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The George And Dragon, Knighton 16/10/2014

A Night In A Stable

Island Deli, Balivanich 09/10/2014

A Barista In Benbecula.

Island Deli, Balivanich Island Deli Benbecula The Island Deli ( Deli nan Eilean in Gaelic) is an oasis of delights in the beautiful Outer Hebrides, a part of the world where I spend a large and ever increasing part of my life. To give you a little background, if you are not familiar with the islands that make up the chain known as The Outer Isles, Benbecula is the main centre of the island chain comprising of North and South Uist, and is sandwiched between them linked by causeways. It has the airport and various shops and banking facilities, but is a quiet place with stunning sea views. These islands are peaceful and calm places where crofting and tourism exist together in peaceful harmony, and where bird watching enthusiasts flock to see the many ground nesting birds that live and breed on the islands. Think Back 20 Years I have been visiting the islands for over 20 years, and in that time things have changed – for the better in my opinion. 20 years ago being able to have lunch out was extremely difficult as there were hardly any establishments in business. For me that was acceptable then, as to visit the islands is for me, and always will be, a privilege for which I am grateful. I am always mindful that these islands are inhabited by generations that have worked the land and provided for their families despite the harshest of weather conditions. However times are slowly changing and The Island Deli is an example of a business enterprise that has respectfully appeared, and which is providing a ...

Design France Toiletries Bag - Mes Crèmes Solaires 15/09/2014

Let's Chill In The Sun!

Roger & Gallet Bois D’Orange Créme Sublime Or 08/09/2014

Summer All Year Long.

Roger & Gallet Bois D’Orange Créme Sublime Or ROGER&GALLET Bois D’Orange Gold Shimmer Body Cream Marks and Spencer had probably convinced me until recently that they were not for my shopping needs any more. I had grown tired of the endless queues in my local store, and the ranges were tired and unimaginative. This view that I have held for some time is slowly mellowing, and one of the improvements of late has been the development of an appealing and interesting beauty section. This is inspired by many collections from around the globe, with France being predominant. They have many sections that appeal to me, and Roger&Gallet in particular have some very beautiful products, including the Bois d'Orange Crème Sublime Or Perfumed Body Cream Golden Shimmer which is the subject of this review. ROGER&GALLET Roger & Gallet are a French company with a long history dating back centuries, and their products lean towards the natural with paraben free items such as this body cream attracting my attention. The range "Bois D'Orange" is introduced on the website at - “ Take a journey to the Andalucian gardens of the Alhambra in Grenada under the orange trees of the Generalife Palace. Capture the vibrant sunshine, as well as the freshness of the leaf and the fruit, the softness of the flower and the fresh sensuality of orange wood.” Sounds like heaven to me! Where To Purchase And Price Price wise it pays to shop around. Marks have an offer on at the moment which gives a lovely cosmetics bag and shower gel ...

Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream 28/08/2014

Lovely Foundation Alternative For All Ages.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream As I have matured into my fifties I find that increasingly I have become more interested in make up. Gone are the days when I could get ready in a few minutes, but I still have many days when I want to look polished but not be in front of a mirror for hours. I am always trying new products, and tend to favour those that impart a soft natural look. I have watched many video presentations by the famous and highly respected Lisa Eldridge, and many of those are aimed at more mature ladies. In many of these videos she uses lighter foundations and tinted moisturisers rather than thick heavy foundations, and in a recent video she was using the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream that is the subject of my review. If you would like to see the video have a look here tps:// How I Came To Make My Purchase The product for once is reasonably priced, and although I don't mind spending a lot on make up it really has to be worth it, as I don't buy into advertising hype, and take a long time researching products before purchasing. I have a love of the make up review site “Make Up Alley” because here you can read reviews of almost any product or shade you can think of, and reviewers grade the products too so you can have an overall score to help you to make an informed purchase decision. The 123 Perfect Bourjois CC Cream scores 4.3/5 and 84% said they would repurchase from a sample of 58 contributors. This is a very ...

Europa Leisure Villena 3 Piece Round Dining Set 13/08/2014

Summer Dining In The Garden

Myakka Gypsy Console Table 10/07/2014

A Clutter Free Hall - No More Shoe Mountains!

Embryolisse Eau de Beauté Rosamelis 16/06/2014

Just Perfect Embryolisse Eau de Beaute Rosamelis.

Medical Pet Shirt 02/06/2014

A Viable Alternative To The Dreaded Elizabethan Collar!

Braun Oral-B ProfessionalCare 1000 14/05/2014

Not Too Long In The Tooth To Change!

Clinique Chubby Stick 08/05/2014

Mirror Mirror On The Wall You Won't Need One With These At All!

Bobbi Brown Lip Color 28/04/2014

Holy Grail Lipsticks Especially Good For Mature Women.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Bobbi Brown Lip Colors Bobbi Brown Lip Colors are very dear to my heart, probably because I have two shades that I have purchased over and over again. You know when I find a lipstick that I apply and love, it makes up for all the years that I would see a shade and think it was “me”, and then it would go to the back of my make up drawer because somehow it wasn't after all. Make-up Alley, a wonderful review site for cosmetics helps these days with my make up choices, as the detail in the information given there really helps in choices of shades. It is often that “mauve undertone” that will be mentioned there, but not on a brand website that will deter me, as this is one shade that doesn't suit my colouring. That is how I came, before I discovered Make Up Alley, to own and to regret a lipstick called Syrup by MAC - I thought it was pink but it had mauve undertones, and sadly It made me look like a corpse! It was on that wonderful website that I first sought advice when I saw the shades in the Bobbi Brown range that I liked, and how I came to know that they would become my holy grail items. At £19 each they have to be, as it isn't a price point for experimentation. Where To Buy Bobbi Brown Lip Colors are creamy and are a semi- matte formula. To date there are 29 shades available on the website and some shades can also be purchased from Debenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Fraser and Boots. I have also seen some on Ebay and Amazon, but you do have to be careful buying ...

Dog Car Harness 17/04/2014


Decleor Life Radiance Flash Mask 08/04/2014

Fresh As A Summer Meadow!

Decleor Life Radiance Flash Mask Decleor Life Radiance Flash Mask I think face masks are a wonderful treat for when you have time to yourself, and want to nourish and care for your skin, but sometimes time is something modern life takes away from us. I think it was this thought that led me initially to try a product made by the French company Decleor, which was designed to treat the skin, but in a much smaller time frame than the longer periods you need to devote to more traditional masks. This product is called their Flash Radiance Mask and is designed to work in three minutes. This mask was recently featured in a video by Lisa Eldridge, in which she describes her experience with this and other masks, and it is well worth looking at on You Tube as she has some excellent advice for all skin types. Where To Purchase This mask is not a cheap option, and for this reason I initially hesitated, but I have been buying some products recently that, although expensive, seem to require less product, so I decided to purchase. The mask is available from many outlets online, and recently I saw it on Allbeauty which used to be called Cheap Smells for £18, but the recommended retail price is £29, so it certainly pays to shop around. Allbeauty also deals with cashback sites so it brings the price down quite a bit. is the most expensive option where you will pay £29, but there are so many options to try first including and Feelunique. Beautiful Presentation Presented in a lovely yellow ...

HD Foundation Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation 31/03/2014

A Lovely Foundation Especially For Photography.

HD Foundation Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is something I have used for many years, and is a product I return to time and time again because using it is effortless, and the results gained are outstanding. It is a French brand very popular with make up artists. It isn't a cheap foundation and added to this it is quite difficult to purchase. I buy mine from where it retails for £32. The foundation is said to be of an extremely fine texture, oil free and leaves skin soft and radiant. I would agree that this is the look you will achieve when using the foundation. The aim of the product is that skin looks natural both on and off camera, and that a flawless coverage is achieved. It has an ingredient called Sericite that is said to heighten the diffusion of light, and to intensify the glow of the skin. It claims to be an oil free, medium to full coverage foundation with a large range of colours, and the former claim initially put me off some years ago as being a more mature lady my skin is not oily and is prone to slight dryness. This foundation has been a dream to use despite these initial reservations, and has been a product I use on many occasions, especially if I want a quick but polished make up look. All About The Product And My Experiences Presented in a smart black box the bottle is glass and has a pump dispenser. I love this as Nars Sheer Glow Foundation for example is a similar cost, but it is extra if you ...
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