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Motorola DEXT MB220 30/06/2010

Motorola Dext...Forget iPhones & Don't Even Consider Blackberrys

Motorola DEXT MB220 In terms of the Motorola Dext's functions and features, it is a definite contender in the world of smartphones. But is it really better than a Blackberry, and is it even capable of dethroning an iPhone? The short answer is Yes, but lets not be too hasty! Firstly, lets talk about the looks. It's not as pretty or as lightweight as an iPhone, but a strong and durable sliding motion with a metal backing can rival any Blackberry. My one has been dropped several times now and still I can't see a scratch. The now standard features such as a camera (5mp), video, etc, are all excellent, although there isn't a flash. But it's the smartphone features which really makes the phone stand out. First of all, there's MotoBlur. This integrates all your social networking sites such as twitter and facebook with your phone, so it's always readily available. The android software is just as brilliant, allowing news feeds and various widgets to be placed around the phone's homepages. Almost everything on the Motorola Dext's screen is customisable. The android market also offers thousands of apps, most of which are free. Ok, it doesn't yet rival the iphone store, but it is still growing and shouldn't be underestimated. I would say the best surprise was the integration of all my facebook contacts with my phone book, which was processed automatically. This means that everyone you know has their pictures, statuses, email, birthday and number all under one place. The voice recognition software was ...
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