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Member Advice on Maturing Pensions 25/03/2014

UK Budget 2014: Pensions Unleashed

Forever Torn - Jason Greenfield 11/07/2013

Forever Torn - A Masterpiece

Everything that starts with F ... 10/07/2013

Forever Torn: A Masterpiece

Costa Coffee Club 04/02/2012

All Points to Costa

Costa Coffee Club COSTA COFFEE; OVERPRICED? People tend to fall into two broad categories when it comes to Coffee Shops; those that use them (whether infrequently as an occasional treat or regularly as a caffeine fuelling station) and those that never venture into such territory on the grounds (small pun intended) that £2 or more for a 'cup of coffee' is a complete and utter rip off. So are coffee shops ripping us off by charging us so much for a single hot drink? In my opinion, not at all. I'll explain why. On the face of it, the cost is unjustified; the beans, milk and water used for a single cup simply don't add up anywhere remotely close to 200 British Pennies. But there is more than just this to take into account. If you were to make a coffee at home, for example, you would also have to use electricity to heat up the water in the kettle, you would need to use hot water and a cleaning product to clean the cup and spoon after (all of which cost extra pennies). In a coffee shop, you aren't JUST paying for the overheads either; you're paying for someone else to make your drink with a little expertise and you're paying to sit in a warm and comfortable environment. You're also paying for convenience; to be able to pop in and grab a coffee in the middle of a shopping trip perhaps. If you're out shopping and suddenly could do with a nice rest and a coffee, to trek back home for the trouble just wouldn't cut it. Even if it were desirable, the petrol used to drive home and back and the pure hassle ...

Hasbro Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm Water Gun 28/06/2011

Nerf Super Soaker TS: Kick up a Storm

Poems of Sadness 26/06/2011

Lovers & Losers

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1 (DVD) 20/06/2011

Silence Please; The Doctor is Back!

Doctor Who The Complete Specials Boxset (DVD) 13/05/2011

Doctor Who: The Specials

Doctor Who Series 3 Complete Boxset 10/05/2011

DR Who: The Master of Sci-Fi

Doctor Who - Series 5 - Complete (DVD) 08/05/2011

DR Who: Time for Change

Creative ZEN Touch 20 GB 12/07/2008

Get Creative With Music

Everything that starts with V ... 09/07/2008

Vspawn's Britain

Planet Earth 04/04/2006

Worlds Apart

Live Underslunky (Live Recording) - Ozric Tentacles 12/09/2005

Anyone for White Rhino Tea?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon 26/07/2005

Who Killed Wellington?

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