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Neutrogena Range 10/01/2003

Make-up without the problems

Neutrogena Range PRODUCT Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free foundation is excellent for anyone with sensitive skin or for anyone that wants clean skin. If you have sensitive skin or come out against rashes, spots or allergies when you use make-up. Then this Neutrogena product is here to help you. It comes in a 300ml bottle and application is simple. The only thing is it’s a glass bottle and the other day I accidentally dropped mine so that was £10 down the pan! However, the results are very good. Use if for a week or so and you will soon be able to tell the difference. Your skin will be clearer and if you do come out in a rash when you wear make-up, that will no longer be a problem. Although, this product is oil free it won’t leave your skin dry. Your skin is left smooth and fresh rather than dry. The foundation will blend onto your skin colour and it actually looks really good. PACKAGING AND PRICE It comes in simple packaging and costs £10. It’s available from Boots, Superdrugs and other good make-up shops. I got this product for my Mum for Christmas. She Really liked the results and was particularly pleased with the finish. Use it with other products and you will look really good. SUITABILITY For anyone with problem skin. OVERALL This is a very good foundation to have. In winter I often come out with skin problems and this product allows me to wear foundation without adding to my woes. 01/12/2001

The door to the surgery is open Want health advice online? Try a online health site. Its not as good as but very useful nevertheless. is built in Britain for people living in Britain. There’s so many features on the site. You can ask Dr. Mark Porter questions and he even finds time to email you back. There’s also a Health Events Dairy section so you can keep up to date with latest information on health news. The Medical section is very through and you will find information on most things. Emergencies Diseases in Depth Patient Experiences Medical Dictionary Prescription Drug Guide Surgical Operations Organ Donation Home Healthcare Guide Self-Medication Guide Pregnancy & Parents Children 0-5 Years Immunisations Health Checks Support Groups Research Your Health The healthy living section is also very good. With help and advice on vitamins and minerals, smoking and alcohol, even advice for new parents, with an excellent section on contraception. Also excellent information on preventing accidents, keeping your teeth clean, and all what you would want to know about drugs. There’s info on NHS and benefits. There’s even info on health in your area, you will be able to find your local hospital and support groups on this site. There’s good categories for people with disabilities and advice for carers. There’s A-Z of complimentary medicine. I do like the Community and Fun category. ... 01/12/2001

Have a dab at this site There’s a few good computer online retailer sites I had visited most of the rest so I decided to check this site out. My first impression was the site looked like a jigsaw that had been put together. It looked like it had been patched together. The red and white décor colour didn’t work for me really. But, one of the main advantages it had for me was that it was really fast compared to other sites. It loaded up really quickly and I had no problems surfing the site. And that also meant no irritating windows advertising things that don’t interest me popping up. So, what is ..”a large long-established British traditional mail order computer dealer, rapidly moving with the times into the world of e-tailing” I was very impressed by the range of products on the site. They have everything to do with computers from scanners, printers, computer software. Digital cameras, optical drivers, notebooks etc. The prices are competitive and there’s an excellent list of top names that you can buy from. So if you fancy a PC Compaq make, or Sony then check this site out. There’s also an excellent site on Xmas gift ideas for all those like me who find it difficult to buy presents for their friends. With a very good and prompt delivery service, within 4 working days you will find that your order will be delivered very quickly. Security on the site is excellent with standard SSL links and when I have used the site I have not ...

Toys R Us (Shop) 25/11/2001

Brings the kid out in you

Toys R Us (Shop) This is a store that rolls back the years, makes you want to be young and in a way by going in that store for however long you go in the store you can be a kid again. Marvel at all the fantastic toys and chose one for your loved ones. However, there’s always a price to pay and a expensive one at that. I have yet to encounter a child that doesn’t love visiting ToysRus so a big tip if you are buying a toy don’t take the kid unless that is that you do not have money limit. Trust me there are so many toys that will mean you will not just end up leaving with one. Nevertheless, the variety in ToysRus is really good. There’s toys for girls and boys and there’s educational toys, there’s interactive toys and there’s all the latest toys. Looking for Harry Potter toys then look no further. Looking for Bob the Builder sets you will find them here or if you want to look for Barbie items then you will find them here too. It’s like food shopping but instead toy shopping and trust me you will have great fun. The store is big and with neatly arranged isles it will take quite a long time to get around. Especially with the Xmas shoppers and don’t be surprised if you hear a child screaming, its understandable I mean at a young age of about 2 you do want all the toys…….well I did. You will toys under themes so if you want to look for Games then look under the Games isle and if you still can’t find what you are ...

FastTrack - Nullsoft WinAmp 24/11/2001


FastTrack - Nullsoft WinAmp I have been using Winamp for quite a while now. I find it really good for organising MP3 files and its really good for playing them too. The good thing about Winamp is that it is absolutely free. And for a freebie I do not know anything better. You can get Winamp by downloading it from a CD or by going to and downloading it from there. It also has it’s own site where you can get it from there just as easily. It doesn’t take much space on your hard drive but if like me you have a lot of programs and software installed then you will find that your computer will go slower. One of the pitfalls for me of using this software. At times it has crashed my computer which can be frustrating. You can play music by selecting the Main Interface, this is the part which will play the files. It looks and contains all the functions you will find on a normal MP3 player like Stop, Play, Rewind etc. The graphics are really good. You can also control the volume, see how much of the track is left and what track it is. There’s the Equaliser where you can control the sound like the bass etc. This is really good and allows you to control the music in a way, selecting the style you prefer. You can control the volume and balance, you can even songs that you have changed settings too. The play list is what its name suggest. A simple feature but a very helpful one, it means that you don’t have to select your favourite MP3 files again and again. ...

Microsoft SideWinder Dual Strike - game pad - wired 24/11/2001

You need to have good game pad to enjoy your game

Microsoft SideWinder Dual Strike - game pad - wired My brother purchased the Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad a couple of months a go. He loves his computer games and after playing with it I do think it is a very good game pad. Its not a flashy looking Gamepad but good to play with. It is really light so it does allow you to manoeuvre it really well. The good thing is that its very durable and that however hard you press the buttons they won’t jam. The buttons come is two rows of three with two buttons near the handle and with different start buttons. Its quite easy to get to know which button is for what and it won’t take you long to familiarise yourself with it. Also the design of the game pad means that even if you play a game for a long time it doesn’t add any strain on your hands. You can also join up to four players on the same computer which is excellent if your friends want to play. We did have a very conventional joystick to play with but the amount of effort that was required to move left, right etc did make my hands ache and in many ways spoiled my game. These days games can last for several hours so you do need to feel comfortable with the MS Sidewinder Gamepad I do feel you get that comfort. Its very easy to install on your PC. You do get a installation CD with it and all you have to do is follow the simple instructions. You can also configure the buttons for different moves so you are given more choice as to which button you want to do what. It costs £20 price may vary as it ... 23/11/2001

Entertainment village for children Let’s face it when children come near your PC it either means the keyboard on the floor or that you have connected to a site that interests them and more importantly they can understand. Let’s face it not many three year olds will be able to understand most sites on the net. That’s when sites like come in really handy. What is Activity Village? Well, it offers fun for children and activities galore! They believe that busy kids are happy kids and they do their best to provide things for them to do The site wants to provide amuse, educate and stimulate children which seems excellent because if you can find a site that can do all that then you do really have a fantastic site. The site is aimed to entertain and educate the under-10s.With things like colouring pages, puzzles, printable crafts and games, jigsaws, worksheets and wallpaper there’s a lot to keep your child busy. There are also some excellent child-friendly Links to other sites that will interest children. There’s also a free newsletter that you can subscribe to for updates and new ideas. It’s easy to sign up to it and the good thing is that you inbox won’t be hounded with junk mail but some pretty interesting stuff. also surf the net to find the best sites for you. Every site is tried and tested by them-. And they claim that they have found enough to keep your kids busy for years. So is it as good as it claims ...

Vicks VapoRub 22/11/2001

Dont let the flu get the better of you

Vicks VapoRub This is a product that you have to have especially using the winter months . The perfect remedy to remove the flu or cold bug once you have it. When you can’t breathe properly and your nose is blocked, and you are having trouble going to sleep then use Vicks Vaporub. I normally have a flu jab but this year I am not going to bother since I get the flu anyway. Instead I will be prepared and keep Vicks Vapour rub handy. This product is especially good for children and or babies. Make sure you read the label before you do use but my little cousin who already has had the cold as used it and there was a great improvement in her cold. Vicks VapoRub the one I use comes in a small tub, with the distinctive green lid. All you have to do is gently rub the balm type on your chest. The smell is quite strong so be careful if you do use it near your face. What happens is that ‘the vapor from Eucalyptus, menthol and camphor’ is released and hopefully with unblock your nose and soothe your throat. You may have seen the advertisements to this product and it seems to work really well. And it does, the results are really good and in a couple of days you should be fine. It is best to use at night time or after a bath. It costs about £1.99 and even though it comes in a small tub it will last you quite a long time during Winter anyway. I have used this product before in the past and it has always helped me with my cold and helped my recovery. I would ...

Microsoft Windows 98 - complete package 21/11/2001

Beats Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 98 - complete package I was using my friends computer which had Windows 95 which made me realise just how good and fast Windows 98 is in comparison with Windows 95. I definitely think that Microsoft are the bench mark in computer software. Windows 98 is evident of that. You can get Windows 98 for £75 or if you buy a new computer you can have it already installed. The good thing is that if you have a new printer, mouse etc. Instead of having to use extra discs to install them you can simple ‘Add’ new software. Generally with Windows 98 there is much more colour and animations like Desktop themes and you are given much more control the ‘Settings’ include everything you would want. You get all the accessories that came with Windows 95 like Notepad, calculator, the four basic games that were on Win95 they are on here. The Media player is better than it was on Win95 and allows you to play MP3 files. Windows 98 is faster but maybe that’s because my Win95 was on a 32mb ram which is much slower. There’s also the System Monitor whereby you can link to other computers and get the same info on that computer. I have tried this but since my second computer is slower then I did find it slow. With features like Disc clean up not available on Win95 I do think windows 98 is much better. Also I do find it useful if the computer crashes scan disk automatically finctions to fix the problem. It is easy to install if you want to install it on your computer ...

Dove Ultra Moisturising Body Wash 20/11/2001

It will never let you down

Dove Ultra Moisturising Body Wash We do use Dove products and have always been happy with them and the Dove Ultra Moisturising Cream is no exception. It comes in a 400ml medium sized bottle that will last you awhile. It leaves your skin feeling softer and dry free. The product smells really nice like a fresh type of smell and it does last for quite a while. There are some really good soaps/shower gels etc on the market. So what distinguishes this one? Your skin feels soft and gentle. The moisturiser works wonders and leaves your skin looking good. You only have to use a small amount, lather and rinse well and then feel the difference. If you do have a problem of dry skin then you will find that Dove Ultra Moisturising cream will reduce it. If you towel dry you will find afterwards no dry skin-which is excellent for the likes of me because I do have dry skin. The results last well and you will remain fresh and your skin soft and gentle until your next wash 24 hours later, so for best results use daily. It costs £3.25 and at the moment you can get 40% extra free so it could be worth buying. It does last you quite a while so I would say that you get your money worth. The design of the bottle is good, the nice white and blue décor of Dove products. The bottle size and shape make it easy to use in the shower without dropping it and without wasting it (what I mean is that it’s got a good funnel neck so you can squeeze the right amount out and so that the whole bottle doesn’t spill ...

Vo5 Conditioner Plus 19/11/2001

The Advanced two in one is better

Vo5 Conditioner Plus I have been using VO5 for a number of months now.First the conditioner and now both the shampoo and coditioner all rolled into one bottle. Our family did used to use Wash and Go but my brother’s hair went really thin with that shampoo. We changed to VO5 and have been pleased with the results. VO5 comes as a separate shampoo and conditioner or as we buy it the 2 in 1 Shampoo. I personally think it’s better to buy the two in one as it makes washing your hair easier. Advanced VO5 “has been formulated to strengthen, protect and promote a radiant shine, boosting your hair vitality”. And I couldn’t argue with that. It leaves you hair looking healthy looking and shiny. It doesn’t make your hair go thin like other shampoos nor does it make your hair drop out. This product has been developed with active nourishing ingredients that target areas of weakness to build inner strength plus a time release vitamin complex. VO5 Advanced Shampoo contains vitamins A, E and Pro-Vitamins B5 which are released as your hair dries, either naturally or during blow drying. Advanced VO5 2 in 1: -strengthens hair reducing breakage’s from brushing -makes combing easier, improving manageability -moisturises, reduces frizz and enhancing softness Directions for use: Apply shampoo to wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly. As with all shampoos avoid contact with eyes. If you do get shampoo in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water. I ... 18/11/2001

Have a problem do not worry again This is an excellent site for two main reasons for me: Firstly, you have an embarrassing problem and feel to shy to go to the doctors. Then, this site is excellent for doing your own little research and finding out what is exactly is your problem. It can either put your mind at rest or maybe give you that little push to go and see your doctor. Secondly, you may go to the doctor but feel that your doctor didn’t give you sufficient information or that he has diagnose you and you may want to know more about your diagnosis. Then, look up this site. I only visited this site after a neighbour of mine had a severe stroke and became paralysed on his left side. It really shocked me not to mention the entire of the neighbourhood- he was head of the Neighbourhood Watch. I did find his sudden illness difficult to accept so I decided to find out more about strokes. I looked up ‘strokes’ on the site and did find some good information. I left the site feeling atleast I did understand it that much more. Feel free to look up your medication on this site. Things like side effects for medicines and tablets. The site will provide you with information that you may have thought would have had to have visited the doctor to find out. But, now you can look up virtually anything medically related without leaving the comfort of your chair. The site contains lots of facts and related articles, there’s even self assessment tests to check your fat, health status, ...

IC 24 18/11/2001

No longer free but still worth checking out

IC 24 We have two computer in our house, one is quite old and as a very slow modem so on that computer we had installed on it IC 24. It was a free ISP which gave free access to the internet. So you had to download a dial up connection which gave you a 0800 phone number and then you could enjoy free internet access. However, due to the demand and surge in members IC 24 is no longer able to give free access. Having tried various free companies which gave free internet access, we did find IC 24 to be the best. Yes, at times it was slow to connect up and you could get disconnected of very easily. But, even on our 32 modem it was quite fast and we could surf the net. The customer services was excellent, if ever you had a problem you could e-mail them and they would reply the same day and try to help you. There was no expensive phone number. The customer service alone puts BT to shame. We have BT Surftime on our other computer and we just to have hope that nothing goes wrong because the customer service is so poor and take such a long time. Not to mention the ‘0870’ customer service number they give you. IC 24 are now going to offer monthly subscriptions and then you can connect back to them. I wonder seriously consider changing to them from BT Surftime if cheaper. On my last bill I realised that we had been charged £11.99 for BT Surftime even though it’s suppose to be £9.99. You can check out IC 24 on for more information. What I was ...

Radox Bath Salts 17/11/2001

Forget the bubbles go for the salt

Radox Bath Salts It’s a cold night, you’ve had a long hard day so you need to have a long bath, when I mean long I really do mean a long soak. The perfect way to do that is by adding Radox Bath Salts. At just £1.30 they are extremely good value and they last you ages. It comes in a box and all you have to do is add a required amount to the water and just soak yourself in. Perfect for soothing aches and pains and just making you relax. It’s good to use after a long day as it can really refresh you, and relive stress etc. I don’t normally have a bath, a shower is the norm. But, when I have time to time the best way to relax and get rid of the stresses and strains is by lying in a hot bath. I like Radox products, they are cheap and good. They are good on your skin and leave it feeling gentle and smooth. Radox Bath salts are very easy to use, there’s nothing much to do but put a handful or so in the water and just soak. You really do feel better after having a soak. I did used to use bubble baths but I have just grown out of them and prefer the salts much more these days. It comes in a medium size box with a lovely picture on the front of a countryside landscape……beautiful. And you really do feel good afterwards. The only problem is getting old of Radox Bath Salts I really have had some problems. When, my box ran out it they had none left in Superdrug and I had to wait ages before they had them in stock which was a pain. So if you ...

Zovirax Cold Sore Cream 17/11/2001

Do you get that tingly feeling

Zovirax Cold Sore Cream With winter coming it’s important to prepared for the winter blues. The last thing you want is a flu/cold. Tell you the truth I haven’t got the time to be ill such is my busy schedule at university. I used Zovirax Cold sore cream last year and it did help me. Although, I did by the end of winter just when I thought I had escaped the winter flu. What does this cream do? If you get cold sores whether on your lips, near your eyes, on the edge of your noes. Those are the symptoms for a very bad fever. They can be itchy and very red, not a very good sight to look at. They are also extremely tingly. Zovirax cream can help prevent cold sores and save you a whole load of grief. You can get Zovirax in a tube or pot form. I get the tube form which is easy to carry around. So, when I do get that tingly feeling in the next month I will use some and it will hopefully help prevent blistering. Zovirax contains aciclovir, an active agent which helps prevent cold sores from forming. The cream is easily to apply if you use it three to five times a day it should do the job. You only have to use a small amount for the desired results. It is important to note that you should use this product when you do get that little tingly feeling as the cream is pretty ineffective once the blisters have developed. Read the instructions on the tube and do not near your eyes. The product costs £5.00 for a tube which is good value because it lasts for quite a long time and it will ...
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