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Aprilia RS50 04/08/2006

The truth about the rs50

Aprilia RS50 The Aprilia RS50 is a highly desirable bike for the young novice motorcyclist and provides a great sense of freedom to the teenager looking to get about. Hopefully I will be able to give you a good idea of what you can expect from this bike. Performance Most speed-crazed teenagers leap at the bold claims of high top speeds and amazing performance and buy one. The rs50 IS fast "for a fifty". However, that does not mean it is fast. Nippy enough to get you about, and the engine is very, very willing for a 50, but we're talking 60mph absolute tops with a race exhaust on pre-2003 models on the straight and flat. the later models have a larger carb and bigger exhaust port, which with upped gearing will do a genuine 65mph on the flat with a following wind. The gearbox is very close ratio and the powerband is fairly narrow which means a good tap dancing session with the foot lever before you see over 50mph on the clocks. 98' bikes are notorious for having over-reading clocks -75mph is not an uncommon claim (which sounds a bit silly when you expect less from a 125cc bike with twice the power) Acceleration is very poor by comparison to even a 1.1 litre hatch. we're talking 0-40, 8 seconds, 0-50 16 seconds, 0-60, 32 seconds with wild full throttle clutch slipping off the line, premium fuel, and fully syntehtic two stroke oil the 1.1 hatch does 0-60 in around 15 seconds, just to put things into perspective. However, this teaches you to make the most of what's ...

Canon PIXMA IP4000 20/02/2006

Best printer a sensible sum of money can buy...

Canon PIXMA IP4000 I have had this printer now about 6 months and it has been utterly reliable. Often with peripheral devices like these it is hard to pick any useful information out of the manufacturers hype and you have to delve deep into the technical specs which is time-consuming and annoying. Hopefully I will save you that hassle by making it clear that in all my experience of printers, Canon has proved to be the best. For a start, it is the most flexible printer I have owned - it has two sheet feeder systems - a cassette underneath the tray and a traditional sheet feed on top. Normally trying to a printer under a desk, the paper will get crumpled and will ahve to be re-aligned or replaced. Fortunately the cassette stows a healthy 300 sheets out of the way, flat under the printer, and when printing a sheet is retrieved automatically so there is no hassle. What I particularly like about the printer is the responsiveness -something no technical specifation can demonstrate. The consumer is always quoted pages per minute, but in reality, most of the previous printers which I have had, which were Epson, took about a minute to upload the data to the printer and begin the task - no good for most applications, where only a few pages are required quickly! Running cost is also very low as it uses very fine dpl nozzles so a very precise amount of ink is applied - not suprisingly this also enhances the quality of the printouts too - double whammy! The software is also far more comprehensive, ...

Dawn Of The Dead (DVD) 19/02/2006

Yes it's the living dead again...

Dawn Of The Dead (DVD) What would in any other field of film be considered a dull repeat turns out to be a highly enjoyable "more of the good stuff" experience. The same gore and make-up and an ever decreasing supply of sane human life is all part of the appeal. Far from the complex plots we tend to expect of most modern films, this is simple and effective horror movie which should appeal to the wider range of horror addicts as well as provide a degree of humour at the rediculous situations the cast find themselves in. Where the complexity comes in, is in trying to figure out a rational cause of the situation, which you end up being unable to come to, and hence more and more of these zombie-ilk films can be generated. Not exactly the most rewarding film in the world, and the law of deminishing returns applies if you have watched the previous films. The outcome is entirely predictable, but a good mental work out and definitely something to rid your mind of work-related thoughts at the end of the day!

LiteOn SHW-1635S 17/02/2006

The great allrounder...

LiteOn SHW-1635S This liteon DVD-RW/Lightsribe is one of the best for the price. It writes to both dvd + and - and also dual layer discs. What makes it special is that it is as fast at these "burning" tasks as more specialised drives, with less features. So despite having the capability to tackle almost all modern formats of disc, it loses none of the speed capabilites that you might expect. Also a welcome plus is the ability to change the front fascia. A choice of white and black ensures that it looks good in almost any PC and it is supplied with screws and the popular and easy to use "nero" burning ROM software so installation is quite quick. Mine looks like it was pre-designed specially for my case (antec sonata 2) as it fits flush and colour matches the case perfectly. Overall it makes for an uncostly way to improve your computers useability with the added and uncommon bonus that for most computer part changes, more than one item has to be replaced which is both time consuming and highly costly. Liteon also has a reputation for reliability and mine has been operating smoothly and quietly for at least 4 months now.

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium - motherboard - ATX - Socket 939 - nForce4 SLI 16/02/2006

A great board...

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium - motherboard - ATX - Socket 939 - nForce4 SLI Asus are top motherboard brand, and the price of their flagship board, the a8n premium, shows this. The board has lots of features such as 8 sata connectors and dual gigabit lan which is useful if you are an office user, or if simply want to play games over LAN. It supports AMD's latest and most popular processor, the Athlon 64, which is available from the value 3000+ model at around £99 to the mega-fast, mega-expensive FX series processors, such as the FX-55 which is around half £1k. This variant of the a8n is aimed at the enthusiast PC market, but is reasonably simple to install and the manual is comprehensive enough to avoid confusion or error. The base model is substantially cheaper at around £85 and is still highly spec'd. Asus also have a reputation for reliability and as a mainstream manufacturer warranties are reassuringly long - (most problems occur/are found upon installation) RAM provision is also good, supporting DDR400, the fastest non-intel supporting RAM currently available and again, a range of budget through to high performance RAM is supported to satisfy the needs of both the dedicated PC builder or the casual user. Overall a quality piece of kit, supporting a good range CPU's to provide flexibility for upgrade at a later point, and to suit all budgets. ...
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