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Royal Canin Hepatic Wet Canine 19/05/2016

Food For Dogs With Liver Disease.

Royal Canin Hepatic Wet Canine Royal Canin Hepatic Wet Canine Diet Royal Canin Hepatic Diet is a veterinary prescribed food, and is something of a lifesaver when fed to the dog that needs it, and my goodness is my beautiful Shih Tzu Pebbles in that category.. To give you a little background that led up to me requiring to purchase this food I will briefly elaborate on her story. Why I Need This Pebbles is a pedigree Shih Tzu, and two and a half years old. Her first 18 months were so happy as she was a beautiful healthy puppy, so full of life, and she had round the clock boundless energy. Then something changed very gradually, she started to wake up in the morning and I would see her being sick, yellow bile usually only, and then she would be ready for breakfast, and not ill in herself at all. I mentioned this to my daughter who is a vet, and she told me to keep an eye on it, which I did, but it was very intermittent, and her general health and demeanour were good. Fast forward a few months, and one day, after she returned from the groomers, she began to vomit and shake violently. I knew something was wrong, as she had also cried out in the night for no reason a few days before, which at the time I thought was strange. Emergency Vets The vet I saw as an emergency following these events seemed to think she had either a gastric upset or possibly Addisons Disease, as her heart rate was very low. Pebbles also had raised liver enzymes which was rather strange, but these can be transiently elevated with ...

Lancome Bi-Facil Non Oily Instant Cleanser - Sensitive Eyes 06/05/2016

Say Goodbye To Panda Eyes.

Lancome Bi-Facil Non Oily Instant Cleanser - Sensitive Eyes Lancome Bi-Facil Non Oily Instant Cleanser- Sensitive Eyes Lancome Bi-Facil is one of the most treasured products in my beauty collection. I am not someone who buys into hype, or likes to pay extortionate prices for everyday products, but if something is of a high standard I will purchase it. This is exactly the case with this eye make up remover. First I will explain what the product claims to do, and then I will elaborate on my experience using this product. The Claims The key features are that it claims to remove all traces of eye make up effortlessly. It is suitable for contact lens wearers, and for those with sensitive skin, and it claims to remove waterproof mascara effortlessly. It also says it is tested by Opthalmologists and it is suitable for all skin types. To Use To use it suggests that you shake the bottle first, as this activates the bi-phase formula, and then you apply to a cotton pad, waiting until it turns blue. You then place the pad on the eyes, and without rubbing, eye make up with be removed in a few seconds, so there is no need to use any pressure. Where To Purchase Availability of this product is widespread in major department stores, and online beauty retailers such as Feel Unique, and prices vary between £21.50 and £22.50 for 125mls. There is also a large bottle available that retails for £28.50. I would wait for offers before purchase, as these are frequent. A bottle lasts many months with daily use as a little goes a long way. My ...

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation 26/03/2016

Foundation For Radiance - Perfect For Summer.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Bourjoir City Radiance Foundation Bourjois make some lovely foundations. I have been buying them for many years, and many of them never fail to impress me, as they marry quality with a very reasonable price tag, making them affordable for everyone. They are often discounted and are widely available, A fairly recent addition to the Bourjois range is The City Radiance Foundation, which retails for £9.99 in most high street chemists. Presented in a perfect tube for travelling, this foundation has two main benefits, in summary- it provides SPF protection, and it brightens the skin, and additionally it claims to offer anti pollutant qualities. These are achieved by way of a carbon block that it is said stops carbon particles settling on the skin promoting radiance, It is aimed primarily at the urban market or the city dweller. I must admit I viewed my purchase with trepidation, as I have been so committed to the foundations from Bourjois over the years that I wasn't sure this would be exactly what I needed. I am a mature lady with normal to dry skin, who likes a radiant, but not too dewy finish, but certainly not a matte look that has a powdery appearance. Actually Boots had an offer- buy 2 get one free on Bourjois so I thought I would try the item anyway, as I needed a couple of other products from the range, effectively making this a free purchase. The foundation as I mentioned claims to brighten and to offer an anti- dull complex promoting a fresh luminous finish. The ... 06/03/2016

Riverford Organics Seasonal Fresh Sustainable and Ethical Riverford Organics Organic vegetables fruit and salads have always been the main part of my diet. I try to grow as much as I can, but as I have no greenhouse I am quite limited. I have tried supermarkets for produce, but have had many issues with quality and indeed presentation, and have grown tired of the use of plastics on everything. So I have turned over the years to home delivery companies devoted to this business. Riverford Organics are by far the best in my opinion. They offer a unique service, based on a genuine desire and passion to provide produce that is as far as possible sourced from their own farms, or entirely traceable to the point of growth. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I am with them, and how the salad crops in particular are absolutely amazing, even in the depths of winter. From Small Beginnings Started by founder Guy Watson, who started on a small scale in Devon, delivering his vegetables locally there, the company has grown and expanded with the development of further regional farms, and now they supply 47,000 customers each week. They pride themselves in being able to supply households with freshly picked produce within 48 hours of harvesting, and I personally can endorse the fact that the difference in freshness, compared to supermarket organic produce, is incredible. The area where this is most noticeable is in the salad leaves, which are still fresh over a week later, and keep so well in the fridge. A Superb Website The ...

Unibond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber Refill 29/01/2016

Part Of My Armoury Against Mould

Unibond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber Refill Unibond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber Refill Why I Purchase I live in a 3 storey house, and my husband and I sleep on the top floor in what is a bedroom made during a loft conversion 25 years ago. As we have eaves the wardrobes we have are fitted within the sloping ceilings, and whilst this offers an excellent storage opportunity, it does mean that the outside walls of the wardrobes are literally up against the outside walls of the house. This is why I purchase the Aero 360 moisture absorbing tablets on a regular basis, especially during the winter. Additionally we have an en suite bathroom just off our room, and so moist air radiates from this space, and adds to the level of water within the atmosphere within the wardrobes over time. Sceptical At First I think I was initially sceptical about the product, but other than the purchase of a dehumidifier, I really didn't see there was an alternative, as occasionally I used to notice a powdery mould build up within the wardrobes. The tablets are intended to be used within the moisture absorbing unit that is available for purchase separately. To get started you need this unit, which retails for around £8 which is also approximately the cost of the two replacement tablets that you need to use. I tend to purchase from Amazon as I often have orders with them that total over £20 so it is free delivery, and as I have regular need for these it works out as good value for money. How To Use Use of the product is simplicity itself. ...

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Powder Duo 22/01/2016

Barely There But So Beautiful

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Powder Duo Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo. Now that I am in my mid fifties I very rarely use powder to set my foundation or BB cream, as I prefer a dewy finish, and have a tendency towards dry skin especially in the winter months. In fact until last year I probably used it so infrequently that I had stopped thinking about this aspect of make up altogether. Then I came across a wonderful article by model Ruth Crilly where she was talking about illuminating powders, and the wonderful lightening and awakening look they can impart to the skin, and so I decided to take a more detailed look at what was available. I will put a link to her article at the end of this review. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer is a product I use regularly, as it is absolutely wonderful to impart a healthy glow to the skin, and it is very easy to apply and always looks natural. The product I am reviewing is not this well known bronzer but a newer product also made by Guerlain. Ruth mentioned in her video a new product called Terracotta Joli Teint, which she said was a powder duo containing a bronzer and a blush. This she explained belonged to the group of products that no one really imagined could work at all- the barely there subtle items that seek to enhance without being discernible. In the lighter shades they are incredibly pale and, it is not until you actually apply them, stand back and look in the mirror, or ask a friend to comment, that you can really see their benefits. At the ...

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Cream 09/12/2015

Foundation For All Seasons

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Cream Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB Cream SPF 30. Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB cream is absolutely perfect as an everyday make up for summer and winter. I would say, without a doubt, it is my favourite daily foundation, and one that I go back to time and time again, because the results are natural, and after application I find the appearance of my skin to be enhanced, but there is no product layer discernible at all. When I reached my fifties I decided that I was going to have to review some of my make up products, to make sure they were still suitable. I watched a video by make up artist Lisa Eldridge, who stated that less is more, and that it wasn't the aim with mature skin to cover all evils, but to enhance features. With this advice in mind I tried several lighter weight foundations and BB creams, and this is certainly my favourite to date, so let's look at the product details, and then carry on to detail my thoughts and opinions. The Product Guerlain states that the aim for this product is “to make the skin more beautiful than ever” They say that it is imperceptible and subtle, so that it blends in to become a second skin, and that the ingredients smooth and shape the face enhancing the appearance. Finally they state that “The face is dressed in invisible, skin-fusion lingerie." Broad spectrum SPF 30 completes the attributes, and the product is widely sold online and in stores for around £32-£35 for 40ml- ouch the only initial drawback! My Thoughts and Opinions In my ...

Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base 17/11/2015

Bright And Light Through The Dark Winter

Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base I suppose that using a primer under foundation in the past went against anything that I was really going to consider, as it didn't seem to fit with my simple life, and my desire to use the minimum number of products to look polished. However one chance viewing of a video by model Ruth Crilly changed all that some months ago, as I began to see a different way of creating a natural make up look with greater emphasis on creating a flawless but radiant skin. Being 55 now time is catching up with me, and I am trying to learn about make up techniques that impart moisture and freshness to the skin, illuminating with light, but avoiding the disco ball effect at all costs. The Clarins Instant light boosting complexion base was recommended by Ruth as being an excellent light imparting base for dull and tired winter skin. She stated that this was a lovely base, not too expensive and that it was a perfect base over which to apply foundation. So let's look at the product in detail and discuss my thoughts and opinions about it. I will put a link to her website below if you are interested in researching this product further. The Price Price wise this retails for £23.30 on and this will give you 30mls. This does not sound like a lot for your money, but you only need one pump, and that will cover your entire face. I purchased this almost a year ago, and I still have about a third of a tube remaining. I have already ...

Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes 10/11/2015

Peeling Back The Truth About These One Segment At A Time

Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes In recent years my use of facial wipes had significantly declined. I think it is partly due to the fact that many brands do not remove all make up entirely, and there is a need to use cleansers as well to remove waterproof products. In addition I dislike making waste, I have been looking at my bathroom, and trying to buy items with less packaging, even returning to using soap again after so many years of being a dedicated purchaser of shower gels. However, travelling poses challenges for make up users, and wipes are perfect, as they are easy to transport and have the wonderful advantage of being quick and easy. Hence my purchase of Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Wipes, and here began a relationship that has so far seen me purchase multiple packets of these over several months, so let's look at what is good about them. The Yes To Grapefruit range incorporates many products all designed to “ Correct and repair uneven skin tone for a brighter, more glowing complexion” They all have vitamin C as well as Lycopene both found naturally in grapefruit, and they have antioxidant properties that they state will “ help to even skin tone and enhance luminosity, promoting healthier, smoother and softer looking skin.” These properties attracted me initially and prompted me to make that all important first purchase. Easy To Find First of all these are pretty easy to get hold of. Boots stock them, Holland and Barrett, Feel Unique, the online ...

Astypalea, Greece 23/10/2015

Greece As It Was Before Mass Tourism

Astypalea, Greece Astypalea Astypalea is a small island in the Dodecanese islands in Southern Greece. I like to think of myself as a Greek lover, but to be honest I had never heard of the place until this year when I started researching islands to visit that were off the beaten track. In my youth I travelled widely within Greece, spending hours on ferries, disembarking in remote corners of the country where tourists were a rarity. These days though I find the idea of a long ferry journey daunting, so I started looking for islands untouched by tourism, but within a reasonable flight time from Athens. Enter Astypalea 117 nautical miles from Athens, and only less than an hours flying time. I thought I had found paradise and yes I actually had. Low Season Review Please bear in mind that everything I am about to say applies to the off season- October or May, not the summer months when the tourist numbers swell the 1200 population to nearer 7000. This is the time to stay away, if like me you enjoy serenity. In October the temperatures resemble an English summer day- 24 degrees, boiling hot between 12 and 2, but comfortable outside these times, with a definite need for a light sweater after dark. Only one day of rain in two weeks – perfect for us and just right for walking, and for walking this is the place if you like to set off to find the real Greece. What To Expect Astypalea is blessed with a main town that will astound you. Chora is built beneath the ruins of a Venetian castle, and is ...

Pelargonium Attar of Roses 21/09/2015

Tea Like Turkish Delight From This Garden Plant

Pelargonium Attar of Roses Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses' There is something really special about a plant in your garden that fulfils several purposes. Attar Of Roses, a variety of Scented Pelargoniums, is just that - it is a lovely flower that will bloom for many months, it makes wonderful tea, and even better you can use the leaves to flavour recipes, as it has the most beautiful rose scented aroma. Where To Find I discovered this a couple of years ago, and have been using it often ever since, because it is absolutely delicious, and one of my favourite garden plants. You may have to search quite carefully to find it, I found mine in several places. I have a wonderful nursery close to my home called Langthorns Plantery, which is a good place to find this, and many other unusual plants, and a very good online source is Sarah Raven who sells small plug plants in the spring time from her famous garden at Perch Hill. I really love her website, as the plants are high quality. You can order them now for spring delivery - £8.50 for 3 plants, which is excellent value in my opinion. Although there will be a delivery charge I have found that with each order a code is given that allows the next order to be post free, making it very worthwhile to make that initial purchase. How To Grow The plant is a tender perennial, which means it will come back year after year with protection. If you live in the milder south as I do, you may find it overwinters quite happily, but further north you will have to bring it ...

Wilko Seeds Wild Flowers CornFlower Mix 10/09/2015

A Wildflower Meadow In Your Own Garden

Wilko Seeds Wild Flowers CornFlower Mix Wilko Seeds Wild Flowers CornFlower Mix Flower meadows are dying out all over the United Kingdom, but if you are fortunate enough to see one it will take your breath away. All over the Western Isles of Scotland for example, meadows of wild flowers hug the coastline, and you can see poppies and corn marigolds as far as the eye can see. Every year I try to replicate a little of this image in my Essex garden, and for many years I have trusted Wilko to provide me with the seeds to do so. It is an inexpensive purchase, and I have been pleased with the germination levels. At the moment you can buy 3 packets of seed for £2 which is all you need to sow a wide area in your garden. Now Is The Time September is the best time I have found to do this, as the ground is warm and receptive to seeds for germination, but Wilko suggest March to May as being their recommended time. I have tried this, but success is more weather dependant, and what you don't want is a very dry period after sowing as the seeds will be scorched when they are immature, unless you water them copiously, especially the poppies, as these tend to be more tricky to establish. With a little care and attention you can easily create a wild flower meadow in your garden however small, and you can enjoy it for years to come, as although the seeds are annuals, they tend to self sow and proliferate given the right conditions. In addition you will be providing the perfect habitat for wildlife, especially bees that love the ...

Bosch Brilliant Care Keratin Advance Hair Dryer 11/08/2015

Not Just Hot Air

Bosch Brilliant Care Keratin Advance Hair Dryer Bosch Brilliant Care Keratin Advance Hair Dryer Reviewing electrical items is something I rarely do because, I feel for a review to be really helpful, it should include some detail of the longevity of the product. Clearly though this isn't always possible, as is the case with my hair dryer ownership record. When my daughter went to university 12 years ago she announced that her hair dryer was on its last legs, and so I purchased her a new one. I thought I would have it instead for a few months, and last week it died catastrophically with a bang, but it probably was allowed to as I reckon it was 20 years old! In With The New Out With The Old My search for a replacement saw me spoilt for choice. I have shoulder length coloured hair that is prone to frizz, as well as the disease ME, meaning that my arms lack muscle strength, and need products to be light. I was attracted to the Bosch Brilliant Care Keratin Advance Hair Dryer as Bosch is probably my favourite manufacturer for kitchen appliances, although it isn't a company that I would normally associate with hairdressing. The online reviews were positive in the main, and so I parted with £39 to Amazon and waited for my box to arrive. It is available on the internet in other shops, but not widely- for example Argos have it listed but not in stock. I think the salient points with regard to this hair dryer is that it claims to have ionic conditioning technology, which I know is now commonplace on the market. This technology ...

Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Waterproof Mascara 24/07/2015

Trim The Brush, Shrink The Price - Add More Shades-Then It's Nice

Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Waterproof Mascara Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Waterproof Mascara, Black. Every summer I purchase a waterproof mascara. Normally hay fever starts for me around the middle of May, so having a waterproof product at the ready is important. As I tend to keep mascaras for 3 months at the most, I can usually get away with one purchase per year, unless I am going abroad outside of the summer months. The rest of the time I don't opt for waterproof, as formulas tend to be better and are generally easier to remove. I have had successes and failures with waterproof mascaras, and in general price is not reflective of performance in my experience. However this year I was drawn to a product by Guerlain, enticed by some good reviews of the non waterproof sister product Cils D'Enfer, a 20% discount code on a cosmetics website, and a good previous experience with Guerlain mascaras in general. At the rather alarming price of £24 this is not a purchase to be taken lightly, but I was sufficiently confident that the product would deliver what I was hoping for, so here is my review. I don't advocate spending a lot of money on cosmetics in general, in fact a lot of my collection is not high end at all, but as I have got older certain products seem to have a higher importance to a finished look on my maturing face, and a really good mascara seems to be one of those items which seems to be the difference between looking awake or completely shattered. Guerlain state that this mascara is “The ultimate weapon of seduction” ...

Amadeus Guest House, Glasgow 16/07/2015

A Gem In Glasgow

Amadeus Guest House, Glasgow Amadeus Guest House Glasgow Glasgow is a place very dear to my heart, and we have spent many very happy days in the city where we have family, and also it is often a convenient stopping place when we are travelling onto the highlands and islands. Although we still do stay in the chain hotels, we have recently found ourselves growing tired of the same colour schemes, and the predictability of the service, and have started to branch out into more unique accommodation. To a great extent this sort of experimentation is not a risk these days with Trip Advisor, as generally places don't hold secrets – you know what to expect. This is how I came to stay at The Amadeus Guest House. Initially recommended by my daughter who had stayed there when attending a wedding, and subsequently researched myself, I was happy to book a stay there and was looking forward to it very much last week when we arrived. The guest house has a Trip Advisor Award For Excellence and has a superb website with an excellent collection of photographs, and this further added to my sense of expectation, and when I tell you everything was faultless I would not be understating myself. Booking Was Excellent We booked on their website and initially I emailed them as we were hoping to check in later than their preferred time. This was dealt with professionally with alternate arrangements given, and I was very impressed indeed. As it happened we were much earlier than planned, as we had come from the Outer Hebrides a ...
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