVD Extras Wow, were do I begin. The extras on the DVD are amongst the best I have seen. They complement the film perfectly. You get :- 1) A commentary with Todd McFarlane, the Producer, the Director & the Special Effects Supervisor 2) A cast breakdown 3) A film making of feature 4) An interview with Todd McFarlane 5) Scene to story board comparisons ...

Interview with a Vampire - Anne Rice 04/01/2001

Interview with the Vampire R2 DVD

Interview with a Vampire - Anne Rice Interview With The Vampire is the film adaptation of the Anne Rice book of the same name. It stars Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas & Christian Slater. Tom Cruise is superb as the vampire Lestat. Louis (Brad Pitt) has lost his wife and seeks death, what he finds is Lestat who decides to make him a vampire. The only problem is that Lestat revels in the killing while Louis cannot bear to take a human life. Instead he lives off rats & other rodents (much to the amusement of Lestat). When Louis finally takes a life it is that of a young girl, Claudia, Lestat intervenes and makes her a vampire as a means to make Louis happy. Together they form a weird 'family'. Eventually, Claudia realises that she will be a child forever and blames Lestat. Together with Louis they try to kill Lestat and then flee. Louis and Claudia travel to Paris and meet a band of vampires masquerading as a theatre troupe playing 'humans pretending to be vampires'. This theatre of vampires consider one vampire killing another as the ultimate crime and kill Claudia, Louis only escapes by being saved by the head of the troupe who sees Louis as a companion. Louis takes his revenge on the troupe by burning down the theatre and killing most of them. At the end of the film Louis discovers that Lestat is not dead and a sequel I believe is planned. The film is very close to the book, and if you are expecting action along the line of Blade you will be disappointed. What you do get is a sumptuous tale that ...

From Dusk Till Dawn (DVD) 04/01/2001

Salma Hayek can bite me anyday

From Dusk Till Dawn (DVD) From Dusk Till Dawn is a very strange film indeed. It starts out as a 'gangster road movie' with Quentin Tarantino & George Clooney (in a departure from ER), both surprisingly good as two brothers on the run from the police & the FBI after a particularly bloody bank heist. They take a family (Harvey Keitel & Juliette Lewis) hostage & head for the Mexican border. The two brothers have planned to meet their contact at a biker & truckers bar the following morning. They arrive at the bar in the evening and plan on staying all night. However once they enter the bar things take an unexpected turn for the worst. The bar is full of vampires and the film becomes a gore fest. The film is full of dark humour & has become a cult classic. You even get an appearance from Cheech Martin (of Cheech & Chong fame). The region 2 DVD has no extras whatsoever, but was available from for only £9.99

Eminem 03/01/2001

STAN Single of the year

Eminem Stan is the latest single taken from the critically acclaimed album 'The Marshall Mathers LP' from Eminem. Its without a doubt one of the best singles this year. The song is really a story about a deranged fan of Eminem who writes several fanboy letters to the star, who for one reason or another fails to receive them until its too late. The fan identifies with Eminem, but feels let down and disgruntled due to a lack of reply to his letters. The fan has been 'cutting' himself but is looking forward to the birth of his first child. Unfortunately, he finds it all too much and the end of the song is truly shocking. These days the music buying public seems to prefer the likes of Westlife/A1 and all those other crap boy/girl bands and will probably ignore this record. Even if you dislike Eminem's other stuff you should give this a try as it never fails to send a shiver down my spine when I hear it. Be warned through the single contains swearing and is not really for the faint at heart.

Run Lola Run (DVD) 03/01/2001

Go Girl

Run Lola Run (DVD) Lola's boyfriend Manni has to pay a criminal colleague 100,000 marks. Unfortunately he is not the brightest of lads and manages to leave the money on the train (Doh !). He has twenty minutes before the deadline and rings Lola for help. So Lola has twenty minutes to travel across town and get 100,000 Marks or else its curtains for Manni. What you get is three slightly different versions of her journey, each with a different outcome. The movie is played out against a pumping techno/trance soundtrack and comes across as an extended MTV type video, ie glossy, without much substance. On the first viewing I was quite intrigued as to how the story would change, and which characters she would encounter, as Lola brushes past other people you get 'flashbacks' of their lives to come, one women wins the lottery while another has an affair with a work mate. The DVD is presented in 5.1 & 2 channel sound (German & English) with a Music video & cast/director details. Overall an interesting concept let down by lack of depth. One for a nights rentals.
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