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Cussons Imperial Leather Everyday Freshness 05/06/2002

Honest I do Not Have a Leather Fetish

Cussons Imperial Leather Everyday Freshness When my father retired from the United States Air Force in March of 1971, we were allowed to travel anywhere to set up home. My mother being English and proud of it took the opportunity to bring us all back to England. It gave her the chance to be near her family again and she didn't want any of us fighting in the Vietnam war. When we moved back we settled in Essex. I had many aunts, uncles and cousins living in Southend-on-Sea so it was perhaps the best place to start. We arrived on March 5th and it had been snowing. We had flown over from Maguire Airforce Base, which also had a fair amount of snow and after the 8 our flight we were tired and ready to sleep. We still had a coach journey to go and it seemed to take forever. Finally we arrived at my aunts house. She welcomed us all in knowing full well that we would be staying a few nights until we found our own accommodation. It was whilst we were at my aunts that I first became aware of Cussons 'Imperial Leather'. I remember that I had been thinking that England smelled a bit like something was going mouldy. I guess there was a lot of damp around in those days. I was having my first bath in my new country and I reached for the bar of soap. The first surprise was the label that was on the soap. I wasn't sure if I should peel it off or not. The second thing I noticed was the lather. It was rich and creamy which also lead me to the last notable thing which was the smell. To this day as far as I am concerned, I think ...

Foster's Lager 03/06/2002

See If You Will Swallow This Opinion

Foster's Lager Ever had a mouth that was so dry your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth every time you tried to swallow? Maybe you were just so thirsty that the sweat running down Rab C Nesbitt's armpits would have looked inviting enough to try? You haven't? Must just be me! Anyway just in case you have I would like to suggest you try Australia's Famous Beer FOSTER'S. If you want a beer that will hit the spot when the spot takes some hitting pick Foster's and rest assured your thirst will be quenched. Today just before the world cup I was at another boot sale. Jackie wanted some new plants for the back garden so we were out in the morning heat looking around. I can honestly say that I didn't really notice anything. I was too concerned with the time and at 10:25 informed Jackie that the England versus Sweden game was about to start. Bless her but she tried to speed up and with a bit of good fortune I had just sat down with an ice cold Fosters when Campbell out jumped the Swedish defence to score for England. Amongst much cheering the first tin of Foster's was opened and our brave warrior's saluted. ~*~ The History of Foster's ~*~ *************** ********** The Foster Brewing Company was established in 1888 in Victoria, Australia and was an instant hit with their bottled Foster's which went down well in the extreme Australian heat. It could have all gone so wrong for the company because they actually struggled like many other companies during the recession that hit ...

Everything that starts with B ... 15/05/2002

My Nuts Are Yours for 50 Pence

Everything that starts with B ... Waking up on a Sunday morning used to be such a simple procedure. You open one eye and assess whether you have a hangover or not. If you awoke with a mouth like you had licked the floor of a Turkish brothel, you went back to sleep for a few hours. If you had the obligatory pounding head you lay quietly and tried to remember if it was from all the booze the night before or from diving off the pier at midnight only to find that the tide was out. Oh, such were the days of my youth, when I had the luxury of not moving. I could stay in bed until 11:00 am before rising to shower, dress and run down to the pub for the gentle Sunday 10 pints. That was unless you had been talked into playing rugby for the pub. I made this mistake only once. Although I scored a fantastic try (I was running in fear for my life) I ached for about a week afterwards. Now with two offspring of 2 and 3 those days are just a distant recollection. From very early in the morning, if not the middle of the night, one and sometimes both of them sneak into our bed and intrude on our sound repose. Flailing arms aside it is difficult to sleep when you fear turning over. It is amazing the way your back aches when you have had one of the kids lying next to you! I cannot even blame it on them kicking. So what does one do when faced with getting up early on a Sunday? It all depends on the weather, the time of year and whether or not there is any football on! I am one of those people that used to find Sundays ...

10 Things a Person Needs to Do/Not to Do to Have a Successful Date With Me 03/05/2002

This Rumble is Turning Me Write Off - UPDATED

10 Things a Person Needs to Do/Not to Do to Have a Successful Date With Me It is not often that I am invited to partake in an experimental writing extravaganza. In fact I am still waiting! Meanwhile I was asked if I wanted to join in on this. Being the shy retiring person that I am I at first thought to decline. Did I hell I wrote back straight away accepting the offer. Now I know the opinion was on "Five Things You Need To Do/Or Refrain From Doing to 'Make It' on A Date With Me", and I will keep to that in principle but if I deviate a little please put it down to my age. First of all I decided to write on what a potential date should 'REFRAIN' from doing if she wanted to 'Make' it with me. I thought long and hard on what to include. Many lists were started only to be scrapped. I know that dressing up as a lumberjack is not some woman's idea of a good date but I thought I would throw it in on the off chance somebody out there is as weird as me. (smile) ~*~ THE NO-NO LIST ~*~ *************** ******** 1) Now the first thing a woman must refrain from doing in order to keep in my good books is the ancient and oft taught art of wind breaking. I do know from my extensive research that this will severely limit my chance in some quarters! Did I hear one of you snidely remark "Yeah, the hindquarters?" Wind breaking or to use the vernacular 'farting', has been around ever since Adam & Eve. We men in the Masonic establishments know from the book, 'Was That a Wind in the Willows', by Adam Immerhaftstarvin, that it was indeed Eve that first ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 26/04/2002

This is So Annoying

10 Things That Really Annoy Me I was looking through the categories trying to find something…. Nay, anything to write about. I submitted a new category to Ciao a few days ago and the waiting is driving me mad. Some may say I was already there. Anyway whilst looking I saw that one category had not been touched even with the preverbal barge pole and although walking on dangerous ground I could not resist the temptation to be the first to post in: 10 THINGS THAT REALLY ANNOY ME Now as I sat writing away a funny thing happened. Four other people wrote in this section. I was tempted to hold onto mine until the dust died down but that would be too annoying. Hmmm could I use that as a top 10 annoyance people getting an op in before me? The temptation is there. Or maybe writing a good op only to have it disappear after 5 reads because of a churner. **LOL** Tempting fate it will probably happen now! Anyway here goes. ~*~ 10 ~*~ ********* My eldest son lives over 100 miles away. In order for me to see him I have to drive down to pick him up. I live in Norfolk, up the very top on the coast and Daniel, my #1 son lives in Chelmsford. To get there I have to go onto our beautiful road system. Except it isn't a beautiful road system. It is rubbish. More often than not there are road works in at least 5 different places. The A12 must be the road to hell with constant roadwork's and traffic jams for little or no reason. The A140 is not a lot better. Most of it is single carriage and it constantly has ...

Del Monte Fruit Burst Orange 22/04/2002

Del Monte - Dentists Dream

Del Monte Fruit Burst Orange I think one of the things I like about Ciao is that you have the ability to write on any subject. Sometimes you revert back to a paid category but often you are writing about ghosts, days gone by and life, or death in general. On this occasion I revert back to a paid category. At least I hope it is as I have not checked! I cannot give you a reason why I feel the need to write about most products. I suppose like everyone else it is to try to earn a few pennies to make the time on-line seem worthwhile. So on this occasion I want to take the opportunity to write to you about "Del Monte Fruit Burst!"- Orange ~*~ THE PACKAGING ~*~ *************** ****** Sold to you in a dark orange carton with moist oranges pictured on the front Del Monte Fruit Burst - Orange comes to you in both 250 ml cartons and 1 Litre cartons. The carton has a plastic top which when opened displays a silver foil tab which you pull to open the carton. Part of the writing on the front states that it is bursting with real fruitiness and vitamins and then the letter C, E, A and B6. It also claims to have no artificial colours or sweeteners. Inside this carton sits your desired drink which should have been refrigerated as this drink is best served chilled. I could see how the packaging would attract customers there is good use of colour and the words are more splashed onto the carton rather than typed. The overall look of freshness would draw in customers and the Del Monte name might do the ...

10 Things I Miss About My Childhood 17/04/2002

Not Only John Walton Can Think Back

10 Things I Miss About My Childhood Having read a few of the other opinions written under the heading "10 Things I Miss About My Childhood", I was tempted not to bother. I thought my opinion might be too similar. Then again I guess no two people are ever the same. I have read the different opinions written and marvelled at the varied and interesting lives my fellow conspirators on Ciao have led. I would have joined you all sooner in writing about my childhood had this damned writers block not been fighting me every step of the way. So whilst I feel the ability to put two words together I am going to endeavour to add mine. The things I miss are in no particular order. I thought about whether I should put them in order of preference and decided that wouldn't make any difference. ~*~ MARVEL & DC COMICS ~*~ *************** ************** From the age of about 9 or 10 I became interested in comics. I was living all over the world but we always had the USAF (United States Air Force) bases where we could buy things. We went to the bases once a week and I particularly liked our trips to the PX as it was there that I and my brothers had the chance to get ourselves some comic books. I started off by liking comics such as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich, Archie and Sad Sack. By the time I had reached 11 or 12 my tastes had changed and I was reading Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Justice League of America, Teen Titans, Spiderman and my favourite "The Dare Devil". It was great to be able to rush in and see ... 10/04/2002

CIAO TO YOU All How do you market a product? It does not matter how good the product is, unless it has been advertised in some way it will not get the sales it deserves. This is why there are web sites such as Ciao. The marketing of the product is what is most important. In order to understand the need for us writing and reading opinions, it is necessary to understand Ciao a little more! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My opinion is on the business of Ciao and not really the website we all know and love at time I do mix the two. ~*~ What is Ciao ~*~ *************** Now what can we say about Ciao? Well first off what is Ciao? This is an interesting question and not easy to answer. They say that they are the leading online source of consumer information in the UK. This is all well and good but why is that needed and by whom? The answer is they need us the writers as we are also the consumers as well. Ciao is a well thought out cross media marketing company which is accessed by millions throughout Europe. What Ciao attempts to do is keep us here reading free advertisements that have been written by our on-line colleagues and friends. This helps businesses across Europe. They can access information written on their products and get a true understanding of how we the customer (or consumer) feels. By ensuring that they only pay for certain opinions they get an in-depth analyses of consumer preferences on given products. We stay because we like to give opinions, we like our fellow ...

American History X (DVD) 02/04/2002

White Power - Do Not Make Me Laugh

American History X (DVD) In around 1968/69 I lived in Fort Walton Beach Florida. This was at the time of the de-segregation of blacks and whites. I had not lived in America that long at the time and for this reason I was not aware of the problems there had been in the South. I remember seeing bus loads of black children all stood on the curb waiting to be emptied and I was surprised to see police cars surrounding them. I didn't know the reason for it at the time. There were groups of white adults, teenagers and kids shouting at the buses. I walked over to the area to see what was happening and was in time to see the buses open their doors to let off their passengers. What happened next I could not believe. The whites who had been shouting so much attacked the kids disembarking from the buses. With baseball bats, hammers, crowbars and lumps of wood, they hit out at those poor kids. Most were around my age but some were older. Fighting broke out as these poor people tried to defend themselves and I looked over at the police to see them just standing and watching. I felt sick, I had never seen hate like this nor ever knew there was such a thing as prejudice. Now in all its shocking horror I was getting a front seat view of it. These memories came back to me when I watched "American History X" The movie starts in flashback as Danny (Edward Furlong) hears someone breaking into his older brothers car. On warning his brother, Derek (Edward Norton) who at the time happened to be making love to ...

Everything that starts with F ... 27/02/2002

Friends Are For Life and Not Just For Christmas

Everything that starts with F ... I seem to have had something of a writers block over the last few days. I do not know if other people go through this but it is almost as if the words refuse to enter your head. I have had the most horrendous cold though so I suppose that hasn't helped. Can one lose their ability to think at the same time as their voice? If so that would explain it. My brother called today for one of his little chats and gave up as he said he couldn't hear a word I said. When you cannot talk it gives you more time to think amid the croaking at the kids to behave. I thought back on some of my long ago friends, the ones I thought I would always be friends with and they disappeared and the new friends I have met on Ciao that have also just ceased to exist. Without further ado I give you - F is for Friends ~*~ The American Best-friend ~*~ *************** ************* I have mentioned in a previous opinion about having lived in Schilling Manor which was a holding area for families whilst their fathers were in Vietnam. My father was stationed to Da Nang in 1969/70, when I was 10, a hell hole he had to stay in for 1 year except for R&R in Hawaii. We ended up being placed in Schilling Manor, a place patrolled by local police and a sheriff that let it be known he didn't like service people. In a way we were the enemy to the local kids. There were many marches to try to stop the war and they always seemed to be allowed to go through our housing area. I couldn't understand this and ...

Walkers Cheetos Puffs 23/02/2002

Would You Be a Cheetah for Your Cheese

Walkers Cheetos Puffs Long, long ago far in my distant past, when it was thought that we could only see in black and white (no colour TV), I came to find myself at the age of 11 moving back to America, due to my father being stationed at Eglin Air Force Base. We lived in a place called Fort Walton Beach. This was an excellent place to grow up, with long white sanded beaches, constant sunny days and if you joined Brook's Reality you were in the best Little League baseball club going. There were many things I enjoyed about the American way of life. I enjoyed the way people seemed to get out of their homes and join together in activities. These ranged from baseball games, football games, barbecue's or just a get together. Even going to the beach was an adventure to me and we spent many happy days making rafts to float away on like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. We always seemed to have someone around the house visiting and I loved the corn biscuits that went with chicken at dinner. I learned about a whole new food culture, something I still think changed my eating habits and waistline for life. There were some amazing foods in the States. Things did seem bigger over there and perhaps they were. It seems that rather than make things more expensive we just made them all smaller. I used to love Fritos (a corn chip unlike anything over here) and Cheetos (a cheese flavour maize snack). In 1969, as the Apollo moon landing was taking place everyone in my family not fighting in Vietnam was sat around the ...

Palmolive Hydrating Shower Gel 22/02/2002

Mans Musk And Underarm Sweat

Palmolive Hydrating Shower Gel I sometimes wonder if we buy something because it is the best product available, or because it looks the prettiest and goes with the decor. I noticed that Jackie had bought two new shower gels - for the shower of all places. What amazed me is that the colour so closely matched the light blue and green of the bathroom. I suppose it is slightly aquatic looking and the only reason I could see for Jackie buying this shower gel was for it matching the decor. I would decorate the poxy room but we should be moving in the next couple of weeks and I know I will be doing a lot of decorating then! Anyway on to the product. Last night I reached my manly black container of 'Mans Musk And Underarm Sweat' or something like that only to find I had run out. I searched high and low for something masculine but to no avail. I had been scuppered by my other half and her search for colour co-ordination. I had no choice and reached for the bottle of Palmolive. ~*~ The Package ~*~ *************** ** This 6 ¼ inch see through plastic bottle of PALMOLIVE Naturals Hydrating Shower Gel has been thoughtfully designed to look good in the bathroom. The top has a more dense plastic and a flip up centre for releasing the gel. The bottle is squeezable and it has printed labels both front and back stating that it holds 250ml of gel. The actual design of the bottle does mean that you should ba able to squeeze the last drop out. ~*~ The Product ~*~ *************** ** The shower gel is made by ...

Everything that starts with M ... 18/02/2002

Did My Mother Have to Die

Everything that starts with M ... Kissing her forehead was the last thing I had done. It was like a parting gesture more something I thought was expected of me rather than something I actually wanted to do! The coolness of her skin surprised me. I had never known that the human body lost heat so quickly after death. Now I sat on the end of my mothers hospital bed waiting for my two brothers to get to me and in so doing to my mother. I stood and looked out the doors window to see if I could see anyone coming. I blinked tears from my eyes. Where had they sprung up from? I thought back over the last 24 hours. How I had decided that my mother was seriously ill and had phoned an ambulance. Even then she hadn't wanted to go. My mother never wanted to be a burden on anyone. As the ambulance men took her through the front door and towards the ambulance she called to me saying that I shouldn't have done this. She was wrong. Along with my girlfriend at that time I drove to the hospital arriving around the same time as the ambulance. My mother was taken into the Emergency at Southend-on-Sea Hospital on Fairfax Drive and there she sat for hours. I felt helpless. Over and over again I asked nurses and sisters what was going on? They kept saying that my mother would be seen as soon as possible and to be patient. My mother meanwhile was getting worse. The skin on her arms and legs was breaking out in purple blotches and she was vomiting a black tar like bile. I asked again for my mother to be seen by a doctor ...

How to write opinions 16/02/2002

New Kid on the Block

How to write opinions Hello, if you are reading this I would guess you are a new member or a recognised Ciaoer being nice enough to give me a read! I decided to write this because all to often I see new member's join Ciao and straight away write 4 or 5 opinion's without being aware of the Ciao Way. ~*~ The Ciao Way ~*~ *************** **** The Ciao Way is not something you can read about in the rules and regulations that Ciao provides. Rather it is a system that has evolved from the members themselves. It has really become a recognised standard that we all adhere to, or not at our peril. There are two main sections that must be covered when you are a Ciao member these are how to write an opinion and how to rate an opinion. Both these methods are open to the interpretation of the members and you will notice two distinct ways that are becoming more pronounced. There are those that just rate everything VH (Very Helpful) and those that would perhaps never rate that way but would expect you rate them that way. ~*~ Writing an Opinion ~*~ *************** ******* I really do not think that anyone should be allowed to come straight in and write an opinion. It should not be allowed. There should be a trial period in which you can only read opinions (without the ability to rate). New members would then get used to the recognised Ciao way of writing an opinion (otherwise known as op). · Ensure that you put your opinion in the right section. This may sound funny but very often you will ...

Everything that starts with V ... 14/02/2002

Valentines Day Massacre

Everything that starts with V ... Valentines Day is always a bit of a let down for me! I suppose it always has been. I am not the most successful person when it comes to this most special of days. I try hard but it has become almost a jinx day. I was looking back over Valentine Day mishaps I have had and thought that I might share a few with you. So without further ado wayne10ch presents his Valentines Day Massacres. ~*~* School in America ~*~ *************** ******** I do not know if they still do it but when I was a lad living in both Salina, Kansas and twice in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, schools held a special event on Valentines Day. In the weeks leading up to this special day special post boxes were made by all of the kids. These boxes were plastered with your name and come the great day, the posting of Valentines began. Now I guess I didn't have a lot going for me as far as girls went. I had strawberry blond hair and freckles across the bridge of my nose. On this first occasion I also had a British accent having just moved from England. Nothing like the guy all the girls fancied Danny, tall , dark and bloody handsome. Don't you just hate them? Everyone else must have had a long time to make theirs but I had only been in the school 3 days and it was a bit of a rush job. Buying the cards also presented something of a nightmare. I had no idea what the other kids would have so I bought as I expected which was normal sized cards which cost me a fortune. I reckon I will have the deficit paid off ...
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