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Bulmers Scrumpy Jack Cider 11/01/2002

Here's to apple juice

Bulmers Scrumpy Jack Cider Ciao is all about forming opinions, right? Let me tell you the opinion you'd form about me and my drinking habbits if you saw me going into a pub. 22 years old, 6'0", cropped hair, 16st rugby player... are you getting the suggestion of lager-lout? Well how wrong can you be, I never touch the stuff. Cider and Guinness (Review on the black stuff coming soon) are my tipples, and I'm not scared to admit it either, mind you I'm not scared of much being the size I am. The first time I ever tried cider I was 18 years old and on a lads holiday down in Weymouth (Dorset) with a few mates. We'd been driving round and came upon this little cider-house. We decided to pop in for a quickie on the way home... Two hours later we stumbled out of the cider-house p****d as newts. I was so intoxicated I could barely see. (Apparently the expression 'Blind Drunk' comes from cider drinkers.)The taxi back to the caravan cost us £20 and we went straight to bed; I've loved the stuff ever since. The 'grog' we drank in the cider house was a local brew, but the closest commercial cider to it is 'Scrumpy Jack'. Scrumpy Jack still contains small bits of apple, which, as far as I know, do not stay in any of the other commercial ciders. The aroma given off by scrumpy jack is fantastic, like walking into an apple orchard in mid-autumn, sweet and thick, you could almost chew the smell.When it comes to actually drinking it your taste-buds are assulted by the strong, sweet taste. The correct way to drink ...

England 14/05/2001

Ashes to Ashes, Aussies to Dust

England Eight Test matches between now and September, England against Pakistan and the unofficial world champions (Australia)Another BALMY SUMMER? 12 months ago there would have been more chance of no rain at old trafford then there would of England beating either of these cricketing 'super-powers'. A year on and here we are, 4 series wins on the bounce, Zimbabwe, W. Indies, Pakistan (In Pakistan) and Sri Lanka. Batting and Bowling line-ups that are respected throughout the cricketing world and STILL there are people in the press that can't wait to see England fail... there's only one problem with that... It's not going to happen this time! I stand to win a tidy sum if our English Lions give Pakistan and the Aussies a damn good thrashing during the summer. This is not about money though, I'm talking about pride. For far too long English cricket has been slammed by the press, and it's about time those pen-pushing pillocks got out from behind there Desks (Or hospitality bars, which is where they seem to spend most of their time!), went to watch some cricket and wrote about what they see; an English team which is on a high and capable, without question, of beating the very best. We are able, at last, celebrate some great sporting triumphs in England, so it's about time we all nailed that proverbial Union Jack to our chests, got out there, and hit-for-six anyone who has the ordasity to be derogatory to English sport as a whole, and English Cricket in-particular.

Squid 10/05/2001

Squid cocktail

Squid Purchase: Squid is a very under-rated bait for Sea-Angling here in Britain, although in continental Europe it is used more widely. Squid is usually purchased in a box containing approx. 1 dozen from the tackle shop. I would advise that you are not tempted to buy it from Fishmongers or supermarkets; firstly it works out very expensive, secondly the squid may have been 'treated' with additives or preservatives, which will deter fish. Use: Depending on what type of fish you are going for, you can either use the head and guts of the squid, or use slivers (Like Mackerel slivers). Cut a circular sliver (Try saying that after a few 'medicinal' whiskey's)of squid about 1 cm across, loop this onto a size 2 or 4 hook, add half a ragworm (See my article on this subject) to increase the visual stimulus an the scent. If you are using the head and guts then us a size 1 or 1/0 hook, and don't bother with the worm. Do not use the head and guts tactic for float-fishing, about the only thing you'll get will be a cuttlefish (And have you ever tried hooking one of those little beggars?). I prefer the floating approach, especially as most of my fishing is done off a pier. To catch?: Squid are the prey of many fish, and most will pick up a piece floating gently in the water. Pollock find squid quite a delicacy, and 3-4lb fish are not rare on the Squid-worm cocktail. I have found that Mackerel tend to shy away from Squid, trying to add a sliver of Mackerel didn't improve ... 09/05/2001

You'd be Mad to Monster Having signed-up to Monster I expected a steady stream of E-mails from companies wanting to know more. I have gained a years experience in accounts, so I'm looking to move up the career ladder... and our survey says... EEEHHH UHHHH! Fish4 and StepStone have given me much better responses than Monster has. I have received 20 Email from Fish4 and 14 From StepStone, how many from Monster I hear you all ask??? A nice, round ZERO. I don't know if it is a problem with their search facility, but I have only had 1 employer look at my CV. You are much better off looking in the local paper or going to a recruitment agency. The sooner Monster 'Listens to the voices' and shuts-down, the better for all us 'Job-Seekers'.

Groundbaits 08/05/2001

Groundbaiting in the sea... surely not

Groundbaits Whoever heard of groundbaiting in the sea? Surely there's plenty there already, don't need anymore! Besides, Sea Angling bait is a bit expensive to just throw into the ocean. Whilst browsing in Weymouth library one day, I came across an old angling book that contained an entire chapter on groundbaiting in the sea. So I gave it a go, why not? The mixture was bread, Oatmeal and a bit of fish oil (I used co-liver oil). The entire mixture only cost me around £2:00. I mixed it all up in the bucket I use for live-baiting (Look out for this article coming soon!.)and chucked a handful in every 15 minutes. Everything was quiet for about an hour, I was beginning to think about bagging up and heading off to the fishmongers for super when my rod literally bent in half. After a 20 minute struggle I reeled in my record Bass, a 18lb specimen. I ground bait whenever I fish off Weymouth's Stone Pier now, and the results are always better that when I was 'Groundbait free'. I have had plenty more bass, and a couple of nice orange spotties (Plaice). Overall, a thumbs up to groundbaiting!

Worms 08/05/2001

Worms - A fisherman's friend

Worms Speaking from the viewpoint of a sea angler, I cannot emphasise too much how big a part worms play in sea angling. To understand why worms are so important you need to understand why fish are attracted to worms in the first instance. Movement - The 'wiggle' that drives a lot of people to detest worms is the reason why fish like them so much, they are attracted by the wiggle of a worm, as they swim past they will investigate a movement. Scent - The worms that are used for sea angling have a strong scent, this will also attract fish, in particular those with bad eye-sight such as eels and night hunters like cod and pouting. There are two main type of worms used in Sea Angling (Although I have seen others used, to limited effect.) These are Ragworm (Red-brown in colour with pinchers hidden in the mouth.)and Lugworm (These come in white and black, although black is more common.) Ragworm is the most common and, I have found, the most effective. They are especially useful for Wrasse (All types), Sea Bass, Garfish and Pouting. To a lesser extent Mackerel and Cod. Lugworm give off a stronger scent so they are better for night fishing or for use in 'cloudy' water. Some advice I would give to all Sea Anglers - However tempting it is to put a Ragworm and Lugworm on the same hook, DON'T. Ragworm eat Lugworm, so you'll be wasting your bait, and the fish will become suspicious (Even fish aren't that stupid!)A sliver of Mackerel with either will do the job wonderfully.
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