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The Abortionist's Daughter - Elisabeth Hyde 21/07/2008

A Gripping Read!

The Abortionist's Daughter - Elisabeth Hyde ~~~~MY EXPERIENCE~~~~ My mum had read this book for one of her many book clubs and when she had finished with it she excitedly gave it to me, assuring me that it was a brilliant read and I would absolutely love it! Me, being the slightly stuborn and busy girl that I am, I tossed the book aside onto a book shelf and there it lay for many weeks. Yesterday mid-morning I had nothing to do. Bored of the trashy morning television and of messing around on the computer, I seeked company in a book.. but which one? The cover of this book beckoned me, it is so artistic and although the saying is don't judge a book by its cover its so hard not to! And so I began to read. From then on the book and myself were inseperable. Right from the word go, I was lost in the words and nothing and nobody could distract me! I was so entranced that it only took me one and a half days to read the whole book! I found that I simply could not put it down! My mum was deffinetly right this time round! The book is written in third peron and within each mini chapter, the character who is being explored changes. It talks about each of the different characters and flicks back and forth through time and people, exploring the lives of the characters and slowly building up descriptions and motives and a feeling for the characters. ~~~~THE PLOT~~~~ A tearaway teen gets a call whilst waiting for an ecstacy pill's effects to kick in (in her college dorm) only to discover that it isn't her Mum phoning ...

Texet ALBERT3X30 11/06/2007

Know It All Albert

Texet ALBERT3X30 As any of us who do mathematics in school (specifically itermediate 2, higher or A-level) will know, it is difficult to find a good calculator to last us the working year. As a higher Maths student, luckily for me, I found Albert and we have been together ever since! Albert cubed is the make of this calculator. It is a scientific calculator without the solar power function (which I prefer as it doesn't switch off when you need it on and it can be turned off when you want it to be). Ovbiously this calculator could come in handy at any time! Whether its sorting bills or doing sums in a class. ---FUNCTIONS--- This calculator has D.U.A.L (Display using Algebraic Logic) which comes in handy whilst doing calculations as you can go backwards or forwards to review the calculation being done. It has all of the normal scientific buttons eg. tan, cos, sin, log, alpha and so on. There is a shift button, which when you press, changes the buttons to the signs marked in purple directly above the buttons on the calculator. To switch on simply press on and to switch off press shift and then on (the shift changes it to the off button). ---APPEARANCE--- Albert is certainly a handsome calculator! He is also very robust as he has lasted me throughout the whole school year and hes still working happily. Unlike usuall calculators, Albert does not have a sliding on lid (which I always found very complex on other calculators), instead he has a lid which you can press ...

The Sims 2: Pets Expansion Pack (PC) 10/06/2007

The Ultimate Game for Chicks!

The Sims 2: Pets Expansion Pack (PC) Where to start.. this is such an addictive game!! You could spend hours on it without realising! ~~~Who Would like this?!~~~ Trust me, this is the perfect present for a girl or boy aged 7-16 (I am almost 18, but perhaps I'm just one of the special few older ones). Girls do seem to like this game more as it slightly resembles being able to play 'house' or 'dolls' as you make your own families and houses and live out the lives of the sims. On the game it says that it is for over 12 year olds. My little brother who has just turned 8 plays this occasionally. There is nothing wrong with the game, the only thing you might not like young ones seeing is the implied sexual content. You don't see anything in detail but you can easily guess what they are doing hidden under the sheets when commanded to do so to get a baby or puppy (sims and pets). ~~~Info on Installing~~~ The Sims 2 Pets is an expansion pack to be added onto the original Sims 2 on the computer. You do need the original Sims 2 game to be able to install this expansion. This game does work best on rather fast computers, if you have a slow computer then the game will be very frustrating to play as it would take forever to load etc. You do need 47mb of space free on your computer to be able to install this expansion. My advice- keep the game's case safe as it has the important leaflet and therefore the code for installation on it. If you ever need to reinstall then this will come in handy. ~~~Pricing and where ...

Tunturi C20 Elliptical 07/06/2007

Put infront of BB & teens will be fit in no time!

Tunturi C20 Elliptical Let all of your blubber simply Run away with the tunturi's cross trainer! Plonk your chubby teenager on this machine infront of Big Brother and your good to go.. or rather they are good to go! They will get fit in no time! No excuse not to excersize now!! It is a superb machine! Will last absolutely forver! It is deffinetly like something you would find in a suave health club as it is such good quality and it certianly looks it! We received this fabulous machine only a matter of weeks ago and already all of our 6 family members have toned up and become addicted to the excersize. The cross-trainer comes in a box of dis-assembled peices. It also includes a well detailed, thick instruction booklet and a small booklet on the instructions to use when assembling. The bigger peices are very heavy and so I advise you not to try lifting or moving them by yourself.. its a 2 person job! Lastly there are also 2 spare foot peices for the cross trainer just incase you have any mishaps with the fragile feet! We have had such a mishap and so it came in handy to replace it with. ---MY EXPERIENCE--- We were very fortunate as my mum's dad bought this machine for himself, but never got round to using it! And so he gave it to us!! We were only too happy to accept ofcourse.. just to take it off his hands *winkwink*. My parents transported the bulbous parts in the car and it took 2 of them to carry the peices into the house (provided that it wasn't all in the box it came ...

Nicole SD638 07/06/2007

Nicole'll always be the music to my ears!

Nicole SD638 ~~~MY EXPERIENCE~~~ These speakers are exceptionally durable! I have had this type of speakers since I had my first computer and they have lasted to see all of the new monitors, equipment and upgrades and even different houses!! I received my first computer as a christmas present at around the age of 10.. I am now going on 18 and the speakers are here to tell the tale! They have withstood endless music sessions as a rebelious teen, days of game's noises and endless chattering on the internet. ~~~FEATURES~~~ The speakers have different controls as visible in the picture. One is for volume such as speaking and lyrics of songs, one is for bass and another seems to be for background noise such as drums. You can turn down these in different manors to each other which produce different volumes and tones of noise. They are able to go very loud!!!! A dial on the speaker sees to controlling the volume, which you can turn clockwise to make it go louder. To turn them off, you can turn it all the way anticlockwise until it clicks. When they are on, on the speaker with the dials, a red light is lit up. This is handy incase you forget to turn them off at night, as the red light will remind you. ~~~DURABILITY~~~ As I have had these type of speakers for such a long time they have certainly been through their share of tear and wear! They have been dropped off the table countless times and one speaker has a dent in the blue materialised section to prove it! ...

Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash 25/05/2007

Beware Blackheads! Clean & Clear is in town!

Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash Have spots? blackheads? whiteheads?.. or just oily skin? Then this is deffinetly the product for you!!! ~~~MY STORY~~~ After many angst filled teenager years complaining of bad skin.. ive certainly tried every product there is out there! On most occassions nothing worked at all. I came across Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash about 2 years ago and since then its been easy going, care-free and uterly and completely spot free!!! I was amazed at how quickly results showed and people noticed straight away that my once troubled skin was now practically flawless. Since then I have used this product religiously! I can't be bothered using it every night and morning and so I stick to using it at the end of every shower! ~~~HOW TO USE~~~ 1. Wet your face with warm water (the warmer the water, the more your pores will open up which will make it easier for cleaning). 2. Now you can put a dollop of the clean & clear exfoliating daily wash on your hand (about a 10p peice.. more would probably be too much). 3. Then spread across both hands and you can begin to rub onto your face. I advice you to clamp your eyes shut as you DO NOT want to get this product in your eyes (it hurts sooooo much if you do.. if you do you can wash them with cold water and dry with a towel and wait for the pain to pass with your eyes shut). 4. Scrub onto the worst areas with eg blackheads. Don't be too rough as you could exfoliate too much! It has 'gentle microbeads' which unblock pores ...

E45 Dermatological Cream (Dry Skin) 24/05/2007

Cheap and Cheerful E45!

E45 Dermatological Cream (Dry Skin) Treatment for dry skin conditions.. and it certainly DOES work!!! I love the packaging of this product because it looks simple yet professional! ~~MY EXPERIENCE~~ I suffer from dry skin conditions on my hands and found that this was the best product to treat it with! My mum (who has psoriasis) recommended this product as she found it is great at soothing sore skin conditions and at moisturising and treating them! I applied the product before I went to bed and the morning after I noticed a difference! My hands weren't as dry and were deffinetly feeling a lot smoother! As the days went by my skin just got better and better! And so I do trust and swear by this product whenever I have any sore skin conditions and I would DEFFINETLY recommend it to all of you with skin conditions out there! (or even just those of you who want smoother skin!) ~~~WHAT CAN IT BE USED FOR?~~~ It has been clinically proven to treat and to soothe dry, itching, flaking, chapped, rough and calloused skin, sunburn and detergent hands. It is recommended for more serious conditions such as eczema, dematitis, ichthyosis and certain dry cases of psoriasis. ~~PUBLICITY~~ This product appeared on this week's How To Look Good Naked!! (23/05/07) The woman were not aware that it was actually a control in an experiment testing the effects of different creams claiming to improve wrinkles. The creams were in covered pots so the women were unaware of their names. This product did come in 4th out ...

Nivea Moisturising Lotion (Normal) 21/05/2007


Nivea Moisturising Lotion (Normal) Silky smooth skin and you can kiss goodbye to sore sunburn! ~~~~~ MY STORY ~~~~~ I am a very pale girl, and so, when I venture out into the sunshine, I need suntan lotion or else I go a lobster red. This suntan lotion is deffinetly my favourite as it comes in many different strengths of factor. What I do is I buy the strongest factor bottle for the start of the holiday and the smallest factor bottle for towards the end of the bottle. This is so I can get a tan without going through the pain and discomfort of sun burn. If you see a buy 1 get one free offer this would be a great idea. My brother and I thought it would be hilarious to draw a smiley face on my sleeping, sunbathing sister's back. She already had had her mega low factor suntan lotion on for an hour or 2. That night, there was a clear, white smiley face on her back amidst her goldeney tan! We found it hilarious but I asure you my sister and our parents certainly did not! This does however prove that it does protect you and stops the rays from getting to your skin! She had been in the pool and everything after she woke up so it must have lasted ages! You can still get a tan while using a lower factor, although you won't get burnt! Which is ovbiously a plus and it means you can truelly enjoy your holiday!! ~~~~~ TEXTURE ~~~~~ It is quite a thick lotion and so it does take some effort to rub it in nicely (so your not left with odd white marks). It does seem very water resistant (so if you need to ...

Member Advice on Body Piercing 14/05/2007

The Cheap yet Great thrill of Body Piercing!

Member Advice on Body Piercing Bodypiercing, where to begin. This thrill of a new piercing is overwhelming as a teenager. After one, you want another and another.. until you run out of places to get pierced. Once you hav gotten this far, or have grown up, the cheap thrill seems to evaorate, forcing you to move onto bigger and better things to acheive your thrills, such as tattoos and going to overage clubs etc. ----MY PIERCINGS---- I was an avid piercer a couple of years ago. Mostly just for the thrill of having a new piercing. I liked having more done than anyone else. I even did my own piercings on my ears (about 4 on each side). I pestered my mum for weeks at the age of 14, and eventually persuaded her to take me to get my belly button pierced. I was exstatic and was the first in my year to have it done. This however, did not satisfy me and instead pushed me to bigger and better things. Just after my 15th birthday I sneaked out with my friends and got my tongue pierced in a rather down market place to say the least (not worth it) and due to this got into severe trouble with my parents (when they found out a week or 2 later) and I also received a disgusting infection. My tongue was green and yellow and HUGE. I was forced to remove it. Once I turned 16 I ofcourse went to get my tongu pierced once again. Which is easy peasy when you are 16 as you don't need permission, and so this time I went to a clean and well known establishment to get it done. Therefore I did not get an infection ...

Original Source Tea Tree & Mint Shower Gel 14/05/2007

WOW!!! Good for girls... maybe not for boys!?

Original Source Tea Tree & Mint Shower Gel ''WOW'' is all I could say after I took an unusual shower with this literally breath-taking gel!!! It is certainly a skin-tingling vigorous awakening in the morning or a refreshing soak to soothe yourself to sleep at night! ----FREEBIE TO TRY OUT!!!---- I came across the ORIGINAL SOURCE WEBSITE on a list of FREEBIE sites (I do love my freebies and trust me, this is a great one which anyone can sign up for). What you do to get your free sample of Original source shower gel or bubble bath, is go onto the Original source website and simply register (put in your details to become a member) and then you can choose just ONE sample from one of about 4 products (2 shower gels, 2 bubble baths- aka bath foam). The samples you can choose between are : Tea Tree and Lemon (GEL), Tea Tree and Mint (GEL), Rose and Geranium (BATH FOAM) and Tea Tree and Lavender (BATH FOAM). I recommend the Tea Tree and Mint shower gel which is what I chose. Although these samples do seem to regularly change in scents as they are probably in large demand. Another member of your family can not, unfortunately, receive a free sample as the site will recognise that your address has been used for your sample to be sent to. The sample shower gel comes in a 50ml bottle, which is small but I can see that it shall last me a long time, which must mean the large/normal bottle should last for AGES!! This is more or less because I recommend that you do not use too much, as the scent/menthol properties ...

Vimto Original Fruit Juice Cordial 11/05/2007

Vimto. What A Taste.

Vimto Original Fruit Juice Cordial Vimto... what a taste! I do love my vimto! Its a great drink.. suitable to go along with breakfast, lunch or dinner (and ofcourse inbetween)!! ----PACKAGING---- It is very colour coordinated.. as the liquid is a deep purple as it the labeling and lid. It is in a thin, yet tall bottle and has bright, eye catching red letters spelling out VIMTO sideways along the bottle, amidst a splash of colourful fruits. It does not look like a cheap product, and cheap it is not compaired to other diluting drinks. The slightly smaller version is cheaper however than the very large version. You just have to be careful of which one you pick up. On the bottle is clearly displayed a lot of information! Varying from ingredients and instructions to tips and interesting facts! It also claims on the front in bold lettering to have added Vitamin C which, unlike Ribena (who were lying on their packaging-it has now been proven), is true. ----INGREDIENTS---- I do always advise that people look over the ingredients just to make sure that it contains nothing that they could possibly receive an allergic reavction from. Water, Glucose Fructose Syrup, Fruit juice from concentrates 15% (grape 12%, blackcurrent 1.7%, raspberry 1.3%), Sugar, Citric Acid, Vimto flavour (including natural extracts of fruits, herbs, barley Malt and spices), colour (Anthocyanins), Acidity Regulator (sodium citrate), preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), vitamin C, sweetener (sodium ...

Member Advice on Tongue Piercing 11/05/2007


Member Advice on Tongue Piercing Where to begin... dont let the first story put you off, let it be a lesson to go somewhere sanitary and trusted, even if it does mean waiting until you're 16. Just turned 15, an angry rebelling teenager, pushing the boundaries.. decided to go one step further and get her tongue pierced. Big mistake. ----MY STORIES ---- As nowhere allows you to get your tongue pierced (or any piercings for that matter) before the age of 16 or without parental consent, I was driven to pretend a friend's big sister was indeed my big sister, and we went to a place where they would actually buy that kind of nonsence (aka. a dodgy place). They did find it a bit strange, but accepted the situation and agreed to pierce my tongue. ----The Procedure:---- They checked underneath my tongue for veins. I was told to eat a chocolate bar and drink a can of cola to prevent myself from fainting. I was soo excited! At that age strangely enough I didn't have a fear in the world. When it was my turn I went into the small crampt, dingey room. I was then told to stick out my tongue and numing liquid was applied. I sat there for 5 minutes becoming more and more numb, just like how I was feeling about the situation. I was told to lie down on a surgical bed. Even then I wasn't scared. I stuck out my numb tongue as far as I could. I hung onto my "big sister's" hand as she looked on in utter horror as the old, foreign woman clamped my tongue with large metal tweasers. It was time. She stuck in a ...

HP 510 03/05/2007

The Laptop that Out-Shines The Sunshine!

HP 510 Funnily enough this is the laptop I am currently using to write this review!! And I Love It! --MY STORY--- I personally love this laptop. The qality of the screen is amazing and I never have problems with the speed of the internet access. It has been my best friend these past couple of days expecially as I have been working outside in this amazing weather and even then it hasn not been giving me any bother! The brightness and shark picture does not change even when I am out in the boiling sunshine. I did get a bit worried about leaving it out for too long in the sunshine however... you would be with such a lovely and snazzy peice of technology! ---A LITTLE ABOUT THIS LAPTOP!--- Need more of a desktop-like view? Then the 15.4-inch diagonal XGA display has got you covered!!Also, HP's BrightView technology makes viewing more vivid and clear for a better mobile computing experience - even outside in the sunlight! DVDs and streaming media appear more vivid and color-enhanced. GREAT Connection to the Internet and e-mail wherever you spend most of your time - whether you are at home, the office, or in public areas equipped with Wi-Fi access such as airports, hotels and coffee shops. I find this handy because, as a student, I am constantly on the move and have a lot of portable work to do! Equipped with Intel Pentium M and Celeron M processors and 60 GB hard drives, this laptop features all of the tools you should possibly need to carry out your business tasks ...

Hewlett-Packard 7310 All-in-One 03/05/2007

Multi-tasking is a MUST

Hewlett-Packard 7310 All-in-One Who says you can't multi-task?! With this printer you suuure can!... --MY STORY-- As a very digital/technical family having 6 computers (1 each) and 2 laptops, we have had more than our share of good and bad products!! We had about 3 very old and useless printers to share among the computers and when we finally got to the point we were so sick of the unreliable printers that we decided we would get a mega good one to connect to all 5 of our computers! (we kept one of the better ones also for downstairs as unfortunately the max number of computers it can connect to is 5 which is still very reasonable!!). This one could deal with any of our demands and uses. This printer/copier/scanner/fax machine deffinetly did it for us!! ---THE PRINTER--- This amazing all in one contraption can do so much! It is a fax machine, a fabulously reliable printer (meaning it won't refuse to work after a few months!), a copier! and even a scanner. Have you ever heard of so many things in the one? We found this on the internet (my dad is an avid internet shopper as we all are). It takes up so much less space than before; all of our desks were cluttered with bulky printers and scanners now they are nice and clutter free! ---MONEY AND WHERE TO GET IT FROM?---- We purchased this product for approx 200 pounds. Although after a quick look around to be able to have an up-to-date review I have noticed that isn't the case any more (typical.. as with all products once you have bought them ...

Motorola V3 02/05/2007

---Most talked About Phone!!!---

Motorola V3 Welcome to the bright and flashy world of Motorola! It may be bright, beautiful and something certainly out of the ordinary.. but it deffinetly isn't the best of technology. --MY STORY-- As an avid e4/ch4 and big brother viewer, my attentions were always drawn to the motorola adverts at each and every break of the television programmes and more. Constantly the picture of the motorola v3 appeared on the screen. It began to appear everywhere and became THE phone to have. I didn't wasn't particularly interested until the pink motorola v3 appeared on the screens. It was so bright, different and snazzy. I loved the idea of having a pink version of the motorola and so that is what I asked 'santa' for that year (being christmas 2005). It was portraid as a 'limited edition' coinciding with christmas. Parents everywhere rushed to the shops and scanned online stores in order to get a v3 for their child in time for christmas. It was the most talked about phone of 2005. ---WHY SO POPULAR?--- It is an amazing 13.9mm thick (the average being about 20mm). Which was by far the thinnest phone available at that time. As it is a flip-phone it becomes even thinner once it is opened! It was a real head-turner. Expecially with the shocking pink colour! ---AESTHETICS--- A huge amount of attention to detail has been put into its design: From the beautiful anodized aluminium finish, to the unique precision cut keypad that looks so appealing. It looks and feels like an expensive ...
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