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When God Was a Rabbit - Winman, Sarah 24/09/2011

A book about life with a gap in the middle

It Happened in Paris - Molly Hopkins 12/09/2011

What happens in Paris stays in Paris

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS30EG-V 24/08/2011

Lumix FS30 - takes great pictures without any effort!

Green People Foaming Face Wash 19/07/2011

E for ethical, not effective

Hearts and Minds - Amanda Craig 18/04/2011

Moving and though-provoking novel about immigrants in London

Sony Ericsson Vivaz 17/01/2011

Takes getting used to, but stylish and capable smartphone

Sandown Manor, Sandown 29/12/2010

Travelling with a pet? You might want to stay somewhere else

Sandown Manor, Sandown I visited Sandown Manor at the beginning of September as part of a long weekend with my parents and sister. My sister brought a dog with her, so it was important for us to find nice accommodation that accepted pets and still had availability for our chosen dates. After a lot of searching, the Sandown Manor, a family run B&B seemed like the best option. Booking & cost You can make the booking by clicking on a link from the hotel website, which transfers you to a secure booking website. This was pretty easy and quick to do. For payment there is an option of Maestro, Mastercard or Visa cards. I received a booking confirmation straight away from the website and also within an hour a separate confirmation from the lady who runs the hotel. In terms of any changes to the booking, this can be made by emailing or telephoning the hotel directly. I paid £435.40 for two double rooms with seaview for a 3 night stay, which included English breakfast. This calculates as £36.28 pppn, which is quite cheap. The price for the dog is an additional £5 per night, but this is only a fee for letting the dog into the building and didn’t include anything else, e.g. food or bed for the pet. Just before the holidays, it turned out my dad couldn’t make it, so I contacted Sandown Manor to change one double room for a single and ask for a discount, since there would have been only 3 of us staying in the end. There were no single rooms available, but the discount was a very disappointing £5 per ...

Green People Fruit Scrub 29/11/2010

Great organic fruit scrub - it works and it smells (badly...)

Kamis Mustard - Sarepska 18/08/2010

Kamis Sarepska - classic Polish mustard with a great taste

Mr Sheen Multi Surface Wipes Magnolia & Cherry Blossom 12/08/2010

Multi-purpose wipes that only work on wood and plastic...

The Sanctuary Spa Essentials 2in1 Moisturising Butter Scrub 06/08/2010

Doesn't quite do what it says on the tin

The Sanctuary Spa Essentials 2in1 Moisturising Butter Scrub About six months ago, I was looking through the shelves at Boots, trying to find a new body exfoliator. I couldn’t decide what to buy so I opted for two products and one of them was The Sanctuary Spa Essentials 2 in 1 Moisturising Butter Scrub. About the product This product is available in a 175g see-through tube which at the time cost me £5.99. The tube stands on an orange flip-top lid, which is easy to open but at the same time has a very good closure. I often leave the tube in the shower and until now have never found water inside of the lid when I came back to open it. The packaging is recyclable. The main idea for this scrub is that it is supposed to combine exfoliation, moisturisation and nourishment, so that you don’t have to apply body moisturiser after the shower and as a result save time and money. The main active ingredients of this product are butters from 4 types of nuts: • Shea – great moisturising ingredient and emollient • Cocoa – provides nourishment • Mowrah – restores skin flexibility and reduces degeneration of skin cells • Kokum – prevents drying of skin I hadn’t heard about mowrah and kokum nuts before, but I am told by The Sanctuary advertisements that these contain fatty acids, including Omega 9 & 10. Not that it tells me much more, but I know that Omega acid taken internally (e.g. from oily fish) are good for your health and looks, so I assume if I apply them externally they will be good for my skin, too. I continue looking at ...

Garnier Mineral Ultra Dry Roll-On for Women 30/07/2010

Garnier mineral - ultra wet antiperspirant

Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Moisturising Gel-Cream 11/07/2010

Sensation? No, just a good moisturising cream at an average price

Grunwerg Tri Copper Frying Pan & Lid 28/06/2010

Tri Copper - disappointing and poor value for money

The Body Shop Body Butter 20/06/2010

Non greasy shea body butter from the Body Shop

The Body Shop Body Butter I received a 50ml container of this Shea Body Butter as a sample attached to a magazine. I wasn’t expecting much as I’m not a great fun of The Body Shop products, but I was happy to try it out because it was in a perfect travel sized packaging (I was going on holidays the day after) and contained shea butter known for its moisturizing properties. Packaging & price This body butter is packed in a round container with a screw top lid. It’s nothing fancy but does its job. The container is beige colour (other fragrances have different colours) and has a round label on top with an image of Shea nuts and basic information about the product. Available sizes are 50ml - £5 and 200ml - £12.50 Properties This product is designed to moisturize very dry skin. I was pretty wary before I tried it – body butters tend to be greasy and I personally don’t find them moisturizing but just leaving a waxy layer on my skin. Well, I was wrong. This body butter looks pretty stiff and solid in the container but is not at all difficult to scoop out of the container with your finger tips. Once I started using it, I noticed that the consistency of the remaining body butter in the container looked as if it was slightly curdled, which put me off a bit but I still used it as it hasn’t lost it’s properties when applied to my skin. Maybe the curdled look is a good thing – this butter might contain less solidifiers, emulsifiers and other chemical stuff that companies put in their products ...
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