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A Good Year (DVD) 21/10/2006

"How far would you go to get your life back?"

Vallée de Mai (Seychelles) 19/09/2006

Very Naughty Nuts!!!

The Ashes - The Greatest Series (Box Set) (DVD) 20/08/2006

"Aaaaooohhw! Nice Area Shane!"

Amarula Wild Fruit Cream Liqueur 10/08/2006

Amarula Cream - The Spirit Of Africa

Paris in general 28/07/2006

Bargains and the Best of Paris

The Bridge On The River Kwai (DVD) 12/07/2006

The Greatest Movie Ever Made???

Timbuk 2 Cargo Tote Medium 28/06/2006

Shine A Light On Me!

Sibongile - Masikizolo 22/04/2006

R.I.P. Tebza

A Briefer History Of Time - Stephen Hawking 07/04/2006

It's Science Jim, But Not As We Know It!

Lagaan (Subtitled) (DVD) 20/03/2006

Once Upon A Time In India

Lagaan (Subtitled) (DVD) PLOT The film opens with a spinning coin - the head of the Empress Victoria on one side, the words "one rupee" on the other - which falls on to a map of colonial India. And so the scene is set. The narrator explains the background story immediately. The year is 1893, the place Champaner, a small, thatched farming village in the heart of India. A British colonial outpost neighbours the village, and charges the Indian Rajah of the province a lagaan (tax), in return for protection and order. Every farmer must contribute to the tax, by parting with a large portion of their harvest, leaving the people hungry and unable to resist the iron grip of the system. We join the villagers in the midst of a long drought, the crops have failed for another year, and they are distraught. Captain Russell (Paul Blackthorne), the dastardly leader of the British cantonment, challenges the Rajah to eat meat at a tea party. When the Rajah refuses on religious grounds, Russell doubles the lagaan, to support his ostentatious lifestyle. When the horrified villagers go en masse to the cantonment to complain, they are told to wait until the end of a cricket match. Russell agrees to cancel the tax if the villagers beat the Brits at a game of cricket, a game they have never even heard of. If the Indians lose, they will pay triple lagaan, and face ruin and starvation.…….. We then follow the story through a tumult of plots and sub-plots. A secret teacher from the English camp tries to help the villagers ...

Recoleta, Buenos Aires 09/03/2006

"I will return and I will be millions."

Everything that starts with M ... 06/03/2006

Maurice, this one's for you buddy!!!

Climbing The Mango Trees - A Memoir Of A Childhood In India - Madhur Jaffrey 22/02/2006

Climbing The Mango Trees

Foresters Arms Hotel, Mbabane 17/02/2006

A Gem In Swaziland

Sonesta Posada del Inca San Isidro, Lima 09/02/2006

A Fumble In The Dark In Lima

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